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Test Samples: Benzo Solutions

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Part |

Received 2 samples, Clonazolam and Flualprazolam solutions, each 5mg/ml.

Items were packaged securely in a Mylar foil bag zip locked.

Research was conducted on the Clonazolam solution first. Seems to be dosed correctly and all other properties match up from what past research has shown on this compound. Test subject dosed .2ml of the Clonazolam solution. Effects were evident at the 20-25 minute mark. Slight reduction in anxiety, muscles loosened, racing thoughts become less.

Quality would be ranked at a 8.5/10. Very impressed.

Tomorrow, I’ll be conducting research on the Flualprazolam solution to give a thorough and detailed review.

( Source:
rc-scene.com/trusted-research-chemical-vendors-usa/#comment-1895 )

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Part //

The Flualprazolam from Legit RC was a 8/10 for quality as well. Would order in the future.

– T.


Legit RC do not use permanent marker for labeling their products. The photos above originate from their very early days, these were prototypes and never offered for sale. Today, Legit RC have tested all their substances before offering them for sale and their products look and feel remarkably professional.

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114 responses to “Legit RC – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion”

  1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar



    They obviously run a forum for scammers, opiate dealers, Darknet people, and other criminals. They take your money and do react for weeks.

    The photos leave not about them badass criminals, friends with scammers like JBerg or terrorist blackmailer Sellkies. The DEA is on it from what I can tell. They openly advertise cocaine, crack, MDMA, etc.

    You would not believe it. Looks ugly as fuck. I had absolutely no idea.

    They will be removed from the lists asap, probably tomorrow.

    I am terribly sorry.


    • René
    1. Holytaco9000 Avatar

      Damn I just posted an order with them on Wednesday.😬

      1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

        They will ship. That is not the problem.
        The problem is that they seem to run a forum where crack and opiates are advertised, a bunch of scammers seem to be friends with them.

        1. Holytaco9000 Avatar

          Thank God for that. I would of never though LRC to go to the darknside.

          1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

            When Legit RC asked if it would be possible to be added to the list, that was at a time when the whole world seems to have made believe RC SCENE would charge any fees or free products from vendors to be mentioned, or we would blackmail vendors (I assume scammers spread such lies), or to be a genial marketing coup operated by Moscow.

            Just for the fun of it: Email Paracelsus, they will let know about our connection to Moscow in all detail. They start with calling us traitors for being Russian spies, will tell you that we hack your smartphones, and that only the obviously illegal dbg forum, that that they bribe with a lot money every month to be listed as a reliable vendor (it’s actually even more: That package includes admins using dummy accounts to post fake reviews and to make sure that critical comments will be deleted quickly, that scam reports disappear, that discussing quality issues will not happen, and that users leaving honest reviews will get banned or no reason, etc.), to be “the only fair forum”.

            It actually is not fun at all, Paracelsus and his tax-evading business partner are such nuts (Joel is the living proof for LSD damaging your brain really really badly and his corrupt business partner is like the villain in a James Bond movie: He starts with an insult, then admits that since RC SCENE is online his sales are going through the roof, usually followed by a remarkably long paragraph that is not saying anything but I swear each and every word his sentences are insult. I could not copy, that guy is a talent second to none: to put 60 insults into maybe 70 words is pretty awesome, I might forward that email to Eminem’s label someday, but I doubt their team could top this), then he surprises with detailed business secrets (like the number of orders they process, that he does not even dream of paying taxes, that he no substance testing, but that USPS would do this for them (if that should be true, I have not asked USPS yet, I will shoot down those evil US-elections-manipulating-satellites your government not believes in, and not even made that shithead idea public but even officially accused Italy of having developed such [this is real!])….

            Well, long story short, since he believed in me and gave a shit about all those lies spread by way too many idiots, and agreed on/promised to never ever to scam anybody, consulted lawyers to figure out a way how to pay taxes (which is almost impossible, you cannot register an RC shop in the US), and had been the first US vendor I had ever met to have all his substances tested by professional labs (he said he could not live with possibly doing harm to anybody and while this turned out to be very expensive, because if a product is not pure, he trashes it, (76% purity could be 24% toxic synth residues) which means a loss and somehow leads to delays in order processing, but, still: If you accidentally caused a fatality you face up to 20 years of prison).

