LSResearchChems – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test-Sample: O-DSMT

Click the images to enlarge them., & are sales-agents / shops for the same lab. While LS usually would not offer remarkably toxic substances, the other two offer all chems their lab produces, even the highly toxic BTCP and Nitazenes.

Quality is outstanding, better than with XC, on par with Rechemco, better than shops from the Netherlands. Of course, not all their products you will like (this lab constantly makes new substances available) but quality should always be fine.

Service and order processing are good and fast.
Shipping takes maybe 2 weeks.

Their prices for one gram are rather expensive, if you order 5 or more grams of a substance, their prices are top. From time to time, they offer generous discounts on substances!

Downside: Their bags are not labelled! Be careful, if you order multiple substances at once!

One of the best shops around, world-class.

Find LSResearchchems:
LSresearch Shop Description & Links

12 thoughts on “LSResearchChems – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

    1. Order came today, packaging is pretty good, the product itself isnt the best effects wise the quality itself is good but the substance is a bit lacking, it’s also extremely caustic when vaporized, very sedative for the rats after the rat vaporized close to a gram down the drain it went …

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  1. I ordered 4f-mph from ls research. It didn’t calibrate my equipment very well. Bad batch maybe. I also ordered some other products that were shipped on April 24th and sent back to them. They reshipped and they are very responsive to emails. The tryptamine section is basically empty sadly. I inquired about when they expect to restock but I’m still waiting to hear back. The benzo section is also lacking a bit. The shipping problem wasn’t their fault. I would say it’s a great company, I just wish they could keep better stock of products.

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  2. I am curious if anyone has tried their ALD-52? You have to purchase at least 1g, which is $4,000. I inquired about it and they assured me that “organic synthesis is liking a magic,very fantastic ,many USA vendors started from 1g,they like it very much”. I offered $200 for a 20mg sample (which would be $10,000/g) just to test it, but they said they do not make exceptions to their minimum order policy. This is a big risk to take, even with a company that generally has reliable products. Has anybody taken the plunge with this?


    1. Would you like to become part of the Anti-Scam-Alliance, the SNS USA vendor site? You might have noticed that stupid fuck Americans here are saved from scammers which can only happen because Europeans support me, I couldn’t afford the costs.

      If you are not a scammer and have no plans to become a retard, email us; It can’t that difficult to source that substance for RC SCENE Land citizens.

      How many blotters would 20mg be? I am not familiar with Lysergamides.




  3. Been using LSRC since 2015-2016 Alan is top notch for customer service, and chemistry knowledge. Quality of compounds are really pure usually. Shipping on average is 5-14 days CN->USA. Lab work of theirs done in-house typically matches with what’s done from third party independent testing, in my experiences with them.


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