SCAM Alert! Known Scammers

Scammers will never ship an order, they don’t even carry any stock, they just pretend to. They spam on forums, on Wickr, Reddit, Discord and the likes all day long. They will seem friendly and stay in touch with you until you stop sending them further money.


1. Known Scammers

2. How could I tell a scammer from a real vendor?

3. Please DO report scammers to Police!

4. Wikihow: How to report a fraud website in the USA (external link)

A sign with a person suffocating
Too dumb for school, to lazy to keep a job, lying to you and stealing your money: SCAMMERS.

1. Known scammers:

E-Mail / Wickr scammers

  • cnbilly on Wickr = Chemise Pascher Technology Co.,Ltd
    Telephone: 86-13122472574 / Mobile: 86-13122472574 are known scammers
  • JBerg, Wickr: Mrberg19new (scams all new customers, it seems…)
  • Polygun20 on Wickr &
  • RCVendorLeon on Wickr (allegedly an identity theft done by a teenager to Liu Leon / RCLeon…; scammed customers…)
  • seanpaxson on Wickr & email:,
    Bitcoin Wallet ID: 18e4x69N9384UmGqizBNou2NTcrDScqe1b

    PS: Be careful with Wickr. It’s obvious that there are both drug dealers and many, many scammers around. You will be screwed like seven out of ten times there. Some folks are crazy. They consider stealing and lying to you a business idea. These scammers become more and more, you would not believe it, but these thieves make plans and make use of common marketing knowledge. These are marketing guys are running their fraud scheme by the means of modern marketing strategies. Like it was an regular business, they would work for, it’s grotesque.

    Drug dealers are of course also shitheads already, bu these scammers gimme the creeps. My dream was to destroy their dreams of stealing from you, beating them with no budget at all but with heart and by holding the community tight.

Known Scam Web Shops

  • chemsterdam nl (Scammers. See e.g. their Trustpilot Reviews)

  • chemise-pascher ( = cnbilly on Wickr) are known scammers.
    wap china cn / Pharmaceutical / chemise-pascher /
  • chinabestchems com (scammers, they work with fake reviews on Trustpilot and spam forums)
  • godchems com (“RCLeon” is a selective Scammer who does not live up to the delivery guarantee he is (or was at that time) advertising with. We have one case documented, in which he basically stole 1,700 USD from a customer and even admitted it. He pays almost every forum in the USA to be listed reliable. BEWARE: He is also part of a criminal organization that smuggles Schedule I substances to California and ships them in bulk amounts to street dealers from there.)
    [ Edit: Since Liu Leon requested (or rather blackmailed us with his TrustPilot review) describing that scam accident in all its details including proof, we will deliver that. Might take a while, though, we will definitely not publish any real names or the like and have to think about how to best do this. ]
  • houstonchemicalsonline com are scammers! They do not even have a single product in stock and the pictures they use on their website are stolen from other web shops. Avoid!
  • leopoldchems com is a scam / fraud web shop. Do NOT believe any positive reviews about them, they wrote them all theirselves!
  • lizardlabs io (identity theft, the real LL wholesale vendor uses
  • purpleghostechemicals net (used to be a reliable shop, closed, website was cloned, looks like it used to,but is a scam shop now)
  • / RapidResearch (reports of scamming since September 2020)
  • research-chemical org (they offer Mepedrone, Ketamine and Etyhlphenidate, all banned substances. Definitely scammers.)
  • rc-chems org (an obvious scam shop that claims to carry 4-MMC, MDPV, Methylone, Pentedrone etc. and to ship from Germany)
  • rcvendors com Forum (A fraud scheme: They advertise some web shops as “trusted old shop” that indeed are scammers. Some of these shops they have built themselves and they publish fake reviews to make them seem reliable. The guys running this are from Romania. The chemical-services admin is available via phone number +40 757 530 799.
  • (The Chinese scammer seanpaxson who spends all day spamming forums and now has even built a fake web shop front. a scam report (onion link))
  • rc-chemical com

home-chemistry com is a scam website. These crooks stole the logo and name from the Dutch RC Shop These two are in no way affiliated. That scam site with the .com-domain works so well, because blocks users coming from outside the Netherlands.

purpleghostchemicals net = scam. Performed an exit scam years ago, then returned an now they are scamming people again.

Received a couple of Scam Reports

  • Pura Vidapsychonautlabo nl
    Seems like they stopped running their shop already a while ago. However, they still take orders.

