Leaving the sonic barrier behind: RC SCENE was viewed 21,196 times in August 2020. Hooray!

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That is not much, actually…

No, it isn’t. 21,000 is less than the amount of video clips being uploaded to pornhub each and every second. It also is a lot less than criminals running illegal profit-orientated RC forums, that do not show the whole picture but only present their paying sponsors, make money with lying to you.

It is nothing compared to the number of hacking attacks a team of IT engineers have saved us from in the past month. Thank you for support!

Actually, it might be about the amount of emails asking me for where to get the best heroin in France, which I am asked absurdly often. Thankfully, it is a lot more than I receive messages from strangers, who just wanted to make sure that I would be aware of that they are going to plug some opioid and will go to bed early tonight.

Thank you :))

And yet, when I three months ago started checking statistics, there was this huge bar that said “20,000” and seemed impossible to reach. Since then, however, our views have tripled and this is actually a big moment for me.

Initially, I wanted to join an established forum and publish articles there. Well, it turned out these mods were liars and crooks and did not even dream of providing space for a free format that would also mention the negative sides of the industry and not hold back with criticism.

I remember, when I created the logo, I thought, boy, that takes a lot more time than expected. All that trial and error for maybe a hundred people who would ever get to see it…

Things went surprisingly well since and I think I know who I owe for that:
The boys and girls in the comments section! monopaisa, John Doe, T, zergblood101, Ian, Mark, Cah_epiphany, Patrick, Sam Jackson, Janik and everyone who helped this info page starting to breathe, to become alive, thank you all very much!

We are known on every continent on this planet, by the way:

Filling a void

There is nothing like RC SCENE. A journalistic non-profit project, independent, honest, reliable, for free, and most important: RC SCENE does not take a single cent from vendors. I sometimes ask for samples, but as soon as I get answers like “For a nice review, of course you can get samples for free”, the discussion is over. If a company sells extremely toxic compounds, or had had a bad reputation in the past, there is no way this would not be mentioned.

If chem collective Jacob sends me the shittiest chemical I have ever held in hands, I will not praise his great character, or the superb quality, he delivers. If it’s the worst shit ever, then it is the worst shit ever, there is nothing to discuss about. And to make one thing clear: Jacob is breaking the law, he would have to provide a complete imprint on his website, since his brand name and his company name are not identical. If he thinks I was doxxing him, he must be an idiot. I do not live in the Netherlands and still know such things…

E-Mails from all over the world

When Mr. Shittypants US drug dealer RC1, who is afraid of being caught for money laundering, thought he could dictate me what I have to do, I sent him an answer that made him shut up. Never heard from him again.

With everyone else, I like to discuss. I answer every single email and even that dude that told me to “fucking take down your shitty website” like twice a day became more and more friendly after we had elaborated on the good sides of this project together.

What is RC SCENE actually about? A positive list of reliable vendors (please mind that for the USA and for Canada there are no reliable vendors listed!) should help the community from falling for scammers. The shop reviews not only prove that the list is reliable, but also are portraits of players in this industry. While everybody else is dancing around the drug dealer he or she fell in love with or is writing endlessly boring trip reports, or, my favourites: spamming forums with 10 /10 stars reviews in Reddit style, I wanted to introduce people working in this industry to provide little insights, to explain how vendors, labs, sales agents are connected to each other and what a day in their life would look like.

Well, it turned out they prefer the shadow, just like the stalker in front of our house. I still think I can make it someday. Why wouldn’t people who I chat with, not someday accept questions about their work?

Now, that might sound arrogant, but I consider the portraits of e.g. Predator, Rechemco EU or Realchems to be artsy, I even think they are really well done, I worked for days on each of them. So, just recently, I happened to chat with a vendor (Greetings to Chemcloud and thank you for your patience!) that seemed to be happy that someone wanted to portrait them and will give me an interview, they seem to like the idea 🙂

Do vendors like the reviews or would they even feel ashamed for them because they would, according to French RC forum moderator Tridimensionnel, read like a random concatenation of empty marketing phrases? Well, besides from Tridimensionnel being an idiot, I really like him, but someone should someday tell him, I think he has not found out yet, he speaks English even worse than I do, and he is not capable of understanding what I do. I like to play with the game, not playing the game with all its limits and rules, and I think surprises are the reason you provide me with friendly feedback or with insults. I can live with either, I am happy about anyone who takes the time to discuss with me.

Let’s face it

In between the lines I mention health risks, neurotoxicity, marketing techniques, fake lab results, I unmask imposters, and while Predator found my article fun, Rechemco for sure did not expect me to buy some samples and mention that they also stock some overpriced shit substances and that they acted like tricksters for the past two years and that they scammed me once. They thought I would deliver the “nice” review that Dennis used to mention over and over again and that I would then then pick up free samples for a treat. No way, José!

Click the image to enlarge it.

There is a correlation between mental diseases and drug abuse. In twenty years we may be diagnosed with cancer caused by smoking cheap NEP and the toxic synth residues a lab did not wash out. I wouldn’t want to read about it, but I try to mention such things in every article. Just as a side note, to never forget about it.

Side effects: Time is running out

My private Twitter account’s impressions were reduced by 160,000. German criminals hijacked RC SCENE Germany. Someone sent hard drugs to my address, they were not sealed air-tight to make sure police would find them and question me. Oh, and, yes, I am being blackmailed.

I am pretty nervous and I would love to find an enthusiast who would like to foster the US list and to bring in own ideas and to help me play free for other tasks.

I will try to put an end to crimes I witnessed. But for today, let’s celebrate. These are FJØRT with Valhalla. Bon divertissement!


Thank you for your trust, it means a lot lot me!

PS: On Reddit, someone wrote, the articles ON RC SCENE were so badly written, I would for sure be a Chinese scammer. This sentence still makes me smile even on rainy days


H A V E A H A PP Y D A Y !

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