(Trusted Shop Review) – The only professional RC-Vendor on this planet – in: Part 1: AMPHETAMINE DAYS. Screenshot August 2020 web shop in August 2020

Please note:
While the [ Trusted Shop Reviews ] usually tell the history of a vendor of which some seem to have been around forever and show photos of products usually from at least two separate orders, they are still snapshots of a short period in time.

Vendors and their products are unpredictable
Quality, service, communication, and reliability change all the time. All vendors have their ups and downs. NPS / Research Chemicals always bear an immense risk to your health and have caused thousands of tragedies and even fatalities in recent years.

Realchems are Tim, Roxy and the Shipping Team. The shop originates from Canada, where they used to sell liquid 1P-LSD only. Their stock increased so fast that they decided to move to the Netherlands, also because of the more liberal legislation there.

Not all of them are fans of Terrance and Phillip, Roxy describes the team as a “mixture of avid researchers from different parts of the world“. They find their job amazing and enjoy a good laugh with lovely customers, but they also face truly horrid treatment from special characters that do not understand that sending such products via airmail means risk and that a package sometimes will not make it to the desired doorstep. Roxy and the team try to make these folks understand that there are caring humans on both sides of the screen, she sighs at.

Realchems seem to have been around forever and stand out for their quality and humorous, friendly service. In fact, they are one of the friendliest and most generous shops I have ever met and I want to say thanks for the generous support in the first place: Thank you!

Just look at what they have sent: An Anti-stress bulb, how cool is that?

Click an image to enlarge it.

These funny moments, be it their Friday newsletter or their merchandise (Their bottle opener says: “Real Grand Opening” 😉 ) should not distract from the fact that are probably the most professional RC shop in Europe: They are the only ones who have all their products tested by a third party before offering them for sale.

Or how they like to put it: “All of our products are lab tested and have HNMR results available upon request, something we are unique in offering.” No one else does that, it’s unbelievable. And their testing makes the difference: There is no such thing as a bad batch if you have a contract with a lab that is paid for providing clean chemicals, and clean chemicals only!

Other shops would often show you fake lab tests they received from their suppliers. Think about it, what difference that makes.

Real Selection

Realchems offer a broad range of products. They carry Amphetamines, Cathinones, Phenethylamines, (rare) Tryptamines, CBD products (CBD is basically weed without THC), Lysergamides, Dissos, etc; Some of their products they offer exclusively, no other shop stocks them.

Real Amphetamines

We will browse through their Stimulant Sample Pack today, which is 7 products for 65 Euros, most of them being Amphetamines. Amphetamine is known as medication to treat e.g. ADHD and has gone a long way since its discovery in 1887. It used to be prescribed against depression, became the popular street drug “Speed”, and even the highly addictive “Meth” belongs to the class of Amphetamines.

Research Chemical Amphetamines are usually Fluoro-analogues of Amphetamine and are not considered hard drugs. Cathinones, to give an example, would not only be stronger but are also more likely to cause drug induced psychoses. Amphetamines are uplifting and motivating, while still coming with a chilled and clear-headed feeling. The comedown is rather harsh though, you might feel like running on empty the next day – or until the next dose which I do strongly advise against. Of course, Amphetamines have addiction potential and build up a tolerance.

Click an image to enlarge it.

Years ago, I would sometimes take small amounts of 2-FMA together with 4-HO-MET and a couple beer and spend my Friday-evenings listening to music and reading and writing nonsense on Twitter. I somehow miss those days: The euphoria that kept me up forever and would make music sounding better and turning Twitter into a neo-dadaist playground for entertaining myself. The fog of war of a strenuous week of work was like blown away.

So, yes, Amphetamines are pretty active. But if you take prescription medicine or also do Cathinones, you would only feel slight euphoria from them. You can’t have everything at once, unfortunately.

I must say, the product samples (2-FMA was the first I opened) are of really good quality. They are clean powders and do what they are supposed to do, quality substances. My favourite turned out to be 3-FMA. I had never seen that one before and assumed it would be something like 2-FMA’s little brother, but no, it is a substance of its own, with pleasant smell, taste and unique effects. I enjoyed 3-FMA a lot and would wish for more shops to offering it. I especially value its gentle warmth and the bottle of laissez-faire feeling it opens up.

Click the image to enlarge it.

Another substance I enjoyed was 2-FEA. It is one of the more euphoric ones, but still feels “natural”. Combined with 3-FEA, they even pressed pelltes called “3PHORIA“. For reasons unknown, these pellets do not work on me. And no, that’s not because I run around full of energy and euphoria all day, my life does not even know how to spell euphoria. I once lost to a little girl because of that word at a spelling contest. True story!

Click an image to enlarge it.

Really good 3-FPM and a Cathinone called 3-MMC

Finally, two non-Amphetamines.

If you are looking for a good batch of 3-MMC, don’t look any further. I was positively surprised by their slightly orange batch that did not feel caustic but was pleasant from start until the baggie was gone.

The biggest surprise to me, however, was Realchems’ 3-FPM. So far, I had known this substance only as aggressive shitty trash that would feel caustic as hell and leave you with an unpleasant feeling after few hours. This 3-FPM here, however, I would buy in bulk if I had the money for it. It’s a fantastic product.

No idea, out of which holes Chemical Collective and Predator-RC have fished their versions of this substance, but the difference is so immense, unbelievable… That’s the magic I am looking for!

Click an image to enlarge it.

