Exclusive: Kinochems (USA) joined mysterious alliance “UNITED IN TAX FRAUD”

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Kinochems Last Haul still in the making
A megaphone and a text: "Listen! This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do NOT contact them. Do NOT google them. Why? Because scammers (copycats) have already created email accounts and shops going by similar names only to steal your money. Do NOT react to such if contacted!
This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do not contact them and do not fall for copycats/impersonators contacting you. They will all scam you.

What is going on with Kinochems lately? Developments and the new shop moving to the Tor Network.

Kino, a Research Chemical vendor by trade with a downright spectacular tendency towards unforgettable ups and downs (who wouldn’t remember his legendary down between 2014 and ongoing) and – it is hard to believe – even more spectacular delays in order processing, finally got back at RC SCENE and it turns out, Kino was not idle during his absence, when he suddenly said goodbye and would not answer emails from possibly cheated customers anymore.


First, he finally started shipping pending orders again. He obviously did not find the time to buy a permanent marker and might send you unlabeled bags, but at least he seems to live up to the promise he made, a promise he also made to me: To never scam anybody. That said, there are customers awaiting their order since August already. Those folks got scammed, never trust a needle hero. Now I know…



Second, he used the time to tear his mouth off RC SCENE René, the always friendly and helpful keeper of the RC SCENE mailbox and (indirectly) threatened him. (In Kino’s defense: René might or might not have reported him to Switzerland, where there is no such thing as Research Chemicals, only scheduled substances, to further prevent him from violating Swiss law and Proton Mail’s Terms of Use, which had become a serious issue the day that Kino announced he would take orders sent from ProtonMail accounts only and needed to be resolved, no matter what an American outlaw might think. 7 out of 10 doctors say that Kino will get over it.)

Quote: Also I found out a whole lot about you. You obviously don’t know who my allies are that you have doxed, as just one example, before.

KINO from Kinochems threatening me with his “allies”


Unfortunately, Kino is repeating the baseless rumors that RC SCENE would do so-called “doxing”. We assume that this was only a temporary dropout and again, as already done in the debate about the substances with which Chemical-Collective Joke poisoned part of the RC-SCENE editorial team, we would like to distance ourselves sharply from these weird accusations that are nothing but lies.

Just because a headline is entitled “Doxing”, does not mean the article would contain any doxing. The irony becomes apparent when one reads not only headlines but also the text below.

It is fact that Jacob with his company Alphachain BV, better known as the drugs web shop owner Chemical-Collective Joke is, according to Dutch legislation, legally obliged to provide a proper imprint since his company name (Alphachain) and his brand name (Chemical-Collective Joke) are not identical. Just because he is hosting his web shop in Arabia (this is no joke, by the way) he is of course still bound to Dutch legislation. Also, since he is a questionable entrepreneur, his name and his companies all registered in a small garage, he can be found on various websites. He is a person of interest, period.

On the occasion: If this silly accusation of RC SCENE doxing innocent people is made just one more time, then the first chicken thieve who will be reported to authorities so that everyone can see that it was not doxing but Jacob breaking a law will be our dear friend Jacob himself.

A mentally handicapped criminal may be granted the right to protection of personal privacy, but this certainly does not apply here.

They say...
They say…


Thirdly, Kino has apparently joined an alliance whose sole aim it is to cheat society off of taxes, to lie as if in print, to refuse to work honestly, to break laws by principle, to be involved in money laundering, to sell highly contaminated and mislabeled chemicals to teenagers and, last not least, to smuggle Schedule I substances in huge quantities from Hong Kong into the USA, to California (and possibly to New York as well), from where they are sent via FedEx in units of between one and five kilograms (!) to street dealers so that they can finally destroy US society, like it was not already tumbling enough.

The name of Kino’s alliance is rumored to be “Alliance of all those who are too stupid to find an honest job”, while other sources speak of “The Money Laundering Alliance” or a “Club for friends of tax evasion“.


Hopefully, Kino will soon regain his senses and no longer send any more threats whatsoever to anyone being with RC SCENE. No one is afraid of his oh-so-great gangster-bride tax fraud alliance anyway.

Although not a marketing project, we have by far been his strongest partner and were the first and probably the only ones who, after a brief period of uncertainty, included him in a list of said to be okay Research Chemical vendors again. Which in hindsight was a mistake, I should never ever have trusted this notorious liar who considers himself being a victim while constantly scamming customers. I an sorry for that. I mean it.

News from the destroyed shop front: Kinochem’s new shop already exists, but I estimate that it will take at least three weeks before everything is in place.

