RareChems.com (Trusted Shop Review with Video)

RareChems.com started their business in 2019 in the Netherlands. They are one of the retail shops affiliated with Lizard Labs, a manufacturer and wholesaler of Research Chemicals.

In their retail-shop they do not only offer self-made products, but also source from Chinese labs as everybody else does. What makes them different is that they might use their knowledge and lab equipment to purify a substance to make it a quality product, as recently seen with their 5-MABP. Well, at least once, they did that. They sell disappointing products as well. They usually perform no additional testing on the chems they order from China and rely on lab certificates by Chinese manufacturers as most (but definitely not all) shops do.

The SI thing

RareChems desperately want to be acknowledged as a former partner of the Spanish web shop SI, which might be a good marketing strategy, but still seems unusual, since SI (Scientific Innovation) was, according to Europol, an organized criminal group that got busted in 2018 for selling drugs, Research Chemicals, medication and Steroids on both the internet and on the Darknet. I didn’t follow any news about the process, but since eight of them were arrested at least some of them could stay in prion for longer, I assume.

The SI Bust

Spanish RC vendor SI aka Scientific Innovation got busted on June 28, 2018
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Europol confiscated millions of Euros (in cash, from a bank account and from Bitcoins wallets). Law enforcement also confiscated 10 luxury cars, and three properties. You might remember the news headline “biggest LSD-found ever in Europe”. According to Europol, the confiscated drugs would have been worth 12 Million Euros if they had been sold.

Scientific-Innovation created a couple of shop fronts to let the money spin in circles until it disappeared for tax collectors (e.g. Cresson Consulting). This is a common thing with many drug dealers.

How SI got busted

SI had a delivery success rate of almost 100% with many countries. They shipped almost worldwide (to a hundred countries) with the exception being Africa.

The police work started after a letter of theirs had been confiscated in Germany.

Another mistake of theirs was not reading Austrian legislation on NPS and scheduled substances. Although they say they had gotten the OKAY for their plans with maintaining one web shop (sarms-supply) from Lower-Austria (near Vienna), they obviously had not understood that there was more than a single legislation on drugs and NPS in Austria.

To make a long story short: The family clan’s IT expert was from Austria and took orders for the web shops. From his beautiful house in the district Korneuburg.

The law, however, did not allow trading NPS, he must have made a thinking mistake there. He thought he was not allowed to ship within Austria, but in fact, trading NPS was completely illegal, selling drugs in Austria could mean prison for up to 6 years if it was considered organized crime.

Details on Operation Dryer

Click an image to enlarge it.

RareChems say they, together with SI, had set new standards in the scene by developing a method to assure that all their chemicals were almost a hundred percent pure. In fact, SI indeed did sell very potent chemicals.

RareChems, however, seem better friends with cutting agents than with SI’s pureness philosophy.

The story of the two of them cooperating does not necessarily have to be a lie, SI was also active in the Netherlands (Dutch and Spanish customs do no routine checks, you could import pretty much everything to these countries.)

If they were partners, then part of the confiscated money may have belonged to them but they would be afraid to ask for it. Hilarious!

Back to the shop and its products


  • Decent quality
  • Best A-PHP on the market
    (update Summer 2020: Not any longer. A-PHP is dead)
  • Really friendly and entertaining communication
  • They desperately want to be seen as a professional vendor and send you quality bags, and add multiple pages of a material safety data sheet to each order and they label their bags properly.
  • Also, they ship as soon as your payment has arrived.


  • Their prices seem pretty high, there are basically no discounts for larger orders of 5 or 10 grams available.
  • Their O-DSMT was extremely weak, they added way too much cutting agent, which might ironically be okay again, because internet shops shouldn’t tempt their customers into buying Opiates in the first place…
  • In January 2020, they started shipping to the USA. They export scheduled drugs to the USA but also to Germany right now (April 2020). We will see how long Americans will accept this.
  • Some of their products seemed a bit too mild, especially given the tidy prices they charge.

Please take care: Importing scheduled substances may have a negative impact on your further life! If the package gets confiscated by customs, you are in trouble!

