Chem Cloud – The discounter with the XXL-bags. (Trusted Shop Review)

Screenshot of the Chem Cloud web shop taken in 2020
Screenshot of the Chem Cloud web shop as of 2020

Please note:
While the [ Trusted Shop Reviews ] usually tell the history of a vendor of which some seem to have been around forever and show photos of products usually from at least two separate orders, they are still snapshots of a short period in time.

Vendors and their products are unpredictable
Quality, service, communication, and reliability change all the time. All vendors have their ups and downs. NPS / Research Chemicals always bear an immense risk to your health and have caused thousands of tragedies and even fatalities in recent years.

Hesitating isn’t quite Chem Cloud’s thing. When I inquired about a possible discount for a shop review, they promptly sent samples. The envelope read “KØMPRØMÆT” and made me laugh. Two weeks later, with no article published yet, they sent a follow-up email: “Did you scam us?”

Weeks later, I placed a test order to be able to draw a more reliable picture. The questionnaire sent to Chem Cloud was, unfortunately, ignored.

Used to be new in the biz

Chem Cloud entered the industry in early 2019, initially as a reseller of Predator-RC. A lot has happened since. Today, the shop offers its own product range, still at reasonable prices, with swift 24/7 email support and free express shipping for all orders placed on weekends.

Surprise, surprise

There is probably no other shop in the world that would just keep stretching and stretching its depleted supplies instead of changing a product status to “out of stock.” So happened with their 4F-MPH: the product became weaker and weaker unless they finally sold >97% pure cutting agent. I angrily changed to another vendor. That was a sad break because their prices seemed fair, and their products were usually worthwhile.

The exciting thing about Chem Cloud was that all their products would cost around 10 Euros per gram, regardless of how boring or interesting they were. You never knew until you had tested a compound. By far, the best and also the most affordable Crystal NEP was available from Chem Cloud for 12 Euros per gram. That is a point where I find it particularly unfortunate that Chem Cloud couldn’t find the time for the questionnaire. I would have been keen to hear whether the team was even aware that some of their low-budget priced products were leaving the competition behind.

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One product in the current test again positively surprised me: The orange-colored 3-Meo-PCP was quality as if it had come straight from the laboratory. Unfortunately, the white 3-Meo-PCP from the test order placed a few weeks later could not keep up with its prior version.

The Crystal NEP has unfortunately not been available from Chem Cloud for a long time. That brownish powder that is sold as NEP these days is just not the same. Not even close. After all, Chem Cloud could be credited for providing a product that at least does not seem to be caustic.

Their MFPVP is MFPVP. It doesn’t knock me off my feet, but if you like the product, you can get it at Chem Cloud for a reasonable price. I would describe MFPVP as a mixture of A-PCyP and 4F-Pentedrone. It lacks the euphoria of A-PCyP but is less caustic. It feels less stimulating than 4-FPD; it’s somewhere in the middle of those two.

A product that I struggled with was the CBD powder. I had never tried CBD at all. Now it was lying there, as a pure white powder, and I wasn’t sure whether it was intended for eating, smoking, or for bathing in it. Asking Chem Cloud would have felt too embarrassing, so I experimented. Long story short: CBD is a relatively mild affair. If you take medication, you may not get any effects at all from it. At least that’s what happened to me. However, I did find a use for it. Chem Cloud’s 3-FMA was a tad disappointing; it would give you a headache instead of the hoped-for euphoria. Mixed with CBD, it at least burnt significantly less. So, CBD definitely has a local anesthetic effect. Chem Cloud offer their CBD in one category together with cannabinoids, btw.

Finally: A-PHP. Ordered in both “crystal” and in “powder” form, I was surprised to find two bags of powder containing almost identical looking powders. The A-PHP “powder” turned out to be somewhat mild. When smoked, it made me sleepy and had a slightly dissociative effect. Smoking the “crystal” variant, on the other hand, almost felt like a cannabinoid. Insufflation didn’t hurt at first, but the next day you would notice that it badly damages the nose. A-PHP had always been a miracle to me; these two batches surely did not disappoint in that regard.

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In the following, I will provide uncommented (as unfortunately also unanswered) questions that I would have liked to ask Chem Cloud.

  • Your delivery page says, quote, “In case your country is not available in the list of countries, please send your special request to” – Do you ship worldwide?
  • Your Terms and Conditions say, quote, “Buyer acknowledges that the products have not been tested by Chem Cloud for safety and efficiency in food, drug, medical device, cosmetic, commercial or any other use.Do you have anything like quality assurance?
  • Why the heck would you advertise on a sketchy scammer forum like www_rc-forum_net?
  • How many liters of water could I fill your hilariously oversized bags with?

UPDATE 02/06/2021


While Chem Cloud might not ship to every country on earth (simply ask them via email if your country was an option) here are the updated rules for shipping to the UK and the USA:

Via only!

Minimum order value not included shipping costs: Euro 100,-
Payment: BTC (Bitcoin only)
Shipping: PostNL with tracking: Euro 20,-

Please note: You order at your own risk!