            Hundreds of complaints landed here in the main RC SCENE mailbox, not a single one was true; Lowlife bunk batch opiate dealers like Proximo and others bribed their customers to report they had been scammed. The first 200 were easily to handle, because they all complained about things that did not exist. Proximo will not only soon be handcuffed, that idiot never ordered a product to send a fake complaint, he is fucking asshole, a worthless greedy piece of shit, a former scammer, today known shipping trash products.

            So many people would constantly tell stories about some text marker that would have, e.g., somehow made its way INTO the bottle, if everyone here was such a pathetic lying fuck drug addict like those hooked on Proximo’s poisonous trash, I would already blog about OP-AMPS and headphone amplifiers.

            The thing was: He does not use text marker, his products looks as professional as it gets, actually. While he refused to provide me product photos, we still knew and so could easily tell the first 200 scam complaints to be coming some child abuser Proximo. PS: Sure, sue me, sucker. But trust me, they won’t offer you a surety bond to release you.

            RC SCENE is not a shopping guide, it is an approach to resemble the 15 years we are around and to not only tell the story of this inhumane greedy scene, but to explain/describe the people who do this, how they do it, etc.

            I think if you take a look at the US page, nuff said. The US, but also Canada are scammers. JBerg scammed me, that other guy scammed me, Sellkies scammed me; And last week, I check my credit card statement and and it says 25 CAD for Pizza. Turns out to order the Pizza was okay, however, the Pizza screwed us. That fucker scammed me for Pizza.

            Legit recently started making me uncomfortable, because not replying to just any stupid email is fine, same-day shipping I do not want anybody to, because it would create addicts. That new customer cannot be aware of this and then would email me over and over again, is such a headache. Sometimes, I receive emails like Legit and I were sharing the same office, and those are sometimes so stupid, that I actually answered few of them, to have some entertainment. So, anyone who asked for free samples by trying to blackmailing Legit (or, actually me, because the emails were sent to RC SCENE) to otherwise leave fake reviews (“in every single forum and on Facebook”), used to receive an answer that I am not only certain to had made him cry like a baby, but, also, not not even dream of ever blackmailing me again. That I am not LegitRC, I should have mentioned, maybe, but it was more that way.

            Then I happened to receive to emails, one about 400 inquiries each day, and another asking me if 100 USD for a bottle of whatever would be expensive or not.

            Again, RC SCENE is not monitoring vendors. I thought such a bottle would cost something like 35 USD. I answered I would never pay that much, but also, thought if the newbie/Jberg scam scheme (sometimes he might deliver) screws about 5,000 Americans per month, then LegitRC will not be super rich, especially since he pays taxes and pays for independent lab tests, but asked them if they could provide a small loan for site they can later with whatever they think, because have to go (no time, too many stupid junkies), but they refused. Okay, it was just a question, if they don’t trust me, well…

            Also, I am under the impression that someone new does the communication, because his English was not quite what I would call proper, but now seems to be good.

            That they run a forum that allows Darknet vendors, scammers, etc. advertising I had neither known nor believed if it was not for few photos. I am not spying on them, but after three, and I still can’t believe it, I will definitely not have anyone here who is friends with DN vendors, the newbie/berg scheme, and others like them. Not on photo, but the source is reliable: MDPV, CRACK, CRYSTAL, OXY and such are advertised in their forum. Why would they be friends those guys? Many of those are well known and NOT mentioned here for good reasons. I have no friends selling crack in DN forums.

            I have not spoken to them yet, they refuse to call (which is weird as well), I have private issues that already fill my day. Maybe, that was fake, some impersonator, I don’t know, but I have not quite the heart to ask because it’s a 50:50 chance and I will not allow anyone to hang up with criminals at the Darknet.

            I would never have thought, either. In hindsight, however, now it makes sense to me, why they mentioned Tails, that Linux thing that crack dealers and pedophiles use to access the Darknet.


            Yeah, that Canadian Pizza guy, darkside for sure. But at least I have a receipt and can call him.

            Darknet people with Tails and friends like scammers JBerg/Newbie, or DN vendors offering hard drugs…. NO!

