The Real RC Invite Codes

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If you need to you can always contact us – TheRealRC Team

(June 17, 2020)

Registration is open for all now.


By popular demand:

If you are looking for an invite code (referral code) for The Real RC (TRRC / TRC), either send an email to

Or simply use this form…

PLEASE USE THIS FORM ONLY IN CASE THE REGISTRATION IS CHANGED BACK TO INVITE-ONLY AGAIN. Currently, no invitation code is needed anymore, registration is open for all now.

They would usually reply within 48 hours. Keep in mind that Europe is a different time zone. Friday, 10:00 in New York is Friday 16:00 in the Netherlands, meaning they could already have left office and enjoy their weekend.

PS: In case you should not receive a positive answer, please let me know, thank you.

8 thoughts on “The Real RC Invite Codes

  1. Some invite code ( put it at the registration) to have a 20 € voucher after a order of 100 € min.


    1. I don’t think that Alex and his companion Princess Henrikus are planning for an exit scam, there is just too much money involved.

      Starting December 2019, their courier service started with making inspections. Princess Henrikus couldn’t help him anymore breaking the law, their were recently forced not to ship to the UK (!!!), to Australia, New Zealand and Finland anymore.

      A new legislation scheduling Uppers, Cannabinoids and many Opiates will become law in the Netherlands.

      Both China and the European Union are soon to schedule a some important precursors, that would be needed to produce synthetic drugs. If you visit the TRC website, you will notice that he is looking for labs in India now.

      With the Corona Epidemic in Spain, he can’t ship to the US and to Canada now.

      Their stock was heavily reduced, they are trying to get rid of uppers that don’t sell well and will be scheduled.

      So, let’s agree upon that the sun used to shine brighter on their heads, but I assume that he will just leave Boxtel and relocate to another country.

      These guys break laws intentional because they must have a diplomat’s passport or something like this. And they are greedy, all they see is money.

      I’d say wait three months before placing an order, by then they might have restructured.


    2. Hi Pop razvan,

      Just to make this clear: TRC did NOT exit scam.

      They are still stocking new products, and recently decided to not ship from the Netherlands to the US directly anymore, but take a route via another country. US customs started confiscating their parcels, that’s why many thought they would have become scammers. Indeed, customs do not necessarily inform you if they confiscate drugs. Unless your ordered like 50 or 100 grams, customs and police set priorities and will just silently destroy the confiscated drugs.


    3. Think about it! Early March shipping stopped pretty much dead in its tracks due to covid. Everyone is dealing with LONG ship times. 100% legitimate

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