Chem Cloud didn’t knock me off my feet, but if you like a product, you can get it there for a reasonable price. While I could see that someone would want to spend more on less caustic 3-FMA or A-PHP, their MFPVP and 3-Meo-PCP seemed fine.

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I want to say thank you to the team at Chem Cloud for their support and patience.

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  1. is not request,Why not open New accounts -Rene help !

    1. As of December 2022 chemcloud as well as there shipping partner that was shipping 3mmc to usa stopped selling to usa all together. The Spanish shippers offered me a dope ass sample pack with aphp apihp DOC and flualprazolam but the next week told me they could no longer ship. I was about to place a huge order for my vending opp but…

      1. Thanks for sharing!

        I understand that recently imposed sanctions against someone allegedly having engaged in chemical terrorism, targeting the good people of America’s health has caused surprised faces and uncertainty. I had never before heard of Etherum wallets being sanctioned against by a government.

        I don’t really understand yet what that actually means but would contact sales@whoever someday again.

        DEA seem to prefer an Eutylone analogue over MMC which is domestically distributed in units of kilogram. Looks like was the 2-mmc of the eutylone family, like someone tried yet failed to manufacture eutylone and gave the new design a fancy name to succeed on the US market. Your extravagant approach of offering asylum to members of the pyro and the xmc families sounds like a niche to me. Good luck with that fence thing. 😉

    2. I find it amazing that no one has caught on that adding a drop of water and a Sprinkle of baking powder on top of cathinone( pryos only). The problem is this has to be done for each hit but it is well worth it it becomes favorable as a PHP when it was a rock form it turns yellow it smells and tastes just like mdpv app in the old days that semen smell the highest better I’d say 100% better. People have. The research chemicals that I have successfully done this with include Mdpv,Apvp,aphp, NEP, 4f-php, mdphp, A-pihp and many others whose name escaped me that were said to be worthless and unfavorable I found this method made at least worthwhile. It increases the enjoyment of the chemical by 100%. It turns yellow it has that semen smell( which those that had the honor of trying mdpv remember all too well) Vapes perfectly. what basically happens is you have to do this on an individual basis. People have long tried to do and turn it into a base form by using ammonia which is a complete bust in comparison. If you wish to make a large amount you can put some in a spoon with the proper proportions of water baking powder and chemical of your choice and then heat with a spoon until you hear it lightly until you hear it s*** like that but all you have to do is use baking powder and a drop of water and you’ll hear it start popping as that’s the chemical reaction probably turning it to a hydrochloride into a base. I’ve shown this to all my friends and I keep looking online to see if anyone’s going to catch on to this . I want to pass that along to you but I was always afraid to share it to too many people because they get hooked but anyone that reads you already is deep into their love of stimulants your friend Dan Potter @metasynchronicity
      About 10 mgs, just enough water to wet it then sprinkle about 5 -10 MG’s of sodium bicarbonate. If this has not been already posted a million times which I cannot find I would like it to be called the Æ tek

    3. Evriting is OK! Working

  2. Hi,
    I see that the store still offers 3 mmc. Has anyone tried this? And does anyone know from where they ship it? Since the info from 3 MMC says they don’t ship it from the Netherlands.

    1. Probably 3-cmc or 2-mmc and from Spain. Said to be disappointing when you expect something interesting.

    2. Are they working in 2023 im trying to open new account old is lost,Whats hapend ?👍

      1. I am somewhat optimistic for chemcloud to offer their very underwhelming samples also in 2023, however, would #avoid them at this point in time!

        That new website looks like a cheap template and registration submits all your details in plain text for everyone to see(; which I consider akward).

        An example: https://www.chemcloud(.)com/register?First-Name=PETER&Last-Name=O’DONALD&Email-Address=peter.odonald%40justice.4all&Phone-Number=+1(555)539090781&Company-Name=PASTEBIN&Message=….

        Thanks for the heads-up! 💛

        1. This is not working…..

          Пример: https://www.chemcloud( .)com/register?First-Name=PETER&Last-Name=O’DONALD&Email-Address=peter.odonald%40justice.4all&Phone-Number=+1(555)539090781&Company-Name= PASTEBIN&Message=….

          1. That was a sad joke of mine, that is any random site, do not enter your details there.

            A service especially for you:

  3. boskiprototyp Avatar

    Latest MDPHP freebase batch (gray powder with lots of withe dots of some other substance (caffeine probably) used to cut/”upgrade” product, but that’s not the biggest issue of this new batch, more significant is fact that it’s not a declared freebase but some salt form [ … | edit ]. Haven’t got any replay from vendor but generally they don’t give a fuck what customers think or if selling product is completely crap or inactive. Invested money in product have to be back, pissed customers aren’t a big problem from them.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for sharing.

      Feel free to please also add photos when describing a sample you purchased.
      Simply putting a link to a photo (hosted with imgur, google photos, postimages, wherever, etc.) should be sufficient to embed it.

