Legit RC – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test Samples: Benzo Solutions

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Received 2 samples, Clonazolam and Flualprazolam solutions, each 5mg/ml.

Items were packaged securely in a Mylar foil bag zip locked.

Research was conducted on the Clonazolam solution first. Seems to be dosed correctly and all other properties match up from what past research has shown on this compound. Test subject dosed .2ml of the Clonazolam solution. Effects were evident at the 20-25 minute mark. Slight reduction in anxiety, muscles loosened, racing thoughts become less.

Quality would be ranked at a 8.5/10. Very impressed.

Tomorrow, I’ll be conducting research on the Flualprazolam solution to give a thorough and detailed review.

( Source:
rc-scene.com/trusted-research-chemical-vendors-usa/#comment-1895 )

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Part //

The Flualprazolam from Legit RC was a 8/10 for quality as well. Would order in the future.

– T.


Legit RC do not use permanent marker for labeling their products. The photos above originate from their very early days, these were prototypes and never offered for sale. Today, Legit RC have tested all their substances before offering them for sale and their products look and feel remarkably professional.

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114 thoughts on “Legit RC – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

  1. Stephen Rapp- Yeah, I did, but I’d already ordered elsewhere by then. I never heard back from Paradox Labs, but then I haven’t checked back with them for a while. I was just checking in here today to see what the latest was.
    Wow, some people on here sound a bit stressed. The last thing we need is a whole lot of attention being drawn to the USA scene. Please, everyone take care. Even if you live in Oregon.


    1. While I cannot mention my source, there is no reason to bother about Clearnet vendors’ safety. In the past four months, about 3,000 Darknet vendors got busted. Germany took down the biggest DN market, “Darkmarket,” which turned out to be operated from Australia and used to be home for ~ 1,500 vendor accounts, which I assume to be around 500 people who will all face prison.

      The apparent illegal dbg forum ranked more than a million (!) places behind RC-SCENE in terms of visitors/traffic, remains online only because it easily allows the DEA to observe the illicit meds market. I was provided this information in a written statement; this is no gossip.

      US vendors mentioned on RC SCENE are not prosecuted because they are small fish compared to Darknet criminals. I mean, take, e.g., Sellkies: That dude does more drugs on an average Monday than he sells within a week. Even if he would report himself to the police, state attorneys have more important things to do. The US Feds and the justice system lack the money to hire additional staff, so they need to set priorities.

      By the way, RC SCENE has an agreement with Automattic (wordpress.com). I provided them the concept and waited for their OK before I subscribed for their web hosting service.

      I am 100% sure that selling drugs cannot be legally done in the US unless you had the OK to do so by the DEA. It does not matter if explicitly scheduled or not; it does not even matter if it was a schedule I, a schedule IV, or any analog. The act of importing, e.g., Benzodiazepines from overseas, is already considered a crime. I will publish an article once I have that confirmed from two sides; I had been too lazy to email them recently. Maybe next week.

      This week, I am preparing silly answers to Melissa’s 1-star-ratings at TrustPilot. One needs to keep an eye on details. Instead of having her ridiculous accusations deleted, I decided to use my replies as a marketing tool.

      Also, designing a localized RC SCENE site (that template rocks but also requires a lot of optimization) and two or four or what do I care how many shop reviews will not write and layout themselves.

      On top of all, RC SCENE is so close to dopek already. I want us to become the undoubted number one on the planet within the next six or eight months. If I am not the number one RC info site on the earth by the end of the year, I would have done something wrong.

      The thing is, I do not see RC SCENE ever to be taken down. On which legal basis could you prevent me from collecting links I found on Google? Google is a profit-oriented company that generates money by providing links to RC vendors. RC SCENE is a non-profit project. Think about it. You would need to battle with Alphabet, who will fight through all instances first.

      Those benzo junkies indeed turn out to be super stressed. I think this is because Americans would take benzodiazepines together with PG = alcohol. That LegitRC is so super successful is because he offers hard liquor added benzos. Of course, once ordered with him, you will not switch back to lame PG solutions ;-D

      *Exempted Lists forms provided by the DEA to apply for handling drugs:

      *An interesting read about PG (propylene glycol)


  2. I tried keeping up with this thread… A lot if information. Are people still experienced issues or did that get sorted/explained? The initial reviews looked promising, and I was thinking of getting in touch, but there looks to be complications, and it’s making me shy away a bit. Thanks!


    1. I received one email complaint (that came with a password hint that I could not yet decipher, but I am working on it) that is supposed to be describing a misunderstanding, a mistake, whatever; We will figure that out.

      I want to make sure that the vendors mentioned here live up to their promises. That had never been the plan; RC SCENE is an approach to portray and discuss this subculture, nothing more, nothing less. Now that the community trusts us and holds ME (I read all these emails) responsible for any issues that could occur with any vendor, I will, for a while, keep on maintaining the US section myself. We will try to settle any problems as we used to.

