Chem Cloud – The discounter with the XXL-bags. (Trusted Shop Review)

Screenshot of the Chem Cloud web shop taken in 2020
Screenshot of the Chem Cloud web shop as of 2020

Hesitating isn’t quite Chem Cloud’s thing. When I inquired about a possible discount for a shop review, they promptly sent samples. The envelope read “KØMPRØMÆT” and made me laugh. Two weeks later, with no article published yet, they sent a follow-up email: “Did you scam us?”

Weeks later, I placed a test order to be able to draw a more reliable picture. The questionnaire sent to Chem Cloud was, unfortunately, ignored.

Used to be new in the biz

Chem Cloud entered the industry in early 2019, initially as a reseller of Predator-RC. A lot has happened since. Today, the shop offers its own product range, still at reasonable prices, with swift 24/7 email support and free express shipping for all orders placed on weekends.

Surprise, surprise

There is probably no other shop in the world that would just keep stretching and stretching its depleted supplies instead of changing a product status to “out of stock.” So happened with their 4F-MPH: the product became weaker and weaker unless they finally sold >97% pure cutting agent. I angrily changed to another vendor. That was a sad break because their prices seemed fair, and their products usually worthwhile.

The exciting thing about Chem Cloud was that all their products would cost around 10 Euros per gram, regardless of how boring or interesting they were. You never knew until you had tested a compound. By far, the best and also the most affordable Crystal NEP was available from Chem Cloud for 12 Euros per gram. That is a point where I find it particularly unfortunate that Chem Cloud couldn’t find the time for the questionnaire. I would have been keen to hear whether the team was even aware that some of their low-budget priced products were leaving the competition behind.

Click an image to enlarge it


One product in the current test again positively surprised me: The orange-colored 3-Meo-PCP was quality as if it had come straight from the laboratory. Unfortunately, the white 3-Meo-PCP from the test order placed a few weeks later could not keep up with its prior version.

The Crystal NEP has unfortunately not been available from Chem Cloud for a long time. That brownish powder that is sold as NEP these days is just not the same. Not even close. After all, Chem Cloud could be credited for providing a product that at least does not seem to be caustic.

Their MFPVP is MFPVP. It doesn’t knock me off my feet, but if you like the product, you can get it at Chem Cloud for a reasonable price. I would describe MFPVP as a mixture of A-PCyP and 4F-Pentedrone. It lacks the euphoria of A-PCyP but is less caustic. It feels less stimulating than 4-FPD; it’s somewhere in the middle of those two.

A product that I struggled with was the CBD powder. I had never tried CBD at all. Now it was lying there, as a pure white powder, and I wasn’t sure whether it was intended for eating, smoking, or for bathing in it. Asking Chem Cloud would have felt too embarrassing, so I experimented. Long story short: CBD is a relatively mild affair. If you take medication, you may not get any effects at all from it. At least that’s what happened to me. However, I did find a use for it. Chem Cloud’s 3-FMA was a tad disappointing; it would give you a headache instead of the hoped-for euphoria. Mixed with CBD, it at least burnt significantly less. So, CBD definitely has a local anesthetic effect. Chem Cloud offer their CBD in one category together with cannabinoids, btw.

Finally: A-PHP. Ordered in both “crystal” and in “powder” form, I was surprised to find two bags of powder containing almost identical looking powders. The A-PHP “powder” turned out to be somewhat mild. When smoked, it made me sleepy and had a slightly dissociative effect. Smoking the “crystal” variant, on the other hand, almost felt like a cannabinoid. Insufflation didn’t hurt at first, but the next day you would notice that it badly damages the nose. A-PHP had always been a miracle to me; these two batches surely did not disappoint in that regard.

Click an image to enlarge it


In the following, I will provide uncommented (as unfortunately also unanswered) questions that I would have liked to ask Chem Cloud.

  • Your delivery page says, quote, “In case your country is not available in the list of countries, please send your special request to” – Do you ship worldwide?
  • Your Terms and Conditions say, quote, “Buyer acknowledges that the products have not been tested by Chem Cloud for safety and efficiency in food, drug, medical device, cosmetic, commercial or any other use.Do you have anything like quality assurance?
  • Why the heck would you advertise on a sketchy scammer forum like www_rc-forum_net?
  • How many liters of water could I fill your hilariously oversized bags with?

UPDATE 02/06/2021


While Chem Cloud might not ship to every country on earth (simply ask them via email if your country was an option) here are the updated rules for shipping to the UK and the USA:

Via only!

