From Prolintane to 2-FMA: A pursuit of happiness. (Diary. AMPHETAMINE DAYS pt. II)

I was never interested in drugs. In fact, all my friends used to smoke weed but I didn’t like to. Not even regular cigarettes. I thought that drugs made you to see dragons or things like that, I never thought about drugs that improve your mood or make you feel happier. Didn’t know that existed.

KATOVIT – The love of my life

Some years ago, I had a stone in the kidney. It was the first time in my life I was having good qualifications at the exams and I had studied a lot for my last exams. The day I had my first final exam, I had to leave the room due to the strong pain that suddenly came to my kidney.

I was down and very sad for some days, thinking that I was going to lose all my exams, very depressed, so my doctor prescribed me “some vitamins” so to improve my mood and back again to my daily routine.

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I thought “bah, vitamins, that does nothing…”. I took a quick glance at the box (half a second or so) and yes, I read that it had a lot of vitamins, so I said “bah” again and I never even tried any of those stupid vitamins at first. Until I found out, yes, the medication has a lot of vitamins, but I realized that these vitamins were added only to make your brain recover from the MAIN INGREDIENT: Prolintane.

Those days I had no idea how famous that medicine was (Katovit, or Catovit in some countries). I’m not going to tell all my Catovit adventures but they were awesome, incredible.

I haven’t felt anything like that again. It was the REAL happiness forever. You feel like if everything was possible, like if everything was ok in your life and future seems shining bright.

It’s a long way to happiness, a long way to go,
but I’m gonna get there boy, the only way I know.

I remember going to the supermarket to buy some chocolate, candy… and take walks in the city, enjoying the walk, the buildings, the streets… everything had a different colour. Real colours, real feelings, you realize that being happy should be the normal feeling and in that moment you don’t understand why are you sometimes low of mood. I liked to help people (at the supermarket, on the street…) if they needed my help, I needed to hug people, even strangers… It was… no words.

I am very lucky as I am able of not abusing this kind of things and only do them once or twice a week, and I never redose (this also gives me a stronger effect as if I would do happiness meds more oftenly). Unfortunately, not everyone is able to control his hunger for medication, and so the pharma industry stopped offering Katovit 🙁

So, unfortunately, Katovit disappeared but I had already tried the happiness drugs. So I started searching for alternatives. I found Ritalin (methylphenidate), very similar in effects (but NO, it will NEVER be the SAME as PROLINTANE).

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Although Ritalin still exists, it has become difficult to get it. The alternative I got prescribed was another medicine, also methylphenidate, but not in the instant release form, but in the “delayed” [retard, editor’s note] form. I found out that crushing the tiny balls and putting the powder under my tongue with a little alcohol worked very close to instant methylphenidate. I used to drink little alcohol too after this, because I read that alcohol converts methylphenidate to ethylphenidate, and I felt that this boosted the recreational effect a bit.

I had some good times with this, again walking down the streets but not alone this time. I found a friend that liked to do this happiness adventures with me and we spent great weekends taking meds and talking very happy both about a lot of things: About life, the universe, you know, that kind of conversations… wow… great memories come to my mind.

Research Chemicals? Glory or adventure?

My doctor didn’t want to prescribe me methylphenidate anymore. Again, looking for a substitute, I read about Research Chemicals. At first, I thought 4F-MPH would be like the perfect substitute for methylphenidate but I turned out to be disappointing. Can’t tell if the substance in general was disappointing or if the one batch I got was of poor quality.

I felt a bit motivated but no more than if I drank a big glass of coffee. I was near to give up when I finally tried 2-FMA. I am very happy now because it is the perfect substitute.

However, I am a bit worried because this is not medicine, so you don’t really know what you are taking. The effect is very similar to methylphenidate (I suppose it depends on the batch, but for me, 20mg of 2-FMA is equivalent to 10mg of methylphenidate).

My friend is not interested in these experiences at this moment, so I discovered that staying at home and doing this alone is great, too. (That said, I wasn’t interested in walking the streets alone, anymore.)

Moreover, I found that staying at home I could reduce the dose (I used to take 20 or 30mg of methylphenidate when I walked the city, sweating… but I only need 10mg if I stay quiet at home). 

So, my current Friday recipe is:

a) Short story:

– 750mg Phenibut + 20mg 2-FMA (or 10mg methylphenidate, or similar…) + caffeine + NALT (and/or magnesium complex) + alcohol + music + your favourite hobby/chat with friends/whatever you like to do.

b) Long story:

– It’s Friday! Yes, this is the first ingredient of the recipe 🙂 Weekend ahead!

– If I breakfast this day, I do a very light breakfast because food in the stomach influences if meds have stronger or weaker effects.

– I arrive home (while I’m listening music with my headphones on the busride and already feeling excited because I know that today is my great day of happiness. I usually bring some sweets (donut, little piece of cake or something like that) home on Fridays.

– I start watching an episode of my favourite TV series.

– 30 minutes, or 15 minutes before the episode I already take about 750mg of PHENIBUT. Ideally, the effects of Phenibut and 2-FMA “meet” at the same time.

– When I finished watching my TV series, I open a can of energy drink (CAFFEINE) and I sit in front of my computer. I usually surf the internet while listening MUSIC.

When the Phenibut finally kicks in, you might hear me singing, too 🙂

– Later, I take some ANTI-ACID (they say it is useful to reduce the acidity in the stomach so the 2-FMA/MPH or whatever you take lasts longer and the happiness will be increased).

– Also, I take NALT (N-acetyl L-tyrosine) or a MAGNESIUM complex (mine is magnesium+calcium+zinc).

– I wait 15 or 20 minutes.

– I take my RITALIN (METHYLPHENIDATE) (10mg is enough for me if I stay at home) or 2-FMA (20mg is enough for me if I stay at home).

– I wait 15 or 20 minutes.

– I take a “sachet” of soluble coffee (more CAFFEINE!)

About 30 minutes after taking 2-FMA/MPH, the happiness starts.

– Sometimes, I take some ALCOHOL at this moment, but if the happiness feeling is very strong already (it depends on the dose, on the tolerance, the gap you left between doses, the food in your stomach or even intestines…) you probably won’t need alcohol.

When the happiness is wearing off, I don’t redose, instead I drink a lot of water and take a vitamine complex.

And that’s it. That’s my happiness Friday.

Maybe the most important part is not to abuse it and not to redose (makes no sense to me anyway), to do it only once a week and to leave a big gap of days between doses. A light breakfast and caffeine are the best enhancers.

With 2-FMA I don’t experience the harsh comedown that I used to have after the MPH, but I have difficulties urinating, for 2 or 3 days.

– S.

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