2. How could I tell a scammer from a real vendor?

  • Scammers spam on forums. A real shop owner wouldn’t spam his ads just anywhere but stick to his own thread and interact with possible customers there.
  • If someone is advertising both Research Chemicals (NPS) AND illegal substances, then it’s definitely a scammer. Especially if someone who pretends to ship from China would offer any kind of Fentanyl or other scheduled substances, do not trust them, do not even think of sending a single dollar!
  • Scammers often have no reviews and there is no discussion with customers. This is because they change their nickname and email-address a couple of times each year.
  • Scammers usually take email orders only, they don’t have a shop.
  • However, there are also shops that will scam you. These tend to steal photos from other websites and will often attract attention by absurdly high minimum orders starting from a 100 grams and their ridiculous prices. Many of them are easily to be identified as spammers since they would advertise illegal drugs as well.
  • Remember: No Chinese citizen will ever sell you illegal drugs. Chinese prisons are no fun place to stay.
  • If a web shop does not seem to work properly and their support tells you to simply place an order per email instead => scammer.

How do scammers work

  • Scammers will either advertise small samples or huge orders for almost no money.
  • A scammer advertising small test orders will talk you into paying more, making it e.g. 100 Euros. He will always find an excuse for that.
  • The parcel will never arrive. The scammer then offers you two possibilities: A 50% re-ship for e.g. 50 Euros or another 100 Euros for a full reship.
  • If you send more money he will claim that he had not received the money, although the Bitcoin transaction details prove that the transaction was successful.
  • If you refuse to send even more money, because you caught him lying already, he will start ghosting you.
  • Another thing: Scammers would sometimes accept half the payment upfront, the other half once the parcel has arrived. Not even as a loyal customer you would be given such an opportunity with real RC Shops.
  • Sad, but true: Scammers may easily make 50.000 USD per month…
  • Beware: With that much money they can pay marketing agencies to write them hundreds of good reviews on e.g. Yahoo Answers, which seems to have no quality assurance at all. At the same time, scammers pay other criminals to attack websites like, so that these are not being reachable. Scammers are just scum and ruin everything.

Please DO REPORT scammers to the police!

If you have been ripped off, were being being scammed, money was stolen from you – you will of course report this crime to the police!

Reporting crime can be done anonymously as well, but unless you tried to order Schedule I, II or III substances, there really is nothing you would have to be afraid of!

Here you find links with tipps and information on how and where to report cyber crime.

Reporting and tips in the USA:

The Northern California Illicit Digital Economy (NCIDE) Task Force (Onion Link)

FTC scam alerts:

USA: Please also do report any a delivery scam to the US Federal Trade Commission:

If your country is not on the list,
please simply report the fraud
to your nearest police station.

6 thoughts on “SCAM Alert! Known Scammers

  1. SCAMMERS UPDATE: Additions + Better hear it from me / “RCLeon” Forum

    …have been added to the Scammers list.

    On a side note: Please beware of ALL BOZ vendors like or or etc.

    They ALL belong to the same company and supported the 1,700 USD SCAM.

    This is not the first time, “RCLeon” scammed customers, remember this weird story about someone had hacked his Wickr and would steal from his customers? I call BS.

    There are about 30 shops / vendors of theirs.

    I will later explain why you better not order from this company for the next months, but you might have already figured out that someone will not lose 1,700 USD to a scammer without contacting the Feds.

    The BOZ criminals are in China, at least most of them. LE will not even try to get them because in China, it is legal, to steal from foreigners and China would only ignore US Law Enforcement. Feds will start with finding their customers, I guess.

    This information was verified, I asked for proof as I would always do. There is no doubt about that.

    As far as I know, LE would start with finding their customers, which – among others – ordered bulk amounts of an explicitly listed Schedule I substance, which means prison.

    This BOZ company funds basically every bigger forum in the USA, even in the Darknet. I am prepared. If they try to hack us again or to hurt our reputation, real evidence will be released here.
    To prove that I am not joking, I added the mobile phone number of a European scammer, please see above.

    PS: I used to present BOZ shops in the ASIA list and we even had an article about them. They lie all the time, as soon as I notices, I deleted their Shop Review and took them off the vendors list.

    PPS: Whatever they will write on Trustpilot, Reddit, Chemforum, Drugbuyersguide, DREAD, etc.– I have never ever blackmailed anyone and all our Trusted Vendors have been tested and were never asked for money. I also refused any offers for advertising. The only thing you can support is with a gesture of 2 USD Bitcoin donation. We are a journalistic non-profit project that does no marketing. Read the reviews if you should have doubts.

    RC SCENE reaches visitors on every continent on this planet. I think we reach the right people, who do not want to hear any more lies and hate scammers and thieves as much as I do.


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