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Predator web shop in May 2020

Predator-RC signs emails with “We are ONE and ONLY”. And indeed, he probably is the most entertaining vendor originating from the Polish scene. The Polish scene used to operate from Poland until summer/autumn 2018, when the Polish government made most Research Chemicals illegal and many shops had to relocate and moved to the Netherlands.

By the way, in Poland, the government does not combat Research Chemicals, Legal Highs, or New Psychoactive Substances, no, in Poland they colloquially use the term “dopalacze” which would literally translate “afterburners“.

Predator nevertheless ships worldwide, also to Poland. For a while he even tried to partly operate (produce and sell) from there but that finally became too risky, after the Polish government started imprisoning RC Vendors who tried likewise.

So, Polish customers are receiving their orders from the Netherlands now. They would use a fake name and have their order shipped to a parcel station, where you could pick up mail by simply entering a code without having to show your id. Clever.

The Predator web shop is still in Polish, prices are still low (~ 6 USD per gram of standard products), the only thing that has changed is that negative comments are being deleted from the web shop now. So, like with 99,9% of RC vendors, the reviews on Predator’s website have also become useless. Sad story.

The entertainer and his daily promotion deals

To make ordering more tempting, Predator offers special deals throughout the week: On Mondays, you get some 3-CMC for free, on Tuesdays and Thursdays you may ask for free products worth your shipping costs, on Wednesdays you may ask for free 4-CMC, and Friday to Sunday there is a surprise weekend special. Alternatively, you can always ask for free 3-MMC pellets if you pay via Bitcoin.

Let’s have a closer look at one of these weekend specials

Click an image to enlarge it.

The entertainer and his hide & seek

Predator is known for sometimes to not processing orders. If they have less than ten products in stock, they might be on holiday. This is important to know, because they wouldn’t tell you or close the store. They just disappear and keep the web shop open, and after weeks or even months they would return, not even say sorry for delayed orders and, this is important, their comeback would always go along with many new products. I think this is 50% laziness, 50% marketing strategy. Customers would order this new products like mad, especially since they had waited so long.

To let the world know, that the shop is not gone for good, they constantly keep in touch with their customers on the forum while they are on holiday. If this was a pure marketing strategy, I’d call it cynical, but I don’t know.

I did not get in touch with the shop before writing this text, since they would answer my emails but only provide answers to questions I had not asked for… They will of course get to see the article and may ask for corrections or additions, but something tells me, they don’t really care.

The Polish Scene

The Polish Scene means more than just being a shop that used to operate from Poland. They have like their own products, which would often be not as pure as with e.g. Dutch vendors and often times have an unpleasant smell or would be extremely caustic and cause you tears running down your cheeks after ingestion. Also, Polish customers tend to smoke the products, “konkret vapo?” used to be the most often asked product information on their web shop.

They do their own thing, produce in Slovakia and other Eastern European countries, they would provide multiple different batches of the same chemical which all would be different in color, smell and effects, …they seem to be different.

However, besides from their products, they aren’t. The Polish NPS scene evolved early and soon became very popular, similar to the situation in the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Ireland). They used the same marketing tools, would e.g. present lab tests to insinuate these “Legal Highs” would not be dangerous but “safe alternatives” to hard drugs, which of course is not true.

It started with occasional sales via online forums, before rich business men brought the scene to the next level: They worked out marketing strategies and installed professionally looking forums like, that would advertise only shops that were franchise takers of the forum owners. If you had a couple of thousand USD, you could buy a license, open a shop and start selling.

And the chemicals sold well. A study from 2010 showed that almost every tenth student would have done NPS at least on a monthly basis. Already in 2008, the first “smart shop” openly selling synthetic designer drugs opened and the thing became a mass phenomenon, it moved from online-only to the “real-life” at remarkable speed: By the end of 2008, 40 so-called “smart shops” openly selling designer drugs were operational in Poland, a country with close to 40 million citizens. The range of drugs was expanding too, smoking blends mixed with synthetic Cannabinoids like JWH-18 appeared, Mephedrone (4-MMC) became a bestseller, and by the end of 2010 there were already a 1,3000 “smart shops” up and running all over the country.

The owners of the forum, who used their money to source or produce the synthetic drugs which their franchise takers would sell for them, would contact the press to announce the opening of new shops, just like any other business would do. And the press surprisingly loved them, so that in 2010 90 (!) percent of young people aged 18-19 would have heard of NPS already.

In 2011, “smart shops” were made illegal and the sellers returned to their web shops, police counted 43 of them those days. Since 2013, numbers of consumers and of awareness of these drugs are declining. Not just because smart shops were banned, but also because good selling drugs were scheduled and last, not least, ordering online seems to attract less customers than just buying drugs in a shop nearby.

With the rise of synthetic designer drugs, also mental disorders occurred more frequently and no one knows about the long-term effects of Research Chemicals. The number of NPS-related poisonings went down from a record high in 2010, but interestingly began to constantly rise again.*

*All data were taken from: Piotr Jabłoński , Artur Malczewski: New Psychoactive Substances. Problem and Response. Warsaw: 2014.

