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Test Samples: Benzo Solutions

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Received 2 samples, Clonazolam and Flualprazolam solutions, each 5mg/ml.

Items were packaged securely in a Mylar foil bag zip locked.

Research was conducted on the Clonazolam solution first. Seems to be dosed correctly and all other properties match up from what past research has shown on this compound. Test subject dosed .2ml of the Clonazolam solution. Effects were evident at the 20-25 minute mark. Slight reduction in anxiety, muscles loosened, racing thoughts become less.

Quality would be ranked at a 8.5/10. Very impressed.

Tomorrow, I’ll be conducting research on the Flualprazolam solution to give a thorough and detailed review.

( Source:
rc-scene.com/trusted-research-chemical-vendors-usa/#comment-1895 )

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Part //

The Flualprazolam from Legit RC was a 8/10 for quality as well. Would order in the future.

– T.


Legit RC do not use permanent marker for labeling their products. The photos above originate from their very early days, these were prototypes and never offered for sale. Today, Legit RC have tested all their substances before offering them for sale and their products look and feel remarkably professional.

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  1. Did anyone who ordered from LEGIT right before this disaster ever get their parcels?

    1. It looks like they exit scammed, unfortunately. Send your complaints to info @ rc-scene.com, please. I will try to reach them. If they keep ghosting me, they will be presented in an article, just like Sellkies recently was.

      LegitRC is dreaming of managing a site with Asian, Russian (Ukraine), American, and allegedly Indian (Ukraine guy again) which will be a big-time lying site and scam scheme.

      This is real, I cannot tell you disappointed I am.

      1. Just sucks that the most legit vendor here would exit scam. Guess you can’t trust anyone anymore. It just a waiting game till everyone exit scams.

        1. You have no idea. It ended worse beyond imagination. Through word of mouth, they were popular not only with the RC SCENE community. They had more than a thousand customers. Now guess what: When they asked me about a guy who would constantly try to spread lies about them and used to claim he would be better and cheaper and had everything in stock, I told them I know him, but that he deals with too many issues (mental health and private life in which he was broke) to work with him, you cannot trust a junkie – and indeed, you couldn’t. Legit forwarded their orders to him, he calls me and thanks me, so I found out what Legit did. Legit and his girlfriend are okay, they are not nuts like so many other vendors, and they are very cautious about not selling for human consumption and share my strong stand against opiates. Legit is no Einstein, though. He could have guessed that a possible future vendor will not handle all those order requests. He called me again to inform me that he already thinks about taking all money he can get and then would exit scam, maybe resettle and change his (online) identity. I have no idea how many tens of thousands of dollars he made within less than a week, but he clearly exit-scammed, it broke my heart, and while he still seems to live at the same place, he had already switched to a new phone when I tried to call him the day after.

          That Legit disappeared had various reasons. They had gotten more and more paranoid (stalkers, malware emails, lowlife bitch bunk batch sender Proximo constantly bribing loyal addicts to spread lies, they wanted to make it an official business on eBay or maybe join a group of criminals in the future, they want to process more than 250 orders a day, good luck with that; they had started to believe I would be with LE (retarded DN people constantly spread such shit) and would not dare to talk to me.

          That it was the hazardous #AVOID bunk batch sender Proximo who stole their email account might have been too much for them. The irony is, I told them not to break Swiss law repeatedly and even announced that I would do the same that later Proximo did – to show them how vulnerable this stupid choice makes them. They did not understand. Until today, they do not understand.

          I even explained this here on RC SCENE in an article! Sellkies understood and must have told his former scam partner Proximo someday. Probably, he told him immediately, but Proximo is really a nut; I wonder how that dude finds home from Walmart. Definitely not alone, these new mobile phones with GPS open new doors for the handicapped…

          I am still undecided whether to answer his stupid fuck attack on another – but way better and responsible and honest and therefore A LOT MORE POPULAR – or not since he did the dirty work for me. I cannot allow Proton. Everyone knows/has been informed. This has to end no matter what. He is still a worthless lowlife bunk batch sender and backstabber – he knows the rules. He will learn to love his prison cell.


