Substance Warning: 2-Methyl-AP-237. Numerous intoxications and hospitalizations reported. #AVOID

2 weeks ago, we published a warning against ordering 2-Methyl-AP-237 from the vendor The Real RC in the news section. A young man had reported to have ordered that substance from there and that he, after taking two tiny amounts on two consecutive days, on the second day suddenly felt like dying, was hospitalized and needed to stay in hospital for a whole week.

Judging from my own experiences with The Real RC, I assumed they would have sourced that substance from a shady lab like they sometimes had done in the past.

However, The Real RC got in touch with me and explained they had sourced the compound from a well-known and reputable Chinese manufacturer, retail- and wholesaler that is also listed in our Asia section.

What did cause the life-threatening intoxication?

I had three theories:

  • Either the lab had made a mistake and the batch was not mixed professionally. This could explain why the young man didn’t feel any negative side effects on the first day but accidentally overdosed the next day.
  • Or, The Real RC did not mix the batch professionally. There is no such thing as a vendor selling you an uncut batch. They all add cutting agents. (*** The Real RC reject this statement. They sell pure / uncut substances, only, they say. ***)
  • Or, the substance is per se a danger to your health and should not have been made available for sale in the first place.

Then I took a closer look.

What the heck is
2-Methyl-AP-237 ?

2-Methyl-AP-237 is derivate of of AP-237 (Bucinnazine). Bucinnazine was first synthesised by Japanese chemists in 1968. In the 1980ies it was given to dying cancer (!) patients in China for pain relief. It is a piperazine that happens to bind to the μ-opioid receptors and therefore acts as an analgesic, said to be as effective as Morphine.

However, it quickly builds up tolerance and is highly addictive. I am not aware of if it was still used as medication anywhere in the world. From what I have read about it, I guess not.

The methyl derivates of Bucinnazine were later developed and even patented. However, they were tested on mice and turned out to be remarkably caustic, “slightly” toxic and leading to unusual side effects like abnormal walking, loss of posture, gasping for breath or making the mice jump around like they were mad (“motor incoordination”). Depending on the dose, the animals died after between a single minute and 24 hours. The most common cause of death was 2-Methyl-AP-237 affecting (blocking) the cardio-respiratory system – the animals suffocated.

Since the substances were proven to be too toxic for further research and of course no pharmaceutical company would be interested in buying such a formula, the Italian company who held the patent (text includes abstracts of scientific studies conducted on 2-Methyl-AP-237 and AP-238) soon decided to let it be, stopped paying the maintenance fee for the patent and so the formulas became common property, free for everybody to use in 1990.

Click the image to enlarge it.

In 2018, 2-Methyl-AP-237 became available as a designer drug. Chinese psychopaths offered it to European psychopaths (vulgo “Research Chemical Vendors”) since these wanted to sell it to pathetic opioid junkies that would give their last shirt for a quick hit.

In March 2019, it was first reported to the European Drug monitoring agency EMCDDA. Slovenian police had made a test purchase. Purity was tested 91%.

Meanwhile, it has become available in various shops offered as novel designer drug (NPS). Psychopaths like Longflourish, The Real RC, Rechemco, Paracelsus, Proximo Research, and the human trash that runs Foche are offering it…

Show those fucked up trash vendors that we won’t just buy any poisonous shit they want to make profit with.

Lest I forget, please do not only stay away from 2-Methyl-AP-237 but also do ignore AP-238 which is said to be even more caustic, to be four times stronger and to maybe causing serious damage to your health (body and mind).

Don’t buy Nitazenes, either. Why the fuck would you want to end up a heroin junkie? These ugly souls that would sell you just any poison only to become richer and richer are cannibals. These psychopaths have no business anywhere other than being locked away. They should be hunted down and hold accountable for the crimes they committed against society.

Think twice and take care!

How does 2-Methyl-AP-237 feel? Experience reports.

“I took it orally once, a average dose, nothing crazy, i already tried it with a different vendor. But one average dose ended up almost killing me, I went in metabolic acidosis, my kidney failed, and because of the aggressive seizures, and I went rhabdomyolysis, my kidney failed too, they found me 10 hours after I started convulsing, so I had about a 30-40% percent chance of surviving.

I had to be in the hospital for more than a week, and now I have chronic kidney damages. Keep in mind, I’m young, healthy, and don’t use often, my blood/serum exams have always been perfect, now my potassium Is so high that I’ll probably have an hearth attack before 70 years old.”


“I was finally aware that there is a strong causal sub-context here. However, inhalative consumption also leads to significantly more craving, compulsive consumption behavior, a greater tendency to become dependent and ultimately also to a relevant increase in dose (in total consumption, since one is then quickly almost continuously smoking). In July, as part of an asthma attack lasting several days, I was admitted to a pulmonary clinic, where I was told that I was in a life-threatening condition and that I could suffer a potentially fatal attack of suffocation at any time. Then I decided without further ado that I have to use all my willpower and immediately stop inhaling 2-M-AP-237.”


