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Predator webshop in May 2020

Predator-RC signs emails with “We are ONE and ONLY.” And indeed, they are probably the most entertaining vendor originating from the Polish scene. The Polish scene used to operate in Poland until the summer/autumn of 2018 when the Polish government made most Research Chemicals illegal. Many shops had to relocate and moved to the Netherlands.

By the way, in Poland, the government does not combat Research Chemicals, Legal Highs, or New Psychoactive Substances; no, in Poland, they colloquially use the term “dopalacze,” which would translate to “afterburners.”

Predator nevertheless ships worldwide, also to Poland. For a while, he even tried to operate (sometimes produce and sell) from there partly, but that finally became too risky after the Polish government started imprisoning RC Vendors who tried likewise.

So, Polish customers are receiving their orders from the Netherlands now. They would use a fake name and have their order shipped to a parcel station, where you could pick up mail by simply entering a code without having to show your id. Clever.

The Predator web shop is still in Polish, and prices are still low (~ 6 USD per gram of standard products). However, they also delete negative comments/complaints from the discussion area below each product page. So, like with 99,9% of RC vendors, the reviews on Predator’s website have also become useless. Sad story.

The entertainer and his daily promotion deals

To make ordering more tempting, Predator offers special deals throughout the week: On Mondays, you get some 3-CMC for free; on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you may ask for free products worth your shipping costs; on Wednesdays, you may ask for free 4-CMC, and Friday to Sunday there is a surprise weekend special. Alternatively, you can always ask for free 3-MMC pellets if you pay via Bitcoin.

Let’s have a closer look at one of these weekend specials

Click an image to enlarge it.

The entertainer and his hide & seek

Predator is known for sometimes not processing orders. If they have less than ten products in stock, they might be on holiday. This is important because they wouldn’t tell you or close the store. They disappear and keep the webshop open, and after weeks or even months, they would return, not even say sorry for delayed orders and, this is important, their comeback would always go along with many new products. I think this is 50% laziness and 50% marketing strategy. Customers would order these new products like mad, especially since they had been waiting for so long.

To let the world know that the shop is not gone for good, they constantly keep in touch with their customers on the (corrupt) forum while they are on holiday. If this were a pure marketing strategy, I’d call it cynical, but I don’t know.

I did not get in touch with the shop before writing this text since they would answer my emails but only provided answers to questions I had not asked about. They will, of course, get to see the article and may ask for corrections or additions, but something tells me they don’t really care.

The Polish Scene

The Polish Scene means more than just being a shop that used to operate in Poland. They have like their own products, which would often be not as pure as with, e.g., Dutch vendors and often times have an unpleasant smell or would be extremely caustic and cause you tears running down your cheeks after ingestion. Also, Polish customers tend to smoke the products, “konkret vapo?” used to be the most often asked product information on their webshop.

They do their own thing, produce in Slovakia and other Eastern European countries, they would provide multiple different batches of the same chemical which all would be different in color, smell and effects, …they seem to be different.

However, besides their products, they aren’t. The Polish NPS scene evolved early and soon became very popular, similar to the situation in the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Ireland). They used the same marketing tools, would, e.g. present lab tests to insinuate these “Legal Highs” would not be dangerous but “safe alternatives” compared to hard drugs, which of course, is not true.

It started with occasional sales via online forums before rich businessmen brought the scene to the next level: They worked out marketing strategies and installed professionally looking forums like, that would advertise only shops that were franchise takers of the forum owners. If you had a couple of thousand USD, you could buy a license, open a shop and start selling.

And the chemicals sold well. A study from 2010 showed that almost every tenth student would have done NPS at least on a monthly basis. Already in 2008, the first “smart shop” openly selling synthetic designer drugs opened, and that thing became a mass phenomenon, it moved from online-only to “real-life” at remarkable speed: By the end of 2008, 40 so-called “smart shops” openly selling designer drugs were operational in Poland, a country with close to 40 million citizens. The range of drugs was expanding, too, smoking blends mixed with synthetic Cannabinoids like JWH-18 appeared, Mephedrone (4-MMC) became a bestseller, and by the end of 2010, there were already 1,3000 “smart shops” up and running all over the country.

The owners of the forum, who used their money to source or produce the synthetic drugs which their franchise takers would sell for them, would contact the press to announce the opening of new shops, just like any other business would do. And the press surprisingly loved them so that by 2010, already 90 (!) percent of young people aged 18-19 would have heard of NPS already.