Half full or running on empty?


RC SCENE will accompany Kino into his Onion world, since he has already indicated to stick to research chemicals and not to market any illegal drugs. As found on his current paste, he has also decided against offering any forms of fentanyl derivatives or other opioids as well as against offering – now often highly toxic – cannabinoids. He also categorically excluded benzofurans such as 6-APB.

What will that look like? RC SCENE will publish an article describing the TOR network and how to get there. Step by step we will explain how to access the new shop and how to pay attention to your computer’s safety. The Darknet is lurking full of dangers, it is the place where criminal scraps cavort, and which also contains numerous websites contaminated with malware that may infect your computer or smartphone and ruin them.

Kino decided to move his shop to the Darknet since whoever (probably someone who claims to be an ally of his) had erased his web server a couple of times earlier this year.

A popular European vendor, Predator-RC also created a web shop on the Darknet. These shops remain research chemical shops nonetheless and are not to be mistaken with criminal forums or criminal marketplaces on the Darknet, you might have heard of. If you stay away from sketchy sites, the Tor-Network will not make you buy a grenade thrower or make you start trading child pornography.

A megaphone and a text: "Listen! This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do NOT contact them. Do NOT google them. Why? Because scammers (copycats) have already created email accounts and shops going by similar names only to steal your money. Do NOT react to such if contacted!
This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do not contact them and do not fall for copycats/impersonators contacting you. They will all scam you.


On a personal note, I’d like to add: Please stay the fuck away from all these criminal Darknet forums, Darknet marketplaces etc. They are an entry to hell. The people there are insane in the brain, they constantly steal from each other, they have no ethical construct they could stick to: Whenever they see a chance, they will steal from you.

RC SCENE is concept of proof that an honest and professional approach does not need to hide. It is also a political statement to discuss things instead of banning them and forcing them to the underground. The difference between Kino’s shop and RC SCENE is that RC SCENE is accepted by a reputable professional web host, while illegal RC shops that pay no taxes would usually be kicked by serious web hosts such as ours.

Kinochems old Shop 2020 image saying Amor Fati
Amor fati means ~ to love one’s fate and is a very pessimistic view on life where the individuum would be doomed to fate instead of being able to set actions. This graphic was created by Kino after some of his “allies” had erased his web shop.


Kino mentioned in a way that there are rumors about my person being repeated and repeated until someone someday somewhere might finally believe some of them. I doubt that there is information about my person out there, who would care who I was? Oh, right, I forgot: Scammers. Scammers even post in my name to make me look dumb and I assume they are behind attacks I recently had to deal with.

I cannot provide a proper imprint due to the many death threats I have received in the short history of RC SCENE, due to the constant hacking attacks, blackmailing attempts and – believe it or not – personal attacks. I want to thank local police and the state attorney involved for having been clever enough to immediately recognize that someone wanted to make me look like a criminal. They stopped the investigation right after my testimony.

RC SCENE will always remain independent, unbiased and write the truth or an exaggerated version of it in form of irony or polemic hate speech against this greedy industry and how it is killing our brains. If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

It does not matter if we receive free samples, or money offers, or might someday even display banner ads for vendors.

It does, however, matter when scammers someday send me poison in an inconspicuous letter just because I dared to trying to do something about them.

Kino will calm down again, Chemical Joke is not a murderer, and scammers only have one brain and that one is defunct. If you were to like Jack better than Joke, then maybe have a look at the many other issues discussed on RC SCENE. I would especially recommend the news section, including the comments below the article.


The Coathangers – Squeeki Tiki (Live recorded at the KEXP studio)

Today is Friday 13, good luck to everybody!

With kind regards,
* * *

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16 responses to “Exclusive: Kinochems (USA) joined mysterious alliance “UNITED IN TAX FRAUD””

  1. Fyah_Sidez Avatar

    Lol KINO didnt exactly have the best OPSEC. He responded to my order once claiming that he lived close enough to meet up in real life if we ever had an emergency and needed benzos.

    My GF at the time was a wreckless benzo addict so of course she lost her stash and we ended up ubering an hour away to meet KINO CHEMS.

    We meet him at a lit up street corner a few blocks from his house and significantly overpay for tons of different things.

    He kept bragging about how he had became a self-made millionare so fast from vending. He even told us he would help my friend start up vending.

    Anyways, we must have sketched him out because he gave us a new way to contact him through some chat service I had never heard of, but never wrote on there and subsequently quit directly after our interaction.

