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Since the list of Trusted Vendors turned out to become rather complex, packed full with information, being long and not ideal for quickly checking a certain shop on your smartphone, tonight we launched a new and more mobile friendly version of the list of Trusted Shops.

It still links back to but the new list is more neatly arranged so that shops can be found and checked even faster.

Updates and additions to the list of Trusted Vendors will of course be added to all lists. By the end of the month we will have the Trusted Vendors list as well as the new mobile friendlier version of the list translated into German and will then soon start adding further content to

You find the new fast loading page optimized for your mobile experience here:

The German version will soon be available here:

The new lists of course works perfectly fine with your computer as well. Choose the one that fits you better, contentwise they will always be identical 🙂

Have a happy weekend!

With kind regards,
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How do you feel about this? Have you made different experiences? Please share with the community and post a comment 🙂

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  1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar comes with an SSL-certificate now, connections are secured now 😃

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    test, one, two

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