      RC SCENE has become the most visited = most trusted site describing research chemicals and vendors in North America and is number two globally. I could not believe it until I saw the alexa.com report. Still, this is a hobby. We must communicate the service aspect more clearly. RC SCENE IS NOT A SERVICE. Those people who send me their stories of being scammed think I would take three hours to report that scam to every bigger platform, including our surprisingly well-doing search engines Reddit account. NO. You report that, please.

      All I ever wanted to do is to portray this subculture. Two photos and a short description. Plus an article about the history of this scene. That was the plan.

      Now we added harm reduction (the guy working on this article is an expert) and aimed to become the place to discuss things concerning NPS on a professional level, meaning labs, vendors, professionals were invited or have offered to discuss things here. We’ll see. If things work out well, we will sooner have finished an article about how the US scene has changed in recent years than the writing on the European industry’s history. I don’t know how to manage this. A small team based in Europe will donate their time dedicating to harm reduction. I hope this won’t end like last year when I got scammed by reviewers repeatedly, and nobody wanted to work, but all thought this was about receiving freebies in exchange for positive reviews. I think, this year, the people we are connecting with are the ones. This year, hackers will run against walls, thanks to sponsors.

      RC SCENE will someday be archived; there are more critical challenges waiting. I would usually blog and campaign about politics and corruption.

      Lucky you, not today. 😄

      Legit RC recently trashed a batch that was only 74% pure. He is back in business and responsibly acting as always. He accepts new orders. We are still trying to determine if it was possible to sell research chemicals in the US legally.


      • he tries to but does not promise same-day shipping. You might need to wait for a week for your order to arrive.
      • he might not answer your emails but will instead ship your order to save time.

      • he delivers, but if you need your stuff RIGHT NOW, then he is not your man. If you are cracking tonight, then you do not belong here.

      As far as I can tell, he is awake and alive.


    2. I am here to say to that I finally got my order and it was of superior quality. family members of mine were playing games. Thought they werer doing me a favor but also forgot I am a 47 year old man, I don’t need any damn baby sitters. If wanted to order rat poison and funnel a pound of it up my ass, that’s my choice.

      I’m sorry for the inconvenience and drama caused by this I’m simply not they type of guy to take getting screwed over laying down. Till I received the package I had no clue but to guess as my emails asking for a tracking number took awhile to get.

      Superior product, looked great. Quality was on point I’ve had the best 2 nights of sleep I’ve had in years. I can ruffianly have the energy to start doing more than enough to pay the bills.

      Legit RC is exactly what they say he is, someone you can count on, even after you piss him off royally. We just have to sometimes remember we are not the only ones he’s dealing with. I’m sure he’s a busy man.

      Thanks for your time and effort you put into this situation.

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      1. Keep in mind to not take any Benzodiazepines for longer than 14 days. If your sleeping problems persist, you need to see a psychiatrist. Benzos do not heal; they would only cover symptoms. That is no solution. You want a doctor. Thanks for the update & kind regards!

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  3. At this point I’ve done all I could to avoid having to write this review.

    When I first contacted Legit RC I asked them how long their shipping times were and I was told that it would be a 10 day wait. But after about a week it’ll take 3 days for them to ship my product to me. So I waited a week and put my order in, which is I sent my vanilla cc card to them with an additional $10 dollars for a total of $110 dollars.

    First day I sent them an email asking them to let me know when the order will be processed.
    I repeated this for a total of 6 emails over a 6 day period. Still nothing.

    So I decided to send a new email as if I was a new customer. I asked them how long it took for them to ship out an order after I put it in. Their response was 2-3 days.

    At this point I was getting frustrated and I threaten to post up an honest review on rc scene if they did not respond to me. Within an hour I received 3 emails that went as follows:

    Email 1: What is your name, I’ll take care of it now.

    Email 2: Your order has been processed.

    Email 3: and my favourite excuse of all time:

    “Listen we had a death in the family . What is your city and state. I have to see if we even got to you gc yet because we haven’t been on since last Monday . We are humans that stuff happens to so to threaten us with a bad review
    For no reason . Isn’t the right way to go . Like I died send your city n state if we even have touched Your gc yet we’re going through 600 emails right now ”
    Sent from ProtonMail Mobile

    Yes when I tried to put a new order in, they said nothing about a death in the family. They were eager to take my order.

    Anyone reading this can see I had to do something to get their attention. After they got my money, I became a low priority. When I acted like a new customer I got their attention immediately.

    BUT wait… it gets better. After waiting another week I contacted them letting them know that I planned to share all their emails so people can see how they talk to their customers. Believe or not they had my account hacked
    and changed my password. If you try to get your password back all of your previous conversations are removed. Very convenient for them.

    In our last chat they said they’d give me a tracking numbers, then they hacked my account. At this point they have my money and refuse to even talk to me.

    Don’t you think instead of using the old “had a death in the family” excuse they could have did anything to try to please a customer they clearly did wrong? Maybe overnight the order, or at least send me the tracking on the order. NOPE nothing. At this point i’m convinced they stole my money. Nothing I said or did gives them a right to keep my money or ignore me.