    I dont mean this as a DOX, take this down if there is any chance to hurt him. Despite claiming he is a “criminal” for not paying taxes, I would shift the blame to our criminal USA government, the same one that decided to vaporize two cities to end a war between much more primitive technologies ushering in an era where humans could end life as we know it with a push of the button, but they also started this morally wrong war against people who desire to alter their consciousness and forcefully exported it around the world via UN treaty. This war has caused more deaths and lives ruined than any scammer or the amalgamation of all scammers.

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      That article might read sillly but if I told you that I published it within 30 minutes after he had sent 2 mass emails filles with lies and insults about me although I was the only one who believed in him, he would not have sold anything if it wasn’t for RC SCENE, i pulled him out of that fucking DN shid and how does he thank me? He starts scamming customers, does not reply to emails for a month and I had put and end to it. He has scammed so many people, I receive emails offering me money, I could make thousands of dollars if I gave away his address to scam victims, and that is not the end of the story, I will resume this comment later. There is so much about Kino that describes this fucking US scene and is proof that the corrupt motherfuckers at the DEA protect organized crime like dbg forum and terrorists like Sellkies (a DEA informant, in case you didn’t know); What happened to Kino is so sad and not fair and it is the only motivation that keeps me sticking with the US although you stupid fucks never donate and I am running out of money and time, but Kino, take it or leave it, this is a part of RC SCENE history and the US. I will explain someday. I do something that people call passive aggressive. I know that those motherfuckers read this, but I mention it, and then I wait, because I am not the corrupt fuck, they are. Wait and see.

    2. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Okay, that article is obviously a co-edit, I cannot take the credit for. The idea was to show Kino, who thinks of himself being the most clever person ever to have paid a visit to planet earth, that I am faster than fuck. Don’t worry, seven out of ten doctors say that Kino will get over it. ;-D

    3. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      That Kino threatened me with his “alliance” scared the shit out of me. Assume he would be friends with, e.g., the admin of that d/ead forum and the D/A informants and other criminals meeting there. Assume, I was not a cartoon character but a real person. Imagine how afraid I could have been. But the IT guy is an artist and not a killer. The criminals are criminals, but if you are already down by one a week before I even get informed because it turns out there is an evil superpower that none of us might have had on the radar that arrests criminals instead of shooting people of color for no reason (I know, that is hard to imagine for people living in the US), then I am not less nervous than usual, I am not an idiot; Still, please correct me if I am wrong, US criminals all seem to be retarded. They would need to hire someone like me to come up with a plan. It’s a vicious circle. Those informants, btw, are in no way allowed to do whatever they want. There is like a case manager responsible for them and even if seemingly invisible – if a scam victim should ever submit a tip instead of acting like a helpless victim, they start the car. I don’t think that their stupid forum will survive, we will see. In Mexico, they equip cartels with weapons that are used to kill police officers. That is so stupid I have no words. Gladly, I am not the only one to think so. Your government/the army supports Mexico to combat the cartels by providing even better weapons than what the DIY sold to their friends.

      From a European perspective, the war on drugs in Mexico is fought with weapons beyond imagination. Also, the weekly school massacre you celebrate here involves weapons that are on par with our military securing NATO missions. This American idea of everything must always become bigger and louder and more profitable does not work in real life. Next step: grenade launcher. Such is quite heavy. A razor blade might be more effective than a grenade launcher if you need to fight for your life.

      BTW; What happened to that Trump’s plan to equip high school teachers with weapons stronger than what a mentally challenged teenager usually uses? I somehow lost track of that debate, but from what I understand, you would want to go for one tank per classroom. Think about it: A semi-automatic that I can easily upgrade into a fully automatic – this is not the moment to call the gym teacher to shoot back. Fucking run!

    4. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      One last thing, I don’t really want to memorize those happenings, maybe some other day; But this important to me: RC SCENE is not a shopping guide. It’s a portrait. If Kino does not pay taxes, then I am not going to lie about it. What’s the point in faking history? I don’t see it.

  2. Chonkdelabonk Avatar

    Found your website looking for reviews – appreciate the hard work! As I work my way through the website and read things like this makes me worry though. I appreciate your idea of irony or joke but a lot seems like you’re threatening (and getting threats which also isnt cool). I feel like this is a personal diary or opinion instead of a review with no bias.

    You have a website reviewing RC’s and RC vendors but you seem to really hate the RC industry?

    As someone who would really like more honest reviews in the RC world that is not ‘Lustpilot’ please please please try and help stay on right path!!!!

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      All information on RC SCENE is accurate unless it is obvious irony.

