SCAM Alert! Known Scammers

Last updated: April 1, 2021

Scammers will never ship an order, they don’t even carry any stock, they just pretend to. They spam on forums, on Wickr, Reddit, Discord and the likes all day long. They will seem friendly and stay in touch with you until you stop sending them further money.


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1. Known Scammers

2. How could I tell a scammer from a real vendor?

3. Please DO report scammers!

4. Wikihow: How to report a fraud website in the USA (external link)

A sign with a person suffocating
Too dumb for school, to lazy to keep a job, lying to you and stealing your money: SCAMMERS.

1. Known scammers:

E-Mail / Wickr scammers

  • Wickr adamslim599 obvious scammer
  • cnbilly on Wickr = Chemise Pascher Technology Co.,Ltd
    Telephone: 86-13122472574 / Mobile: 86-13122472574 are known scammers
  • JBerg, Wickr: Mrberg19new, Wickr: Benzobear (scams all new customers, it seems…)
  • Skype: kerrychemltd wickr: kerrychemltd (Asian scammer. Will talk you into placing an order, then you never hear back from him)
  • Legitkem on Wickr,,
  •, Wickr: lipengzi (Li Peng Zi) is an obvious scammer constantly spamming and even contacting strangers on Wickr…
  • Polygun20 on Wickr &
  • RCVendorLeon on Wickr (allegedly an identity theft done by a teenager to Liu Leon / RCLeon…; scammed customers…)
  • seanpaxson on Wickr & email:,
    Bitcoin Wallet ID: 18e4x69N9384UmGqizBNou2NTcrDScqe1b
  • synnester (Wickr:synnester), very convincing scammer claimes to have a lot of chems (as well as a few hard drugs – which is a red flag!), says he’s from NY and used to have a dnm shop
  • Wickr:, Mobile: +12098544079, Telegram: +12162307625, email: (scammer that will try to sell you Research Chemicals, scheduled substances and illicit pharmaceutics. Don’t believe a word he says.)

PS: Be careful with Wickr. It’s obvious that there are both drug dealers and many, many scammers around. You will be screwed like seven out of ten times there. Some folks are crazy. They consider stealing and lying to you a business idea. These scammers become more and more, you would not believe it, but these thieves make plans and make use of common marketing knowledge. These are marketing guys are running their fraud scheme by the means of modern marketing strategies. Like it was an regular business, they would work for, it’s grotesque.

Drug dealers are of course also shitheads already, bu these scammers gimme the creeps. My dream was to destroy their dreams of stealing from you, beating them with no budget at all but with heart and by holding the community tight.

