LSResearchChems (China) – Photos, Mini-Shop-Review, and Shop Discussion

Test-Sample: O-DSMT

Click the images to enlarge them., & are sales-agents / shops for the same lab. While LS usually would not offer remarkably toxic substances, the other two offer all chems their lab produces, even the highly toxic BTCP and Nitazenes.

Quality is outstanding, better than with XC, on par with Rechemco, better than shops from the Netherlands. Of course, not all their products you will like (this lab constantly makes new substances available) but quality should always be fine.

Service and order processing are good and fast.
Shipping takes maybe 2 weeks.

Their prices for one gram are rather expensive, if you order 5 or more grams of a substance, their prices are top. From time to time, they offer generous discounts on substances!

Downside: Their bags are not labelled! Be careful, if you order multiple substances at once!

One of the best shops around, world-class.

Find LSResearchchems:
LSresearch Shop Description & Links

One thought on “LSResearchChems (China) – Photos, Mini-Shop-Review, and Shop Discussion

  1. […] 📌 Sample Photos, Mini Shop Review & DiscussionDelivering oustanding quality for many yearsSources from the same labs as longflourish and reseacrhchemsclub but is the No #1 option since he does not offer extremely toxic substances like BTCP. This is also the reason why the other two are to be found in the avoid category, because the other two would just sell anything to their customers.Check the web shop regularly, he does not send newsletters but from time to time offers generous discounts on certain chemicals.The quality and pureness they are recently offering could not be found with any European and of course neither with any US-Shop. Unfortunately, many RCs have been banned in China, so they cannot offer some well-known products like European shops anymore.Great communication and fast order processingGood shipping time, free shipping and the tracking code works after about four days.The shop is expensive if you only bought 1 gram of a substance, but if you ordered 5 grams, 10 grams or even more, his prices are hard to beat. Especially when you order a temporarily discounted product.Like most, if not even all, Chinese shops, he does not put labels on his bags. If you ordered two different chemicals each 5 grams than both turn out to be fine white powder, maybe get in contact with him and ask which one is which.Some say, these are the wholesalers where the better European sources buy bulk before they mix the substances with cutting agent before they sell it as „97% pure“… Well, there be some truth in every saying, this could actually be true. […]


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