            This is RC SCENE – I think many of you don’t understand. I host with Automattic, I do not use fake name, currently, my credit card is still for everything. That my credit card pays for so much is the reason why I cannot make income & expenses transparent right now, because it is no one’s business, what else I use the credit card for.

            The future has actually landed and is lying on my desk already. I got a VISA that you could support me with by maybe someday donate a little to help me cover the loss. This VISA credit card is provided by BITPANDA and a German partner of theirs. I have not tried it yet, but if you donate there and I will use it for RC SCENE and nothing else, then I could finally publish income and expenses on a monthly basis.

            I don’t know why nobody donates. A 1,800 loss year, maybe 1,700 this year.

            Stupid lying fucks trying destroy my brand.

            Zero donations but emails that actually DEMAND ME to specific tasks.

            I don’t know how anybody could not see. This is a history book. And since not even the first article is finished yet, fuck you all, this not a service site. It’s a website because in my world, there are no scammers. Okay, that Canadian pizza guy, maybe, but he can’t scam me. He might not know, but if I file a complaint, VISA will get me my money back and charge him fees.

            I learnt a lot about the US and the Netherlands.

            Dealing with retarded vendors and scammers (for way too long, I should have stopped it long ago) helped learn about a different culture, but if nobody wants a site with honest vendors only, and since I am preparing court cases, no, I am not afraid of being sued, I want to sue few – I don’t give a fuck anymore.

            RC SCENE is not about in the Darknet. The idea is to a) portray, b) demystify, and c) warn against what has become a greedy fuck psychopaths industry literally killing you.

            Nobody else on the planet ever tried anything similar.

            Not allowing discussion, bur looking away and blaming Mexican Fent for everything, while Nitazenes and Dimethyl-Piperazine-Opiates might even be more dangerous…..

            I don’t do opiates. There is no point in it.

            But that media and governments who fucked up badly for many many years (any idiot may sell rat poison and legally kill you by simply putting a sticker “not for human consumption” on it, are you fucking kidding me???) asked for a response.

            BTW: Good news, everybody! Daniel Elk informed me via push notification that my slim shady bonus now is official. I am not kidding. 😎

            So, after all, changing this 300 million market game scam shit show could actually happen. After two shocks I heard about yesterday(?), I think I will make this a family game. Don’t get me wrong, I am still in the business, I trust and respect a vendor and find out he fucks up, my definition of family could best be described Woody Allen: “I once got kidnapped. My parents stepped into action immediately; They rented out my room.”


            We have three scientists, two evil motherfuckers, a harm reduction expert, high level contacts, scene insiders, reliable friends; And while nobody believes that anybody would ever advertise here or help us with a donation – I still think it can be done.

            PS: Checkout our new opiate addiction appreciation page. As long as I have fun, please, post nonsense like the example provided in the article there, I feel alive. Thank you. :))


            1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

              Oh, I almost forgot to tell:

              If I should not end up in prison for having few blurry photos showing Legit RC’s Darknet people (like vendors & the newbie/Berg scam scheme) friends forum advertising crack, weed, opiates, you name them, on the computer, and if I find the time to write again or at least publish already ready articles, and, if somebody finds out that sunlight is not your enemy when you want to film something, I am already very excited, tbh, because I consider it a coup:

              It was maybe 4 am when I received a link to a video, but I watched it thinking it would be something of concern. It was not, luckily, but I got intrigued and watched a couple more of them, and that dude made me laugh.

              He does something that reminded me of joke by a former Late Nite host who once said “Yesterday, I was browsing the newspaper, that’s my daily morning ritual: Having breakfast and reading the newspaper. There was this headline saying: American scientists found out that more than four cups of coffee a day might not be healthy. I was so shocked, I accidentally dropped the beer bottle.”

              That he speaks English, is handsome, and entertaining; and interested in NPS – He could explain the content and discussion here in a way that I never could: He speaks your language. He might know music that is popular these days. Also, I bet he will tell stories in between, that will make you stop thinking about drugs.

              If we can make that happen, there is even more.

              While I decided to stop stopping criminals/scammers/cocaine dealers, the FBI is on it anyway, and I am not on their payroll.

              Attacking RC SCENE Land, however will always be answered. No matter what. No matter who.