    I am sure they have done right by many, but let me make it clear you are taking a risk dealing with them. I cannnot be the only person in the world they have robbed. I used them because of the glowing review I read here on RC Scene.
    I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do at this point. I hope rc scene allows me to keep this post up, it’s the truth and I can prove it by allowing them to login to my protonmail account.

    BTW I ordered from another vendor to make sure they could not use USPS as an excuse, and received my package in 4 days.

    I’ve been trying to get anything from Legit RC for 21 days. Please feel free to call me before taking this down. This site is the only chance I have at any redemption whatsoever. If I am going to get ripped off, at least i can warn others about it.


    1. Hey, I discussed this with him.

      His loss came as a surprise. Legit took care of organizing the burial.

      A week ago, they started processing open orders again.

      He never scammed anybody and for sure won’t ever do. He feels so broke because of his loss and because of the angry, if not to say braindead email complaints he receives all the time (usually sent from Proximo bunk batch sender to mess with him and steal his time). These emails 99% of complaints come from Proximo bunk batch sender and his loyal junkies, who have not even ordered a single time with him and complain about things that are not even available.

      Some idiot that we know by name and address is blackmailing him. I will try to take care of this.

      Proximo bunk bank sender managed to hijack LegitRCs (private!) email account, which is considered a significant crime.

      LegitRC is everything else but a born criminal; he is a lot more like me.

      Proximo bunk batch sender’s source Para will not have a word to talk to his partners. He thinks it would god-given that this scene full of criminals will always behave lit evil children.

      Legit told me that stress with the burial and the attacks on him make him think about giving up. He can’t deal will at the stress and all this negative energy.

      He consulted layers that knew shit about RCs.

      It would be sad to see one of the best and most honest US vendors go.

      To make this more clear: If Proximo bunk batch sender manages LegitRC to give op, you will learn and witness what компрома́т / KØMPRØMÆT means. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kompromat

      If Para gives me the okay, Proximo will disappear as BOZ / RCLeon did.

      Proximo messed so many days long with me that I bit out half a tooth out o anger. I crushed like it was sugar and hurts like hearts like hell. Kindergarten pedagogics all agree that a child needs to set borders.

      Now, I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I recently had a chat with a guy named Herb. Herb strangles people for as little as 500 USD per piece of retard US vendors. The things are his extra expenses: He flies business class only and wants to relax in a Spa hotel after he finished the job. I had never been to a Spa hotel; it turns out these motherfuckers charge up to 400 USD a night.

      Herb is quick with his fingers; he also juggles and beat me at Mikado so often that I started to cry like a baby.

      We think that the Spa would not be a problem; who would be looking after an irresponsible lowlife like Proximo bunk batch sender? Once they find him, Herb will already be home attending a game, seeing to lose the Pens yet another home game 😉

      Those are just ideas, but I will talk to government bodies and the DEA to determine if vending with research chemicals can be legally done in the US. The DEA might be failing to import Mexican cartels and Chinese labs to flood the US with Fentanyl; still, the numbers are continually increasing. But they act, it turns out.

      So THANK YOU for sharing your experience. no matter what Legit plans for the future, he will fulfill all open orders.

      Thas USPS are DEAD in parts of the country, I meanwhile have confirmed. That is no lame excuse.

      Kind regards!


      1. regarding Legit RC

        I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. It means the world to me that you take time from you busy day to help guys like me. Is there any reason he cannot send me tracking? This would resolve alot of my frustrations, Unfortunate I depend on these rc chemicals for research purposes. Other partners involved are making life difficult for me. The number one issue is that he has stopped communicating with me all together. I am a good guy why wants to be treated the same way in which others would want to be treated by others. Again thanks for your time. I’ll try to be more patient, but lets hope he starts communicating with me again like an appreciated customer rather than someone he’d rather not talk to. Thanks Chemeleon.

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      2. Sorry to bother you again, but I had an important question I thought about that doesn’t make much sense to me.

        Why is he still taking new orders when he has to many unfulfilled orders still out? If his intentions are are all good, this doesn’t make much sense to me. How hard is it to send an order out to me and provide tracking?

        This question does make a lot of sense. No one should be taking new orders if they are a full month behind on their orders.

        Thanks again for being so awesome.


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        1. Dear Chemeleon,

          Once he works, he works as usual. I strongly assume that they can process more orders a day than they accept new ones. I was not aware that he accepts new orders, but he mentioned that his phone always receives order requests, so probably he does not want to seem MIA for too long.

          Regarding the tracking and the exchange of emails: Somebody who ordered with LegitRC is unlikely to ever switch to another vendor again. So, while they are a team, he reads and answers all emails himself. I am similar. I do not believe that an average Joe had the brains to handle the inbox. Now, while I have yet to answer 908 emails and will make changes to the contact page soon (clicking on any email link will no longer open your email client to send me an email) but instead redirect you to a page where you will ideally find a form that you have to fill in correctly (basically stating what your email is about, because if I receive one more email asking me something that RC SCENE already explains, then I will probably place an order with Jacob and kill myself with his caustic trash ;-);

          Now, while I don’t give a fuck if there are 900 emails to read and maybe answer, trailz runs a business, so he can’t afford to ignore customers. While he would never share the mailbox with anybody, he had to find a solution to deal with the many emails. He does something that I, personally, would not do: Once you paid, he ships your order. He won’t provide you with tracking often, which saves him two-thirds of the time he would otherwise be spending on sending emails.