In 2011, “smart shops” were made illegal, and the sellers returned to their web shops, police counted 43 of them those days. Since 2013, the number of consumers and awareness of these drugs are declining. Not just because recreational drug shops were banned, but also because good selling drugs were scheduled, and last but not least, ordering online seems to attract fewer customers than just buying drugs at a shop nearby.

With the rise of synthetic designer drugs, also mental disorders occurred more frequently, and no one knows about the long-term effects of Research Chemicals. The number of NPS-related poisonings went down from a record high in 2010, but interestingly began to constantly rise again.*

*All data were taken from: Piotr Jabłoński , Artur Malczewski: New Psychoactive Substances. Problem and Response. Warsaw: 2014. Logo in an as abstract as colorful collage. If you didn't know, you would not recognize that random powder is part of the image
RC SCENE – Safe NOT Scam! (Abstract yet colourful logo collage. 2020)

Polish Scene Product Quality

As of today, in 2020, I am aware of two Polish forums that are not competitors but rather rivals: and, both advertising Research Chemical Shops. I wouldn’t know how they work, if they are still run as franchises or if the more prominent shops source and produce drugs for the others; Or maybe run labs of their own, or if they are imported from Eastern Europe (like Slovakia) or possibly Asia. seems to be doing a lot better. Still, some of the advertised shops there not only provide the poor quality the Polish scene is sometimes known for but also act mysteriously: They, e.g., insist on self-destroying messages instead of emails or would sell both Research Chemicals and things like prepaid cards for mobile phones, for anonymous registration with online accounts and for anonymous communication of course.

Don’t get me wrong, the batches in this scene vary so heavily that sometimes you will be lucky and receive top quality. But they also sell chems that would often contain lots of probably toxic synth residues. The bad smell and the burning are usually not part of the substance you ordered; these are impurities.

Tipp: Their prices seem tempting, and they all ship more or less reliable (you might sometimes receive replacement products you had not ordered because many of them don’t keep their web shops up to date.) Still, if you smoke such a tainted product and your throat or lungs hurt, you better stop and get rid of it. It’s not worth intoxicating oneself; life is already too short anyway. I am not saying that all products were of questionable quality, but if you should receive such, please let it be.

Predator Product Quality

Back to Predator. Besides selling neurotoxic chemicals like Chloro-substituted Cathinones (e.g., 3-CMC, 4-CMC), their products as of May 2020 look good, have no weird smell and seem of good quality.

3-CMC gave me an instant headache; I won’t touch that one again, and one out of the three variants of Hexen they sent felt like swallowing a razor blade: Hexen White Powder feels way too caustic; I won’t open that bag again. Oh, and I don’t like their 3-FPM either. The latter is a question of taste; I assume others might like it. The headache and the sore throat aren’t, though.

Their new batch of 4F-MPH is unspectacular but clean and more than okay especially given the price. Their A-PiHP is the best A-PiHP I have seen anywhere, their MDPHP Powder is good, and their new HEX-EN Crystal is way better than their last Hexen. DCK is good but too mild; their 3-MMC looks better than it works but is also okay. Their 2-FDCK, however, didn’t have any effects on me.

Predator recently asked for translators and for places where he could advertise. With the new products, I could imagine him expanding his business.

Click an image to enlarge.


If you think your go-to vendor is out of his mind with their constantly rising prices, and if you want to try something different from what Dutch shops usually offer, then I’d say Predator-RC is a good option.

Maybe make a small order and try different products; you will soon find out if you rather tend towards uppers or other substances.

Please don’t forget to mention the daily promotion deal in the comment field during checkout. If you forget, you will not receive any products for free.

Predator-RC Shop Description & Links
(always up to date!)

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  1. after clonazolam and Flunitrazolam if you can help. thanks

    1. poopooslanga123 Avatar

      My stuff finally came. Ordered mid feb. Thought it was gone. The quality isnt great

      1. Would you mind elaborate on this? Maybe not here, via email? THX

        I think you & I do not receive the same products, but I am not sure.

        1. poopooslanga123 Avatar

          What is your email? Or idk if we are allowed to post personal info. Is there a way to chat on here so we can talk about the products. The aphp and apihp was ordered feb 15th actually. The apihp was not good. It was hard to vape from a donut coil because the powder would melt by the coil but would create a hard some that wont collapse on it selfso getting the full dose was near impossible. Even sticking a thing in to collapse it it would do it over and over I muxedsome in vape juice and it was betterbutnkot much

          1. thank you. then I think everyone receives the same products.

