VYREN – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test Samples: Etizolam Powder and Solution

Click the image to enlarge it.

Received a syringe filled with Etizolam PG solution and some Etizolam powder

Part I

Vyren has excellent products, great opsec and stealth, and amazing prices.

They sent me a sample for review, and I haven’t researched the powder yet but the solution is potent and effective.

I’d definitely order again. Good stuff

( Source:
https://rc-scene.com/trusted-research-chemical-vendors-usa/#comment-1966 )

Click the image to enlarge it.

Part //

Pure white powder, looks clumpy in the pics, but is easily broken into a fine chalk like texture. No taste noted. Pending effects now, but given my experience with the solution… (Uh, maybe not pending effects?? Maybe they’re a-comin). Anxiolytic relaxation.

Good research. Good powder effects. Good packaging. Good prices. Good everything. I hope they stay around because I like em.

– C.

VYREN Shop Description & Links

6 thoughts on “VYREN – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

  1. I would just like to say that Vyren’s Etizolam was better than expected at calibrating my lab equipment. I will buy again for sure!


  2. Customer service is friendly, professional and all around as good as it gets. Shipping is quick. Packaging and stealth are fantastic.

    I sincerely hope they stick around one way or the other as they are a top tier vendor and I wish them all the best.


  3. Absolutely a pleasure all around.if tired getting ripped off and dealing with rude ppl definitely go no where.one the best experiences I’ve had..thanks vyren keep it up!!

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