WHO to propose banning of 13 more substances, including 3-Meo-PCP and Diclazepam ++ German forum headspace v2 open for registration ++ Polish Dopek forum not a safe bet anymore

Illegal Polish drug forum Dopek is not a safe bet anymore.

(August 2020)

  • Two of their sponsors (dopek.info is a lying advertising platform just like drugbuyersguide et al…) either exit-scammed or got busted: silkmixture and grandkg.
  • Beware: Criticising sponsors, even after they turned out to be scammers, is not welcomed!
  • Take care! Many whacky Chinese vendors are paying there for threads and ads now. These all work for one and the same Chinese criminal organization!

Illegal German drug forum headspace was relaunched and is open for registration again

(August, 2020)

  • Yes, they speak mostly German there
  • They would usually discuss on how to illegally import drugs to Germany and how great their sponsors are.
  • First register, then introduce yourself. The admin crooks will then decide whether to make you a member or not.
  • You may only praise their sponsors, talking about other shops is allowed, but only in a critical way…
  • https://headspace-v2.to

In October 2020, WHO will propose worldwide scheduling of 13 more substances

(August, 2020)

These include:

  • Flubromazolam, Clonazolam, Diclazepam
  • 5-MeO-DALT
  • Diphenidine, 2-MeO-diphenidine
  • 3-Meo-PCP
  • 3-FPM
  • some Cannabinoids
  • Isotonitazene

(Source: unodc.org/LSS/Announcement/Details/23f1ac8a-5384-4d71-9…)

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8 responses to “WHO to propose banning of 13 more substances, including 3-Meo-PCP and Diclazepam ++ German forum headspace v2 open for registration ++ Polish Dopek forum not a safe bet anymore”

  1. Legit RC only using wicker atm? Anyone else get a message from him?

    1. Yes, it seems like it. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

      Stick with his WickR, please.

      Please do not complain to me or his email address; contact him via Wickr. He has never scammed anybody and will never.

      Darkhigh might say he did, but Darkigh will also understand that if tracking says successfully delivered and somebody’s mailbox was broken open and a fucked up teenager sole his mail, then the problem is not the vendor, and I promise to get back to somebody as soon as I feel better again 😉

      Sellkies & friends seem to have reported dozens of email accounts to ProtonMail recently. They reported some of their customers even, don’t ask me why those dudes are a fucking disgrace. The Sellkies/Berg/Newbie/Proximo connection is a case for the FBI that I do not want to comment on at this point further.


      ProtonMail are from Switzerland, and in Switzerland, where there are or no legal or grey-area substances, everything is scheduled.

      Proton also has an office in the US (don’t mind, it doesn’t matter) and some infrastructure in Germany. This, again, does matter, b/c just like Switzerland, also Germany has scheduled almost everything.

      Once reported, Proton disables accounts, and you cannot access them anymore.

      That sucks, but it is necessary to fight scammers and organized crime.

      They lack the resources to take a closer look. They receive thousands of reports every month, so, unfortunately, a blackmailer and scammer and schedule I drug dealer from the US seems to be able to report his former customers successfully and few honest vendors while probably himself using a Proton account.

      I always told everyone not to use Proton. No one would listen. Then I found out that Sellkies is my biggest fan and that he likes music and, I am sorry if I caused this, but my time has come to leave, and I don’t want to miss the finale. Maybe it was a dumb move. Maybe it finally shows few hundred people what kind of jerks they are sending their money. Maybe some are even faster than the FBI and have had with being blackmailed by scammers. Maybe?

      I hope everyone knows that the FBI is now in charge of fighting scammers and blackmailers. The FBI is not an average dude in some village police station — they don’t care about unscheduled substances. They arrest blackmailers and scammers.

      I would have to lie to you if I told you I could handle seeing that shitshow going on for another frustrating year.

      Legit RC is the most popular and most responsible vendor we have here in the US. He had to deal with downtimes a couple of times already because whenever a product did not test pure, he would trash it, lose a lot of money, and could, of course, not accept new orders for a week or two.

      Proximo has never seen a lab from the inside; he ships whatever it is and thinks he could sue me for defamation. What a pathetic jerk. What a stupid motherfucker; how dumb can a well-known criminal be???

      Legit RC CAN ACCEPT ORDERS, and if you should have emailed him lately, then please contact him via WickR again. He probably never received your last email.

      He can cope with not having an email account for a week or so. As soon as team 3 launches their version of RC SCENE USA, they will introduce the most honest and reliable, responsible and vendors and successful vendors ever seen, while at the same time some scammers and bunk batch senders and blackmailers might be fighting for soap in some prison.

      PLEASE BE PATIENT. I will probably need to send my SSD to Sweden since I locked myself out. This means that also the newsletter will be postponed to May, I am sorry. It seemed a perfect idea to me. It was too good, unfortunately, b/c with the defective hardware token, the backup password is impossible to enter.

      I strongly advise ALL vendors (mentioned here) and NPS customers to switch to another email provider for handling orders. Unfortunately, I have never seen one work that flawless as Proton; Tutanota is no option either. Don’t even think about using anything that is considered a Darknet service. To be safe from Sellkies & Co., known for destroying lives out of pure greed, it would need to be an email provider registered in; I don’t know, maybe CZ or Panama. I will ask a lawyer; maybe he knows.

      For everything else (discussing drugs is fine, trading them for money is not), ProtonMail is cool. Make sure to subscribe and not stick with the free plan!


      • Do not panic if your account was disabled. You could contact ProtonMail and explain to them that you are not a drug dealer and maybe get your account back.
      • Not taking drugs for a while won’t kill you 😉

      • If LE were investigating you, ProtonMail would NOT silently disable your account but place a warning that clearly stated that police are observing your account.

      • Switzerland has a data retention law, six months, I think, but only open accounts for the police if a Swiss (!) forced them to. That happens maybe once in a year with to cocaine dealer over at drugbuyersguide.

      If Sellkies should blackmail you and forward that email to his email provider, he is finished. Blackmailing and terrorism are considered SEVERE crimes!

      @darkhigh210: THANK YOU FOR LETTING US KNOW. Very much appreciated! 👍🎈
      @darkhigh210: THANK YOU FOR LETTING US KNOW. Very much appreciated! 👍🎈

      I am busy today; the shop info will be updated tomorrow. I would not even know Legit RC’s WickR and having locked myself out of the computer and trying to set everything up again, don’t be mad at me, but that is more important to me than if you maybe cannot order some benzos for a day or two.

      @darkhigh210: THANK YOU FOR LETTING US KNOW. Very much appreciated! 👍🎈
      @darkhigh210: THANK YOU FOR LETTING US KNOW. Very much appreciated! 👍🎈

      1. His Wickr trailz25

        Don’t fall for imposters.
        He will soon have everything set up again.

        I think I found a solution that all of you can use and can, which is no too expensive.

    2. Don’t post off-topic!!! 😉

  2. Sunshinelabs is a scam! Ripped me off and even paid for overnight!

  3. Silkmixture from Dopek forum closed down, and as far as I know, they didn’t scam anyone and sent all of the remaining orders.

    Watch out for their shops, especially the newer one’s.
    On their website the sponsored vendors list is sorted from the oldest to the newest shops,
    so be very careful when you’re ordering from the bottom of the list.

    1. You are right, silkmixture is already back again under the name https://sandheavens.com/. I would have bet he had gotten busted.

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