2020 – A pandemic disease soon to end. (Happy holidays!)

Happy Holidays, a greeting card for December. An hourglass, filled with sand. In the upper half, there is 2020. In the bottom half, there is 2021. The sand saying 2020 is already running into 2021.


My favorite article was S’s description of how he/she experienced the prescription medicine Katovit in KATOVIT – The love of my life.

I had no idea that there used to be a medication that could turn depression into a sunbeam. I had no idea there was something like self-control. Yet, I recognized myself in some of his/her beautiful words. I know what depression means; I used to have a Friday ritual myself; God knows I want that good life.

I haven’t felt anything like that ever again. It was REAL happiness forever. You feel like everything was possible, like everything was ok in your life, and your future seems shining bright.

Real colors, real feelings! You realize that being happy should be the familiar feeling. You ask yourself why you sometimes felt sad and depressed.


One of my favorite comedians, Ricky Gervais, does a daily live stream on Twitter to make time during the COVID lockdown seem to pass by faster. Sometimes, he would listen to music. Sometimes, he would film his cat. In one episode, he answers viewers’ questions. I want to share my favorite question of this episode with you:

When you think back, which moment in your life would you like to be able to see again?


Thank you to everybody who donated his/her precious time to support RC SCENE. Thank you to everyone who donated money! Thank you for all those emails and thank you for almost 1,000 comments posted since February. Thank you for firing Trump. Thank you for inventing a corona vaccine. See you in 2021.


to you
The Bees – Hourglass (2004)

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