              So, if master scammer and tax evasion pro JBerg and his BFF, the full-time Xanax-addict and part-time postman newbie, who run a scam scheme not only on the Darknet for many years already, should forget to shut their traps, they will not only be portrayed on RC SCENE, but once a video gets viral and one of their traumatized victims should not only tell what you did to him or her on TV, but maybe might even need to stop in middle of the interview and the reporter hands him/her an handkerchief, that sad scene would still make me happy.

              The corrupt DEA that spends taxpayers’ money on hookers (this is proven to be fact dating back to at least 2001 and ongoing), is more difficult. But their dbg-forum friends certainly are not. Tax evasion, millions of illicit income by advertising and selling hard drugs and illicit pharmaceuticals, while you – according to a written statement – would already be on it (for years!) – yah, does not make you look good, but that’s what everybody expects anyway.

              Finance police taking a look, might still mean the end to your friends.
              And that Russian pisser is the last dwarf I were afraid of.

              I might be a lie. What I tell is not.

              Just saying.

              HAVE A HAPPY DAY!
              Weather forecast predicts sun, sun and fun and 17° 😃

          2. red Avatar

            Did you ever get your parcel?

        2. Holytaco9000 Avatar

          He never shipped, he scammed a lot us of and even blocked his wickr

      2. Holytaco9000 Avatar

        It looks like Legit might have finally abandoned his business. I’ve been talk to one guy who is missing an order from May 22 I believe and myself a package from last week.

        1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

          I need proof to categorize them scammers, please.

          1. Holytaco9000 Avatar

            Whats your offical email? So I can send what pics I have

            1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

              info @ rc – scene .com

              Thank you.

        2. red Avatar

          Did you ever get your parcel?

  2. Jeff Stash Avatar

    So how do I contact LegitRC?

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      He checks by here from time to time. If asks me to introduce you to him, I will. I explained something to him yesterday, that also Alex and myself deal with (silly accusations of being involved in criminal activities, running Ponzi schemes, or being “Darkweb” operators…

      I can tell what I am confronted with: My Dutch BTC exchange that has a bank license and is in contact with my bank, they verify that my documents are real and if I provide the exchange service with an updated document, my bank calls me asking for that updated passport.

      Still, they told me I would be too much of a risk for them. I told them they cannot cancel my account b/c my personal wallet is part of a Europol investigation. I had already forgotten about it, now I know it just takes them a while since the crimes I reported are involving non-delivery-fraud (I might have been the first person ever to report a guy who thought of himself to be clever by offering NPS samples but also advertising Crystal Meth, so I tracked him down, taught myself how BTC actually works and found 200 more scam victims, I found a out he was British and active as mod in a DN forum, to my surprise he was indeed selling Meth for a criminal organization, I discovered to hidden coin mixer to “wash the illicit money” (never use such, they are illegal), and I think than money laundering (a manipulated BTC payment interface that for two years already display the exact amount of orders) that I used to hide my traces, I don’t want the scam industry to get to close to me, but that sent me a bunch of “hot coins” for a refund and now I have a blacklisted donation wallet (Americans seem to like illegal coin mixers and considered to be at least questionable crypto ATMs, why would they use a DN service to anonymously donate to a legal non.profit project???).

      I am still awaiting their answer I asked for their press speaker to explain things to me. As soon as I received the information, I will let you all know.

      Alex is already working on a new webshop, one that does not require a login and shows all and the same products to everybody. Because, believe it or not, a shop that requires to log in could offer different customer different products and is therefore considered “DarkWeb”.

      The Dutch exchange also made changes, you cannot any longer directly pay for and send BTC, you need to fill your wallet now and only through that wallet you may send coins.

      Legit might right now talking to a lawyer, he did not know that XMR Monero is a no-go and also deals with a blocked wallet, just like I do.

      1. Chemistry is key Avatar

        Are you referring to Legit RC

    2. lab rat 3.1415 Avatar

      I’ve contacted via wickr which can be found in their description . In put in an order and after they confirmed my order, it went blank. I got nervous, but 8 days later my pack arrived . Highly recommended and will use again .

    3. Holytaco9000 Avatar

      Through his wickr

    4. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      LegitRC cannot stick with his WickR idea, too many scammers, criminals, opiate vendors, darknet people, you name them, started populating and abusing his forum, and with them came FED contractors, which is just sad since Legit is not only legit but legal and pays taxes. Send an email to info@ rc scene. Need to think of something.

