Etizolam, Flualprazolam, Hexen & 4-CMC to be banned in November ++ Albion not accepting new customers ++ Donate as little as 2 USD if you can

RC SCENE relies on you:

Please donate as little as 2 USD if you can.
Thank you!

(August 2020)

  • If you find RC SCENE to be helpful or interesting:
  • Our BTC wallet for anonymous donations is: 1NwEHYnysfaSAYXn7xS47CGA9fktyMfrEP
  • Donations between 2 USD and 20 USD are welcome.
    Please do not go over your limit!
  • If only 1 out of 100 visitors would support our effort with a gesture as little as 2 USD, almost 50% of monthly expenses would already be covered!
  • We work for free, but, unfortunately, Adobe, Automattic, and many others don’t.
  • A donor will not receive any privileges or whatsoever. He/she is anonymous anyway.

US drug dealer Albion going underground
on September 1, 2020

(August 2020)

  • ALBION is going to go “private underground” in September.
    This means he will not accept new customers anymore from next month on.
  • Some customers complain about him not sending out orders – he might steal your money if you are a new customer trying to order!


Etizolam, Flualprazolam, Hexen, DOC and 4-CMC said to finally become worldwide banned on November 3, 2020 – also in China!

(August 2020)

  • The contract forcing all UN member states to do so is the “Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961”, last updated in 1972.


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  1. I donated approximately $20.00 USD just now. Please don’t give up on the USA section of the site. Not all Americans are terrible! I plan on donating in the future as well. You’re the best!

    1. Hi,

      Thank you, very much appreciated!

      I know it is hard to believe but this is a hobby and I do not sell anything. The vendors here are no sponsors.

      Illegal forums like dbg collect at least 150,000 USD of illicit money for charging vendors in exchange for ads and providing them a thread and for deleting criticism about their sponsors and also take money from Mexican drug cartels to advertise illicit meds; Or dopek forum, collecting about 200,000 Euros of illicit money per year (in Poland (!) – that’s like 1 million USD if it was in the US), can easily afford employees, I certainly can’t and the US are just fucked up. These wannabe mobsters are aggressive, nuts and most of them think that stealing was okay.

      Fuck those retards. I am not wasting my SPARE TIME, THIS IS A HOBBY, with idiots. If I were to add a new vendor, I would need to make sure he is not a liar, he can handle a certain amount of orders, is not selling opiates and not operating under different names, is no selective scammer. Then, I have to focus on him/her for about half a year. Customers, who sometimes are just too dumb to provide their address when ordering, would constantly complain to me about that vendor being a scammer; bunk batch sender Proximo would try to spread lies again and mess with the comments section, my Trustpilot account (what a douchebag would one have to be to leave a negative review full of lies??) and the mailbox.

      Again, fuck those retards.

      IF YOU OR ANYONE WANTED TO MAINTAIN (update) THE US PAGE =>contact me!
      An email is already prepared for you. To access the CMS you would need to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but if you send me a Word file and I edit the page according to your instructions, that would be fine as well.
      50 USD a month. I am not joking, could become more (100 USD) in late Spring/Summer.

      info@ RC

  2. poopooslanga123 Avatar

    0.00012463 BTC
    Sent $6.99 to 1NwE…frEP
    Monthly donation. Thank you

    1. Dear poopooslanga123,

      Thank you very much! 🙂

      Would you do me a favor and check how much money that 7USD donation has cost you?

      According to the blockchain explorer, you were charged an additional 102 USD in transaction fees:

      I wouldn’t mind having received 100 USD, but that this money is just lost is a tragedy.

      If you just lost 102 USD because RC SCENE does not receive a single cent from the transaction fees, nor can you undo a BTC transaction, it might be best to disable the donation page.


      1. Would a crypto currency with negligible fees be an option?

        1. ETH maybe. Or a BTC wallet with the new address standard. Or setting up a shop where you can buy nothing for 5 USD 😉

          Since crazy drug junkies and vendors like Proximo and Paracelsus won’t stop with their stupid lies that RC SCENE would either be a Russian project with an endless supply of money and running all shops here ourselves, or I would be a blackmailer and so had become super-rich in no time, donations are not my number one priority. Seeing those absurd high transaction fees, however, is a call for action.

          1. poopooslanga123 Avatar

            Yeah my fees are pretty low. I just sent 600 usd for like 15 usd fee so its not super bad.

          2. ETH or BTC both have crazy high fees sometimes.

            The answer is Monero (XMR). The privacy provided by XMR is amazing and transaction fees are almost non-existent (I sent about $200 worth of XMR recently and paid a fee of $0.003).

            You should highly consider posting an XMR address for donations. It’s simple enough to install the wallet, cake wallet is a good one for mobile, but the desktop GUI is also great (

      2. poopooslanga123 Avatar

        It was like 8.25$ usd total

        1. So this 100 USD indicated as transaction fees are just a fantasy figure again?

          Thank you for checking!

          1. poopooslanga123 Avatar

            No problem. If I went to send 8.25 and 100 in fees would happen, I would be angry for not remembering to adjust my feea

          2. Maybe fees and transactions are batched together?

            1. That is a good observation, thank you.

              The allegedly collected amount of donations neither shows the actual donations but instead counts every single cent that ever went through this wallet. So if you were to donate using an exchange (exchanges do no single transactions, they somehow combine up to 200 transactions at once) then all the money that those 200 other transactions were sending to some other wallet are added up to the donation wallet’s “income” which is super stupid seems it makes the wallet seem like I had collected millions and could retire tomorrow ;-D

              Maybe, I will find a cheap way to host a shop.