It’s the gesture that counts. Bitcoins (BTC), but foremost, time (!) – any kind of support/contributions will help us big time. THANK YOU!

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These can sometimes be insanely high. Do NOT donate if transaction fees indicated are above 3 USD, or, generally speaking, if the fees are higher than the actual donation.

You donated almost 40 USD to RC SCENE in the past three months. Thank you so much for your support!

Where do those transaction fees go?

Transaction fees are divided among so-called cryptominers around the globe. These guys guarantee a decentralized and fake-safe infrastructure, but in exchange hope to someday become millionaires by having an app on their computers running 24/7 to collect as many transaction fees as possible.

If you were about to donate 10 USD, Bitcoin transaction fees tend to be fair (~1 USD). Smaller donations, however, seem to be a problem. Also, many Bitcoin exchange services charge a minimum of 10 USD in transaction fees per transaction.

What could be alternatives to Bitcoin donations?

  • Donate time! Anybody offering to write or layout articles (two hours a week would be fantastic, two hours per month still be highly appreciated!), reporting scammers, offering mini shop reviews – contributions by the community mean a lot to us and also, everybody who contributed throughout the year will receive an XMAS present in December.
  • PayPal and Credit Card transactions are not anonymous. Since especially visitors living in the US would describe their drug abuse in endlessly long and surprisingly detailed sagas on Reddit, but at the same time shit their pants if their name were to be mentioned in a sentence together with NPS, I doubt that these two would become a hit.
  • Venmo and others are not a thing outside the US. People in Europe may not even have heard of them. Ethereum (ETH) is another cryptocurrency said to cause little transaction fees, but I think I lost 50 USD when I tried to convert BTC into ETH lately.


Thank you so much for supporting RC SCENE !


If you find RC SCENE to be helpful or interesting,
this is the Bitcoin wallet for anonymous donations 1NwEHYnysfaSAYXn7xS47CGA9fktyMfrEP

RC SCENE donations Bitcoin wallet QR code
If you have a Bitcoin app installed on your smartphone, you can scan this QR code to initiate a transaction.

Do not go over your limit, it is the gesture that counts.

IMPORTANT: Keep an eye on the BTC transaction fees! Last year, somebody donated 5 USD but was charged additional 80 (!) USD in transaction fees. These 80 USD are simply lost, transaction fees are distributed among crypto miners around the globe. If your BTC service allows setting the priority of a transaction, best go with “economic”. Such a transaction might take days to process, but who cares.

The money will be used for web hosting, plugins, Adobe and other software licenses, investigation expenses (yes, really), shipping costs for samples, Skype credits, and hopefully an XMAS card for everyone who contributed throughout the year.

RC SCENE is a non-profit project, rest assured that no one will ever make profit with the site. No one receives a wage, either! Also, RC SCENE is neither affiliated with any nor operating its own RC shop.

PS: The figures the Bitcoin blockchain indicates for “Total Received” and “Total Sent” are fantasy figures. I have no clue how these are calculated. Only “Transaction History” and “Balance” are accurate.

Got more time than money?

It would be great if the RC SCENE community could help verifying shops by providing five sentences and two product photos from orders you recently purchased. Thank you!

THANK YOU. MERCI. GRACIAS. DANKE. GRÀCIES. HVALA. DěKUJi.  VINAKA. KIITOS. MAHALO. GRAZIE. KÖSZÖNÖM. TAKK. ARIGATô. dziękuję. obrigado/A. A DANK. TACK. спасибо. CHEERS. mulţumesc. ευχαριστώ. MAHALO. .תודה. DANK U. teşekkür ederim. Дякую. DIOLCH. TAK.

With kind regards,
* * *

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