Click the images to enlarge them.

Wow, ten pages of material safety data sheet attached to each order, these guys must be pros. Well, wait a minute: Never judge a book by its cover!

So let’s have a closer look at this Material Safety Data Sheet

Click the images to enlarge them.

Now that was fun, wasn’t it?

So we know now that RareChems add worthless Material Safety Data Sheets to their orders. This is a classic marketing strategy: Some add vouchers, some add stickers, some add Safety Data Sheets to try to build trust, customers are not reading the paper anyway.

But who are Papillon Essence, the company that issued this ridiculous Safety Data Sheet waste of paper that RareChems attach to orders?

Papillon Essence – Are they even a real company?

Click the images to enlarge them.

Please Find a detailed portrait of Egor B.’s Papillon Essence B.V. company on bedrijvenmonitor.info (English translation available), and compare it to how he himself describes Papillon Essence B.V. on papillonessence.com

Maybe mind the sentence quote “At the registered address of Papillon Essence B.V. a total of 294 companies are located.”

Please promise me not to ever fall for the glossy image that modern drug dealers use to make themselves seem like they were professionals.

Don’t expect the average drug dealer to share common ethics like you and me would do. If you thought drug dealing was a business like any other, then maybe think again.


Back to RareChem’s supply: Even though some of their products seem a little too mild, and their prices are pretty expensive, all in all, they deliver decent quality and surprisingly the by far best A-PHP on the market, at least until Spring 2020.

A solid choice so to say. Still, they are laughing at you for believing their marketing tricks and because you only accept their high prices because they have a nicely designed web shop and you believed in them offering products of higher quality therefore.

Well, live and learn…

Please do not order substances from them that are scheduled drugs in your country! Just because RareChems and Lizard Labs don’t care about the law, doesn’t mean you need to act likewise.

Compliance info

Egor B. and his company Papillon Essence had almost two months time to explain to me why he would make up weird lies for his website and what he would actually work.
He simply ignored me although I offered him to collaborate on the article.

Nonetheless, it’s a good laugh and shows how shady the RC Industry would sometimes act.

Lizard Labs’ response will be added asap.

Corrections proposed by
Lizard Labs

  • Of course, the Material Safety Data Sheet is useless. It always shows the same properties for a fantasy chemical, no matter what or how much you have ordered. But first of all, I don’t like the sound the printer makes and therefore want to keep it as short as possible; And second, as long as no one complains we will definitely not fix a thing.
  • I do not see whom would be helped mentioning Egor [ B. from Papillon Essence, editor’s note ]. He is a fine guy and even though he is not a chemist in the sense that he would have been at a University, he still is able to work with chemicals. In the future, however, we will just put our own name on the sheet instead of his. He is a good guy.
  • No, we do not ship illegal substances to Germany on purpose. After an update of the shop system, I could not find the settings menu anymore. Actually, I didn’t even know. I will have a look at it.
  • Do you really believe SI were criminals? All they did was selling drugs! Guardia Civil had been so mean to them, they took them away everything. They have children!
  • You should not simply believe what police are telling, try to find out the truth! Those were fine people, it is a shame what the Spanish police have done to them. They did nothing illegal. So they used some standard paragraph about handling toxic substances against them. They were the number one in the world, it was a legal business, but they were treated like criminals. It’s a shame what happened to the family. They lost everything.
  • SI did not make millions with selling drugs, in fact, they started investing in Bitcoins early [ and in virtual gold which they also accepted as payment method when still operating under the name ARC-Research, editor’s note ] and made good money with that. The figures police are communicating, don’t believe them!
  • It is not true what EMCDDA keeps telling, SI did not have a lab in the Netherlands, only a warehouse. We used to be their partners, it was our lab.


UPDATE 08/2020

  • RareChems do not ship scheduled substances to Germany and the USA anymore. Also, they were forced not to ship to the UK anymore.


UPDATE 03/2021

Thank you Lukas for that tip!

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  1. They are no longer Rare chems, they are now fresh chems.

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