(Trusted Shop Review)

A screenshot of Crypto Chems Research Chemicals web shop in February 2020
crypto chems web shop in February 2020

CRYPTO CHEMS research chemicals and cannabinoids started in late 2019 and refer to themselves as “No-nonsense store for high quality products with many years of experience“.
They offer a sample pack (5 products of your choice for 50 Euros, with free shipping) to allow you testing their products for little money. In fact, this is by far the best value sample pack I have ever come across.

Some of their products share a similar if not even the same fine chemical smell that you might be familiar from products by Rechemco.

crypto chem’s products are of decent quality and their prices are fair, most products cost less than 20 Euros per gram. Their blotters, however, are rather expensive compared to most other shops in Europe. For orders worth a hundred Euros or above, they offer free courier shipping.

Interesting selection

Some of their products seem rather unique, 4-CDC and such seem to be newly designed NPS. That said, it’s usually the well-known classics that sell better, because they are usually attributed to work proper, while new substances would hardly ever receive positive reviews.

A short excursion on newly emerging NPS chemicals

It is not only changes in law, meaning that certain Research Chemicals become scheduled as illegal drugs, that make labs and vendors offer new substances. They also do this because customers might order new products out of curiosity. Some of these substances are even inactive and stay available for maybe a year or so and will not be produced a second time. They still seem to sell.

I wouldn’t say that crypto chems were selling inactive substances, but there are two shops in Europe, The Real RC and EUsynth, which notoriously keep offering inactive or at least bunk substances. The Real RC spends a lot on marketing, and is really good with not only paying forums to be presented as a reliable shop, and to make these forums silence critics, but also he seems to use countless accounts on Research Chemical forums to praise his shop. For reasons unknown, this is a well-established strategy that will always work and one day, customers will copy these fake reviews and voluntarily start writing their own positive reviews about that shop. It’s like becoming a hype, and everybody wants to participate in it, I guess.

Another thing: While certain chemicals have been constantly available for ten years already, they are not really the original substances anymore. Alone in Europe, around 50 new NPS substances are being confiscated and identified every year. In some years, they even counted more than a hundred new substancesThese new substances are being sold under well-established names, but in fact, they become worse and worse, that should be obvious to everyone. Drug buyers, however, do not seem to have a problem with being lied to…

To avoid discussion about mislabeled substances, US forums, a German forum, as well as Dutch and Chinese vendors successfully directed the discussion away from product quality to calling competitors scammers.

Not so the the Polish RC Scene, which debates every single new batch their vendors start offering. They seem to be the last resort when it comes to discussing quality. The two Polish forums and dopalamy are run by vendors and tend to delete negative reviews, but they can’t delete all of them, which makes them an interesting read usually.

Back to crypto chems: 4 out of 5 samples were pleasant chemistry

While I wouldn’t go for Euthylone a second time, the other samples were surprisingly active. They felt speedy and gave a light rush, something I had not felt in a year. Finally, a shop that does not sell boredom! This speedy feeling may of course also lead to nervousness, but all products were good to handle. Their uppers reminded me of what the former Spain vendor Scientific-Innovation would have sold, crypto chems are just a bit milder which is a good thing.

The most unusual product in my sample pack was crystalline 4F-MPH. I had never seen such before, and even though it feels less caustic and still wakes you up, I have my doubts that this is the same chemical as the 4F-MPH powder that is being sold everywhere else. It is a fine chemical though, it feels smoother than the white powder versions.

Click the images to enlarge them.

When I opened the letter, I started smiling: It was around Christmas time, and adding such a nice package (see photo above) was a really nice gesture.


Fair prices, decent quality, friendly support, free shipping option. While not all the products they stock might be worthwhile, some are really good and not as lame as with certain other vendors.

Update: March 2020

Since the WHO in December 2019 recommended the worldwide scheduling of A-PHP, labs do not produce it anymore. Since it is still a bestseller with many RC Vendors, they still restock it. But whatever they are selling now, it’s obviously a different thing. Crypto chems are offering slightly grayish powder rocks labeled A-PHP now that miss the smell and taste and also the action profile of their former batch which used to be really good.

Also, they reduced their sample pack from 5 grams to 2.5 grams without reducing the price for it.

22 thoughts on “ (Trusted Shop Review)

  1. My order was placed on 06. Okt. and is still processing. Sadly Lucas didnt reply to my numerous emails anymore. Is this shop still in business? Order no. 8709

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    1. Hi, sorry to hear about that. I cannot afford a test order, sorry. Would you allow them until 06 November and then send him a reminder with urgency involved, demanding a refund or shipping asap, please?

      There had beeen rumors about them to possibly exit scam someday but those came from TRC bribed forum admins…

      Please make sure to leave a negative review (Scammed me!) on their TrustPilot page.

      Will see if I can reach him. We had a little argument about a mislabeled substance a while ago.

      If they should not reply, they will be categrozed scammers asap.

