(Liu Smith) Shop Review

Screenshot of web shop in May 2020 web shop in May 2020

It has been less than a year that I met Mr Liu Smith in an online forum. He used to post ads every single day and one day he catched my eye when he mentioned something about discounts for new customers.

I had been looking for cheap Etizolam, wanted to stock up for a year and asked for an offer for 10 grams of it. He answered: “100 USD”. I first thought he was either making a joke or that he must be a scammer. But we kept in contact and one night I placed an order. Next morning he texted me via WhatsApp, I had forgotten to send the money. I sent the money, we waited for three days because the Etizolam was still in the making, but as soon as it was ready Liu shipped it and four days later the package arrived at my doorstep.

He had chosen an express courier service without charging for shipping. And the Etizolam was not only freshly produced but also so pure that I would get sleepy if I didn’t take care with the dosage. Sometimes, even I get good deals 😉

We are BOZ

I tried to ask Liu about the business, the lab, his career path and his philosophy a couple of times, also asked him for photos of the lab, but either he does not see the point of being portrayed, or he is cautious about giving away details because of e.g. competitors or the taxman or whatever other reason Research Chemical vendors try to stay a miracle for.

All he told me was that the company was a big operation with an own laboratory, a factory and many salespersons and others working for them.

A sentence that I remember Liu saying is that he believes in honesty, which would also be his business philosophy. Of course, he is a sales agent and such will always tell you things you want to hear. But in his case I really believed him. That said, he works for BOZ and their claim is “Honesty is our first principle”. Maybe I am too naive.

Web banner of BOZ, a chemical supplier from China

Still, he seems to be very attentive, would send you updates about the distance the package has already made on its journey from Hongkong to your doorstep, he seems to care. With friendly gestures and the low prices he will for sure build up a stock of loyal customers soon. He started selling Research Chemical in Spring of 2019, about a year ago, and I am sure he is doing pretty well already.

A breakthrough business idea: Research Chemicals available at reasonable prices

BOZ, a Chinese Chemistry Lab
Inside the BOZ lab (source:

BOZ came up with a groundbreaking idea: Flooding the US market, but also Europe, with cheap drugs at decent quality. While some Chinese shops have become even more expensive than European shops, I welcome this approach and hope them to develop interesting substances. It was high time to finally have shops available that sell at reasonable prices. Because even if they sell Etizolam for 10 USD per gram, instead of for 60 or for 120, they still make a lot of money out of it and if they are also good, why should I order anywhere else?

According to one of their sales agents the key challenge was setting up logistics, a network that could constantly deliver.

Then they equipped at least ten sales agents with their own web shops, Liu’s ist one of them. Their stock is relatively limited and they mostly offer Cannabinoids for now, but they seem to be expanding, they recently added 4-FPD (4-Flouro-Pentedrone), and some other chemicals. Since they produce in China, which has tightened its laws, they need to research for new substances to circumvent the law. European manufacturers have less restrictions, although the EU is said to gonna control some more drug precursors to prevent labs from being able to produce Research Chemicals. Also, the Netherlands will add Phenethylamines (basically all stimulants including Cathinones), synthetic opiates and Cannabinoids, to a new “schedule 1a” list of their Opiate Act, which means nothing less than banning most of the substances available today. The US Research Chemical market remains dead and will not ever recover, it seems.

So Liu and his colleagues saw a chance and took the opportunity to fill the (upcoming) void. Already last year, their Eutylone was the number one Research Chemical stimulant in the USA. It is actually a schedule I substance, just like Heroine, but US police and customs are still fighting the opiate crisis which seems to getting worse and worse although US customs now are equipped with modern scanners that allow to identify Fentanyl without even having to open a parcel. China has banned Fentanyl, but Mexican cartels swamp the streets with cheap dope now. In other words: The DEA is busy with more severe issues than Cathinones and Cannabinoids.

Like often in life, being at the right place at the right time, might pay off.

