3mmc4cmc – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion: Unbeatable prices or money down the drain?

Samples tested: 3-MMC & A-PiHP rocks

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Listen! Shop reviews and portraits mean immense work. While the [ Trusted Shop Reviews ] usually tell the history of a vendor of which some seem to have been around forever, and show photos of products usually from at least two separate orders placed within maybe half a year, ideally by different persons, they are still a snapshots of a short period in time. Nothing more, nothing less. This is unbiased worldwide exclusive original content. Still, vendors and their products are volatile: Quality, service, communication and reliability change all the time. All vendors have their ups and downs, are unpredictable. So are their products. NPS have caused thousands of tragedies and even fatalities all over the planet already.

3-mmc4cmc is a wholesaler, possibly affiliated with Jukis Lab, allegedly based in Bulgaria but shipping from the Netherlands.

They offer Cathinones only right now and sell them in bulk starting from 100 grams (à 4 Euros per gram). The more you buy, the cheaper the price per gram gets. However, one of the substances was found to be disappointing by our testers.

3-mmc4cmc are pretty sure they knew what they were doing, criticising them or comparing them to better labs tends to be answered in an outstandingly unfriendly way.



  • Quick and direct customer service in replies.
  • Very slow shipping (from the Netherlands).
  • Most likely they are associated with “Jukis Lab” because both weren’t able to ship the products before the identical date. When I asked them they replied “We do not provide information on our collaborators” instead of answering with a decided NO.


  • Typical “moon rocks” texture.
  • Almost perfectly white colour with notes of bright dust (I usually find dirty rocks of a slight light yellow).
  • Odour (slightly pronounced) between acetone and plastic; Different from the usual synthetic Cathinones I’ve been used to.
  • Anesthetization of lips and tongue.


They claim that, according to their lab tests, it was real 3-MMC.
I asked them (twice) if they would send me those lab test results, but 3mmc4cmc responded with nothing but sentences stuffed full with insults…


We did not like the 3-MMC that 3mmc4cmc.com sold us.
We literally flushed thousands of Euros down the can 😦

Click the images to enlarge.


First impressions of the A-PiHP:

  • Particularly crumbly rocks with the same consistency as the white truffle.
  • Externally it has an off-white colour with an internal tone tending to ocher/grey.
  • Odour equal to the substance A-PHP: Chemical sperm… I know it’s a definition that Oxford wouldn’t use, but the smell is just like that 😉
  • Strong anesthetization of lips and tongue.

Click an image to enlarge it.

Thanks to our friends J., F. & K. & the whole clique!

Find 3mmc4cmc:
3mmc4cmc Shop Description & Links

10 thoughts on “3mmc4cmc – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion: Unbeatable prices or money down the drain?

  1. This vendor refused to sell me 100mg samples of the products because he was afraid I would, like our 21 testers had done, call it a bunk batch. He explained to me he had made a mistake and that he, together with a lab, will try to find out what went wrong.

    From what I hear, his current (yellow )2-FDCK is good.


  2. Second order for me from 3mm4cmc. This time I also bought some 3-mmc and 4-cmc, except of A-php. The latter is the best stimulant I have tried the last 2 years. Definitely legit a-php. I have to say that 3-mmc and 4-cmc were also very very nice! I even did a marquis test for 3-mmc and seemed perfectly fine. I will have this vendor as my main source of rc

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  3. I want to share my experience with 3mmc4cmc.
    I did a 3-mmc marquis test and the color was right.

    My clique is happy with the product.

    A 2-FDCK Sample was added for free. I experienced it nice and mood-lifting.

    The guy is super nice. And answers quickly.

    Good lab in my book!

    [ Rewritten, K. ]

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    1. please don’t forget about the photos, I will edit the longest mini-shop review ever for him. He thinks the not so great review would be bad for business, because the thousands of dollars he pays to dopek forum are a rip-off. Everyone knows that they do not allow open discussion or criticizing their rich sponsors. So, of course the money he sends to dopek is money down the drain compared to if he at least donated a tenth of a thousand to RC SCENE of what he pays Polish Nazi admins.

      If I say RC SCENE is most trusted and most influential NPS discussion site, I am not exaggerating. It’s obvious that this no advertising platform and that all reviews are real. So are the facts here. If I wouldn’t know for sure, I would stay silent until I found out about an issue.


  4. Recently I bought some a-php from him and he also sent me many samples for all the other substances, except 3mmc and 4cmc. The guy was very very kind with me and asnwers always surprisingly fast! All the products were of very high quality, escecially his a-php, which I would say is on par with the good old one! The prices as you can see are unbeatable.. I will definitely buy again from him..


    1. Contact them, they have the US Flag in the languages, but I didn’t ask if they indeed ship here. To me, it looks like it, but I am not sure.

      In Germany, customs would seize letters with two blotters in it while a kilo goes through customs just like that… Talk to him, he replies swiftly, he will know.

      He is more friendly than our reviewers have described him 🙂


    1. His a-php is fire! really!
      Very potent and euphoric, especially smoked.
      His a-pihp is almost as good as a-php.
      I don’t promote him, I just want to share my experience. 3mmc4cmc in my opinion is one of the best rc vendors right now.


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