Paradox Labs USA – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

The latest addition to our category “New Promising Vendors” is Brian with his Paradox Labs.


Paradox Labs USA Research Chemicals Logo

Etizolam, Clonazolam, Flualprazolam, Bromazolam, and Flubromazolam solutions will be the initial offerings, available involumes of 5ml and 10ml with a 80/20 PG/Golden Grain as the solvent carrier. More interesting products are in the pipeline.

He is not taking orders at this point, still preparing his stock.

There are no more free samples available, please don’t ask for any. Plenty have been distributed.

Due to a technical issue, the first orders will be accepted and shipped in January 2021.

Find Paradox Labs:
Paradox Labs Shop Description & Links

29 thoughts on “Paradox Labs USA – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

    1. No. Didn’t have the heart to contact him yet. Wait for a while.

      The US team3 (please, if you believe that scamming and blackmailing is terrorizing your neighborhood – do donate. It’s for you and no one else. I always work for free.) will have them all on the radar.


    1. Paradox was recently released from the hospital. In two weeks, we might know more. Etizolam, however, would be damn hard to get. Deschloro-Eitolam / Etiz-2 is trash, used to be sold in Europe maybe five years ago, and was everything but popular.

      Real Etizolam will always remain available in the form of prescription meds, pills. I wouldn’t try to order any unless you knew for sure somebody was a domestic supplier who had smuggled the pills into the country. Since the Chinese must no longer manufacture powder and Greece and Italy are more than unlikely to send you prescription drugs that are not even FDA-approved, you have two options left:

      Rechecmo CN (they do not ship to the US, but to Canada, I think, and 10 grams cost maybe 270 USD, free reship just in case, already included in the price)

      Blotters (!!!) and pellets from Europe, Smokeys, and TRC sure have some left. TRC even bought up all the powder in Europe but charges 70 Euros per gram. That is sthg. like 90 USD, I would not pay such an amount on a cheap substance like Etizolam.

      I asked about the shelf-life of powder, pellets (tiny pills, we will publish photos of such soon, I think this is a European thing). They told me to put that stuff in the fridge. Etizolam is said to remain active for at least 4 years if professionally stored (in a super dry thing similar to a fridge); Both blotters and pellets should last for 2 years minimum in a fridge left alone and not opened every day. With blotters, there is something about moisture as an effect of bringing them from the fridge to room temperature. Still, I neither know if this was only a thing with LSD blotters or in general or did finish reading the instructions given.

      Vendors must not lose a single word about human consumption, but storage can, of course, be discussed. Just ask them, bother either answer the same day or the next one. Avoid smokey 24/7 chat team if you were to, e.g., live in California. Those operators are students’ jobs; they are very, very tired if you contact them at 5 am local time.

      The legendary US vendor U.S.S.R asked us to provide an example about time zones:

      Not everyone understands that the sun does not shine all at the same time all over the globe. If the task list says sthg. like reach out for Leon in the morning and call Sellkies in the evening, both in their local time mornings and evenings, I tend to make up excuses, like I had been busy making my bed, or was looking for a sock and totally forgot ;-D

      Please mind that especially Etizolam is scheduled in some states. So check both the DEA’s orange book and your local legislation before placing any order. I think some states like Florida even made it a schedule I, take care!

      It might say “temporary schedule I,” but it still is scheduled.

      Temporary means they decided to schedule it locally since they considered the DEA to be way too slow.

      The DEA would/will schedule benzos as IV and considers only I & II and all their analogs (like A-PihP which is a schedule I analog) a crime which they will actively investigate.

      In Florida, I think Etizolam is a schedule I. You will not want to have seized a letter containing a schedule I.

      Even Mr Sellkies sometimes uses his mother’s address not to attract too much suspicion. He orders amounts from TRC; I don’t even know if those would fit a letter or if they ship his orders in wooden boxes ;-D

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  1. Actually that’s my bad. I did see the update after I commented. Didnt read far enough. Thanks for this site. Nice to see someone calling out scammers and not just propping up vendors for product. coughdread cough

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    1. Or take dbg: They made 11,000 USD last February with membership fees alone. You pay a fee to get to see their sponsors. Their list of verified sponsors is a blunt lie. I know for sure that you can simply pay your way into this list without ever having shipped a single order. I happen to know the former team leader of an Asian vendor. He came paid and got verified.

      The moment I understood what they are doing over there, I felt the need to kill it. Such lowlife, lying to their community… It’s not only dread and dbg; I got banned from RCVP / plants4food (Reddit & Discord) for warning against a scammer who would have shared the stolen money with the admin.

      I hope this is the ugliest part of the US I will ever get to see.

      If you think of Eastern European countries and how corrupt they are. Corrupt, yes. But everybody knows. In the US, some wiseguys believe they were clever since lying to and stealing from people.


  2. Hi Zane, if you want to be on the list, send an email within 10 hours or forget it. Too many people read this here; I can’t allow just any possible scammer to post his shit here. Everyone is welcome to join the list, but after an unfortunate incident last year, where a scammer stole thousands of USD from us, I won’t allow any anonymous dudes advertising here.


  3. Tried to order from Paradox. When I went to check out, there was no working method of payment. Or to leave an address. Too bad. I really wanted to check out the Brom.


    1. Hi, he is not yet verified, but that’s my fault: I stopped working in the mailbox a couple of days ago and forgot about the reviewer (was this you? sorry.) He ships already, but his stock is limited to two products at the moment. In the next few weeks, he will constantly expand his stock.

      Good question. Where are the reviews for the free samples? Since we needed to disable free for all commenting and now everybody needs login with WP/Twitter/FB, fewer people leave reviews. So it’s either that or they are stuck in the comment moderation.


  4. I am partially open and accepting cc payments. Although I prefer email and BTC/Zelle.

    By partially opened, I only have bromazolam and clonazolam solutions in stock. My pastebin and website have been updated.

    Thanks for looking!

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  5. would love to try sample ==== Also on aveng***. email me — would love to collaborate with the owner of this site as well, as we at aveng*** are looking to grow our limited database and form, as it is mainly *** and ***

    [ edited, K. | No mentioning of any lists advertising drug dealers and their scheduled substances and no mentioning of criminal Darknet places, please… ]


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