Known Scam Web Shops

  • alprazolampowdersuppliers com (do not even think of sending those scammers a single cent, they will steal your money and never ship anything.)
  • A web shop with an imprint stating an address in the USA while at the same time offering scheduled drugs like Ecstasy, Crystal Meth and prescription medicine like Morphine is an obvious scam of course.
  • bongochems com (Selective scammers, please see here for details. As a side note, do not trust forum admins defending scammers!)
  • chemsterdam nl (Scammers. See e.g. their Trustpilot Reviews)
  • chemise-pascher ( = cnbilly on Wickr) are known scammers.
    wap china cn / Pharmaceutical / chemise-pascher /
  • www.chemicallabus_com (Especially mean Scam scheme that never ships but tries you to make you send them more and more money. chemicallabus scam)
  • chemicaleu com – Another new scam shop by the Exdechem group. DO NOT ORDER!
  • chinabestchems com (scammers, they work with fake reviews on Trustpilot and spam forums, but no real shop would offer banned substances)
  • SCAM REPORT (The scammers you might already know from e.g. the Exdechem Scam Shop were kicked by their web host and now try it with their already fourth scam shop within a single year. They constantly change names (these days they scam as crocochem) to not be disguised as scammers by users conducting a short search on e.g. Trustpilot, Google, or Bing.)
  • gblmagic com (a professionally looking scam site, don’t fall for them just because they use a modern looking website template! Click the link to my review where I point out why this shop for sure is no real business.)
  • godchems com (“RCLeon” is a selective Scammer who does not live up to the delivery guarantee he is (or was at that time) advertising with. We have one case documented, in which he basically stole 1,700 USD from a customer and even admitted it. He pays almost every forum in the USA to be listed reliable. BEWARE: He is also part of a criminal organization that smuggles Schedule I substances to California and ships them in bulk amounts to street dealers from there.)
    [ Edit: Since Liu Leon requested (or rather blackmailed us with his TrustPilot review) describing that scam accident in all its details including proof, we will deliver that. Might take a while, though, we will definitely not publish any real names or the like and have to think about how to best do this. ]
  • glochemlab com – An obvious scam website. Typos, pretends to carry products that have not been around for years. Also, they seem to have copied the old Realchems webshop. They offer “Real T-Shirts”. The scammers stole the photos from Realchems, the t-shirt shows a print saying ReaChems”…
  • herbalresearchchem com (This is scam as scam gets. They think people would risk ordering with them hoping to receive banned drugs, but the site is so badly done and so obviously a fake business that hopefully nobody will order.)
  • herbalresearchchem com a scam website. Uses product photos stolen from other shops and offer banned substances like MDMA, Crystal Meth, Ritalin, Heroin…
  • houstonchemicalsonline com are scammers! They do not even have a single product in stock and the pictures they use on their website are stolen from other web shops. Avoid!
  • internationalresearchchemicals com Scam website offering scheduled drugs like crystal meth…
  • la-researchchemicals com (Scam webshop trying to make you believe he could send you research chemicals, scheduled drugs and illicit pharmaceutics)
  • legitresearchchemicals com – obvious scam openly advertising Crystal Meth etc. Has created multiple websites, his WickR is “legitkem”
  •  legitrcvendorsusa com – Wickr: adamslim599 – A scam site, uses images stolen from different real vendors, and even advertises scheduled substances. This scam site is pathetic name cloning a reliable vendor we list on the US page. These two are in no way affiliated! Please make sure not to fall for impersonators and only use contact details and links as provided on e.g. our US page.
  • leopoldchems com is a scam / fraud web shop. Do NOT believe any positive reviews about them, they wrote them all theirselves!
  • lizardlabs io (identity theft, the real LL wholesale vendor uses
  • Neev Labs (neev labs are a scam, that appears under different internet domains/addresses)
  • (SCAM!) Also uses: & & (Spams in forums and om blogs, do not fall for him, just ignore and/or delete his messages.)
  • purpleghostechemicals net (used to be a reliable shop, closed, website was cloned, looks like it used to,but is a scam shop now)
  • qualitychemlab com Offers substances like Fentanyl and Crystal Meth, obvious scam
  • rc-forum net (Scam Alert! This forum was built by scammers, to be able to spam all day. The shops spamming there are fake, avoid that thing.)
  • RapidResearch (told everyone his webpage would have been hacked, added a new email address and scammed his customers during September 2020. In October, he returned like nothing had happened and wants you to continue business with him. Avoid that asshole.)
  • REEFIND CHEMS, refindchem com, Reefind Chemicals (Obvious scammer claiming to offer Research Chemicals but advertising Crystal Meth, Ecstasy and other illegal substances. Is said to be Russian. There is no such thing as a web shop on the internet advertising known to be illegal substances!)
  • research-chemical org (seem to offer Mepedrone, Ketamine and Etyhlphenidate, all banned substances. Definitely scammers.)
  • rc-chems org (an obvious scam shop that claims to carry 4-MMC, MDPV, Methylone, Pentedrone etc. and to ship from Germany)
  • sunnyrcshop com is a scam! It’s the same two guys that used to steal your money under the name Sylicybin.
  • Syliscybin Scam Report ( A scammer who would steal your money and never ship you anything or reply to further emails. A user on Discord going by the name “bleetherlove” is actively advertising that scammer on e.g. the RCVPBACKUP server. An admin removed “bleetherlove”, who probably is the scammer himself from the server, but the main administrator invited him again. To be on the safe side, we do not link any longer “RC Vendor Police” / “RCVPBACKUP” / “Food4Plants”. Take care! Many Discord server were created to create revenue. For every direct deal (or scam), server owners would get a share of the deal.
  • rcvendors com Forum (A fraud scheme: They advertise some web shops as “trusted old shop” that indeed are scammers. Some of these shops they have built themselves and they publish fake reviews to make them seem reliable. The guys running this are from Romania. The chemical-services admin is available via phone number +40 757 530 799.
  • (The Chinese scammer seanpaxson who spends all day spamming forums and now has even built a fake web shop front. a scam report (onion link))
  • rc-chemical com (Scam!)
  • syntheticincense com – Scam website advertising Crystal Meth, Mephedrone etc..
  • home-chemistry com is a scam website. These crooks stole the logo and name from the Dutch RC Shop These two are in no way affiliated. That scam site with the .com-domain works so well, because blocks users coming from outside the Netherlands.
  • vohlabs com = obvious scammers who just copied together products with inconsistent pictures from other shops.
  • qualitychemlab com – offers Crystal Meth, Fentanyl, Ketamin, …. an obvious scam site
  • worldresearchchemicals com – obvious scam, steals product photos from other shops and offers banned substances like Fentanyl, Carfentanyl, MDMA; wickr id – researchchems09; Skype: worldresearchchemicals