            May I ask what kind of vaporizer you use?
            I want one that makes a lot of smoke, no matter if liquid or herbs or whatever; I tried it and failed. A Bummer. Had bought that thing for a photo only.

            1. poopooslanga123 Avatar

              I have few. I use a yocan evolve plus with ceramic donut coils and a yocan evolve plus XL 4 coil. A hamilton devices dual coil water bubbler. The hamilton coils suck though so I use a donut coil from the yocan and since itsa bit bigger then the normal coils i have to use a smaller coil for it. It it well worth it. It makes fat ass clouds

          2. poopooslanga123 Avatar

            P.s. the apihp was ok but the aphp was not good. The powder I. The bG of aphp was better but the rock tasted like chlorine tabs. price I’m dont even care that

            1. Okay, we DO NOT RECEIVE the same products. Will talk to him.

              Not sure about that Chlorine, there is no chlorine in PHP…

              If he ships you stuff that doesn’t make it through Dutch customs, that does not make me happy at all.

              Don’t vape chlorine, please. It erodes your lungs. I am not kidding.

            2. It’s not really chlorine but if reminded me of it in looks. Taste did not taste like aphp. It was hard like pool chlorine. Effects we not good and my throat felt like it was hurt as a result of vaping it. My boy confirmed it was not good by i.v. r.o.a. he said the powder was ok but rocks no war

            3. The A-PihP in the Netherlands is trash, btw. Moisture, not rocks, not dry powder, smells like vinegar, no good sign…

              A-PHP Deluxe is still good, and 5-MAPB is somewhat expensive but acceptable. MDPHP, he ships in the form of white crystalline rocks now.

              All in all, the products in the Netherlands do not seem to be really fresh anymore. His Etizolam is at least better than the one from TRC. So, sadly enough, he is the last tolerable source for it, I learnt yesterday. Rechemco is already out of stock. 🙁

            4. The apihp in Netherlands seems better than anyplace else I’ve had. China is the worst

            5. @ A-PihP

              That thing has never been available in/from China.

              I think the first formula came from Sweden, which was a completely different thing than what is offered for A-PiHP these days. Today, I assume the NL and Eastern Europe manufacture it. European labs usually “import” drug precursors from China to produce/finalize NPS that got banned there.

              Chinese labs, even if owned by the government, are super cautious about offering NPS. An average lab lacks the knowledge to keep up with changes in legislation. Most of them cannot manufacture new NPS. Cathinones seem to be easier to manufacture but could be considered illegal.

              Leon told me he would never ever offer anything for sale unless their lawyers were absolutely sure that a compound was legal in China. Keep in mind he was not afraid of smuggling vast amounts of a schedule I substance to the US and that he worked for a company with maybe 200 sales agents based in Hongkong, which is not yet terrorized by the Chinese party as mainland China is. He even went a step further: He would not ship drugs himself, every team had at least one shipping agent, a well-paid specialist in dealing with/bribing customs or finding tricks for mail to get cleared without having been checked. Also, they would never use a real sender address. In case a parcel would be returned to China, customs would open it (they open everything), check the address and arrest the whole company for possibly having tried to sell drugs within China. China runs labs that still smuggle Fent to the states, they operate scam shops, I wouldn’t want to go for a beer with those fascist liars of the Chinese government.

              However, there is one thing they care about and that is a Methamphetamine pandemic. Although hardly anyone can afford drugs in China, the country (members of the government or managers of government bodies usually) is/are so corrupt, think of them as of the Chinese DEA and their success story bestseller “Fent & Me”.

              They will never succeed. Getting more and more angry and even more so: desperate about their failure (Chinese politics work like this: The party is king as long as the party does not fail in, e.g., battling a drug pandemic), they would go as far as to imprison and torture Leon only because Post NL had made a mistake and returned the parcel to the sender. Insanse.

              So, again, no Chinese vendor will dare advertising a substance that is considered illegal in China. That stuff must me made in Europe.

              A lab in Hebei that also sold NPS WITHIN China disappeared around Januray, all my contacts are dead. I hope for them to not really be dead, but whoever runs that scam scheme now (the one advertising on Dopek) is a completely different team.

