– Photo, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test-Sample: 4-CL-PVP

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Listen! Shop reviews and portraits mean immense work. While the [ Trusted Shop Reviews ] usually tell the history of a vendor of which some seem to have been around forever, and show photos of products usually from at least two separate orders placed within maybe half a year, ideally by different persons, they are still a snapshots of a short period in time. Nothing more, nothing less. This is unbiased worldwide exclusive original content. Still, vendors and their products are volatile: Quality, service, communication and reliability change all the time. All vendors have their ups and downs, are unpredictable. So are their products. NPS have caused thousands of tragedies and even fatalities all over the planet already.

Overall quality was very good, fairly clear crystals, good high, better than with certain banned substances imho.

Pleasant experience, was happy with the vendor!

– H.

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11 thoughts on “ – Photo, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

  1. I heard different informations about 4cl pvp eg about serotonin neurotoxicity
    cause of chloro group be placed on fourth side of molecules, So people compare it to stuff like 4CA in toxicity. Also lot of people claim it isnt vapeable, Is it truth ?

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    1. I always thought this review to be coming from a bribed customer of chemicalpanet’s. chemical planet is together with shady like e.g. eurochems and buckled._eu, and maybe more, I don’t know. All I know is that they illegally sell your e-mail addresses to spammers.

      That trash described as being “being better than crystal (or whatever)” is typical Reddit/forums shilling. It’s SPAM lying to you.

      We didn’t care here care since the photos are authentic and the words were rewritten anyway. It read worse before we edited it.



      4-CA is basically attacking your CNS/brain receptors in order to destroy them. The closest thing to 4-CA is 4-CMC. All those being popular for years already (at least in CAN and EU), I am afraid do severe damage to your brain.

      You might sometimes hear that MDMA/XTC was neurotoxic. Yes, but not that bad: Neurotoxicity also means that if take a break from toxic things for maybe two years, your serotonin receptors and more will rebuild. The brain would produce new ones. That is not accurate to say! These are rebuilt in random order, you don’t ever recover and definitely suffer severe damage, it changes your personality (like, btw., also alcohol does if you had seven beers a day or more), it causes depression and probably a couple more of things considered mental health disorders.

      (That’s why so many US vendors are such creeps if you asked me.)

      Anyhow, 4-CMC, 3-CMC, 4-CEC, all toxic.

      If 4cl is toxic similar to 4cmc or to a lesser extend, I do not know. Fact is, they are toxic, and everything chloro substituted is not only messing with your brains but endangering your body, your physical health.

      Thank you for that great comment!
      if you happened to find out more, maybe share it with the community, would greatly be appreciated, thanks.

      Chlor is part of many RC cathinones, btw:

      Kind regards!


      1. Thank you for kind and quick answer! I dont understand the part with bribed customer, I would in case this whole review Is being just satira about chmpl. Didnt know they were such a crooks to sell email adress, however I Once received accidentaly two same packages, they want money back from me, however I stated I can’t afford it. So Its kinda shocking after that informations from you they still send me package including everything I have bought, it even came extremely fast taking in mind actual covid situation and the distance. Maybe they gave me to feds haha. U propably overlooked my question about vapeabality of 4cl pvp, Is it possible/isnt it dangerous ? Btw we exchanged emails in past, u havent answered since then, idk whether on purpose or cause I was told by you I am on Black mail list so mby my mail havent shower up in ur email adress.


        1. Hi,

          That’s a funny thing. In Social Sciences you permanently analyze words, either spoken or written. So, if you stumbled across a text in a foreign language, you might not understand every phrase and word and would use your training as a fallback solution to get the meaning.

          I was surprised myself, it seems to only work with AE English, but recognizing patterns in American English texts, is so much easier than it would be with a text written in your mother tongue, it’s like seeing through the words and recognizing the author.

          And this text was the usual Reddit shilling. It had it all.

          The text was provided by somebody with poor language skills, and I think he tried to hide that by imitating ads on Reddit.