Received a couple of Scam Reports

  • Pura Vidapsychonautlabo nl
    Seems like they stopped operating their shop already a while ago. However, they still take orders.

2. How could I tell a scammer from a real vendor?

  • Scammers spam on forums. A real shop owner wouldn’t spam his ads just anywhere but stick to his own thread and interact with possible customers there.
  • If someone is advertising both Research Chemicals (NPS) AND illegal substances, then it’s definitely a scammer. Especially if someone who pretends to ship from China would offer any kind of Fentanyl or other scheduled substances, do not trust them, do not even think of sending a single dollar!
  • Scammers often have no reviews and there is no discussion with customers. This is because they change their nickname and email-address a couple of times each year.
  • Scammers usually take email orders only, they don’t have a shop. If they should have a shop check it for errors: inconsistent pictures, banned substances, inconsistent naming of products, contradictory statements, etc.
  • However, there are also shops that will scam you. These tend to steal photos from other websites and will often attract attention by absurdly high minimum orders starting from a 100 grams and their ridiculous prices. Many of them are easily to be identified as spammers since they would advertise illegal drugs as well.
  • Remember: No Chinese citizen will ever sell you illegal drugs. Chinese prisons are no fun place to stay.
  • If a web shop does not seem to work properly and their support tells you to simply place an order per email instead => scammer.

How do scammers work

  • Scammers will either advertise small samples or huge orders for almost no money.
  • A scammer advertising small test orders will talk you into paying more, making it e.g. 100 Euros. He will always find an excuse for that.
  • The parcel will never arrive. The scammer then offers you two possibilities: A 50% re-ship for e.g. 50 Euros or another 100 Euros for a full reship.
  • If you send more money he will claim that he had not received the money, although the Bitcoin transaction details prove that the transaction was successful.
  • If you refuse to send even more money, because you caught him lying already, he will start ghosting you.
  • Another thing: Scammers would sometimes accept half the payment upfront, the other half once the parcel has arrived. Not even as a loyal customer you would be given such an opportunity with real RC Shops.
  • Sad, but true: Scammers may easily make 50.000 USD per month…
  • Beware: With that much money they can pay marketing agencies to write them hundreds of good reviews on e.g. Yahoo Answers, which seems to have no quality assurance at all. At the same time, scammers pay other criminals to attack websites like, so that these are not being reachable. Scammers are just scum and ruin everything.

3. DO REPORT scammers!

If you have been ripped off, were being being scammed, money was stolen from you – you will of course report this crime to the police!