      Please keep me updated, thx!


    1. Hi,

      Please try to get in touch with them.

      If this vendor didn’t reply or process your order within a week, then please provide RC SCENE (see contact) with details on the issue. Either forward or attach your order/payment confirmation via email; screenshots are acceptable as well. No need for sharing your details; paint everything in black if you like to; just make sure that the order date and number remain visible 😉

      Meanwhile, the shop will move to the “unknown” section. I think recent reviews on their TP page and a detail on their webshop justify that. Still, the list’s design demands evidence to categorize a vendor as a scammer. Thank you.

      PS: If you got a cold, no matter how harmless it might feel, better change that covid mask not after 24 hours, not after 10 hours; replace it once it has become wet. Please don’t make the same mistake I did and think hanging it up overnight to let it dry would be sufficient to use it again. All those “standard” masks are for single use only. It even says so in the handling instructions they come with.


  2. My order is already for shipping since one week i think they exit-scamm. DO NOT ORDER

    And they dont answere to emails


  3. Did you email them to get them to send to the US? When I entered my address it says that shipping is unavailable to the US


    1. Hi bjznov,

      The order for this Shop Review was shipped within Europe.

      If you want to order to the US, it says “Sorry, Shipping Is Unavailable To The United States (US). If You Require Assistance Or Wish To Make Alternate Arrangements Please Contact US- – So yes, I would contact them via email if I you were interested in their pproducts.


  4. These little cryptochems suckers flagged my review on Trustpilot because I didn’t give them 5 stars, but instead mentioned their mislabeled 4F-MPH, that their current batch of their A-PHP is a disappointment, and that their imprint on the web shop is incomplete according to Dutch law. What a bunch of douches….


      1. I wouldn’t order it again. Their previous batch was good, but the new one feels like A-PHP from the distance. It seems to resemble A-PHP, but the effects are not really there. It’s a white powder or white powder crystals (please see photos above).

        TRC also stocks white powder A-PHP since end of March, I haven’t had a sample of this yet. NLbestrc also stocked white powder A-PHP recently, haven’t had a sample of this one neither. But both shops claim that it is real A-PHP and good. On the other hand: What else were they supposed to tell possible customers? 😉

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        1. That’s saddening to hear 😦

          I was hoping for some good ol‘ APHP

          Guess ChemCloud also stores that white batch of APHP by now, i‘ll get myself that APHP from RareChems or maybe i‘ll swop completely over to that seemingly good Hexen batch from cryptochems (heard many people talking about it being one of the best Hexen batches ever)

          Does anyone else have the ol‘ APHP in stock?

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          1. Chemcloud are always a gamble, sometimes they deliver good quality, sometimes bunk. I just saw that Rarechems also offer the white batch now, so the wholesaler ran out of good-times A-PHP.

            You could try Chemcloud (free shipping on weekends, but minimum order 60 Euros) or ask lesser known shops like Dutchcitysales, Spaincitysales, if they still carry real A-PHP or which color it is.

            Maybe not all white A-PHP is as disappointing as cryptochem’s, I assume that Dutchcitysales / Spaincitysales and Chemcloud or NLbestRC offer different batches, by the way. They can’t be all bad 😉

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              1. Hey is chem cloud a good place to order from.. if not can u point me in the right direction with companies that actual deliver..



                From now on, if a shop has a page (check the lists, there is a link if it has one. Or use the search function; Chemcloud have a Trusted Shop Review even) then you do not post under cryptochms’ page but at chemcloud’s.


                This is for all of you. Off-topic => TRASH

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          2. PS: My notes say: cryptochems Hexen & 3-MMC: Both give you a rush, are speedy, more activing than with other vendors, strong on the libido, but rather short-lived.

            PPS: I needed to look this up, I am not good with dates: The only good Hexen ever came from Eastern Europe and was available until June 2018. Everything that came after that (labelled Hexen) is a sad joke compared what shops like 13rc had offered.

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    1. Curious, did they start exit scamming ?

      Placed an order there pre 16:00 CES and still didn’t receive any confirmation (only at ready for shipping)

      Support didn’t answer to my question either- hopefully i‘ll still get my stuff, cause i‘ve heard plenty good things about their Hexen quality.

      Do you have more inside info on that matter (cryptochem exit scamming)?


      1. Hi uyne,

        I am sorry, I am currently not up to date with happenings, but what I do know is that they last week were shipping orders as usual.

        They promise same day shipping for orders placed before 16:00, but newer shops are often small teams, maybe Lucas is even running the shop alone. So in case he had e.g. a doctor’s appointment, he might not be able to fulfill this promise.

        And don’t bother about their support. Lucas seems to read all emails, but has become so arrogant that he doesn’t answer most of them anymore…

        I wouldn’t bother about the delay, but rather wait for a couple of days (at least two). I am optimistic that your order will soon be processed!

        PS: I would appreciate if you could keep me updated regarding your order, thank you!


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