RC SCENE – Safe NOT Scam

Polish Scene Product Quality

As of today, in 2020, I am aware of two Polish forums that are not competitors but rather rivals: and, both advertising Research Chemical Shops. I wouldn’t know how they work, if they are still run as franchises or if the bigger shops source and produce drugs for the others; if they run labs of their own or if they rather imported from Eastern Europe (like Slovakia) or from Asia. seems to be doing a lot better but some of the advertised shops there not only provide the poor quality the Polish scene is sometimes known for but also act mysteriously: They e.g. insist on self-destroying messages instead of emails, or would sell both Research Chemicals and things like prepaid-cards for mobile phones, for anonymous registration with online accounts and for anonymous communication of course.

Don’t get me wrong, the batches in this scene vary so heavily, sometimes you will be lucky and receive top quality. But they also sell chems that would often contain lots of probably toxic synth residues, the bad smell and the burning are usually not part of the substance you ordered, these are impurities.

Tipp: Their prices seem tempting and they all ship more or less reliable (you might sometimes receive replacement products you had not ordered because many of them don’t keep their web shops up to date.) Still, in case you smoke such a tainted product, and your throat or lungs hurt, better stop and get rid of it. It’s not worth intoxicating oneself, life is already too short anyway. I am not saying that all products would be of questionable quality, but if you should receive such, please let it be.

Predator Product Quality

Back to Predator. Besides from selling neurotoxic chemicals like Chloro-substituted Cathinones (e.g. 3-CMC, 4-CMC), their products as of May 2020 look good, have no weird smell and seem of good quality.

3-CMC gave me an instant headache, I won’t touch that one again, and one out of the three variants of Hexen they sent, one felt like swallowing a razor blade: Hexen White Powder feels way too caustic, I won’t open that bag again. Oh, and I don’t like their 3-FPM either. The latter is a question of taste, I assume, others might like it. The headache and the sore throat aren’t, though.

Their new batch of 4F-MPH is unspectacular, but clean and more than okay especially given the price. Their A-PiHP is the best A-PiHP I have ever tested, their MDPHP Powder is good, their new HEX-EN Crystal is way better than their last Hexen, DCK is good, but too mild; their 3-MMC looks better than it works, but is okay, as well. Their 2-FDCK, however, didn’t have any effects one me.

Predator recently asked for translators and for places where he could advertise. With the new products I could imagine him to expand his business.

Click an image to enlarge it.


If you think your go-to vendor is out of his mind with his constantly rising prices and if you want to try something different from what Dutch shops usually offer, then I’d say Predator-RC is a good option.

Maybe make a small order and try different products, you will soon find out if you rather tend towards uppers or other substances.

Please don’t forget to mention the daily promotion deal in the comment field during checkout. If you forget, you will not receive any products for free.

6 thoughts on “ (Shop Review)

  1. Hi, are they currently on vacation right at the moment? Is it okay to order from there to the USA? Hopefully the google translate is sufficient, as I do not speak polish! Thanks for your answer!


    1. Hi Chris,

      They are definitely back from vacation, the article above describes (parts of) their current stock as of April 2020. Processing and shipping were done quickly and the order arrived in time. In this regard, everything is back to normal.

      However, they cannot ship to the US currently. When you log on to their shop (registration is open for all), the very first sentence indicates “WE CAN’T SHIP TO USA RIGHT NOW”.

      You could ask them per email, but I think it is because that the US have tightened customs due to the COVID-19 epidemic, that they cannot ship overseas at the moment, and that nobody knows when things will run smoothly again.

      Regarding the Polish language:

      If you use Google Chrome or Micrsoft Edge Chromium, both web browsers will ask you for translating a foreign language website into your default language (e.g. English) and that works pretty well actually. If they don’t ask automatically, look for a translation icon next to the address field.

      If you were working on a MAC, you could try something like this to translate whole pages: < >

      The shop works like any other shop as well, the only thing you will probably need to have translated is the block with your name and address. Everything else is pretty much speaking for itself.

      Info for new customers:

      Remember that new customers need to pay in Bitcoin and for converting currencies, I would recommend Google, just type in something like < >.

      PS: Some say that COVID-19 could return and lead to a second phase of lockdown in late summer. Shipping long-distance orders (be it Europe or Asia) could remain delayed or impossible for quite a while I am afraid.

      In the city I live in, so many postal workers are infected and on sick leave, that the military (!) assists them sorting mail now…

      Have a happy day!



      1. Hi,

        Personally, I prefer Predator’s Hexen Crystals (they are powder crystals actually) to Hexen Needles any day a week.

        The problem with silkmixture used to be that he had already announced the new Hexen Needles batch – which would be winner according to him – three times this year – but would always send a generous but not so great replacement product instead.

        According to recent forums posts, see – – this time the Needles indeed seem available.

        I still strongly recommend getting in touch with him before ordering with silkmixture. If he says, he has plenty of it, then go for it, if you prefer it over powder crystals.

        I am sorry, I cannot provide a more useful recommendation but I do recommend reading the reviews on They are pretty helpful, usually.


  2. The timeless art of taking pictures of powder in bags. Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good. I like the A-PiHP pic best. If you keep on getting better with photography at warp speed, next stop art exhibition :_D


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