Reporting crime can be done anonymously as well, but unless you tried to order Schedule I, II or III substances, there really is nothing you would have to be afraid of!



FBI – Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

FTC – Federal Trade Commission


European Union’s consumer protection service

Police / Europol


Here you find links with tipps and information on how and where to report cyber crime.

Reporting and tips in the USA:

The Northern California Illicit Digital Economy (NCIDE) Task Force (Onion Link)

FTC scam alerts:

USA: Please also do report any a delivery scam to the US Federal Trade Commission:

If your country is not on the list,
please simply report the fraud
to your nearest police station.

70 thoughts on “SCAM Alert! Known Scammers


    Hi @ all,

    I just wanted to confirm that the scammers’ email addresses you reported here recently all have got taken care of.

    Still, it’s like a cat running after her own tail, it costs us time, and those fuckers will just register another email account, and most probably with Proton or Tutanota again. They might already have created a new email account and will do the same thing again. They will never stop.

    Some have recognized that answering emails you send to RC SCENE can take me up to seven months, so, please listen:

    I don’t care about scammers.
    Well, I actually do, but I work solution-orientated and have no time, there are just too many of them.

    If you lose money to a scammer, instead of donating to RC SCENE for us to provide and maintain a reliable and unbiased, trustworthy POSITIVE LIST OF HONEST VENDORS, makes you idiots in my eyes. I mean it.

    A scammer can run 20 identities at once and change to or create new ones every single day; We would always be behind, it does not make sense. Especially since I can’t help you. Remember the cat and the zero donations and that there are too many of them? See?

    So this is what we = YOU will do:

    First, report scam webshops (any clearnet shop providing both an imprint and offering MDMA or cocaine, etc. is a scam) to


    This is a private project, run by a team of idealists that can actually do a lot more than just warning against scammers.

    To report a scam website there, you do not even have to be gotten scammed by them. If you should have gotten scammed, please explain how they work, but simply reporting and leaving your email in case they have a question, is sufficient, already. They recognize scam sites. They still rely on your reports to be made aware of them.


    Those scam webshops you report will be erased from the internet. It does not matter if godaddy_com and other US companies are corrupt fucks who make money by enabling criminals to steal from you. Fuck GoDaddy, they don’t need them. They have options and can erase scam websites, and very good at it.

    So, please report obvious scam sites to them.


    Second, in case you got scammed, please report to


    especially if it was not an email/WickR scammer but a website, also report the scammers to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).



    h2>Vendors mentioned and described to be reliable shippers on RC SCENE that might cause issues or even seem to have scammed you, PLEASE REPORT TO Here, I hold more options in my hands than the “professionals”.

    Allow them 10 days, maybe 14, before you email RC SCENE, I really have no time and too many things on the desk. Please don’t forget, but neither claim to have been scammed after two days or so. Fucking wait for 10 days at least.

    Within the European Union, you wait for 30 days even. I will explain later.



    BTW @Sellkies: One more lie, FBI.

    I saw the screenshot, and it will happen, so don’t play stupid. Announcing to murder me, having me offered drugs and then scamming and even blackmailing me, although you are the drug dealer, and surely not me; The hate speech, the bribing junkies with drugs for leaving negative fake reviews on TrustPilot…

    Things like announcing to kill me, of course, make me feel afraid. Your criminal history and ongoing activities add certain severity to your announcement to “end” me. I have good reasons to believe my life was at stake, which would be enough for the FBI, already.

    The bribing, the drugs, the scamming, the blackmailing…

    Well, while you are too lazy even to click a link and instead asked the junkies you bribed to email you the screenshots (I still wonder who could be stupid enough to expect a well-known scammer to actually “pay” them), that is you.

    I, on the other hand, am notorious for filing reports 20 and more pages long.

    That you know that we know who you are, where you live, about the DEA connection, etc., and still won’t shut your lying trap… What is wrong is with you??? Don’t let me down, dude.

    I know you appreciate humor, so once again: ONE MORE LIE, FBI. 😁


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  2. Is chunhu_a-_chems a good company?

