r/Researchchemicals link list update ++ Penalties for drug offences in Europe ++ EU Action plan on Drugs 2025 ++ Drug pandemic in China

Drug pandemic in China

China does not only export tons of drugs to Europe and the USA, they are also dealing with a drug epidemic inside their country. Methamphetamine currently is the most popular drug in China.

In 2019, Chinese police confiscated 65 tons of drugs

Fight like with an iron fist. Chinese Artwork for an Anti-Drug campaign

Drug pandemic in China
These are the hotspots:

(Source: nncc626.com/2020-05/06/c_1210603942.htm)

EU Agenda and Action Plan on Drugs 2021-2025

Penalties for drug law offences in Europe at a glance.

r/Researchchemicals on Reddit updated their FAQ & Linklist

(August 2020)

(Source: /r/researchchemicals/comments/ifvcda/faq_resources_new)

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