  3. Marcel Avatar

    The owner of this website please email me so I can show you the proof and discuss putting Houston Research Company on the Scam Avoid list, those fuckers stole 150 dollars from me and almost got me for 450 more!

    See for youself

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Hi, I know they are scammers.

      Please report them to


      (You will find out why I recommend the colleagues over there, they can do a lot more than just to warning against scammers. Maybe, we will offer their reporting tool on RC SCENE, I am not quite sure yet, because US scammers would report competitors 24/7 and I have no idea how to manage that. We will see.)

      You may mention my email to back you up, I have plenty of scam reports about them, actually, and can provide additional evidence to back your case.


      Kind regards!


    2. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Do yourself a favor and get rid of that bunk batch stuff you received from Proximo, there are people complaining about poisonings caused by some metal impurities. Still awaiting doctors’ diagnoses. Can’t give details unless they were fact-checked.



  4. Marcel Avatar

    I ordered from Legit RC on Sunday night after I got scammed twice.

    Oce by a “friend” for 225 who said he would send me 100 pellets of an rc benzo and some other rcs.

    And he second time by HoustonResearchCompany_com, a company that claims to be out of Houston, but probably isnt, and also claims to sell xanax and 2 c b. I sent them the money for 100 pellets then they said they checked the warehouse and only had bigger packs and said they needed 450 more dollars, i had to pay 50 for shipping as well. Obviously a scam looking back, they do the same thing that legitrcusa_com do.

    I have screen shots to proove it, i wish you would add Houston Research Company on the list so people dont get scammed like me.

    So anyways, I then ordered from the reall Legit RC, (..) [edit, K. | keep it short, the internet is running out of space ] and still waiting.

    My Wikr – Mwrld100



    [edited, K. ]

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Hi, I forwarded this to the Real Legit RC, they could neither recognize your WickR nor email but keep books of every order and shipping receipt, and you could possibly be that guy who failed to provide his name and address. They pay taxes, of course, and keep receipts of every order shipped. I think that one was returned to the sender. Maybe that was your order, I don’t know.

      I already sold my 40% share of Legit RC Inc. and am no longer their CEO nor President nor Vice-President nor CFO nor Head of the Customer Happiness Department, or their janitor. I actually moved to Hawaii. It’s nice there, I can recommend it!

      So, I don’t know if you even ordered, if you were too dumb to correctly spell your name and address, but in case you were under the impression that being too dumb to correctly spell your name and address somehow sounds like you (I have the same thing with numbers, it’s nothing to shame for about,) maybe contact them and ask?

  5. Holytaco9000 Avatar

    Package was finally received!!! Overall I recommend Legit RC as long as you are not in any kind of rush. Will be ordering from them again!

  6. Holytaco9000 Avatar

    I do have faith since he is a cool guy and highly recommended. Just don’t like the ghosting is all. I have hope it will show this week. As always thank you for reassuring me! Love this site!

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      I think I can speak for everyone contributing to RC SCENE that they turn out to be too hot. With such friends of theirs, you never know what could happen. Those darknet criminals are insane in the membrane.

      Fun fact: Some of them work for government bodies…

      Please report scammers to https://www.ic3.gov

      Legit RC are under #Avoid now, I will definitely not try to resolve or react to possible issues concerning them.

  7. Holytaco9000 Avatar

    Placed an order last week, supposedly was shipped thurs and still have not received it. Now he is currently not answering through his wickr. Hope all is well and my package makes it.

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      All is well. He lives a laid-back shipping policy, don’t worry 😉

  8. red Avatar

    Does anyone know of an ETA for Legit RC to be back in action? Contacting through wickr received no response. Anyone else have any luck?

    1. SOS Avatar


      He is back in office again. Was already last week. No idea how many messages he has to go through, though.

    2. Holytaco9000 Avatar

      Just placed an order. Guy is very chill and sincere. Can’t wait to receive my order!