Minimum order value not included shipping costs: Euro 100,-
Payment: BTC (Bitcoin only)
Shipping: PostNL with tracking: Euro 20,-

Please note: You order at your own risk!


Chem Cloud didn’t knock me off my feet, but if you like a product, you can get it there for a reasonable price. While I could see that someone would want to spend more on less caustic 3-FMA or A-PHP, their MFPVP and 3-Meo-PCP seemed fine.

Click an image to enlarge it

I want to say thank you to the team at Chem Cloud for their support and patience.

31 thoughts on “Chem Cloud – The discounter with the XXL-bags. (Trusted Shop Review)

  1. I dont wanna upset you, and most likely you wont even approve my comment hence u even ignore my emails. I just Gotta say TRC(Alex) was paying promotion on same fórum like chemcloud – www_rc-forum_net And bunch of others to be mentioned as reliable vendor, I dont think He took much lecture. Instead of sellinh out his toxic maps to not have to trash them He even order new batches, including even maps pellets, thats the way responsible vendor act ?? He even started stocking new etazens which arent extremely toxic but they Are basically same as shitty fentalogues that Sky rocket ur tolerance, all of this just to make As much money as possibkd not caring about others health u may argue with stuff like Its up to everyone who puts to his body And I agree, however then u can’t put certain shops under avoid just for selling maps when Alex do the same which suddenly become most reliable vendor from the most hated one. I have no evidence but I am pretty sure he add his trash cathinones like China NEP that nobody wants to other pyrros/cathinones, just to slowly get rid of it instead of trashing it. I would never buy anything from his sales like a-php, why would je put his top quality A-PHP on sale list?? imo just to mix it with some trash like HEP or China NEP he can’t get rid of And bait people on it. Understandble inactive substances like metodesnitszene ? To be on sales or SLO4 or hows that trash opiod named. I dont know why u Praise him And defend So much, Hes definitely one of biggest crooks on EU RC scene. People dont change I dont even talk about his past, I dont know him, never talked to him but from ur statements I judge Hes just Hes just selfish prick with his only priority to get money as much money as possible And nothing gonna stop him. How u can even put him in same cathegory as realchems thats hilarious ? Just He told u He trashed BTCP which I obviously dont believe And started testing his substances yea he was propably acting as responsible vendor to convince you he changed And be shown as reliable vendor. I repeat Just wanna show my opion, I have no evidence for anything, I can be definitely Wrong, only one who knows the truth Is Alex. if u approve my comment which most likely u wont. Anyone reading please dont spread negative about TRC just based on my writing. First make ur indepent research And create own opinion, never listen to random Guy on the internet telling u smthing like me And immidiately trust it like coward. In case René Will read this I feel somehow Stable to disscuss what we were talking about. In case u Will reply to my two mails I sent u I Will understand as you do. Thank you.

    Btw chemcloud raised the price some of their products in case of NEP almost twice. Even tho their NEP isnt what NEP used to be, they Are aware that they Are only vendor selling smthing that at least feel like NEP not that caustic And harsh NEP Batch going around for over year that u get from every vendor selling NEP, sneezing for over an hour without any positive effects Its like caustic anxiety in powder.


      1. I will try to take some good ones when my next 2 come. Chemcloud and predator. Maybe I will get creative and add Gumby and Pokey figurines doing weird shit lol. I’m not the smartest but my weirdness could make up for it.

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      1. Damn that’s strang cause we ordered pretty close to the same time. The conclusion was better then pre November trrc in that research. I hope I’m not getting watered down next. Oh well I will update surely.

        Is there a DM system on here? If not are we able to trade e-mail addresses somehow to talk about certain things, say if it’s something we had in common like that chem and particular vendor. If not it’s cool just asking. I did that on that asshole Biskobro’s site dee gee bee and I got perma-banned. I hate that fucking site. I cant believe they charge 15$ for vendors who are already spoken about on the free area. Idk and if I’m saying anything wrong here please lmk and I will delete


        1. The community functionality is not working. Why don’t you register with, logon to (with your credentials), and add some email there? Register a Gmail account and have all your emails arriving in that Gmail mailbox be forwarded to your real email. Or add a Twitter account or whatever.


        2. Oh, you already have a gravatar:

          You can add images, links, email addresses, etc. there. This is the closest we will make it to a community function. The community function is a bad joke. I can @mention myself, but only within articles.

