plasmamoon249 : Keep Hush. Photo, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test-Sample: 1P-LSD Blotters “Pink Sunshine”

Click the image to enlarge it.

I experienced a few problems initially due to difficulties with Wickr and delayed shipping times due to mail-in ballots. Besides that Plasma Moon handled everything on his side and I received a very inconspicuous package in the mail.

I must compliment him on the tremendous attention to detail he took when shipping out the product. The outermost envelope looks very professional with my name and address on a sticker visible through a plastic window.

Upon opening it there was another envelope sandwiched between a folded paper. Within the second envelope was a sealed bag (of some sort of metallic material) with seen blotter inside.

I have only administered a 1/10th and 3/10th
but I can guarantee it is the real deal.

– B.

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15 thoughts on “plasmamoon249 : Keep Hush. Photo, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

  1. I also placed an order for 25x. He said it was going to be sent out on the 18th of May. It took a long time and showed on May 27th. He inculed a few extras, so I can’t fault him for that. I would say good vendor, good exerience. He is likely very busy with orders so I get it and I thank him for accepting new customers!

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  2. I am trying to purchase research chemicals. A sample of various products would be great. Money is not an issue. If your product is as described. I would be willing to give a 10 out of 10.. WOULD Recommend! I can promote your sales dramatically! At this time I am looking to spend around $500 total. I want your BEST.
    I have tried mephadrome (charge) bath salt and that product was great and I know I helped generate sales increase. I would like your best opiate and benzodiazepine (sub)
    Alprozalam, etislom? Want to try ASAP
    I thank you for your time and look forward to doing ALOT of shopping and promotions of your products in the future,


  3. Just received research materials for 2nd time. 25x but showed up as 30x (bonus research!). Past research shows this is good quality. Both times I have had to Wickr message twice due to pastebin expiring before I heard back. A slight negative BUT both times he got back to me after second message and was friendly. Mail is so innocuous it’s almost TOO innocuous lol. Def recommend this vendor for research!

    Plasmamoon249, thank you and I hope you continue your work! 🙂


  4. Had some issues due to the carrier and not the sender. PM more than made up for it, and what I received was very well worth the wait.

    Big thanks to PM and rc-scene.

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    1. PlasmaMoon and RC SCENE each minding their own business. One wants to make people happy; one is hoping for someone wealthy to help him sue TrustPilot to the bitter end. My original goal of becoming the number one RC info site on earth tuned out to be too easy, RCLeon is in prison, dbg is losing members BIG TIME, Trump was fired, Biden rocks, from here on, only world-exclusive content (also as good as ready) and some ice cream are everything that remain a goal 😉

      RC SCENE offered PM to chip in on reships of possibly lost letters, but he managed everything himself. So really nothing to thank for 😉


  5. Hi there. I was looking for some information regarding this vendor. I’m quite certain I followed the directions correctly, but can anyone let me know how long it takes to come into contact? It has been a while and I have yet to receive an email through ProtonMail. Thank you.


    1. I don’t know him, but I’d say he should answer within a week and deliver no later than two weeks after payment arrived.

      When asked if he wanted to be on the list, he seemed surprised and talked about “a completely new level.” I had underestimated the market for 1P-LSD, thought that not too many would be interested in that stuff. After a month, he already told us he could not accept new customers temporarily.

      So far, he resolved every complaint (was it him, was it USPS delays).

      PlasmaMoon is yet another vendor who would not serve junkies, not ship their stuff the day these ordered, which I consider good, tbh.

      If you should have paid and he should not seem to move, please let us know.


  6. Now do you mean 1 of the tabs or just 1 /10 of a single tab? Also did you Ehrlich test the tabs to see if it turned pink over the course of a couple hours?

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    1. Plasma seems to have a top source. Yes, as little as 1/10, leaves no questions open. Plasmamoon told me that he knows this was the real deal. There’s a funny anecdote: This Proximo bunk batch sender bribed Plasmamoon into adding freebies; otherwise, he would have left a negative review here, but we managed that. There is no such thing as doubting the moon 😉

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        1. If you order from here let us know if its legit. Someone posted a photo of themselves takes 21 tabs of these on r/1P_LSD so they are probably legit.


          1. I have ordered twice and just put it a 3rd order today actually and I can assure you plasmamoon will not jip you in anyway. Generally takes 3-5 days after shipping to receive the pack, and he added the option to track your pack of you wish.

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