WHO to propose banning of 13 more substances, including 3-Meo-PCP and Diclazepam ++ German forum headspace v2 open for registration ++ Polish Dopek forum not a safe bet anymore

Illegal Polish drug forum Dopek is not a safe bet anymore.

(August 2020)

  • Two of their sponsors (dopek.info is a lying advertising platform just like drugbuyersguide et al…) either exit-scammed or got busted: silkmixture and grandkg.
  • Beware: Criticising sponsors, even after they turned out to be scammers, is not welcomed!
  • Take care! Many whacky Chinese vendors are paying there for threads and ads now. These all work for one and the same Chinese criminal organization!

Illegal German drug forum headspace was relaunched and is open for registration again

(August, 2020)

  • Yes, they speak mostly German there
  • They would usually discuss on how to illegally import drugs to Germany and how great their sponsors are.
  • First register, then introduce yourself. The admin crooks will then decide whether to make you a member or not.
  • You may only praise their sponsors, talking about other shops is allowed, but only in a critical way…
  • https://headspace-v2.to

In October 2020, WHO will propose worldwide scheduling of 13 more substances

(August, 2020)

These include:

  • Flubromazolam, Clonazolam, Diclazepam
  • 5-MeO-DALT
  • Diphenidine, 2-MeO-diphenidine
  • 3-Meo-PCP
  • 3-FPM
  • some Cannabinoids
  • Isotonitazene

(Source: unodc.org/LSS/Announcement/Details/23f1ac8a-5384-4d71-9…)

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