          For bulletproof hosting with a maybe buggy community app, there is no budget, I am sorry. I stick exactly to what Automattic told me, last year’s hacks were just too frustrating. If you build something and someone destroys it just for fun – not a good feeling.


          1. Ok great I will look into it. Thank you again for all you do. You have been pretty awesome since I joined. Thank you for all the amazing work

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      2. So I 100% understand why they said it was underwhelming….

        The first time I sampled the powder and crystal variants. Both were a lovely tan color. When I spoke with the man behind the emails I said will it be bv the same batch I had from the last time I bought, which was 14 days aprox. Before. He told me yes so I got over double what I got the first time. As I opened it up I felt the disappointment growing inside me. The smell and the color was 100% not what I got the first time. It was the exact same as the trrc stuff when they switched to that white batch.

        I contacted the shop and sent a pic or the first order and a pic of the new one. He said he was going to reach nm out to the warehouse and see what happend. Still haven’t heard back..

        So now I have a lot bigger order on the way. This time I decided on the crystal varient. The first order I got crystal and powder. Both were tan. One was one big chunk and one fine ground powder. The 3rd order I’m hoping ends up being the bv tan one. It crystal but he says it will be crushed small.

        If this is also the white one I will not be back. The white batch in my opinion is way weaker and has far more pronounced side effects. The tan version, right after I get decent sleep I am 100% again within a day or 10. The white one took a toll on my body. I shit green today. I’ve only ever shit green when I swam to in a swimming pool too long. A army green. I also started puking at the end of the night. May have been bloody. I have to show my doc the picture of the vomit. My kidneys are achy which never happens witheta e one. I was drinking and pissing fine.

        I’m not going to site here and blame ChemCloud For it. They just give what they get. All shops do it. And most shops are buying from only 1 of a few wholesalers or labs Left.

        I’m not saying dont order from ChemCloud. I actually love their service. I just really wish he could have let me know before hand that IT’S NOT the tan batch.

        I will be reporting my findings when I recieved the crushed crystal variant. I am hopeful that he had some of the last version. If it’s the white one. I will end up recouping my loss or even gifting. I dont even know what to do with the one I have.

        Once everything come from my various places. I will no longer be doing these types of things any more… idk the 3 times I’ve gotten the same white batch from a few vendors and idk. The white batch makes me hate life. I felt very destructive. Like idk how to explain it.

        I will let you guys know about the crystal variant as soon as it lands


  2. ChemCloud order came 2 days ago I really hope they can keep it up for us across the pond. It took ten on The nose. I wont disclose what I ordered because its frowned upon. But anyone who follow me knows what I like. I would post pics but not sure how.
    I first was a bit nervous. It seemed too good to be true. The way they processed it was different from my usual shops. The person whom I was communicating with was a pleasure to deal with. He did go the post office to send my pack out the next day but came back and hour later and said something has changed in the post office and they can no longer offer tracked to UsA. Since I already paid and it was already packed he offered extra on the next one.
    So now we come down to quality. I chose both the crystal and powdered form. I would say I couldnt tell the difference. I believe it’s more for aesthetic reasons. Some would rather see a crystal structure and some the opposite.
    Me and 3 other friends got a hotel and we were just bullshitting and we kept getting whiffs of rotten fish. Later we found out that the said product smells of dead fish. Never stopped us though
    Effects were very very good. I did notice and was extremely happy about it the ceiling of this batch was so much higher than every other batch I’ve had and I’ve had quite a few. I could take my self up another notch as I pleased and not get stuck 3/4 the way up.
    Definitely in my top 3.
    Overall I give ChemCloud an 9/out of 10. A point deducted for that horrible stench. I know it’s not their fault but…
    Anyhow forgive me if the review is a bit scattered. Still haven’t gotten any sleep.
    I hope I did this review ok
    All I know is I will be heading back


  3. Anyone have the latest a-php batches both versions? I placed an order and will submit a detailed review.
    I’m in usa. Just wanted to point out the tracked option for usa is no longer available. I spent the minimum plus 30 euro extra for tracking and they were trying to send it the next day and told me something happened at post NL. And it is no longer a viable option. They said they would make it up next time because my order was already packed. They sent a picture of the envelope and I’m excited I didnt see the same envelopes seen used by most NL vendors. I will update when it comes.