    { E: NO, definitely scam. They offer Fentanyl, MDMA, Xanax, U477 … one of those is legal!


  3. Reddit user “bleetherlove” is now promoting a scam site called “freemashop”. URL is rentry_co / freemashop


    [ edited, K. ]

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    1. PLEASE report him to the FBI, I currently have no time to update the scammers’ page and I cannot file reports for you.

      Trust me, the FBI does not care if you ordered bread or some benzodiazepine. REALLY!

      It’s a special FBI unit that cares about non-delivery fraud and non-delivery fraud only.

      To make people less afraid of reporting scammers, they even created a separate website that is not, it’s

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    2. Hi Otto,

      Please provide me with few links to scammers that host on rentry_co.
      Rentry is a service provided by criminals for criminals.

      If I understand correctly, we could try to erase it from the web. Not the single scammers, but rentry itself.

      I need links, will check if we collected scam reports, and, well, what do I know about Wide Area Networks and the infrastructure behind it, maybe we have a 50:50 chance. Let’s find out!

      Any tips from anyone will be appreciated, though, not necessarily mean an XMAS present, though, sorry.

      Thank you!


  4. Added Asian Wickr Scammer kerrychemltd to the list of scammers.

    Also, links for reporting scammers (non-delivery fraud) for the US and Europe have been updated.

    Organized crime rings that would use identities as vendors and as scammers at the same time will be surprised that the FBI is going to hunt them down :-).

    For Europe, I added the EU consumer protection and the Europol Anti Online Fraud department.

    If you don’t report those thieves, you are to blame. There is not much more I could help you with.


  5. How do i get in touch with whoever runs this site? The have legit RC as good but he has my money and won’t contact me back! I sent proof of payment, everything!


    1. I need to check your comments every three or so days 😉

      I just noticed that you are complaining about two different vendors. Perry is dealing with a health issue, and Legit is pissed because the lab test came back with something like 50 or 70 percent purity only. I hope I got that right.

      Neither of them will let you down, but both do have their products tested by an independent lab before offering them for sale.

      A bunk batch sender like Proximo can always ship because he does not care about anything. He would sell you a 0% pure product.

      Legit and Perry trash products if purity is below 97% or 95%. Trashing a product meaning, he will probably try finding a better source, which seems complicated these days, will not sell a bad product, so he will not ship.

      That he skips, the communication part is well meanwhile. I think it even says so in his description. He does not answer unnecessary emails because, similar to me; he receives too many of them.

      So you order and provide your details and sign a disclaimer, and then your order is on its way. He will not reply if you ask about tracking or why the order has not arrived, although five days have passed.

      You won’t receive an answer but will receive your order.

      I think he should hire someone for answering trivial emails, especially if there is a delay b/c of an impure product or due to a health issue. It does not make me happy to have to read and answer your complaints, but only two people seem to be waiting for their orders. Maybe he accidentally deleted the two of you. I will try to reach him and update you within the next 24 hours.

      Yes, 24 hours. I am sorry. Thank you for your understanding, and don’t worry, not a single one of the good vendors here have ever scammed anybody.

      You, I enforce a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to scamming.

      If you scam a single customer, you are a scammer.

      If you happened to be Mr. Sellkies, you should worry less about being categorized as a scammer here than about the FBI who happens to have recently launched a campaign to motivate people to report online fraud. Which I recently learned to be considered worse than selling RC drugs. The ranking is tax evasion > non-delivery fraud > selling dangerous drugs to children. Capitalism…

      PS: Dude, keep it low. You seem to place orders more often than I find time for a breakfast 😉

      Have a happy day!

      (PS: According to the weather forecast, it would be a good one to commit suicide. So, in case you didn’t hear back from me, please don’t judge me. ;-D )<(i>


      1. That two out of two two hundred are waiting might be caused by an honest mistake. If they were on break, dozens of people would complain here.