      I am threatened all the time by people who make a fortune selling drugs or by scamming people. I won’t be threatened. If they attack me or spread lies, I will answer to that.

      The shop reviews and substance warnings etc. are completely unbiased and true, I spend hours investigating these articles.

      I will peux a peux introduce the industry. The scammers, the ones who sell you poison, the liars. Yes, I hate the industry. Everyone who bothers about these dudes hates them.

      I just collect facts.

      I defend myself.

      Sorry for giving you a wrong picture, but wait until I publish the article about what underground labs in China look like and what 1 gram of a substance is actually worth. Or further substance warnings…

      I want to make you think about what you are doing to yourself, I try, maybe I will reach one or the other.

      1. Chonkdelabonk Avatar

        I look forward to the artical about China – my homeland! I have some good sight in to this as well and would never deal with vendors from there as there is no care for us.

        I find it interesting you hate the industry and I’m sorry that is how it is. Is this for a reason? My feeling is that because of this and your need to defend it will change your view and bias instead of being in a place of neutral feelings. How do you review something you hate?

        Thinking about what we are doing to ourself is a good question, but what about what you are doing to yourself? We both research but maybe yours is more damaging to you?

        I think a article to introduce the industry would be a great one!

        Sorry for the rambling thoughts and thank you for the work


        1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

          Dear Chonkdelabonk,

          I hate the industry for selling highly toxic substances, for their marketing lies they spam everywhere, for RC forums that get bribed by vendors and distribute their lies and so on…






          I work days and weeks on such articles and the photos. But if things aren’t alright, I will of course mention it. I know, the scene is used to silly 10/10 reviews only. I go beyond and further and in case you find a single factual error, please DO let me know. The shops reviewed all were asked for input or if they wanted details corrected or misleading phrases rephrased. I work according to a high ethical journalism codex.

          1. Chonkdelabonk Avatar

            Love as well as hate, they are similar things. As I research the world more I believe your reviews are very personal standpoints. Sometimes you seem like angry guy, I can also understand why but it is important to point out.

            On another point, can other people write reviews or articles? I think I could have some good insight in to the china rc market for you

            1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

              Sure you can! Please send an email to kompromat@rc-scene.com and describe the topic and if it will be one article or rather a series of articles and what photos I should try to search for to use in the articles or if you got your own photos.

              PS: I don’t find the text above to be an angry read. Now that that weirdo is spreading lies about me (I would have asked him to helping fight Chinese Triads and would be mad at him because he would not had shared his contacts… that’s so absurd, I’d punch him in the face if was here. Also, he called me mentally ill (he! me!) and wrote in a mass mail that I deserve soon death. NOW I AM ANGRY ;-D

        2. greyterrier Avatar

          He is just less than thrilled with the American scene, and I don’t blame him for that. Kino is just one of the people who ripped off me, personally. I did get one order from him finally. So I made the mistake of making a second one, though I’d had to bug him to death for the first order.
          Rene is correct that the American scene is just criminals, where in Europe they are registered tax-paying businesses.

  3. William Moore Avatar
    William Moore

    Kino got me hacked so bad it destroyed a huge part of my life! Rene who I think was the one would used the handle KROMPET or some shitike that! Still never got the order…..just death threats to me and my family!

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      KØMPRØMÆT is a brand. There is nothing to fear about it. Take care!
      KØMPRØMÆT is a hommage to a French band and even though a Russian term as well, still just a fucking word, so get over it 😉

  4. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

    To give you an idea with what human trash I sometimes have to deal with (all of them from the US, no idea what is wrong with you), I’d like to quote an email from that scamming piece of shit Kinochems I received earlier today:

    You’re a nut bro, not gonna feed you. You remind me of some lame villain in a comic book lol.


    Everyone BCC’d,

    This is that mentally ill guy I was telling you about. To be honest I don’t really read what he says.

    Sent from ProtonMail Mobile

    As usual, he would not work but either look for a clean needle or telling random “allies” how complicated his life was.

    Calling me a mental case while showing severe signs of a combined personality disorder and schizophrenia as well as mental impairment due to constant drug abuse would be fun to read if that braindead fuck wouldn’t believe his own lies, considering himself a gifted young god…

    Somebody, someday, maybe explain to him that he is a greedy fuck at best and incapable of handling simple tasks like reading emails and shipping orders, who should seek professional help better now than never. Schizophrenia is not getting better with age…

    1. William Moore Avatar
      William Moore

      Im with ya…..he got me hacked so bad! Sent me death threats a day still ripped me off…it was crazy!

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