“K: I got some 2map like that and I agree it was bunk. Made me sick after ingesting around 100mg with no high.

T: How sick did it make you? Like throwing up or worse?

K: Headache, throwing up, and a weird body sensation (nothing like an opioid feeling) that lasted about 6 hours before finally easing off.”

(K & T)

“11:15 – Feeling very sleepy, my eyes feel heavy and interfere slightly with my vision also I have some unexpected mild visuals. Otherwise, some itching & no euphoria. (..)

11:20 – It’s becoming hard to keep my eyes open, I may fall asleep if this continues. Still no euphoria.

11:30 – Distinct closed eye visuals and mild open eye but not psychedelic style hallucinations. The hallucinations are unstructured (..) and remind me of low-medium level deliriant visuals.”


I suffered cardiac arrest from the mixed use of Clonazolam and 2-Methyl-AP-237. I have no memory, when I woke up, I was tied up in a hospital bed and suffered severe chest pain. The doctor came to see me and asked me if I had intentionally committed suicide. I was found dead and needed to be reanimated.

(P. | Complete transcript)

Worst opioid I’ve ever taken. At first it was okay, but after 2 days I just felt uncomfortable. I became restless smoking and when I didn’t take anything, a mild withdrawal set in. But I have a history of heroin and am currently on 30-40 g of kratom per day. Plus, it’s damn corrosive.”


“Paracelsus Labs has had a pretty rough inconsistent supply of 2-Methyl-AP-237. It’s been very caustic and varies in strength from batch to batch.


I’m on methadone for pain and got cut off through no fault of my own and wanted a way to taper. I did probably 50 mgs of both ap237 and ap238 and got very sick the day after and stayed sick for a week. I probably almost died. When I went to the doctor, she said that my blood pressure was through the roof. I am slowly recovering. Fuck anyone selling this poison as a drug.


Psychopaths like the human trash operating Longflourish, The Real RC, Rechemco, Paracelsus, Proximo Research, Foche, and whoever else tries to make a fortune out of poisoning you with substances like
2-Methyl-AP-237 or AP-238 will hopefully soon be held responsible for the crimes they committed against society and be locked away forever.


10 thoughts on “Substance Warning: 2-Methyl-AP-237. Numerous intoxications and hospitalizations reported. #AVOID

  1. This stuff killed a long, long time poster and moderator of the harm reduction board Bluelight recently. I hope no matter how strung out you are, you don’t resort to using these opioids.

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  2. I am positively impressed by Trusted RC Shops’ commitment to harm reduction, and have to say I agree with the general sentiment against the evils of opioid/opiate addiction. Its a simple no-brainer. However. Having long ago BEEN one of these ‘pathetic’ people that are so stigmatized for their shortcomings (like ANYONE is free of pathetic and embarrassing shortcomings….Jezuz. Ridiculous) I have to say that the messages posted would have far greater impact without the tedious, judgmental language used. I left that hellish labyrinth of smack addiction behind years ago, and its clear the author of the rant has no idea of how complex an affliction it is. I DO loathe narcotics pushers however. Its just plain evil. Capitalism at its most vile. Self education is mandatory unless one wishes to become a lost soul who dies in shame.
    I ALSO Agree with the anon dude who called TRC out on that ugly ranting. It does NOT help. Stigma is a large part of what traps those poor souls – in the hell of self medication gone off the rails, and if TRC really give a shit they will refrain from such vile language in the future. This is not up for discussion. Thank you.

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    1. Assumptions need to be verified or falsified. Do your homework before you make yourself seem silly. You have no idea who wrote this text or about his background.

      We are not Reddit. We are not into junkie talk. Justifying one’s drug addiction has no business here.

      You missed the main point: Addiction is not a disease but a personal choice.

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  3. The Opiate Crisis Dealer Mr Paracelsuslab pointed out something that I will need to verify with a chemist:

    2-Methyl-AP-237 without a doubt caused hospitalizations.

    However, he thinks that the substance that is sold today was a novel compound that has never been researched before.

    The substances that were tested in the 1980ies and found to be super toxic all were 2-Methyl-Piperazines, there is no doubt about that.

    The patent says:

    This invention relates to new methyl-piperazino derivatives of general formula: ##STR2## where R is H or methyl, at least one R being methyl, and to the corresponding salts obtained by salifying the basic compound with a pharmaceutically acceptable acid such as hydrochloric, sulphuric or tartaric.


    The compounds of formula (I) are prepared by reacting in a first stage the starting methyl-piperazino compound, ie either 2-methyl-piperazine or 2,6-dimethyl-piperazine, with cinnamyl chloride in an inert organic solvent, and then separating the cinnamyl-piperazine from the reaction mixture by extraction with acidified water.

    So, this patent would cover various substances with certain properties.

    Some of the compounds with these certain properties that were researched and found to be extremely toxic were:



    The core of these chemical names is identical to the substances that are sold as research chemicals today:

    2-Methyl-AP-237 is advertised as

    AP-238 is advertised as

    Why “advertised”? Because even the exact chemical names (IUPAC) allow different notations! A different notation could e.g. have an additional word in it but would still be the same chemical.