          PS: The most legit vendor…. His name was LegitRC, and they acted responsibly and had all their substances independently tested before preparing them for sale. Yes, maybe they were the best US vendor ever.

          In terms of low maintenance, however, Albion, Tweedlefarms, U.S.S.R, Moon, and Vyren caused not a single scam alert. I know Moon needs to take a break from time to time, but he is definitely not a thief. Simply send him a reminder if you feel like you had been waiting for too long; so far, he has always gotten back to everyone. There is no need to tell me – he will deliver. Why? Because this is RC SCENE.


          Yeah, I also think many are likely to perform an exit scam. Not the remaining vendors are categorized okay here. Still, if new vendors show interest in the outsourced US project (its working title is: SNS USA (Safe NOT Scam! – USA)), then this is something that already today causes me stress. I thought through different concepts, and basically, every idea failed. It seems impossible to prevent an exit scam.

          That guy who Legit had handled their orders over also taught me something I would not have believed: He knows I can find him; photos of him are online, but he still stole the money and ran. We used to call each other and got along well. I would never have believed that money could corrupt people overnight.

          Since not a single complaint was sent to RC SCENE, and I am not a hundred percent certain what exactly has happened, I need to learn to live with it and would be happy to hear from him again.


          Back in the days, shops would announce that they will close and be gone for good in about a month. Nobody ever had gotten scammed before the US respectively Reddit became this sad forum for NPS with clueless but corrupt to the bones mods.

          I will recommend that new vendors need to process orders within three days after the payment was made. After a while, we will see which vendors earned more trust and which permanently cause maintenance. I will assist the new admin (not sure yet if we start with a team), and he is clever. He instantly asked for compensation/money, which tells me that the vendors will get along with him better than with me, who nuts like Paracelsus still are afraid of because they cannot and will never understand why I do this for free… However, he is not familiar with the US culture, maybe we will need help, and they will start as a team of two.

          It is important to get rid of the US because I cannot handle the workload, and neither do I want to share emails, nor could I compensate a team. If the project should attract scammers, you may expect me back.

          LegitRC will also return. I am sure you will recognize them. They promised me to never scam anybody. Hopefully, they will make up for your loss. They are honest folks, after all. I hope you receive your products or a refund. Wait for a while. I don’t know how long they plan to remain on hiatus. What I can tell for sure, though, is that neither eBay nor PayPal allow vending.

          If they want to grow bigger than they had already been – given their insane prices, it’s hard to believe they had any customers at all – they might even join the SNS USA project. If they make up for open orders, I will accept them. We will see how the US team will handle things.

          PS: Sorry for the inconvenience. Let’s hope it’s not a loss and just an extended delay.

          1. Well, you were correct about one thing LEGIT RC has returned. No we are not junkies nor do we have mental health issues, and we very sure did not exit scam. The RC world has gone to shit, and we needed a break. Please spread the word we are putting the lab back together. We will come back. We will not be taking orders for another 2-3 years but please spread the word.

            1. No. LegitRC is gone for good.

              Do not fall for copycats using a similar name or claiming to be him. Such creepy impersonators will only steal your money,

              [ ed., René ]

    2. Nope. I ordered on June 16th and received no tracking nor package. It also looks like Legit has deleted his wickr. I hope he take the $150 he took from me and chokes on it

      1. Same product as it used to be?

        There are so many Legit impersonators, I trust neither of them, tbh.

    3. Yes I placed an order on Jun 16th. And was then instantly ghosted, no tracking number or anything. Best part was I placed an order a week or so before this and had no problem. Even got free stuff because they shipped my product late. So this exit scam was a huge shock to me

      1. Don’t worry, son, they will soon be back. You won’t recognize them and I won’t tell you but you will tell me how great that new exciting shop that is everywhere advertised is, and that you would love to send them all your money if you still had some left…

    4. I just got an email Feom him today … [edit, K. ]

      1. This is not him. I am contacted by somany piece of shit impersonators – LEGIT RC WILL NOT ever use his name again,

        Please spread the message!

        THANK YOU!

        Kind regards,