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While forums and websites usually charge money from vendors in order to present them as trustworthy, RC-SCENE is the non-profit project you can finally rely on.

Have a look at the List of Trusted Vendors and our Verified Shop Reviews.

Articles will describe a subculture that is trading their money and their health for synthetic designer drugs (so-called “Research Chemicals“) by using loopholes in drugs legislation.

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Photo of chemical-collective.com headquarter

Chemical-Collective.com – Shop Review

The Age of Instagram: Beautiful photos, a perfect selfie during sunset, a professional logo and a nicely done website that tells you: I look like I was quality, order with me! Nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising. Bill Bernbach

Screenshot buy.research-chemicals.online


Since the list of Trusted Vendors turned out to become rather complex, packed full with information, being long and not ideal for quickly checking a certain shop on your smartphone, tonight we launched a new and more mobile friendly version of the list of Trusted Shops. It still links back to RC-Scene.com but the new… Read More Buy.Research-Chemicals.Online

Predator-RC.nl web shop

Predator-rc.net (Shop Review)

Predator-RC signs emails with “We are ONE and ONLY”. And indeed, he probably is the most entertaining vendor originating from the Polish scene. The Polish scene used to operate from Poland until summer/autumn 2018, when the Polish government made most Research Chemicals illegal and many shops had to relocate and moved to the Netherlands. By… Read More Predator-rc.net (Shop Review)


Substance Warning: BTCP – Like cancer over the counter.

Recently I stumbled accross a posting in a forum: Hepatotoxicity of Benocyclidine/ BTCP / N-[1-(2-benzo(b)thiophenyl)-cyclohexyl]piperidine. The text refers to a thread on Bluelight.org that describes a study from 1999 in which BTCP was found to be so toxic, that after two experiments with lab rats, who either or almost died, the experiment was stopped. BTCP… Read More Substance Warning: BTCP – Like cancer over the counter.

A sign with a person suffocating

SCAM Alert! Known Scammers

Scammers will never ship an order, they don’t even carry any stock, they just pretend to. They spam on forums, on Wickr, Reddit, Discord and the likes all day long. They will seem friendly and stay in touch with you until you stop sending them further money. Index 1. Known Scammers 2. How could I… Read More SCAM Alert! Known Scammers

xianchong.com website 2020

XianChong.com (Shop Review)

Kaiwen from XianChongc.com (XC) does marketing and sales for a lab in Shanghai. He does not run a web shop. If you want to order, simply write an email to xcgy@xianchong.com and ask him for the current price list. His prices used to be really fair, but in recent years he has almost become as… Read More XianChong.com (Shop Review)


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