Substance Warning: 2-Methyl-AP-237 & AP-238 ++ HeadSpacev2 German RC Forum ++ Netherlands: Sign the Petition against the upcoming Research Chemicals (NPS) Ban!


(December 2020, Permalink)

The Netherlands are the world’s hub for trading Research Chemicals, the planned ban on NPS (substance) classes (like e.g. all Cathinones and all Cannabinoids) would have an immense impact on the whole industry throughout Europe, and, of course, also for the USA!

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(October 2020, Permalink)

The original text here stated that German RC forum HeadSpacev2 had recently disabled Chemical Collective‘s account for security reasons since rumours of a bust were making the rounds.

– – –

Well, it turns out that was in August already. Also, the ban lasted for two days only because the rumors quickly turned out to be a misunderstanding:

Chemical Collective, who are like many in the scene dealing with constant cyber attacks, had been conducting scheduled security tests that made their site seem unavailable/offline. Someone noticed their site to seemingly be offline and falsely assumed the site would have been taken down… Once the shop notified the mods, their account was re-activated and has been active since.

– – –

This incident didn’t reach RC SCENE before October and now looks even dumber since news from the NEWS & GOSSIP section are regularly moved from there and made into separate “fresh” articles. This incident has been verified with the shop earlier today, on December 9…

RC SCENE NEWS COVERAGE – If you desperately want to be the last one to find out.


(October 2020, Permalink)

A consumer reported heavy intoxication effects and a week of hospitalization after ingesting a novel designer drug called 2-Methyl-AP-237, an opioid which he had ordered from a clearnet shop going by the name “The Real RC”. The Real RC is notoriously known for selling low quality products or mislabelled substances.

Read the whole article including abstracts of scientific research conducted on these substances.

#AVOID vendors that offer unpredictable toxic substances!

Don’t pay them for putting your health at stake.

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  1. Das headspace v2 ist jetzt auch Geschichte..

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