    These 2-Methyl/2,6-Methyl-Piperazines are derivatives of a medicine that was given to cancer patients in the 1980ies in China: Bucinnazine (AP-237).

    This one is advertised as

    This former medicine (that can only be provided by top vendors) obviously has no methyl group.

    Scientific research has proven in tests conducted with six variations of its methyl-piperazine analogues that these methyl analogues are toxic and were found to be completely useless, so that the Italian company that experimented with them gave up the patent as of 12/31/1989.

    While I have no doubt at all that the substances sold as research chemicals these days, which are methyl analogues of AP-237 will certainly be as toxic as scientifically researched methyl analogues of AP-237 that are proven to be super toxic, I will ask a chemist if a) the substances sold as research chemicals these days are exactly the same that have been tested in the 1980ies just advertised under a different notation and b) if it was valid to assume all 2 methyl analogues of AP-237 to be toxic as hell.

    On a side note, whatever happened to fighting the opiate crisis??? Why are some ruthless research chemical vendors offering highly addictive and toxic opioids in the first place and why have these opioids not yet been scheduled?

    (PS: The answer is MONEY.)

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  4. Holy shit, you speak like a retarded Qboomer. “Everyone selling RCs in the US is a CRIMINAL! They don’t even pay taxes! REEEEE” Fucking lulz…

    Do everyone a favor and please fuck off. You clearly are not part of any “scene”, and you call people junkies and call for vendors to be put in jail, all while slandering all the vendors in your vendors section for retarded reasons. Based on everything you’ve written on here, i would have to guess you’ve never actually purchased a RC in your life and you believe literally everything anyone says on the internet.

    News flash, Longflourish and LS are the same thing… and your assertation that all vendors cut their pure powders is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve never recieved cut benzo crystals from anywhere, including domestically. Why in the world would you cut something you can easilly source for less than 10$ a gram when you are selling it domestically for 100$? It would be pretty obvious when half of it instantly disolved when added to PG no?

    As for your autistic rant about 2-map, we should probably get some things staight. Literally nobody is “pushing toxic chemicals on people”. Anyone that is trying to source rcs is smart enough to do their own research about what they are buying. And in 2-maps case, it becomes pretty clear that it’s caustic and possibly slightly toxic with even a cursory glance at peoples experience with it. That said if people want to buy it and experiement with it, that’s up to them. It would be nice if you could buy any chemical in the same way, which would mean nobody would be bothering with obscure piperazines in the first place… but we sadly live in a world with lots of laws about such things (which you seem overly fond of lol) and especially in the opiod sphere, the offerings are slim.

    Of note is all of the domestic sources you called out saying they should be locked up for selling 2-map also sell ODMST, which is an exhaustively researched and extremely benign opioid.

    Anyways, nobody deserves to be locked up for selling or ingesting ANY chemicals. Especially not RC vendors who sell almost exclusively unadulturated legal chemicals. Your views and outlook on literally everything are so cringey and terrible, and you should be ashamed that you are such an asshat.

    Get rekt.

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    1. Dude, that you feel offended by my commitment to harm reduction, is a pretty poor performance.

      Money laundering is a crime, that is nothing I came up with, it is as it is.

      I don’t believe anything, I was made aware that these chemicals have caused hospitalizations and started investigating. What I describe is backed by science, click the link patent and if you aren’t too dumb to read, you will find abstracts of test conducted on animals there. That stuff is proven to be toxic as hell.

      Have a look at the ASIA vendors section or at the LS Research mini review and you will notice that the fact that LS, LF and this RC Club are one is everything but kept a secret on RC SCENE.

      O-DSMT is not even mentioned in the article…
      Why would you post such silly stuff that makes you look like a pathetic fool?

      I know shops that do cut Benzodiazepines, although the manufacturers wouldn’t sell pure substances anymore. It’s actually pretty difficult to get hands on a pure Benzo, even if you ordered it directly from a Chinese lab. Fatal overdoses are bad for business.

      “Anyone that is trying to source rcs is smart enough to do their own research about what they are buying.” Bullshit, you sad clown. Show me sites that explain the toxicity of these substances. If vendors were mentioning the truth about them, I would not have spent an afternoon investigating. I am pretty certain there is no second page on the internet providing so much detail on those piperazines. Because of idealists like me customers have a chance to inform themselves about that trash.

      Cannibals who only see money and kill people should be locked away.

      I am sorry for you that you obviously are a mentally handicapped addict that will some day wake up in hospital and be diagnosed with cancer.

      For those who still care and think, I investigate and write these articles. And if I reached only a single person learning about those trash substances and maybe make them think twice about ordering them, I will be damn proud.

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  5. Thank you M. for sharing your experience with me and make me aware of these deadly substances that the usual suspects, notoriously irresponsible research chemical vendors offer for sale and want to kill us with. This human trash acts out of pure greed, it’s disgusting. #AVOID

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