About BOZ

BOZ go, according to their website by the company name “Hubei Boz Medicinal Chemistry Co., Ltd” and allegedly are “a renowned pharmaceutical manufacturer, specializing in raw steroid powders, new APIs, biochemicals and peptides in Mainland China.”

And further: They would “not only [be] the leading manufacturer of steroids powder and pharmaceutical raw materials in the central area of China but also export all over the world. (..) Monthly output is over 100 kg. We cherish a great number of loyal customers serving in gym fields, athletes fields , medical institution, clinics and so on. We have the top quality products with the most competitive price. Our payment terms are flexible and untraceable.

“Our payment terms are flexible and untraceable”

…Yeah, that sounds like a company that would produce drugs and smuggle kilos of schedule I substances to the USA where they supply the average street corner dealer.

Also, it turned out to be impossible to get in touch with BOZ labs. All my emails to Bens Xu and to Irene Chen were returned with an error message. Neither do they answer on Skype.

So I hope, everything I write here is accurate, I could not reach them to answer the three questions I had. Not yet. If anyone else was wondering who would supply Europe and the US with drugs, and what their office buildings would be like, enjoy a look at the beautiful business building on top of the Hollywood Plaza mall:

  • Tel:
    • (+86)-027-62433348
  • Email:
  • Skype:
    • bens_225
  • WhatsApp:
    • +86-18271850054 (Irene)
    • +86-13296555120 (Bens)

Like every good drug dealer who offers “flexible” and “untraceable” payment methods, BOZ of course founded more than just one company. Money laundering wouldn’t work quite as good if you had only a single company, ask the Dutch wholesaler Lizard Labs, who is part of a holding that transfers money between multiple companies until they would end up paying a single Euro in taxes for the whole holding. More about that coming soon!

Bozchem also founded Bozbio or actually “Hubei Boz biotech Co., Ltd“, a company operated by the same personell and operating from the tested and trusted location in mainland China. The Synex Holding, owner of Lizard Labs, also registers all their companies in the same small house in Maastricht. Drug dealers seem to be quite alike anywhere in the world.

About the samples received

Liu was so kind to add samples of HEP and MDPEP to my order. I was actually expecting a sample of his bestseller Eutylone as well, but I am grateful for any support.

Click an image to enlarge it.

HEP is either an extremely new or very seldom chemical, I could hardly find information about it. It’s a bag of white powder flakes and tiny powder rocks and it reminds me of Hexen. It sure is weaker than Hexen, seems to be odourless (or is just my cold, I am sorry) and just like Hexen, you could smoke it with tobacco. Effects are underwhelming though. It feels like a weak version of Hexen. Even the pain and the taste when insufflated resemble Hexen.

MDPEP was last year advertised as MDPV-Replacement. In fact, MDPEP is a PV8-analogue with a very long alkyl chain. The longer then chain, the more additions made to an analogue, the further away it is from where some effects would be desired. Last year’s Europe-MDPEP was an abrasive powder and had a nice taste that indeed reminded of MDPV, Liu’s MDPEP, however, is a fine powder that is even more subtle. The best thing I could say about MDPEP is that time seems to fly by when you take it. It’s no upper, there is no euphoria, still you would feel a subtle effect. Maybe it’s because I tried both samples on the same day, but working on the computer felt alright today. I usually can’t sit still for long. MDPEP is cheap as fuck (50 grams for ~100 USD), if it should turn out to act like ADHD-medication, I might order some again. I wasn’t super productive today and feel relatively tired, but at the same time also relaxed. MDPEP could be an underrated substance that only did receive bad reviews because it was falsely advertised as MDPV-replacement and of course does not even come close to that classic, so many will have been disappointed because of lying vendors. Don’t expect an upper, not even a mild one, but if you know what I mean by time flying by, maybe give it a try. Predator-RC also stocks it for 5 Euros a gram.

Click an image to enlarge it.