          While his loyal customers already know, new customers will find out that their order arrived quicker on their doorstep than he would reply to emails.

          With the unprecedented USPS meltdown (I have never heard of any civilized country ever not keeping up their postal service.) In India, they transport ballot papers with elephants. So, people have to wait for a month before election results can be published. The elephants visit every village, be it in the jungle or on a mountain, collect the ballot paper, and succeed. Can the US not hire additional staff on time to keep their infrastructure running? Are you fucking kidding me???); While I would adopt my workflow and provide tracking, he – don’t quote me on that – seems not to find time to do so.

          I understand that this leads to a feeling of uncertainty, but since no one listens to me (I would accept 30 orders a day, ship them via FedEx and call it a day) and

          That is not ideal. Hiring assistance would pay off. But that’s not easy. Last year, about 40 volunteers offered their help for RC SCENE. None of them could even handle the instructions provided on how to log in. There would be two people I trust – not that I would share the mailbox with them, but they could assist me in other things, and I know both have what it needs. But even if I offered them a little gesture like 40 USD per month for 5 – 10 hours of work each month – it can’t be done. They work 40 – 60 hours a week. I am not asking anybody who works 60 hours a week to spend additional 5 hours a week on a hobby of mine (that already left the dbg forum so far behind, statistics rank them more than one million places behind RC SCENE. They will keep on losing cos nobody needs a platform full of lies, infiltrated by the DEA, and that takes money from schedule I drug dealers and advertises illicit pharmaceutics….); Also, some tasks are tough to deal with. I do not want to repeatedly tell the same stories, but if Liu Smith had not sent me 30 instead of 15 grams of Etizolam for 200 USD, I would have ended up a nervous wreck and suffered a nervous breakdown.

          When I mention RC Leon btw, I am serious. For almost two years, I told him I would not tolerate that he acts like he was vending research chemicals, while in fact, he smuggles hundreds of kilos of a banned schedule I substance (Eutylone) to the states and sells it to drug dealers in units starting from 5,000 grams. I was not threatening him. I told him that I would put an end to this. Once scheduled substances and research chemicals mix, the game will be over. I also said a friendly (new) colleague I got along well until I found out that all three had lied to me. Since the DEA would not even call me back, I spent two months collecting evidence. I submitted it to a private company that I knew why child abusers and Darknet markets continuously get busted. You need to know, Europol or US agencies usually would not attract talents. Instead, these want to work with companies like Google, etc. So some companies run forensic departments and donate their knowledge and experts to assist LE. These months I was so nervous because I knew that criminals from China and, e.g., Ukraine, had invested a lot of money and time into establishing this smuggling route. Since local police told me they know my name and tried to make me look like a criminal (simple identity theft), I was even more nervous. I did so much Etizolam last year; you wouldn’t believe it.

          They seem to be gone. I do not know if BOZ were still around, maybe disguising. If I should catch them, an article will be published here containing photos, videos, tracking details, descriptions, and a Google map. This time I am not afraid anymore. I will post the article and send the link together with my email to the FBI.

          I am sorry to steal your time, but the last time I talked about this (with doctors, because of the stress and the fear had become unbearable), one told me to leave it, and with the other, I am not sure if he thought I was crazy.

          Back to trailz / Legit RC: That he would try to save time by not providing tracking details is not ideal, especially given that the US seems to be a country more like Venezuala than, e.g., France. In Venezuela, the postal system is no safe bet, either. Whereas in, e.g., South Africa, no one would ever expect the postal system to crash. Two vendors explained that even tracked USPS letters might take more than a month to arrive and that USPS seems unable to keep tracking up to date. Some of Mr. Sellkies mail would indicate that the packaging has not moved at all for two months. Only when it arrives, tracking would suddenly be updated to status delivered…

          I THEREFORE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO USE FedEx. FedEx has a reputation to lose. They are the single fastest and most reliable courier service on this planet. A FedEx never arrives late. If they needed to process more mail than what fits into an airplane, they would charter a second one. FedEx envelopes (the cheapest domestic version that might take up to three days to arrive) start for as little as 11 USD (!). https://i.imgur.com/W7Ey9H4.png

          UPS will also deliver.

          Mail is slower than usual everywhere. What used to be three days would currently be like 14 days. But USPS is dead in parts of the country; some hubs are ghost towns.

