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RC SCENE describes a subculture wondering about Synthetic Designer Drugs.

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A community. There is not much to see here yet. Please join in and share your experiences. Photos would be lovely. Park them in the comments section or send me an email, thank you.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key.
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news coverage.

Discussing vendors / shops substances legal responses scam sites etc.. Imagine drug dealers exchanging lengthy emails with customers because the service quality of mail carriers seems to give rise to speculation these days..

Letther from The Real RC

I’ve been in hospital lately. For quite a while, even. An accident so bad, the police sent a forensics team to my home to make sure nobody could have died…

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1cp-LSD micro pellets

1cp-LSD does not feel like a drug but like somebody had drugged you. Tried 1cP-LSD from two different sources to find out it is a shitty substance everywhere, no matter…

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XTC != APB 5-MAPB is a so-called empathogen, a stimulating drug that could, besides causing anxiety, also make you feel more comfortable, or even closer with people around. At least…

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USA: Legit RC Refund Action

Last summer, Legit RC forgot their computer password, panicked, and ran. Some of you complained about orders missing, e.g. here. Well, they seem to have claimed back their email account.…

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Advice I was never given: When you see Fresh Prince of Orange-Nassau, a grown-up man, running towards you, with the weather in his eyes, and hollering “You need help,” then…

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They said it makes things great again

But you got at home, and it flooded your basement, maxed-out your credit cards, and dropped your phone in the toilet. Fair, that was a quote from “Real Time with Bill Maher”. Everything else here is worldwide exclusive original content.


Compliance Detail When money is shitting right in your face. Adidas, Nike, Apple, Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp/Meta, Amazon, Blood Diamonds Antwerp, the people of Denmark, H&M, Wall-Mart, US DOH, Billabong, etc., all play…

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clown school Antwerpen

clown school ANTWERP.EN (excellency in yo-yo) first appeared today. Why? I believe a “certain clown” could have tricked me into googling for something that does not exist. Back to Wiki…

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Mr Kompromaet personally got involved and my order shipped promptly. I have never seen someone take a website to heart so much as he has. Twilson on September 3, 2020…

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Experiences with RC Vendors / Shops

If you found here you most certainly are a brillant mind with lots of colorful ideas hobbies friends and knowledge. Pleased to meet you!

Everybody Happy!

#everybodyhappy is an idea to not only contact RC SCENE, but, and this rather unique: to even ask qeuestions again, and to democratize knowledge by bringing people together. Skip to…

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Benzoland.com (2018 – 2021)

Wiki > Memories: RC-Shop museum > Benzoland BenzoLand used to be a vendor claiming to be in Spain shipping Benzo blotters (Etizolam, Clonazolam, Diclazepam, and Flualprazolam) worldwide. Was active from…

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Support the Show

SALUTE THE SOLUTION! You can finally support RC SCENE with a monthly subscription or a one-time donation. Bitcoin wallet: bc1q97lkv8ym347dkm67ln8h8lst4q97mmfy2dn53h Holes in my pockets, the story of my life Setting…

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Samples Kømpliance

This is the very one and only place on the internet not to scam lie to you*.
(* Last checked on Friday)


With open eyes?

Drugs are a huge industry. There are plenty of always up-to-date sites warning against unusually toxic substances detected, there are (to many sketch ) forums, self-proclaimed (sometimes questionable) harm reduction sites, and – and this is news: A few governments provide surprisingly well-done, means modern and interesting to read & watch sites with reliable information. If you work with an organization in this field or would like to share a valuable source, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me! Thank you.

Substance Warnings

Substance warning 2-Methyl-AP-237 & AP-238 are toxic. #AVOID

While all drugs are health-threatening, some are even worse: Toxic / Mislabeled Substances

Report(ed) Scam(mer)s

Rapid Research (USA) Scam Warning

Report scam websites and do not fall for scammers again: A list of known scammers and scam patters.


youpie! RC SCENE taking a break

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A reading list. External resources I find interesting and/or valuable.

Knowledge: What are Research Chemicals?

TDC - The Drug Classroom Logo

Prevention & Harm Reduction

  • DrugsData.org (Erowid Center)
    Substance testing results. An overview of (problematic) drug samples tested in the US, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Scotland, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Austria.
  • Get Smart About Drugs
    A Resource for Parents, Educators & Caregivers provided by US government
  • Psychonaut Wiki
    Like Wikipedia especially for psychonauts. Focuses on substance information, substance use, subjective substance effects, harm reduction, safer use practices.
  • Get Your Drugs Tested Vancouver (CAN)
    These folks offer offer anonymous and free drug testing for Canadian citizens. They are not a partner of Erowid (US government).
  • Just Think Twice
    Inspiring stories.
  • https://operationprevention.com
    It’s educational: The probably most “entertaining” resource to find out about how drugs work in your body, addiction patters, prevention and how to, or, where to find help.
  • Synthetic Drugs Consumer Alert
    Don’t be fooled: About Synthetic Drugs, also referred to as New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) or Research Chemicals.

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  1. I am sorry to hear you were hurt 🙁 I too have lots of experiences with hospitals, so I sympathize…

  2. Emailed Fresh Chems 3 days ago for an order as they suggest on their website but still got no reply.…

  3. It’s ridiculous! If a drug is fun it is considered a crime. If a drug is addictive as hell although…

  4. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 on #5M

    I appreciate comments like this. And indeed, the nut of the problem is the “right dose” issue – especially with…

  5. nawdawg on #5M

    I’ve tried 5-apb, 6-apb, 5-mapb, and others and have around a decade of experience with MDMA and MDA, I would…

  6. Hi, I am afraid both cryptochems and chemsresearch scooted. Please report foul-play vendors to the EU Consumer Network, thank you.…

  7. A. on NEWS

    Nope. Still havent arrived. Of chemsresearch is looking at this info, my order number to find me is #54320. Package…

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