        Btw, what’s wrong with that dude that asks twice a day how to place an order. I won’t even touch his comments; the spam filter is supposed to deal with idiots.


  6. SCAM WARNING: An email vendor is using a proton email account claiming to be The Real RC.

    The actual Real RC is mentioned on the EU vendors page. He uses only. His webshop address is

    Please do always check with our lists to not fall for scammers.

    Our lists are the most reliable on the planet and have made RC SCENE the #1 site discussing research chemicals in less than a year. There is a good reason for that:

    Our lists are accurate, no advertising, no sponsors, and no random shops.
    These are the best on the planet.

    We will soon introduce new vendors worldwide exclusively. Check the RC SCENE lists because there will always be scammers trying to steal from you. Our lists are accurate and always up to date.

    PS: US scammers offer a bounty to hurt our reputation, to hack us, to leave negative reviews, to spread lies. Do not believe those criminals.

    This project will either become a scientific paper or part of a book. We work as honestly and as reliable as possible. It doesn’t get any better than this.

    Since we are only two persons working on the project at the moment (believe it or not, COVID can also be a danger to young people), and we do not want community members with drug habits to deal with drugs and vendors permanently, I am sorry, but we will stop any email support.

    Everything is available on RC, on the website. Search for it.

    We pay 200 USD for an improved search engine per year, and I recently made changes to the main menu so that visitors using their smartphones to surf the web (who do not get to see the actual site but AMP framework pages that do not render the entire content.)

    Tips and reporting scammers are still welcome, of course.

    We cannot help the masses of emails—this a hobby.

    We are NO drug dealers or scammers using their websites for spreading lies. The vast majority of our work is nowhere mentioned and will remain invisible.

    More info will follow. We spent thousands of hours on this project. And still, there are more than a thousand emails unanswered.

    Dealing with those asshole US scammers like Sellkies means the end for now. We will not add new US vendors. There is not time enough to find honest people.

    We will return more vital than ever and put an end to scammers. Expect us back in summer.

    For the next three months, however, please report online fraud/scammers to the FBI:


    This video is our temporary good-bye video:



  7. IMPORTANT SCAM ALERT ! who had stolen money from many of us has changed his name toSunnyRC ( and is scamming again.

    The scammer is the Reddit / Discord user /u/bleetherlove.

    AGAIN: Scammer syliscybin = Scammer SunnyRC = Asshole /u/bleetherlove

    The scammers had been exclusively advertised on the Discord server of RCVP.

    The admins who allow this fraud scheme are

    and (but I think she is not involved in the scam scheme=

    I visited their Discord server only twice. But a day ago, I noticed something sketchy about SunnyRC, and I warned against their latest scam scheme on Reddit:

    For that, I got banned from their server.

    I am almost sure that these two run this scam scheme for profit:

    Already on their old sub, scammers were continuously promoted. I especially remember Leopoldchems, who would always be featured in postings, although he was nothing but a scammer.

    Also: When I visited their Discord server, mayfire439 would always introduce me as RC SCENE.

    While I was on the server, no one would advertise scammers. I only learned that they do from screenshots.

    Plazmotech told me they should not have made me access their server in the first place, the scammers would always complain about my presence, and some left the server and moved to other Discords.


    bleetherlove & theeighthate

    The admins make maybe 15% off the stolen money. Or, they are completely incompetent. Also an option, I don’t know them. All I can say is that Plazmotech confronted me with a lie, which is somewhat shady. He said he would evidence for something I never did… This is why I think those two admins are criminals.

    Better stay away. You have been warned!

    Oh, lest I forget:

    Proof for that bleetherlove is both Sylis and SunnyRC



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  8. Mr Sellkies recently asked what gave me the audacity to hide behind an ocean and to mess with US scammers. Well, it was not my idea to include North America, but see yourself:

    Executive time. I was about to grab somebody by the pussy when the phone rang.

    President Trump sounded seriously concerned: “I need somebody. Not just anybody. Will you do your patriotic duty and put an end to those shithole scammers that make our great nation look like we were a bunch of crooks constantly stealing from each other?”