          Regarding my “busy” days: I am not healthy, and although we are close to having found medication that works without killing me, today I slept 25 hours. When I woke up, I thought it would still be Sunday. No, it was Monday night. I am waiting for that vaccine and will then undergo surgery and start working again for 4 hours a day. The thing is, while I finally could leave the bed after more than a year and even found a hobby, RC SCENE, on which I spend a lot of time and more or less do what I am used to doing at work: Answering emails, managing a project, designing, writing articles, organizing, maintaining a database, etc., here it does not matter if I get up at 9 pm or 9 am. If I call an employer that I, for some reason, was so exhausted that I overslept a whole day, it will be a different story. I asked for donations last year not to collect money for myself but to not keep the project alive.

          I will find time for RC SCENE for six more months, I think. By then, we will have left dopek behind because I am heading towards the impossible: RC SCENE Germany. I am optimistic that we will be the only RC info page designed for Europe, which – unlike Dopek – is not run by a criminal organization – and will still not be taken down. I could not find any law that would forbid me to collect information that I found on Google; as long as Google displays RC shops and Reddit allows trip reports etc., good luck with trying to take down RC SCENE. Police forced forums in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, and many more countries to stop mentioning RC vendors. I think that is because they were either for-profit projects or because they would always talk about drugs’ effects.

          Many people told me they would dream of RC SCENE, Safe NOT Scam, and especially KØMPRØMÆT. The latter is all psychology: If I wanted to talk to a drug dealer, I needed to make a bold impression. So, I tried the design to look simple but powerful and exotic. Unfamiliarity irritates people; they would instantly think of, e.g., Russian police or whatever. These special characters are regular letters of the Icelandic alphabet ;-D

          So, for the German edition, that will hopefully be maintained by two colleagues, that do not necessarily agree with my opinions and of which one used to work for a corrupt RC project. Meanwhile, I trust him, and I will allow both publishing and not check and proof-read articles before they go online.

          We will soon be the most influential, most visited, and of course, the only unbiased, most original, and most trusted RC info page on the planet.

          Not that I wanted to show all these for-profit-forums that a few idealists who all work for free have made them look like they were just a bunch of useless forums that no one would visit within less than a year; Yet, I do. There won’t be the RC SCENE logo on the German site to remind everyone of our supremacy;-) https://de.rc-scene.com/.

          PS: Feedback is very welcome!

          PPS: This year, fighting criminals, wasting time on scammers, arguing with TrustPilot, etc., won’t steal my time again, unless RCVP (who I do not trust since they banned me for warning against a scammer and told me that that was none of my business), but we’ll see.

          We will write more articles. A text about how the US RC scene has changed over the years is in the pipeline. I want to provide tutorials on, e.g., how to use PGP with any email provider and explain why this was more secure than ProtonMail. We will introduce new shops, a lab and work on that Reagnt Testing Kits article; I want to portray the Swedish RC scene. I will write on fewer Trusted Shop Reviews (only the important ones) since I hope that the colleagues will live up to their promises. Since we are in contact with professionals (chemists!), I plan Q+A sessions that will not necessarily answer questions but discuss topics.

          I never expected this braindead US vendors page to cause so much maintenance; if no one else wants to maintain it, I plan to archive it. I want to keep it and will call Sellkies this week to ask for his opinion. The idea was for RC SCENE to become a magazine providing articles. If US vendors turn out to be stupid fucks, fuck them.

          So this year will be different. Last year, maybe 10% of work was published on the site. This year will be about writing. I already have two coups prepared; one will become an article. We worked too long on it to maybe hesitating publishing it out of ethical aspects ;-D

          Thank you for having spent three hours reading this 😉 I haven’t spoken to anybody today, sorry for this endlessly long answer. ;-D


          1. First off, for what it’s worth, you most certainly make the world a better place. The fact that you would take the time to talk to essentially a total stranger makes you my kinda guy. There is a massive need for what you do and I personally see the value being so great that I’d gladly pay $5 a month with bitcoin or even more on auto payment plan. I have wasted so much time sifting through pure bullshit and when I found your website I knew instantly I had to look no further. This is a real industry and it’s not going anywhere and people need the knowledge in a big way. I’d say lives are being saved by your site for sure, let alone the money saved by not getting ripped off. Who wouldn’t pay for a source that saves them money?

            I’m sure I missed it but Id like to see where you write about what you think it safe and legit versus the rest. I’m assuming anything that hasn’t been made illegal is legit, and the rest is illegal and that should be respected. Id like to get a more in depth look at your perspective on it.

            So here’s whats going on with me and Legit RC. For wherever reason the guy started out our conversation by suggesting I’m in the wrong because after 6 days I threatened to write a bad review unless they told me the status of my order. blah blah blah you heard it already I know. I ordered product from a different vendor and got it in 4 days to make sure it wasn’t a usps issue. Anyways, my wife found me flat out and I slept for like 3 days strait. Mixing any benzo with phenibut is dangerous. She was worried and called the place I have my packages sent to. Its very possible they got it and threw it out. BUT not knowing is killing me. That’s the only reason I want tracking. If it arrived I know it has nothing to do with Legit RC. I know what it takes to build a business because I have three right now. I dont want to ruin what I guy worked hard for, but felt out of options when he wont even talk to me. I grow medical marijuana in Michigan right now 50,000 watts and my meds are life saving from my patients.I’m not out to hurt anyone, but it’d driving me nuts not knowing what happened. Legit RC will not even talk to me, thank goodness you are. If he is your friend, he must be a good guy.