    Just curious, it said cannabinoid effects with aphp….. in a good way or bad? I dont really like thc anymore so I hope it’s not strong. I guess it could be anything by now though, been a while since the review


    1. This might be important to know, especially for vendors:

      RC SCENE is hosted in California, USA. RC SCENE is no illegal platform; it is not hiding like you might have seen allegedly “similar” projects do.

      The downside with hosting in the US is that US companies like to collect and keep data. If I delete an article, keeps a copy of it for 90 days. Comments and Contact Form submissions (including your IP and email) are stored forever. I do not believe that US companies delete anything; they tend to keep the information held on their servers and only hide it. So seen with Facebook and Google, so assumed with every major IT company based in the states. provides no backdoors or the like for Law Enforcement, but they give away user data if a court forces them to.

      So, if you were, e.g., Mr. Sellkies to leave a comment here, maybe think about using an anonymous email address and a VPN service. Even though the spam filter blocks the vast majority of comments and such will not appear on RC SCENE, these comments (together with their metadata = email & IP) are still being stored somewhere in the US. I have no control over them.

      This is relevant for comments and contact form submissions only.

      RC SCENE emails are safe in a non-surveillance country in Europe, in a country with no data retention law.

      The RC SCENE ProtonMail email address is hosted in Europe (Switzerland) as well. Still, Switzerland does have a data retention law, and I would not trust any commercial provider’s security promise.

      Maybe have a look at’s transparency report:

      “The information below represents the number of requests for user information we received from governments and law enforcement agencies between July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2020. Governments sometimes seek to identify users whom they suspect have engaged in illegal activity.”

      So just to let you know, better think twice before posting.

      RC SCENE has not received a single court order ever.

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      1. In Germany, customs would seize letters containing blotters (!) and prosecute the people who ordered them while a 1,000 grams order passes customs all the time. There is a US Darknet forum that is a scam scheme and starts with D. – the one mod there that is a benzo junkie works part-time for a company specialized in transporting things from one place to another – he might know. I don’t. Maybe ask him. He seems a friendly guy, even though it is sad to see his brains die because of the Xanax bars he loves more than anything else in life. I for sure won’t talk to him.


        1. I’ve talked with him a few times, he helped with the situation I outlined in my email and has done me okay. Though I’d be hesitant to ask him about this in particular.

          Ps, thanks for the heads up, testing the waters with chemclouds new minimum shipping requirement. Wish me luck 😀

          Liked by 2 people

              1. I think we will luck out. A bunch of Nl. To west coast orders landed this weekend dating back to early jan. I know they are extremely back logged. Mew york was backed up way worse then most. Keep the faith. I think in the next week or so we will see landings. I would tend to think that backlogs would work I’m our favor. To clear things out quickly and unclog their system


              1. I really never had an NL vendor use stealth really. China uses so trickery when it comes the route taken which I’m surprised NL. Doesnt do. If I’m not mistaken it seems like predator might be similar to my china friends. I wont get into OSPEC . I also hope that it is the predator pack that I’m watching. Idk I asked for the tracking and have not heard a word.
                How long did Chemcloud take? I hope its fast like my last.
                What did you get and how was it?


              2. I think it depends on the area they do business too. Trrc floods his local post offices so it might be more obvious then say chemcloud with lower volume. If that makes sense.


    1. Hi, Chem Cloud submitted updated rules/Terms of Conditions for orders to the UK and USA. I updated the article. Please find the information above in a green box saying “Update / International Shipping.”

      Chemcloud heavily reduced the minimum order value for shipping overseas 🙂

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  4. […] 📌 Trusted Shop Review mit Fotos: Chem Cloud 12/2020. Shop-Diskussion.(englisch, Kommentare in deutscher Sprache okay)– – – NiederlandeGuter Zustellerfolg. Für Bestellungen ins EU-Ausland bitte per E-Mail anfragen. Bei ihrem Start hatten sie noch wie ein Ableger von Predator-RC gewirkt, mittlerweile haben sie ein eigenständiges Sortiment inklusive CBD. Discounter-Preise ab 10 – 15 Euro das GrammSchwankende Qualität, manche Produkte sind echt super, andere die 10 Euro nicht wert. Der Haken an diesem Shop ist, dass am Preis nicht zu erkennen ist, ob ein Produkt top ist, oder nicht. Beide Varianten kosten 10 Euro 🙂Gratis Versand ab einer Bestellsumme von 100 Euro sowie durchgehend am Wochenende.Flotter Kundendienst, rund um die Uhr erreichbar, lustiges Team. […]


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