+++ Netherlands: Dutch NPS ban postponed until 2022 +++ Diclazepam, Clonazolam, Flubromazolam, 3-Meo-PCP, Isotonitazene & more to be soon banned worldwide.

Germans & French may breathe a sign of relief: The Dutch NPS ban will not come before 2022.

In March 2020, Paulus “Paul” Blokhuis (The Dutch State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport) and His Excellency Ferdinand Bernhard Joseph “Ferd” Grapperhaus (The Dutch Minister for Minister of Justice and Security) gave a press conference in which they announced to put an end to the dangerous NPS / Research Chemicals insanity by adding (=banning) whole substance groups of recreational drugs to the Dutch Opiate Act.

The addition to their current legislation is known as “List 1a” and will ban certain risky substance groups punishable. By placing a substance group under the Opium Act, all substances that can be derived from the basic chemical structure of a substance are banned at a swoop. This way, a whole group of designer drugs is illegal, regardless of its exotic/specific composition. Such a bans are already reality in, among others, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Poland or Switzerland.

Grapperhaus On A Plain

Minister Grapperhaus surprised with a pretty straight forward description of the criminal minds that export cheap shit NPS to especially Germany, France, Spain and the USA and so are polluting the local environment, breaking laws, cheating on taxes, endangering drug abusers’ (mental) health and thus causing dramatic costs for a country’s budget and a shrinking GDP;

Grapperhaus did not hide behind the bush with his description of the criminal activities that come with drug dealers. He said, quote:

Behind designer drugs is a tough world in which people are intimidated and threatened, in which our residential areas and our environment are seriously endangered and serious criminals [ Lizard Labs, editor’s note ] make enormous financial profits that threaten to corrupt our legal economy through money laundering. This amendment to the law helps to tackle this undermining crime. Drug producers and traffickers now often manage to escape with new substances. By banning certain groups of substances, our investigation services can proceed faster. We can also act more jointly internationally and better comply with requests for legal assistance from other countries, where these substances are already banned.

Ferdinand Grapperhaus, 03/2020

The last sentence is super important and the reason why many many Dutch vendors will definitely stop sending toxic waste to foreign countries where toxic is illegal and return to their Hotdog stands: Today, the Netherlands don’t care – there is no law stopping drug dealers from sending toxic waste to foreign countries. But that change in legislation will more less erase the Dutch NPS industry, as we know it.

What will be banned?

  • Substances derived from 2-phenethylamine
    (Amphetamins like 2-FMA, Cathinones like A-PHP, Psychedelics like DOC or bk-2C-B, Entactogenes like 6-APB, Phenidates like 4F-MPH; basically everything we know as stimulants or psychedelics)
  • Substances derived from 4-aminopiperidine
    (e.g. DMC, Baclofen, Buprenorphine, probably all Opiates and Cocaine analogs)


  • Someone else who is not me (SWIM) will launch a forum discussing US vendors.
  • Vendors may apply for a thread in that forum. To cover the costs, SWIM will charge 100 USD per year and vendor.
  • In addition, you send 100 USD to an SOS wallet which SWIM will not touch unless an exit scam happens. In that case, the SOS wallet will be used to at least partially refund scam victims. This means that all vendors sit in the same boat. If there is one scammer, your 100 USD will be transferred to the customers he scammed. So, if you happen to know a guy that is likely to scam, maybe let us know. Deal?
  • Vendors that are already on the RC SCENE US page will be categorized under avoid/sketchy unless they join SWIM’s forum. What would they have to hide to avoid discussing with customers?
  • SWIM won’t perform background checks. The forum is completely open (b/c unlike the criminal drugbuyersguide forum, SWIM won’t allow cocaine dealers.) The community will tell if a vendor is reliable and honest – or not.
  • For starters, however, you will have to call me if you want to become part of this forum. Je m’appelle René, you might have emailed me at some point in your life or have called me. You know me, I am not from the US, no scammer, blackmailer or liar, if you don’t trust me then goodnight.
  • Registration is open for all. The community discusses the vendor. Registration is free of course.
  • As soon as an authentic complaint including proof in form of order confirmation and payment confirmation (can be provided via email) was posted, the vendor’s thread will immediately be disabled and remain invisible until the issue was resolved.
  • Fake complaint => Account will be banned.
  • No opiates! No AP-238 or 2-M-AP-237, no Nitazenes.
  • No scheduled drugs! Mind that Cathinone is a schedule I in the US, so all Cathinones (e.g. 3-MMC) and Pyros (e.g. A-PiHP) are banned substances.
  • Should SWIM catch a dude offering anything Opioid-like or anything illegal, the vendor will be banned. Do not expect any refund action to happen if you break the rules, that is not SWIM’s problem.

SWIM’s team will remain anonymous. To be on the safe side, there won’t be Americans in the team. I will assist them for a while, but I won’t be involved in the project. SWIM is in no way corrupt and I will recommend to not allow any Americans join the team since they could infiltrate us while being on some scammer’s payroll. I am not paranoid, this is daily business for me.

The costs for a secure web host are pretty expensive. 100 USD from 10 vendors would probably cover the costs, but I hope for more of you to be interested so that SWIM does not have to work for free.

Some things like what to do about shilling still need to be discussed.

Why would I pay 100 USD per year to a new forum that starts with zero users?

  • Because RC SCENE will implement it. RC SCENE is the by far most popular and most trusted RC sourcing forum in North America. Forget the rest.
  • Because vendors will be featured/introduced in articles on RC SCENE.
  • Because SWIM is allowed to use the RC SCENE brand and logos and we will cooperate.

I am a vendor and want to join RC SCENE land.

  • Send a photo of your stock via Threema. There needs to be a piece of paper saying “Song 2 – 24/96” on the photos. Do not delete the GPS data or you will be ignored. The data will nowhere be stored electronically, I will write them down. You will only talk to me and I won’t share the data with anybody, not even with SWIM.
  • Provide me with a brief description of how long you have been in the business, if you have access to a lab to have substances tested, how you manage the paying taxes issue, and whatever else that could help your shop portrait. Explain how you could upscale to manage to process about 50 ~ 100 orders a day. There is no need to process that many orders, if you work with a daily gap (e.g. 20 orders per day and then call it a day) that is fine as well. SWIM needs to know though.
  • I don’t want such information stored on a computer. Let’s have a call. Use THREEMA. Thank you.
  • Prepare to offer a small sample for a shop review. You will be contacted. Could take weeks.
  • I want to see your ID. That ID will never be stored anywhere. I will take notes, that’s all. Do not provide your phone number yet, I don’t want them in the mailbox.
  • You swear to never ever scam a single customer. If you still dared to, RC SCENE will report you to the FBI for non-delivery fraud. I will place an order with you to be able to do so.

Allow us about a month before I and then SWIM will get back to you. Thanks.
Rest assured that you will talk to RC SCENE René and nobody else. I think there is no doubt about my integrity.

Blur – Song 2 (live @ Glastonbury Festival)

Pleased to meet you

Well, I feel heavy metal

Blur – Song 2 (1997)
(Dave Rowntree, Alex James, Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn)

“Song 2” was first performed by the band on June 15, 1996 at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden. Damon Albarn told the audience:

I don’t know what it’s called, I don’t even know what it’s about, ‘cos I haven’t really written it yet. At the moment it’s called ‘Song Number 2.’

Damon Albarn

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