            I’d really like to learn more about how to get into the RC business, do it the right way, because we already send out hundreds of packages a day from one of our websites of T shirts. But i’m not willing to break any laws. Also, I’m a firm believer that a man, when in his castle, what he does is his business as long as he is not hurting anyone. Had I not ordered from a backup supplier I’d be in real trouble because my dumb ass thought I’d be a good idea to experiment with phenibut becuse I have issues sleeping, I got adhd and my mind goes and goes.. But due to my nature, I tend to make my own rules and learn the hard way. Holy shit that stuff is pure evil, Within 2 weeks I was experiencing the worst withdrawals of my life, and I’ve been around the block. I needed some help and just knew Legit RC was my one dude I could count on. Anyways, you got a true fan in me. I am very resourceful and if I can help make it easier to keep RC Scene going strong, I’m your guy.

            You are on to something great here, I’m sure you know it. I’m a good guy who wants to do things right. You seem the same. Email me anytime you need to vent or talk to someone. K James

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            1. Thank you for the kind words, but linking to RC vendors is less considered making the world a better place, and more likely referred to be unethical. About three years ago, even Europol/EMCDDA stopped mentioning RC vendors and DN market vendors’ names; so did all newspapers.

              That certain psychopaths started selling fent and toxic substances unfortunately changed everything.

              Donating does not work as expected. You cannot simply send 2 USD in BTC, small transactions go along with huge fees (up to 60 USD!!!). Money is not that big of an issue this year, anyway. I recently read that BTC was on the rise since PayPal started trading it? If that turns out to be true, I may add a PayPal button for donations. Ideally, I would not need to spend a single cent of my money on RC SCENE, so there will remain an option to donate but I need to test these interfaces first. Some people may not want to be related to a website discussing NPS, BTC would be anonymous but the fees are insane; I will sure ind something that is anonymous and effective. Allow me until Autumn to provide a solution. Thank you.

              I could indeed need help, I do not want to maintain anything US anymore. Interested? ;-D Also, if you are familiar with the WordPress CMS and found two hours a month to layout an article, or if you would even like to contribute photos and words, be my guest! Please send an email, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    2. I’m in the same boat. I talked to the Admin here a week or 2 back. I told him I was gonna give Legit another chance to respond. About a week and a half ago he asked for name and city. I gave it to him. No response. Sent another email recently with every bit of info he could possibly need. No response. I also emailed mailed him from an alternate account about ordering. He replies.


        1. i was told yesterday I’d get tracking and still I got nothing from him. I even apologised if I offended him due to my frustration of waiting a full month without receiving anything from him..He said he’d sending a tracking number, I got more of the same, nothing at all. I hear he’s so frustrated he is ready to quit. I hope that doesnt mean exit strategy. I love RC scene and I believe in them. He stands by Legit RC. Yet Legit RC has done nothing but let me down over and over and over again. I put my order in nearly a month ago. Evey single email I get, far and few between, are very rude. Maybe he is stressed out, but I know that customers are makes a business works.. I’m highly motivated to start my own RC store up so I can keep this from happening from anyone else. I play to use Fedex and I plan to treat my customers like they are the heart and soul of my business rather than a headache that I’d rather not talk to at all. All us pesky customers and i our money must be overwhelming him. I love RC scene so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt one last time. Trusted RC shops only has great things to say about him. Let see if he has 10 seconds for me which includes a tracking number. CHemeleo


          1. update, I got my tracking. It looks like the people I sent it to helped themselves to it. Now i’lll be cutting off all their medical marijuana meds. Damn good they are too. pure gold. Mom went from getting free daily, to nothing, just like that. playing games with my orders pushing me to give an innocent many grief. I am sorry Legit RC. Though it was not a perfect transaction, you did your part and that is all I can ask for.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. He indeed thinks about quitting. He forwards me emails mostly coming from a well-known bunk batch sender’s customers (it’s too obvious), as well as from crazy people. When I sent an email with a Happy New Year’s “card” (graphic) to contributors, one answered “Kill yourself” and in his second email wished me to die for being a scammer. Sometimes, I get off the desk and cry. I do not even know him. He is one of the community supporters that provided content to support the site. Yet, it is touching and disappointing to receive some reactions.

              When they call me a cunt on the Reddit opiate thread, I smile. When I read that I was most probably a Chinese scammer because of my poor command of the English language, I laughed, and it still makes me laugh.

              When you are suddenly dealing with people who almost died of an overdose, who experience a transient psychotic episode and call you names, who are suicidal, etc., it becomes challenging. I am not a social worker. I will never forget that Sunday that someone from the states sent me thirty emails about his life and how he feels and that he will end it today. I called him and tried to make him laugh. I was so nervous; my clothes were wet like I had just taken a bath.