  9. gregory smith Avatar

    Greetings from Westside Smitty in Virginia, my well written and tireless crusader! I provide site links to SO many and try to share with then the trust engendered by the several emails we exchanged. They respond to your candor and passion. Recent tragedy in the news, causes your voice to become almost prophetic. They are all living in the US, and like me, so changed by your words, as to abandon the ”RC exploration” entirely. You are not merely prolonging lives, you are causing the deep introspection that changes life. I send you my best wishes (I picture you as a friend and teacher during my daily ”metta” meditation sessions!). May the good work you do reverberate through the pond of life. You truly are an inspiration. I would love to correspond in a more private venue, but I know you are very busy and much in demand. Given those demands, it is MORE than sufficient to remind you of a friend always hoping for the best for you, and to express my on going admiration for your mission. Truly, you are making a worthy difference in this world, based in your soul and great talents! Sincerely, Westside Smitty

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Dear Gregory,

      Always a pleasure to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to not only pay me a visit, but leaving such kind, and if I may say so: maybe a tad exaggerated – words. 🙂

      I am happy for everyone who can break with a stupid habit and become a pro-choice advocate for a healthy lifestyle.

      There is indeed a lot to do, especially since I need to catch up with everything I couldn’t last month. That scammer/liar Sellkies announced to “end” me, and those Discord idiots WickedBlotts, PetraTHAdump, etc., applaud and discuss hiring a hacker and started to flood me with threats again, is not quite what I want to see if I boot the computer. I take medication that would usually be given to people dealing with paranoia now. The fear is gone, but talking has become a problem; These pills are way too strong. Like equipping a slightly short-sighted person with eyeglass lenses thick as the bottom of an ashtray 😉

      Well, life goes on and the month already started more than fine with your lovely comment on top of the list of pending comments. Statistics indicate a growth of 14% compared to February which means that in the 12 month being online RC SCENE outperformed itself 100% of times.

      In April, the first (and in a in a way test) issue of your brand new favorite newsletter will be sent and I think I will add a 50 and a 40 USD shop credit in addition to the T-Shirt to win for everyone who subscribed.

      Also, I am proud to say I was given the opportunity to interview one of the most exciting RC vendors ever (I think this is and will remain the only interview in his role as RC vendor, which makes me really proud, I am not lying); and since I already spent hours on creating a funny teaser image for the Paracelsus article, I will try to make this a fun read meaning I will definitely have fun writing it ;-D

      Have a happy day, Gregory!

      Kind regards,

  10. Avey Avatar

    Hoping this is just a situation where he’s overwhelmed but I haven’t heard a word since sending payment 5 days ago. Sent me the payment address, I sent 60USD in ETH (which, unbeknownst to me at the time ended up being $35USD on his end due to fees) apologized profusely, and asked if a product that is listed for the amount he actually received rather than the one I initially ordered would suffice. Just hoping something shows up. It was bad enough sending what I thought was the order total plus some to have it be almost halved by fees. I admitted that this was my mistake, of course. I’ve emailed him in an understanding tone inquiring about it but still no response. Fingers crossed something happens because he seems to know his stuff and not be the type to just disregard me, I’d like to continue giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    1. Pantera6565! Avatar

      Did you ever get your stuff?

    2. greyterrier Avatar

      That’s some ridiculous fees. What service do you use to pay in ETH?

      1. wavygravy420 Avatar

        I used Binance. It was my first time using anything other than BTC which is pretty simplified by now so I’ll just chalk it up to learning lol

        1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

          Etherum fees are through the roof eight days a week and the minimum amount for a transaction I remember to always have been unusually high. That thing seems a kind of Ponzi scheme that causes insane fees of about 40 to 50 USD per transaction and I assume to be a playground for rich people. If you hold a million in ETH and the price goes up by 10% overnight, you will sell and not mind about the 40 USD.

          That payment interfaces still offer it is ridiculous and misleading, I think.

          The donation we received to the now gone and gone for good ETH wallet was cut in half when exchanging it for real money. After all these years, finally, a donation; Only to find out I am stupid. Any exchange would have immediately indicated those absurd fees. Now I feel guilty, I wasted a donation and, in addition, also caused the donor high fees.

          I will give Paypal another shot. The most terrible company on the planet; still they seem more convenient and cause fewer fees.

          Yesterday, I ordered Pizza in Canada, never delivered but deducted double the amount from my card. I would not be aware of any EU-based online bank similar to Paypal, unfortunately.

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