              Same with MDPV: Countless Asian vendors claim to offer it (in form of crystals, usually). Those are always scammers. Don’t order scheduled substances! Make yourself familiar with local legislation. China is not the EU or the US, they even execute high animals of the Chinese party.

              Please avoid shops claiming to ship A-PiHP from Cina.

            6. LF
              research chem club
              Both in china
              Both sell apihp

            7. You’re right, thank you.
              LS doesn’t offer it, but LF and that Panda club do.

              Afaik, that company is not considered a Chinese lab but a joint venture (Dutch – Chinese?) with an import/export license.

              XC, BOZ and those Hebei labs are genuine Chinese.

              Rechemco and LS/LF seem to have a different status.
              If that topic ever pops up, I will update the shop description. Wouldn’t know whom to ask right now.

              My notes say that the LF CMS is even maintained from the Netherlands, but that observation was shared by a friend I do not know and could be pure speculation or simply a coincidence.

              A question that I find a lot more interesting: Is their A-PiHP good? ;- )

              Thank you for putting the facts straight; very much appreciated! 🙂

            8. Wanted to follow up. I was well aware of the stated shipping policy . This year I lost shipment from smokies and real Chems. Many NL baised shops have stoped shipping to the us because of this. I have been a part of the nps community for a long time like the early 2000s and lost little In that time because I do my research of the legality or the chemicals in both the place of origin and my state and country. This was my first test order with them and was for 4g of 2fdck. They told me they changed Thier shipping policy a month after the transaction was compleat and told me they think it was sent non tracking but provided no shipping info to prove a letter was sent at all so they could have just not sent anything out or it was sent form a NL point of origen so the odds of me receiving it are almost none now. I could not get them to communicate and when they do it’s one sentence when I send I large email adressing Thease issues. They said after I made my first post that they would reship but do not offer tracked shipping and it would be sent from NL again. This is called a bait and switch In the states. Thier shipping policy you quoted In your response was still on Thier site and I paied extra for it and they sold a product or service they don’t have or intend to offer. So either they didn’t send anything the first time or this time and pocketed the money and typed three sentences which is easy money or they are sending double what I paied for knowing it willost likely not make it and won’t make any money that way .with the odds so bad and many reports of americans this is happening to with customs I asked what makes you think I will get the second one? I didn’t receive the first but got no response so I would no have given them money if this was the only option. I will post the compleat correspondence
              if needed. With other companies even if you don’t get tracked shipping they send proof of something send in post. This can be faked as well but at least part of a legal purchace online. This whole interaction has been scratchy and wrong. This isn’t how Thease purchases go usealy.So they change Thier shipping policy after they compleat my order and they get my money and that’s supposed to apply to me and when I stated this radio silence.weeks after the reship sentence was received
              and not reship or refund. Selective scamming is when you fill orders such as to you a reviewer and European customers review positively then you can pocket american orders cause our customs is taking products that are not illegal which its self is illegal but it is happening.a lot of legitimate vendors have stoped shipping hear all together because of this. I can not get theas people to actually type out much of anything and I know there is a language barrier but Google translate is accurate enufgh to speak although some thing will be lost in translation and is how I read Thier page in the first place. You seem to be protective of them but this has been one of the worst attempt to place an order in this
              market for me and to date received nothing. Americans avoid entirely and Europeans should avoid because this whole market is word or mouth and we regular this market by who we purchace from. If you placed an order with Amazon and they took money for tracked shipping and then said they shiped with a cheaper option that cant be confirmed that anything was sent through mail and said take it on faith that we sent something and it just didn’t get there and Thier is nothing to be done do you think they would be as profitable as Thier co. is? No . word would spread and no one would purchace anything from them. Nps products are like any other legal purchace and this site has zero ethic and communication and have stolen over 100$ USD and I’m just lucky I placed a test order first. Avoid them. Shop elsewhere.this is form someone who has seen things
              like 2c-i 2c- b and mxe go from new and novel to raved about to finely illegal so have been doing this for a while now.

            9. Hi, I had also been disappointed with them lately. Some products were not okay. Others were fine, though.

              That they don’t provide photos might be a question of not having to change their shipping all the time. I don’t think that they forgot to ship. They have plenty of stock, need more customers (their home market does not work anymore, so they ship to wherever, and their home market orders from the Netherlands 😉

              Especially when you order often or place huge orders, then Border Patrol/customs are likely to seize your orders. Predator stocks mostly Cathinones (a kind of Amphetamine). I believe that Cathinones are considered scheduled substances in general, meaning all of them.