          This is really weird. People from Germany, France, and the UK can see it, it’s obvious. People from North America, however, read these fake ads all the time and got not only used to but tired of them. So, someone who speaks proper English turns out to miss details. He would ignore them, for being the same old.

          People who learned English as a foreign language are always struggling with it and thus are more cautious. They see patterns more easily. The absurdity is that people who struggle with English are even more so struggling with a native speaker to explain things to him.

          That phenomenon is based on selective perception.

          chemicalplanet is unlikely to offer quality product powders. We are not discussing drugs here. Yet, there are two possibilities: Either that stuff is bunk/inactive then you would smoke whatever, I don’t know what they use to water down substances; Or, it would taste like chlorine.

          I doubt that people smoke chlorine.

          I can’ give you any advice, but, this is the first time I laughed today. 4cl-pvp smells like a swimming pool

          In case one could vape it, one might most probably find out quickly it to be a bad idea.


          1. I am prolly dumb American aswell I have no idea what you talk about do you mean my email I have sent to you ? Then it would make sense to me. I am aware chemicalplanet cut their stuff sometimes heavily from own experience, however they have one of greatest selection on market. Still some of their stuff were top notch like current Hexen Batch. Would you advise me better shop with huge selection ? I just know about TRC, anyways I dont believe Alexes statement that he doesnt cut opiods. I be in contact with people that order from TRC and sometimes get terrible quality products, maybe even other substances trc wanna get rid off and have similar effects. Some of their prices also seems quite high and still offer toxic shit like methyl ap 237. Desoxypipradol is quite hard on body yet he offers it. Whether the BTCP he really trashed or sold out Will never know. Some substances also cost ridiciously high amounth, I wouldnt mind this fact if I had Real Proof of purity not the ones that are made before adding cutting agents which vendors provides. I believe he offers high purity benzos, but Its kinda pointless to cut benzos, althought some vendors still do this. Can you please recommend me any shop that offer large selection and have at leastdecent quality of products ? Thank you so much, I am glad that at least my stupidity made you laugh.


            1. TRC > Smokeys > Get-RC > any EU shop shipping to where you live.

              I didn’t believe a word because I knew he had always cut his products, but the test orders arrived uncut. I was there when he deleted BTCP from the CMS. That people complain about his batches is weird. He has everything independently tested, many substances not only by an independent lab via H NMR, but he also hires labs to do in-depth analyzes.

              That is because half of the Netherlands buy his products. They cut them.

              Since he is the #1 partner of a big supplier, he is the first one to offer certain products, but his customers are also the first ones to find out if good or not. The thing is, we used to think HNMR tests would be sufficient to tell you something about a substance. Well, they are not.

              Some products cannot be provided in purity above, e.g., 75%. Then you need to find out what the other 25% are. Are they toxic, active, inactive, etc.?

              I can’t tell you how many vendors he supplies with products. However, he still receives negative reviews (although offering the pure product), and other vendors are said to be good (although offering the same product heavily cut) – it’s ridiculous.

              Liars like Sellkies constantly think of new dumb lies for their campaigns against TRC and RC SCENE. It’s like with politics: Only heard often enough you believe the lie and might repeat it. That is what dumb people (80% of us) do.

              I think I can win him for an interview, and I will add your input.

              Yeah, that he sells everything, including methyl piperazines, does not make me happy either. As the little blogger, I am, I consider trashing BTC a victory.

              I added a warning about 2-AP-237 to his shop description like to every other shop that carries it.


  2. New crystal needle hex-en batch looks beautiful, but interestingly it’s completely inactive IME. Many ppl on are posting pictures of newer predator rc batch that looks exactly like needle CP one, but they are complimenting it. Weird. Those 2 batches may be different of course. 🙂

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    1. The Predator product is fine, indeed. It’s one of few Hexen recipes that turn out to be non-caustic, while effects are still there. These needle batches all seem to look alike, but I think everyone sources from a different lab or wholesaler.

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    2. The terms inactive and chemicalplanet combined in a sentence equal 4 billion search results on Google 😉

      Their blotters are fine, I think. Other products might turn out a gamble with them. They are one of few groups that Dutch customs/police watch closely.


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