XianChong.com (Trusted Shop Review)

Screenshot of XianChong website. Click on the image to open their site.
XianChong website in February 2020

Kaiwen from XianChongc.com (XC) does marketing and sales for a lab in Shanghai. He does not run a web shop. If you want to order, simply write an email to xcgy@xianchong.com and ask him for the current price list. His prices used to be really fair, but in recent years he has almost become as expensive as shops from Europe, especially since he charges additionally 40 USD for shipping. Orders for 100 USD and above may be paid via Bitcoin, which is good, because banks charge high fees for money transfers to China.

UPDATE: There are services like remitly.com/us/en who allow international bank transfers for little money. (They maybe charge 5 USD.)

So, there is no need to place a large order of 100 USD or above,
just use services like remitly.com!

Beware of hidden costs, calculate yourself!

After the deal is closed, Kaiwen might grant you a 10% discount. In the payment instructions, however, he might add an extra of 30 USD for handling fees.

He will not tell you, he will just ask you to send a certain amount of Bitcoins to his wallet. Always double-check with Google or any Bitcoin exchange / calculator to verify that the amount he wants you to send matches the price you both had agreed on.

Do no accept any additional hidden fees! Don’t pay 20, don’t pay 10, pay nothing more than was had been agreed on before. Insist on it! He is making a fortune out of you anyway. A gram costs him probably one dollar, he sells them at prices between 10 and 40 USD each. He will understand. If he doesn’t – what I could not believe – then better order somewhere else.

After your payment arrived, it might take the lab up to four days before they ship your order from Shanghai. You will soon receive a tracking number, it might take some time for the parcel to arrive. Don’t get nervous, sometimes mail is delivered faster, sometimes it takes longer to arrive. You can always use your tracking number to see where the parcel is currently underway.

Price list

His stock and prices as of February 2020 were as follows:


Current stock list:

  • Noopept: $0.4/g
  • 4F-MPH: $12/g
  • 3-FPM / 3-Fluorophenmetrazine: $8/g
  • PPH / Propylphenidate: $8/g
  • NSI-189 phosphate: $7/g
  • 4F-EPH: $8/g
  • Diclazepam: $20/g
  • 3-MeO-PCP: $10/g
  • IPH / IPPD / Isopropylphenidate: $7/g
  • BMDP: $6/g
  • 3F-α-PVP / 3-fluoro-α-PVP: $30/g
  • Etizolam: $30/g
  • NEP / N-ethyl Pentedrone: $15/g
  • Flualprazolam, CAS: 28910-91-0: $35/g
  • Clonazolam: $35/g

+ Shipping cost: $40 for EMS (tracking number available)

Legal Disclaimer: For R&D purpose only. Check local law of your area before

  • MOQ: 1g.
  • Bulk(1kg+) discounts: inquiry.

Payment methods:

  • 1, T/T(Bank transfer) to business account
  • 2, T/T(Bank transfer) to personal account
  • 3, Bitcoin ( for $100+ )

The times, they are changing

Only two years ago, he would charge 5 – 10 USD for most chemicals and 20 USD for Benzodiazepines, it feels a bit disappointing that they are constantly rising their prices. Although shipping is 40 USD, you could nonetheless still get a good deal if you were to order order larger amounts of chemicals, or at least two Benzodiazepines which are half the price of what European vendors would usually charge.

Always ask for the current price list before you order

Remember to always ask for the current stock and price list before you order. Since the lab also sells bulk amounts (kilos of Research Chemicals), a product that used to be available yesterday, might already be sold out today.


XC are a professional lab, but somehow their products feel boring. Also, some chemicals are good, others not really. Some are pretty strong, others almost too mild. Be careful when experimenting. Not only with XianChong, but with every vendor!

My favorites were IPPH (Isopropylphenidate) which was mild and felt relaxing as well as Flualprazolam, which is considered a rather strong Benzodiazepine that might not feel pleasant the first time, but I learned to like it. Etizolam was okay but PPH and 4F-EPH were disappointing. 3-Meo-PCP felt somehow unpleasant, and was to be handled with extra caution, you could easily overdose since it takes some time to kick in.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Tipps for ordering from China

Tracking international orders, calculating the correct Bitcoin price and how to know which chemicals are hidden in the bags, since Chinese vendors never put labels with names on them.

  • The thing with the missing labels: While most Chinese labs do not put any labels on their products, XianChong at least puts stickers with numbers on his bags. Once the order was shipped, Kaiwen will send you an email with the list of the chemicals you are going to receive. Each substance is preceded by a number (they do not necessarily start from 1) and together with this email and the numbers on the bags you will be able to identify the chems to be on the safe side again.

Always at work

Kaiwen, the friendly spammer

You may have noticed that Chinese vendors tend towards excessive spamming: They would post the exactly same text twenty times a day, 5 days a week in just any forum.

Well, Kaiwen from XC is not different in this regard. Sometimes, he would send me ten emails in a single week, always asking if I wanted to order, sometimes mentioning possible discounts or special sample deals. I found that annoying and asked him to stop that, and to only keep me updated about changes in stock and in pricing. He agreed to that.

Kaiwen is all in all, like many Chinese vendors, a super friendly guy who would not only wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but also send you greetings on Chinese holidays, like Spring festival and the Chinese New Year, which starts a couple of weeks later than ours.


I can’t help it, but many of their products seem to lack fun. On the other hand, some products are of good quality and way cheaper than with European vendors. To give an example: Their Clonazolam and Flualprazolam (both Benzodiazepines) are good and cheap. You need to order a couple of grams, though. If you bought e.g. two grams of each of these, you already are saving money compared to ordering form Europe. If you wanted to order only a small sample, you better go with European vendors, since these would not charge 40 USD for shipping.

Remember to always ask for the current stock and the price list before placing an order!

7 thoughts on “XianChong.com (Trusted Shop Review)

  1. If you want to place an order smaller than 100 USD, they will provide you with a Chinese banking account. Don’t send money from your American or European bank account to a Chinese one, banks charge high fees for such transactions in different currencies (up to 90 USD!)

    However, there are services like https://www.remitly.com/us/en that offer international bank transfers to little money!

    Source: https://rc-scene.com/trusted-research-chemical-vendors-asia/comment-page-1/#comment-1464


  2. according to EMS they are saying 15-30 days after it clears customs and is handed over to the airlines it will ship out towards destination country. then another 7-30 days for delivery. Right now.

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