3mmcKING.com – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test Samples: 3 x 3-MMC

Click the image to enlarge it.

This is a premiere: The first vendor added to the list of Verified Vendors after only having had a short chat with them, tested their customer support and a sample of each of their three products.

Their customer support kindly added three samples (one of each kind of the 3-MMC versions they offer) which is a really nice gesture and even better than what I had shyly asked in the order comment for 🙂

The shop acted friendly, professional and quick and made quite an impression when opening the parcel so that I have no doubt that they are actually an as popular as reliable vendor.

Their remarkably non-caustic feeling 3-MMC is also available in bulk for B2B, just send them a request.

In September, they will celebrate their 1 year anniversary with freebies added to each order.

Finally, premiere number two: Instead of an elaborated Trusted Shop Review, just a few pics for proof that they deserve their place in the list:

Click an image to enlarge it.

UPDATE 02/08/2021

Due to popular demand: A product sample photo from another order placed with 3MMC KING. The 3-MMC “Crystals” batch received in autumn 2020 was a more saturated orange compared to the batch received in summer and the crystals/rocks surprisingly big. Not being a big fan of 3-MMC in particular, but neither able to resist a discount advertised in the shop’s weekly newsletter (to celebrate their birthday, they doubled up your order), I received a product that matched expectations. So, the free test samples are no bait to make you place a bigger order that would disappoint, it’s always the same products.

Click the image to enlarge it

Find 3-MMC-King:
3-MMC KING Shop Description & Links

8 thoughts on “3mmcKING.com – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

  1. After many orders perfectly delivered, 3MMCKing started so scam : the last order, of course paied as usual, hasn’t be sent and the customers service (Kimberley ?) does not give any answer (email nor chat).
    It looked like a perfect and fair shop, but obviously it is not…


    1. UPDATE : 3MMC King finally updated the last order I was waiting for and solved the problem (a human error, that can sometimes happen).
      So thank you to 3MMC King, I will order again as it is my favorite shop.

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  2. 3mmc KING from the Netherlands are celebrating their 1 year anniversary by doubling up your order. The coupon code “KING” still works and will probably do so until Monday.

    1- Order at least 5 gram of any product
    2- Go to your shopping cart and add the coupon code “KING”.
    3- “Double Up” should now have been added to your order for free. Now you will receive at least 10 grams.

    In case you order 10 grams and double up with the coupon code, you would receive 20 grams which would make as little as 5 Euros per gram.

    They ship within Europe only, not overseas.

    A short How-To Video on redeeming the coupon code:

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