    Me: “With all due respect, Mr President, I already helped you coin the term “Alternative Facts“. Don’t you think that was patriotic duty enough for a lifetime? I mean, I live in Reykjavik, and my passport says “Southern Africa”.

    Trump: “There is no money in it.”

    Me: “I’m all ears! Who is our target?”

    Trump: “They are everywhere, like a disease spreading. It’s a nightmare.”

    Me: “I will see what I can do.”

    That was in August 2019.
    Half a year later, I registered this domain.

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  9. I recommend adding to the scammers list.

    They sent out inactive and harmful samples.
    They are selling “a-pvp” that was reported to give slight stimulation at 100mg doses, and a molly pill that definitely isn’t it.
    They had photos copied from the Internet to the website.
    Many users reported different effect from the same substance ordered weeks apart.


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        1. That is absolutely NOT true.

          Companies like e.g. or or or

          They might not be super cheap, therefore the quality is good.

          Cheap companies often times would not even be able to manufacture the products these are offering. They are so good actually, that even European shops source from them.

          Since they won’t sell within China, they are obviously allowed to trade many substances.


  10. i also got scammed by synnester (wickr:synnester), very convincing and claimed to have a lot of chems (as well as a few hard drugs – red flag, i should’ve known).. says he’s from NY and used to have a dnm shop so be aware of this story

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  11. So is a giant compromised scam or are there actual legit sources on that board? I’m seeing sources for lots of stuff but something does seem fishy about the whole operation,

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    1. drugbuyersguide somehow made people believe it was worth to pay 20 USD per year to be allowed to see their list of “approved vendors”.

      All you need to do to become such an “approved” vendor is sending money to the forum admins.

      According to a drug dealer from Hong Kong (at first glance, his organization seems to sell Research Chemicals but actually makes money off dealing scheduled drugs), after his first post in which he advertised for himself, an admin of the forum contacted him, asked for money and since he was willing to pay, he became an approved vendor.

      The admins support him with fake reviews, positive ones for him and the other sponsors and negative ones about shops that are not paying money to dbg. Also, dbg forum does not care at all about what he is actually selling. In fact, the forum allows dealing with hard drugs as long as the dealer pays them coins. As long as a vendor pays, you will not read scam reports about this vendor, either.

      To my best knowledge, every vendor who has a thread of his own in this dbg forum (no matter if “approved” or not) needs to pay. Prices allegedly start as little as 17 USD per month, which attracts scammers. An example: If I paid them 17 USD for having my thread in that forum, I would need only a single order worth 100 USD and would already make profit.

      dbg forum claims to have some sort of “verification process” and that only the most reliable vendors could make it on their list of top vendors. In fact, drugbuyersguide forum admins might or might not have a look at your website, but in the end it’s solely a question of money whether to be added to their list, or not.

      To me, the weirdest thing is that there are people who believe these lies and actually pay money to the forum in order to be allowed to see this fake “approved vendors list”. They make thousands of dollars each month with member subscriptions, it’s absurd.

      drugbuyersguide forum is US based and to make themselves seem more “trustworthy” and the lies seen less obvious, they also have shops like labsense in their list of “approved vendors”, a Dutch vendor that is for real but certainly does not ship overseas.

      These douches are lying to their (sometimes paying!) forum members, and are distorting reality by praising their sponsors only while spreading lies about other vendors that do not pay them money. On top of this, they allow direct deals of banned substances (Schedule I drugs) and openly advertise illicit pharmaceuticals.

      They are not the only profit-orientated forum, actually, most RC forums work like that or similar. Some forums would even create their own scam web shops to make profit… some people are just shit.

      Personally, I would handle drugbuyersguide forum like anything on the darknet: Treat with caution, expect to get scammed.