The Etizolam is just fine. It’s just as good as the Etizolam other shops charge 60 or even 100 USD for a gram. By the way: Etizolam will be banned soon, Chinese vendors expect the substance to become controlled within this year. Only due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Chinese dictatorship had not yet held their yearly meeting in which they decide on things like these, I was being told.

Last December, the WHO recommended the worldwide scheduling of 12 NPS, one of them being Etizolam. Since Etizolam in some countries is used as prescription medicine, they could not say that it had no therapeutical use, so they justified their decision with the sheer fact that people use it.

Etizolam is a kind of Benzodiazepine that reduces anxiety and is in this regard a lot more efficient than e.g. Diazepam. However, due to its availability in web shops, people would take it to feel less stressed and less anxious, it becomes part of their life and they would e.g. drive under the influence. Just like anybody else who is on prescription drugs.

Millions of people take psychoactive substances that reduce their capacity of reaction. Do you think they all leave their car parked in the garage and walk to work every morning? I really don’t understand why they would take Etizolam out of the game, it seems such an effective and harmless substance, it’s a shame that they want it becoming banned. In most countries you wouldn’t get in trouble for ordering a schedule IV substance online, but if China and India follow the WHO recommendation and since they are the ones producing it, the substance will inevitably disappear.

However, it is still available and it is still being produced and it has a shelf life of at least four years if you store it in the fridge! An alternative could become Pyrazolam wich is also said to help with anxiety and being a more functional Benzodiazepine in this regard, and not a fun one or one that would make you sleepy. Haven’t tested it yet, but that’s pretty much what literature says about it.

Some BOZ sales agents and their web shop logos

Which BOZ to go with?

There seem to be dozens of BOZ sales agents around. A few examples:

They all seem to carry the same variety of Cannabinoids, but some have more stimulants than others. Or Etizolam. While Liu Smith has shipping costs already included in his prices, tinaprochem offers the chemicals for less, but charges extra 50 USD for shipping.

Depending on how much and how many different substances you order, in some cases, some of them could be cheaper than another. At least if you ordered via their online shops.

In fact, these web shops are all thought as fronts, all of these BOZ sales agents want you to contact them directly via email or WhatsApp or the likes and settle a Direct Deal. Therefore, I think you could actually get the same good price from all of them.


Interesting approach: Finally – a shop offering research chemical at reasonable prices. As of today, they might still carry a rather unspectacular selection, but they are constantly adding new chems, like e.g. 4-FPD recently. If these new chemicals will be winners? We’ll see.

One thing you should check before ordering: RCLeon ( is a criminal that smuggles schedule I substances to a US warehouse and supplies street corner dealers with it. Eutylone is an explicitly mentioned schedule I in the US, together with Pentylone or Heroine. 4-FPD might be illegal as well since it is an analogue of another schedule I substance – Pentedrone. So take care what you order! And better avoid ordering with RCLeon. He seems to be save in China, but if his criminal organisation in the US gets busted someday, I wouldn’t want police to find my name in his list of customers… There are plenty of alternatives!

Etizolam powder

The samples I received, are okay. Etizolam seems fine and even though MDPEP and HEP are definitely not going to become the next big thing, they seem clean and quite alright especially given the low price. At least MDPEP I could image ordering some day.

The question remains, will BOZ be able to produce more popular products like A-PCYP, 2-FDCK, MFPVP, 3-MEO-PCP, 4F-MPH or Flubromazolam in the future and will they keep their prices lower than most competitors?

Cheapest vendor for Etizolam you will find. Not all their products are worthwhile, but they are already developing new ones.

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  2. I have bought 5cladba in many times, the effect is really strong, the delivery speed is also very fast, the partner who sells goods is very funny, is what I like.

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  3. Hello friend
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    1. Dear Mr Smith,

      Thank you for checking by!

      I just wanted to update you: That 5cladba of which you said was your bestseller – I tried it and as long as you do not take too much, it makes the world a more funny place – I liked it, thanks for the tip!

      Kind regards!


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