              You would not believe it, but I had to prove to Trustpilot that I was not a blackmailer and provided them with emails in which I declined to accept money. People see that you are discussing drugs and immediately think you were a criminal. That not a single vendor ever spoke up for me to confirm that nobody ever paid anything to be mentioned on this site is also disappointing.

              Dealing with crazy people gives you the creeps. I announced I would ignore all emails that did not stick to the contact page’s rules. Well, I somehow couldn’t do it. Now I randomly pick out emails and would answer them no matter what. Sometimes I would mess with them. Like if they asked me something – that I needed to look up for myself, of course, I am not Encyclopædia Britannica – I started asking them to look something up for me.

              So far, only people from Europe understand that this is a hobby and stick to the “rules”. Not all of them. People from Germany and Poland send all kinds of emails. Some do not even have a question. They would share some experience or tell me how their travel agency is suffering due to the covid pandemic.

              Whoever finds the page on RC SCENE that insinuates this was a service with an email address that would only wait for anyone to send emails will be rewarded big time.

              So, to come back to LegitRC. He might be a tough guy. But dealing with this scene is hell. I had no idea. I am in contact with a social worker who takes care of drug addicts. She makes so little money and has to deal with so many tragedies; I would never want to do her job.

              Some of the emails that LegitRC forwards me are so crazy; even though aimed at him, I still feel disturbed reading them. If I manage to find out if offering RCs in the US can be legally done and find out it can’t, he will quit. Not exit scam, but stop accepting orders.

              The stress with these emails full of hatred and possibly breaking the law = Goodbye.

              According to the DEA, there would be something like a grey area, a blind spot in legislation; Yet, some RC vendors end up in prison. The lawyers consulted so far knew shit. So, I will consult a government body and a company fighting illicit meds. Not that he could not send them an email, but Americans turn out not to do things. They pretend they were busy. To me, though, this thing here looks more like hardly working than working hard 😉

              Kind regards!

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            2. Chemelo, let me get this straight. Your family stole your order?
              So it was sent promptly & all that? I had this happen to me once, long ago.
              I won’t even say what I lost, but it was quite a bit.


              1. Mr. Chemeleon from Michigan is not allowed to visit RC SCENE anymore.

                He told me he wanted to start vending for a year and then stop and make an extra buck by selling his customers’ database.

                I immediately acquired his data, ready to publish them with an embedded Google map showing his house, should I ever catch him vending.


        2. To TrustedRc shops, sorry if I created any confusion. He did accept my money in the end of December.

          Then responded twice asking name and city, I gave him the info with no replies. So I sent another email Monday night, with a screenshot of my payment, my original order and shipping info. No response. Emailed him about a new order from am alt account and response within an hour.

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      1. I think he is overwhelmed and it;s dangerous to hire on help. Three are ways to do it, if he cant figure it out soon I’m not sure he will last. I know that RC Scene loves the guy. I’ve given him the benefit of the doubt got this reason. Because of the experience I’d like to start my my rc business where people can pick up a phone and talk directly to me. I’LL be using burners to keep everyone safe. communication is the heart of the problem. ive been running businesses for years so i think i can do it better than most these drug dealers acting like businessmen. step one hire lawyer. draw up the paperwork, then use your legal team to keep you out of trouble.


  4. JC, here. Well, I’ve tried Legit RC. I was curious after having read all the glowing reviews regarding this vendor.

    He delivered a premium product, pretty impressive. That guy is setting new standards in the scene.

    Communication turned out to be somewhat complicated. First, I had to fill in a form that I was a real professional, a chemist who has a license to handle research chemicals. Then he was swamped in orders and could not provide me a payment address for two days.

    Products are a bit expensive. But quality has its price. Will surely do business with him again. Fuck Proximo and all those irresponsible amateurs. They put my health at stake. I don’t want to die of cancer because of these greedy fucks.

    Thanks for reading, JC

    [Edited, K. ]

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  5. I can’t even get a price on anything from them. sent multiple emails, wrote what I wanted it for, said I had bitcoin but could exchange for anything on coinbase that they preferred, copied the disclaimer. It’s different from Kino only in I can’t give him any money. Kino takes your money, THEN becomes inscrutable. And I’d had such hopes.


  6. I just wanted to follow up on my earlier comments and say that vendor has been in contact after being drummed with orders and unnecessary emails, and everything is on track.

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  7. Folks talking about getting orders within three days and it’s been two days for me without any acknowledgement of receiving payment/order. I hate to beat a dead horse but when this is your very first order with a new vendor it don’t exactly add up to a reassuring or pleasant feeling to say the least.


    1. They had recently gotten scammed by a wholesaler (sold them fake products) and probably decided skip the email part since they have quite a backlog of open orders.

      I, by the way, opened a support ticket with another shop a month ago and still have not heard back from them, seems to be a bad habit spreading…


  8. Does anyone know if he provides tracking I made an order yesterday and was having trouble sending transaction because I’m new to bitcoin and haven’t heard from them since. I don’t want to bug them because I know they are very busy so any input would be helpful. Thank you.