              If customs want to limit the number of synthetic designer drugs that hit the US, or if they seize suspicious packs because they could contain Opioids – I don’t know.

              What I know: Cathinones test for Amphetamine. Customs know that they are NPS, but cannot tell which ones. Such a test is not worth it. In other words: If there was a single product in your order that could be scheduled then they will seize and destroy the whole order.

              In the early 2,000s, NPS in the US used to be a tiny niche. I think 4-MMC (Mephedrone) emerged around 2004? Since we had SI flooding the States with sometimes hard drugs, RGN/TRC and Asian vendors flooding the States with Fentanyl — do the math.

              That everyone in the US desperately tries to cheat on everyone else, makes NPS crazily enough an alternative for real drugs. Those substance tests for the US and CAN look terrible. That – according to DEA – Eutylone would be the by far most popular NPS in the country (it’s a lie, but it says so in their reports) is strange. Imagine, you had ordered Hexen from Predator – compared to Eutylone, this would be a functional recreational drug.

              I understand that small orders from time to time seem to make it, and so do orders shipped from Asia.

          3. According to my gravatar (click my profile pic/avatar), you can reach me via kompromat @


        2. I placed an order with them on the 25th of last month to the u.s. and paied for tracked shipping from a none NL origin. I did this because I lost orders from the NL this year and so have others . My lost order was no tracked and this was a last ditch effort to place an order for a legal product both in the NL and u.s.a. without issue.Thier site switched to order compleat and received an automated email saying in a week I will reserve my tracking info. We are now a month from the 28th and no tracking or package. I emailed them a week ago and said this is a major issue and if you don’t contact me soon I’ll assume this was fraud and report hear or elsewhere. A week after that today I got a message saying only:
          I think its shipped without tracking

          currently we did take this option off our store

          So in the month since they took my payment they change shipping policy and that is supposed to excuse this some how? They should not charge for services not offered. That is theft and fraud but I guess that’s what they meant by that statement. the use of “I think” makes me feel they do not even know or care if anything was sent out. I needed the tracking from a third party to confirm a physical package was sent and world trade logistcs is a mess right now so if I could not get a order with tracking and non NL origin I would not have given them my money. This feels like just theft and Thier communication is either none existent or a couldn’t care less super non professional tone. I guess this was a scam. Be warned. I will be explaining this on other sites so people don’t loose Thier money. The nps is supported by word of mouth so be aware this site is shady and you’ll lose money or at least I did .

          1. Hi,

            This is what they say about shipping to the US:


            We can ship to USA / CANADA without tracking right from NL.
            If you want trackingcode please add 2 extra weeks before you receive the trackingcode
            (we need to ship it from other country to provide tracking)

            New users need to pay with BTC – after few orders we can provide you info for bank transfer
            We can’t reship to USA / CANADA – but we can always add lost order to new order

            Shipping takes place twice a week 🙂

            ——- So, your order will still be underway I guess: 2 weeks waiting time. Then they shipped. Four weeks have passed, two weeks in transit. Regular mail might take about 4 weeks in transit before it arrives.

            There are no scammers mentioned here. I know that shipping to the US is sometimes difficult, but for a European or Chinese vendor, there is no point in not shipping.

            If you ordered scheduled items and placed a super huge order, any vendor will struggle with the US. That Chinese Express Mail always arrives is politics and has got nothing to do with anyone’s talent to send a letter. While Chinese Expess Mail must not be opened, DEA/FBI etc. take down vendors in China. You will not see that happen in Europe.

  2. ( you can add to to my last message + thanks for fast accept + you can mail me soon if you have time 🙂

    More info:

    Shipped 13.04, delivered 21.04 so not bad 🙂


    We’ll add an extra €50 in selected products to any order over €125 incl shipping!
    ( for example 10g of A-PIHP or 16x 3-MMC PELLETS or 1g 4-HO-MET cost €50 )

    All you have to do is write in the order comment which product you want to get extra!

