plasmamoon249 : Keep Hush. Photo, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test-Sample: 1P-LSD Blotters “Pink Sunshine”

Click the image to enlarge it.

I experienced a few problems initially due to difficulties with Wickr and delayed shipping times due to mail-in ballots. Besides that Plasma Moon handled everything on his side and I received a very inconspicuous package in the mail.

I must compliment him on the tremendous attention to detail he took when shipping out the product. The outermost envelope looks very professional with my name and address on a sticker visible through a plastic window.

Upon opening it there was another envelope sandwiched between a folded paper. Within the second envelope was a sealed bag (of some sort of metallic material) with seen blotter inside.

I have only administered a 1/10th and 3/10th
but I can guarantee it is the real deal.

– B.

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4 thoughts on “plasmamoon249 : Keep Hush. Photo, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

  1. Now do you mean 1 of the tabs or just 1 /10 of a single tab? Also did you Ehrlich test the tabs to see if it turned pink over the course of a couple hours?

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    1. Plasma seems to have a top source. Yes, as little as 1/10, leaves no questions open. Plasmamoon told me that he knows this was the real deal. There’s a funny anecdote: This Proximo bunk batch sender bribed Plasmamoon into adding freebies; otherwise, he would have left a negative review here, but we managed that. There is no such thing as doubting the moon 😉

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        1. If you order from here let us know if its legit. Someone posted a photo of themselves takes 21 tabs of these on r/1P_LSD so they are probably legit.


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