  9. Tested with the Pyrazolam, a superior specimen exceeds any other vendor quality I’ve found yet. 3 days to my door due to weekend.
    Vendor is fair, honest, & kind.
    Repeat customer for life

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  10. Best seller around hands down.
    Top quality goods, fast shipping, honest pricing.
    Why take chances elsewhere when this seller is a sure bet?
    10/10 repeat customer

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  11. Vendor is GREAT! Good prices, and keeps in touch. I was impressed with their terms of service. If this vendor makes a mistake, they WILL make it right.

    I’m glad I gave them a try because they are very trustworthy

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  12. Legit RC is the best company I have dealt with and won’t even bother with anyone else he has fast shipping good selection and everything is as advertised. He also takes multiple forms of payment and is just an honest dude he won’t scam and is always willing to work with you. We had one small shipping issue but he mad up for it and was very sincere. I love this guy and legit RC If ur looking for rcs this is the place

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  13. Flualprazolam Solution 6ml/30mg
    Packaging was professional in zipped Mylar bag, plastic dropper bottle. Note: no stealth used.
    Quality of product is unmatched by any other vendors I’ve tried. Solutions are Everclear based so no bacterial concerns.
    1st research trial was a complete, perfect experience. Highly effective!
    Ships orders FAST & Customer Service is excellent with this vendor. He went above & beyond to help me. Can’t recommend highly enough. Ordering again soon!
    Rating: 5/5 Stars

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve placed an order with this guy and I will say he is as real as the come will never scam and always gets your order shipped. I had a small issue with shipping and he hooked me up on my next order Im waiting to get now. All chemicals I have had are definitely as advertised on bottle. By far this guy is the to go to he will work with you and you’ll never get screwed. There’s a reason it’s called Legit RC

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  14. I once again ordered from Legit RC’s and they delivered. I got one 6ml of flualprazolam and one 3ml of diclazepam.

    [Edit, K.] Review of flualp. Interesting chemical indeed and definitely potent. Not watered down like with absolute chems.

    [Edit K.] Diclazepam: I just wish the diclaz was a little stronger or cheaper.

    [Edit K.] I LOVE THIS COMPANY and will ALWAYS stick by them. They are tried and true. Always treats me right. Thank you legit rcs!

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    1. What do you write down when asked what your going to use on the product for cuz I said on my lab rats (due to my previous experience with peptides) and they denied me! Do I need to say I’m a chemist using them on my lab plants?


  15. Legit RC’s is seriously one of the BEST companies to work with. Amazing customer service, worked with me even when I was difficult! FAST shipping, ON POINT products. There research chemicals are of high potency and are very pure. God knows what website I’d be getting scammed on AGAIN if it wasnt for legit RC’S Fr. I was so tired of these sketchy ass websites I thank God I found this domestic vendor. He is the BEST. Just give them a try. (Competitive pricing too)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Competitive prices, are you sure about that?

      Mr Super Secret refuses to provide us with a price list, reminds me of Superwoman who left a fake number when getting up and leaving early. I never got the chance to ask where and what I should improve. Forget that again.

      Would you happen to know his prices for solutions and 2-fdck? To me, “competitive” sounds like “quite expensive”, tbh…

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  16. Very kind & understanding to deal with. Spares no expense getting package to you – 1 day in my case. I got a junk batch of fluaz from a Calm company and am hesitant to try another. I don’t have an Instagram account and have never received any free samples. I’m wondering if I made another purchase if the company would provide me a discount just for analyzing their fluaz solution.

    Pros: customer service.
    5 / 1 allows a convenient chap-stick size dispenser without the risk of extracting too much from the bottle. Can be placed in gel-caps which simulation testing allow the substance to fully enter the abdominal cavity. Anecdotal evidence suggests this may reduce over stimulated damaged nerves – abdominal pain, may induce a healthy bowel movement & may not be as taxing on the body as Linzess which can find you on the toilet for up to a day and a half days.

    Cons: Immediately wanted a cigarette. I don’t smoke. But smoking and all things alcohol are like chocolate & peanut butter. Capsules help negate this. I don’t know if it was psychosomatic or if if it is just the rate at which my body burns through anything alcohol related but the half life seamed slightly shorter than that of other clonaz in other solutions. Again this is not confirmed (I suspect it’s more biological then chemical) but the trade-off of placing the drops in the capsules and being able to stand up without debilitating stomach pain is a fair trade even if this were the case.

    Final Con: Plenty potent enough for all. A 10/1 or even 20/1 option would be ideal for me. I am the exception to the rule however. This all began when all the medical professionals wanted to keep me sick for a long line of very unpleasant and expensive test, most of which are unnecessary then SARS-CoV-2 made the world stop and it was just me and my untenable existence Once you get past the self-defeatism you dust off your boots. I have a team of advocates in & outside the medical world working on finding the right doctor(s) whom may improve my quality of life for what time I have left. Let us hope they are soon successful. In the meantime, thanks for sunrises.


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