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Photo of headquarter
Alpha Chain BV Gouda: The office (© Google Street View)
PS: The logo inserted is misleading. Not in house number 5 but house number 7 he registered his companies. My mistake, sorry.


Recently, Chemical Collective has been called sketchy here for even splitting orders shipped within the Netherlands, which – so I assumed – would indicate that there would be something wrong with the products he is selling since research chemicals are perfectly legal in the NL.

However, Chemical Collective stresses that it would indeed be unusual and unnecessary to do so, but that it had nothing to do with bunk or mislabeled substances, and was a habit rather.

The Age of Instagram: Beautiful photos, a perfect selfie during sunset, a professional logo and a nicely done website that tells you: I look like I was quality, order with me!


Is this the way we enter the post-factual area or have things always been like this? And why would I be afraid of my name being published? Would my mother break out into tears once she learnt that her little JRG has become a criminal? Would angry mothers, whose children JRG poisons without knowing how dangerous these substances are, burn down his car? Will he then try his luck as a Bitcoin gambler again? Would his brother count the coins like Dustin Hoffman did in Rainman? Might I have deserved this and is money really everything?

Since chemical-collective provides no legit imprint, I googled for their company name:

Alphachain BV

Jacob founded this company in October 2019. He seems to be everywhere since, like writing emails nonstop, paying the big forums nice money for being listed as trustworthy, or in some forum to have banner ads or just paying for being allowed to have a thread of his own. These braindead fuckfaces running illegal profit-oriented forums in which they advertise drug shops and give tips on how to order to more easily bypass customs are the worst. Complete nuts, but clever enough to make Jacob pay for a banner ad displayed right in between two ads for illicit pharmaceutics. drugbuyersguide make at least 60,000 USD per year, illicit pharmaceutics seems to be a growing business. Jacob is in the “Internet retail trade in other non-food products” business. Most drug dealers use shop fronts, however, his one is actually a real shop, funny.

Click an image to enlarge it.

SUBMIT A TIP TO DEA #drugbuyersguide

By the way, Lizard Labs would never register their shops as shops. As carwash maybe, but not as a shop. If you order from, you order from an officially registered “Wholesaler of pesticides and fertilizers”. More soon.

Comparing oneself with the mafia… No, Jack’s not that bad. He might have started squeezing money out of Americans junkies, but to be fair: To me he has always shown to be an intelligent, friendly, funny and honest guy. I don’t know why he would advertise with this mafia forum, greed should be treated in hospitals, it would make this paragraph a nicer place to read. And to write.

Unfortunately, after having spent so much on advertising in the US, he couldn’t spare a single sample for testing, I received exactly what I ordered and since I could only afford a small order, this thing turned out to be an extremely disappointing experience…

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3 products, 2 feel like Jacob was stealing money from me, 1 is unusual but okay

The DCK felt unusual, like O-PCE in the first minutes, but then started feeling familiar. It lifts your mood and you feel alright, however, already on the second day there were hardly any effects noticeable and half a gram is fast gone.

Then the 3-FPM. This compound has been around for quite a while but I never tested it, cos Phentrazine is not a pleasure substance. And, surprise, neither is 3-FPM, it’s actually one of the worst chemicals I have ever held in hands. Do you trust reviews in internet forums? I know you do, and this thing sucks big time, trust me on that.

I also ordered two blotters of 1cP-LSD and took both at once. After two hours, I gave up, not the slightest feeling of any psychoactive effect.

After four hours, I knew, chemical-collective might have a nice website and make tens of thousands Euros each year, but he doesn’t seem to care about quality at all. It’s all about squeezing money out of us.

It’s a facade. The big money he makes is as real as his tainted DCK, the ugly 3-FPM, and his inactive 1cP-LSD. Not to mention the prices: 15 Euros for two sheets of worthless paper? What a nerve!!!

Always on Message

Jacob is constantly writing emails and trying to entertain his customers: He donates 5% of his enormous win span to Médecins Sans Frontières, he arranges an artwork gallery competition, or a T-shirt design contest, but there is one thing he might have forgotten about:

Nothing kills a bad product faster
than good advertising.

Bill Bernbach

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