4-MMC Analogue 2020 (Trusted Shop Review) web shop in November 2020

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As soon as you open the package, you will notice a somewhat familiar smell, slightly lemony.

The 4-MMC analog is most likely to be emulating Neorganics Caps, which became very popular from 2007 onwards, and which in addition to Mephedrone (often mixed with Ethcathinone) also contained excipients, magnesium and vitamins, and whose distinctive aroma will not easily be forgotten. Mephedrone had such an unpleasant smell that you needed to add something like a lemony taste.

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Whatever was used back then to whitewash the bad smell of Mephedrone, goes in the direction of the 4-MMC analogs from MEFIS.TO.


Invented in Israel, these soon covered the planet like air and water…

Neorganics Caps Mephedrone in the UK 2010
Neorganics caps available in the UK in 2010. They used to be very popular. The full EMCDDA PDF file for download

Remember that smell?

Anyone who remembers Mephedrone and its pungent smell, somewhere between old fish and decaying leaves, can breathe a sigh of relief, the analog by no means stinks to heaven. 🙂

Whereby: There was also almost odorless Mephedrone and the one from the British ravegardener undoubtedly smelled of washing powder. However, only those which smelled foul or lemony actually worked really well.


First of all, according to The European Drugs Monitoring Agency EMCDDA, real 4-MMC would be produced again in labs in the Netherlands in Spain and in Poland. As well as Russia. Personally, I have my doubts about those labs synthesizing Mephedrone as it used to be available from 2003 on and made many many drug dealers rich beyond imagination since a gram bought in bulk had cost 20 cents only and 1 gram in retail was sold for about 20 to 40 Euros.

Also, there are more than the 4-MMC analogs from available, another one is white and could be closer to Mephedrone, but that is just an assumption.

The analogue is kind of brownish to yellow and seems a bit like they synthesized it themselves. They also claim to be a popup store that might not be around forever. There is also crystal form, which is easier on the nose but lacks a feeling ot kind of being drunk, like you would remember from the real deal.

I used to really enjoy such a cap when going out on weekends, time and music were just more fun than usual. Talking to strangers was not a problem anymore, either. Only downside: Even when taking the capsules, you would sweat and one could smell that you had taken a cap.

All in all, Mephedrone was a party drug somewhere between Ecstasy and Speed. I even read once that tests have shown it to be preferred over cocaine – and that although its unpleasant smell.

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Interesting substance

I rate the analog an interesting substance. This slight bumpiness is reminiscent of 4-MMC. I could imagine helping you more easily socializing with this substance, especially when taken in the M-CAT capsules, the powders I find a bit too clumpy and they will clog your nose.

This also seems to be’s impression, the 4-MMC analogue powers are not available on their web shop anymore, only the capsules are left.


The powders made me unbelievably tired and you would still feel this the next day. This I find unusual since 4-MMC used to be an upper, but maybe that is because of the high serotonin action profile of these powders, that seems to be too much given that I take prescription meds at the moment.

NEW PRODUCTS recently started stocking up and offer HEXEN, 4-CMC and 3-CMC now. The HEXEN looks like they synthesised it themselves, the 3-CMC seems to be sourced from another lab.


Not really 4-MMC but not uninteresting either. It’s an unusual chemical, that’s for sure. I haven’t seen anything similar ever I think.

They ship worldwide.

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