    €125 = 570PLN
    cannot be combined with other offers
    Valid until 29 April for customers from EU
    (unfortunately not from Poland)

    1. T. Pain slanger Avatar
      T. Pain slanger

      Why dont you send me something that didnt suck so bad. The cheaper aphp was the worst I’ve had. The powder in the bag was better then the rocks. Amd bj it was mostly rock..
      Apihp was better then the aphp but still was not great

      1. Out of curiosity: Was the A-PiHP rather wet powder or dry rocks?

        After that chlorine feedback poopooslanga123 shared with us, I felt alarmed and wanted to see myself. It turns out we received different samples/batches/products. I hope for Mr Predator to call and explain this to me. This is an issue with other vendors as well, and those other vendors tell me fairytales about a product changing big time during transit. Maybe, if you ordered in summer and waited three months for it to arrive, but not if the order arrives within a week.

        The products shown in the shop review above were fresh and okay; otherwise, no one would have spent days taking pictures of them. That products have a shelf-life of between 2 months and 4 years is not unusual. Things like A-D2PV die within a month, even if you keep them sealed air-tight in a fridge. You can wipe your ass with your three weeks old H NMR lab test, but certainly not tell me the product would still be okay. That is one thing.

        Two pals ordering the same product on the same day and each receiving a different compound is another story, though.

  3. test order to US is customs since 19.04 but still hope they delivery it till end of this week

    We will make huge promo this week from customers outside Poland – if you havent account please mail us at

    Have a nice day

    1. Witaj! 🙂


      This is the very funny Mr. Predator.
      Please contact him while I am still stuck with 1,564 unread emails.

      Also, if you got any questions, or are looking for a pen pal – he is your man 😉

      Thank you!

  4. poopooslanga123 Avatar

    Still has yet to arrive. He said they are trying a new way a few days ago. I guess time will tell. It’s been about 10 w. I really hope it works out. I put my faith in predator because of rc scene

    1. The very funny Mr. Predator will do what he can. If it can’t be done, he will have tried his best. That Fent is coming to the US in regular envelopes, and Homeland assists border patrol is not making things easier.

      According to USPS, they will sooner or later start destroying all mail from overseas that does not meet the new regulations they have thought of to fight that Fent problem.

      I read it in a newspaper, and I think even if I were to send you a birthday present I was supposed to declare its contents. I can do that. A company sending more than one birthday present per year might struggle to do so.

      The punchline at the end: USPS applauded the Chinese to be reliable in declaring the contents of the mail they send to the US. I transport no opinions, but this could be a moment to remain silent and think if really the best of the best are working for government bodies 😉

  5. Your always up-to-date “Predator-RC Shop Description & Links” link is not working.
    Please update 🙂

    1. It still is. Maybe some downtime yesterday?

    2. Now I got you. Fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.

  6. poopooslanga123 Avatar

    These clowns need to take usa off of places they can send because the damn well know that they can not get their stuff over here. There wont be any types of making things right with us. This has been an ongoing problem too. I was speaking to some americans on Dopek and they all say the same. They might be 0k for other countries but not for usa

  7. Please do not talk about parcels and when they arrive and from where and to whom. Thank you

    I don’t know how to stop you from posting such information but these vendors all put a lot of thought into their shipping methods and on Dopek you would get banned for mentioning anything regarding shipping – so please let it be.

    Share with us if some product was a pleasant surprise, but do not mention anything shipping anymore, please.

    Thank you.

  8. Regarding Predator: If you do not have an account with their webshop, you might have noticed no option to register. RC SCENE can create accounts for you. Just send an email.

    1. To everybody asking for an invite, please allow us some time. Many providers blacklist their emails. With ProtonMail, you must not purchase NPS. I discovered an exciting email provider, but I need yet to test if the emails arrive.

      Your emails are all on my to-do list; sorry for the delay. I will answer all emails that stick to the rules. Please stay patient; thank you.

  9. Кецман Л. Avatar

    Did anyone experimented with any of 3 different batches on cousin site? It’s hard to chose one so i would probably need to research all 3 haha.. There are: 1.Hex-en king powder
    2. Hex-en classic
    3. Hex-en needles

    1. If this should matter to you: The needles feel the least caustic.

    2. I had experience researching 2 of them from Ch. Casino.
      The Hex Needles, and Hex Original. Both top notch quality and effects produced during research.

      The original is very similar to. the needles and even has some tiny needle shards, but it is a bit stronger and faster than hex needles.
      The needles are big shards and were honestly amazing. They arent overpowering and create absolutely no anxiousness when running tests. Just happy euphoria that makes you want to socialize with other scientists. Strong but just the right amount of kick to not be too strong and doesnt have too much comedown.
      Both are the original Hex we are all used to from when it first appeared on the scene.

      Also Casinos stealth is much better than Preds.