      I doubt that there was anything like a “new” mdphp batch. I’d say they create at least two new webshops every week because they wanrt to dispose of foul substances in the US, Africa, or wherever else they hope to trick anybody into wasting money on trash.

      You need to know that so many drug dealers pour insane amounts of toxic liquids and powders into Dutch rivers or even bury them in the woods, so that the police was forced to stop ignoring drug dealers poisoning environemnt and threatening the ground water.

      If you want coffee, get coffee. There is a reason why it is popular. I do not react well to caffeine powder and consider such a mix a mislabeled and dangerous thing, actually. However, I coubt that ChemCloud would spend so much money on cutting agent. They would usually use sand from playgrounds.

      Someone figured that certain things seem to sell a lot better if marketed as “freebase”.

      A freebase would be pure. Not sure if if the term freebase might have two meanings: The technical one would be a substance pure and not an HCL. Crack Ignaz might put freebase in his pipe that could be something different, but I don’t know.

      If you believed a freebase should be smokable, then we were two thinking so already. If you believed any vendor could tell a freebase from a salt, then I feel sorry for you.

      If you intoxicated yourself badly because that weird salt did not vape, then don’t order with idiots again.

      The problem is that some order again hoping they could receive an acceptable product.

      Vendors are not supposed to discuss drug consumption. That is one of many things making common drugs an a lot safer choice…
      Don’t blame them if they cannot reply to such questions. They probably wouldn not know anyway, but even more they could be cautious about somebody drop dead and the coroner finding emails exchanged with vendors.

      Pissed customers are an issue. Pointless substances do not sell well.

      I wished we could discuss samples (with photos) and create articles to warn against the worst substances. Maybe, you had an idea.

      Issues fo far:

      • All those underground and all for freedom of speech suckers do not want us. They prefer drug dealers money (riseup, etc.)
      • We could host such on Google. I would, but would you share photos and experiences on a Google service? Seriously, would you? Because that thing is as good as ready.

      • A problem however: Basically everybody seemingly interested in drugs for a hobby turned out a drug dealer which cannot be trusted…


      I try this embedding photos thing, maybe it works again:

      [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]

      how I assume your batch

      how that thing used to look three years ago

      Kind regards!

  4. Chemclouds 6-apb is quite nice. I dosed 200mg last night. Usually it takes 1.5hr to kick in but this hit me hard in 30 mins. Very hard. It reminded me of MDA with a side of mushrooms. Ive had 6-apb from a few places from scientific-innovations to trrc and chemclouds was the nicest for me. Even better than S-I’s furimate version which shocked me.
    The last batch of aphp was not so pleasant but i was told they have a new tan batch which im interested in. All white batches from most vendors i just cant get into. I think this will be my final fun with aphp or any chems. Im getting to old and its time to get serious about life and stop fucking around so much. We will see if i stick with that attitude because i rarely do

  5. Very interested in chemcloud I noticed it was written in 2020, still good as it gets, any legit vendors or just someone who happened to buy extra- pihp or a-pcyp , Is in need.

    1. RC SCENE is no shopping guide. The portraits are honest and real, unbiased and fair, but they describe a moment in time and will not receive updates (unless there had been major changes).

      Chemcloud sources many products from TRC. I think Chemcloud cuts some products (prices are remarkably low, he is a discounter) so this will not surprise anyone.

      There is something that I do not understand, though: I would rather order with Chemcloud than with TRC. Chemcloud claims to store his products in a fridge and while I thought this to be a marketing gag, I meanwhile believe him.

      He claims to have 10,000 registered accounts, btw.

      TRC recently announced a fresh batch of crystal NEP. Maybe wait for Chemcloud to offer it. I would pass on A-PcyP, b/c that thing has an insanely short shelf-life. No idea about their A-PiHP.

      The brownish NEP is Dopek style; Not my cup of tea. The PHP will be a clean white powder (or rocks) and 3f-A-PVP was the last thing I remember to give you a kick. Tolerance is building quickly, though.

      1. My mistake:

        The fresh batch is NOT NEP crystals, it’s a white powder, it’s NEP, it’s better than what some Dopek vendors offer, but it’s not great and it looks like this smeary something that TRC is notorious for offering and is often disappointing. Still, the best I can say about it is that it has not died yet, it seems fresh.

        Another thing: Stick to the PHP rocks! I don’t know what they added to the powder, it has some weird taste now that I could not tell what it is. I hope the rocks are still okay and had not been touched but are sold as they used to be.

        1. The NEP powder is for Chemcloud as well for TRC and the RTC boys, About the PHP I don’t know for sure, I assume Chemcloud sourced it while both versions were still okay. It could be that Chem Cloud offers better (untouched) powder than TRC / RTC. It’s absurd, but seen from a business perspective, somebody might have thought it to be it a good idea to add something to it to have more of it…

    2. Not sure what you mean but the are still legit and pretty awesome

    3. Chemcloud has been very good to me

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