  12. Scam Warning: VOHLABS com spams these days.

    This shop shows many distinct signs of being a scammer:

    Their product pics are not consistent.
    5F-ADB, MPA, MXE and Ethylphenidate have been banned-
    Although they claim to ship from Europe only (Spain and the Netherlands), they have products with “EU” in the name – obviously, they just copied product names and pics from other stores.
    They spam.
    They openly advertise illicit drugs like MDMA and Meth…

    # AVOID


  13. Found a scam technique on your “favorite” forum. What someone will do is pay the minimal fee to be a trial vendor, send a couple of legit, cheap packs to longtime members to gain rep, and vanish within the next few weeks. I will give them a week or two and see if they, like every other vendor, got in some weird accident which seems to be happening lately, before sharing name to add to scam list

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    1. Are you insinuating that a brave, honest, independent and trustworthy forum like dump-buyers-guide would illegally charge money from drug dealers in order to advertise them which would make them criminals, together with making their share off every fent-deal done in their disgusting forum, and them even advertising illicit pharmaceuticals from Mexico… 🤔

      Briskobo and those criminal retards there have the brains of a rotten piece if wood. Well, I should not have said that. I our debate club, we discuss the entertaining genius not in Bob Dylan Lyrics, but in his books, we recently welcomed a rotten piece of wood to our little round and she is fantastic, she sees things, that I don’t, I hang on her lips, my head starts spinning from all these new perspectives and the rooms she finds, explains and opens for us.

      I doubt that some shops would rise, shine and exit scam. I’d rather say dead wood Briskobo and the money-laundering Admin, the keeper of the coins, started scamming their own customers.

      Darknet is the same, a portal to hell, where people make money by providing stuff that others use to scam customers. It has become an industry of its own!

      Think about it, they charge 20 USD for a useless list of maybe 7 active RC vendors. Those creeps for sure go further than this. They present vendors that do not even have any stock available as trustworthy, they never were for real, they are liars and ill-minded criminals that hopefully will drain in their greed.

      That said, I neither know our promising newcomers personally. All I can say is that If Nick or trailz or the other two should exit scam, I’ll rather off myself (what a lovely way to put this 🙂 )… I for sure wouldn’t share the theft with them… 🎈

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  14. SCAMMERS UPDATE: Additions + Better hear it from me / “RCLeon” Forum

    …have been added to the Scammers list.

    On a side note: Please beware of ALL BOZ vendors like or or etc.

    They ALL belong to the same company and supported the 1,700 USD SCAM.

    This is not the first time, “RCLeon” scammed customers, remember this weird story about someone had hacked his Wickr and would steal from his customers? I call BS.

    There are about 30 shops / vendors of theirs.

    I will later explain why you better not order from this company for the next months, but you might have already figured out that someone will not lose 1,700 USD to a scammer without contacting the Feds.

    The BOZ criminals are in China, at least most of them. LE will not even try to get them because in China, it is legal, to steal from foreigners and China would only ignore US Law Enforcement. Feds will start with finding their customers, I guess.

    This information was verified, I asked for proof as I would always do. There is no doubt about that.

    As far as I know, LE would start with finding their customers, which – among others – ordered bulk amounts of an explicitly listed Schedule I substance, which means prison.

    This BOZ company funds basically every bigger forum in the USA, even in the Darknet. I am prepared. If they try to hack us again or to hurt our reputation, real evidence will be released here.
    To prove that I am not joking, I added the mobile phone number of a European scammer, please see above.

    PS: I used to present BOZ shops in the ASIA list and we even had an article about them. They lie all the time, as soon as I notices, I deleted their Shop Review and took them off the vendors list.

    PPS: Whatever they will write on Trustpilot, Reddit, Chemforum, Drugbuyersguide, DREAD, etc.– I have never ever blackmailed anyone and all our Trusted Vendors have been tested and were never asked for money. I also refused any offers for advertising. The only thing you can support is with a gesture of 2 USD Bitcoin donation. We are a journalistic non-profit project that does no marketing. Read the reviews if you should have doubts.

    RC SCENE reaches visitors on every continent on this planet. I think we reach the right people, who do not want to hear any more lies and hate scammers and thieves as much as I do.


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