They say it’s all going to end

Fine powders, friendly people, but Dutch State Secretary Blokhuis (Health) and Minister Grapperhaus (Crime) know that not all vendors are like Realchems. At a press conference in April, the two announced a blanket ban on Stimulants / Phenylamines, Opioids and Synthetic Cannabinoids.

Click the image to enlarge it.

To everyone’s surprise, it was especially Grapperhaus who explained why this new legislation would be important, quote: “Behind designer drugs is a hard-hitting world in which people are intimidated and threatened, our residential areas and our environment are seriously endangered and serious criminals make huge financial profits that threaten to corrupt our legal economy through money laundering. This legislative amendment helps in tackling this undermining crime.”


Roxy still carries hope to fight the ban. She is concerned this ban will cause a lot of damage: NPS would be pushed to the black market since you may ban substances but not the demand for them. This will lead to

  • Criminalizing innocent people.
  • Reduced substance purity which goes along with health risks.
  • Even increased use of recreational drugs like seen in other countries.
  • Taking away a huge tax revenue whilst increasing cost of policing…

Relocating would always be an option for the intercultural team but Realchems would rather stay and challenge the law change, “The Netherlands should be leading the way in progressive reform!“, they say.

Click the image to enlarge it.

Speaking of money laundering, Roxy explains: “In my opinion, money laundering is not a problem at all with legitimate RC vendors. We take payments and buy stock all of which has to be invoiced for. Everything is recorded so there is no way of money laundering unless your site is anonymous and only receiving crypto. Even then most payment processors require KYC [Know Your Customer, editor’s note] now.”

Asked about Synex Holding and Lizard Labs, who are obviously breaking the law, Roxy can only provide little information: Lizard Labs are one of their suppliers, they are the only producers of certain compounds and their products always come back pure from HNMR tests. Regarding their operations, Roxy has no insights, the companies are in no way affiliated.

“We hope to continue doing this and we hope that customers enjoy reading our weekly Friday newsletter, complete with different deals every week as much as we enjoy writing it!”


It would be a sad story, if a fine company like RealChems had to close and shady Darknet dealers would take their place. As of today, the planned change in Dutch legislation is still under review. Let’s hope for the best 🙂

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28 responses to “ (Trusted Shop Review) – The only professional RC-Vendor on this planet – in: Part 1: AMPHETAMINE DAYS.”

  1. gabriel biller giareta Avatar
    gabriel biller giareta

    Is realchems dot net the same or are these scammers? I read on reddit that they were exiting the market, and then it’s .net all of a sudden. Thanks

    1. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar

      Please check back with the list.

      Research Chemical Vendors / NPS Shops * in EUROPE (2022)

      Exactly, the answer had been there all the time.

    2. Tim Brown Avatar
      Tim Brown

      I made 2 orders with realchems which went fine before the .net change then got scammed exactly the same as everyone else….fake tracking numbers & bs is all you’ll get!

      1. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar

        Please share your issue (order details) with me and I think can show you why I might have sensed that fake tracking number thing a fairy-tale.

        A young couple moving to the Netherlands to wet a blotter with tiny amounts of LSD analogues by the means of a dropper because their home place wouldn’t allow them to is nowhere near engaging in years-long fraud faking tracking numbers, doesn’t that seem a little off? ;-D

  2. David Butler Avatar
    David Butler

    Can I have some information on rc benzos thanks

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      I have not yet finished reading them, but both the EMCDDA yearly report
      and the EMCDDA special on new benzodiazepines will be made into articles.

      Follow the link to the PDF, it’s for free:

      My highlights so far:

      They have no clue why certain benzos would become popular and others not. From a medical perspective, it does not make sense, it’s not the better but the better on Reddit advertised ones that seem to make it.
      They quote from two studies about Etizolam. I think this whole science shit is nothing but a lie. If I work professionally, sticking to fundamental scientific basics/standards, the odds of coming to such different results break with my logic. I haven’t read the Etizos, I probably won’t. That the fucking WHO made Etizolam a controlled substance without providing any valid scientific reason, they literally quote from a note that someone with the EMCDDA took on a sunny afternoon, it’s an observation added assumptions and theories, and in no way scientific work; Still, the WHO quotes it to justify their stupid fuck idea of banning Etizolam.

      Both new EMCDDA publications I will definitely summarize.

      That Europol’s prediction for the COVID lockdown to create masses of opiate addicts was proven right, unfortunately, I think they
      counted a million risk patients, which, by European standards, is just unbearable.

      Regarding those Etizolam studies, I think this says it all:

      “For many benzodiazepines authorised as medicines,
      LD50 (median lethal dose) values in various species are
      available. For example, the LD50 of orally administered
      etizolam was reported to be 4 300 mg/kg in mice and
      3 550 mg/kg in rats (Tsumagari et al., 1978). The results
      suggest that etizolam is less toxic than diazepam (LD50
      values for etizolam were 2–5 times higher than LD50
      values for diazepam). In another study, the oral LD50 for
      etizolam in mice was reported as 1 780 mg/kg, compared
      with 690 mg/kg for diazepam (Johnson and Funderburk,

      (p.19: )

      PS: Allow me some time.

  3. Cnkrttlg Avatar

    Is this review still valid? I have encountered many negative reviews/comments about realchems in the last 2 month. Some claiming the owner of the platform changed recently and there are lots of issue rising because of this.

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar


      The (trusted shop) reviews try to portray a shop as accurately as possible. I think of them to be a lot more than just describing a glimpse of time. The products constantly change, I know, they are just photos after all.

      RC SCENE does not monitor the scene.
      This review was done last year. While I was not aware of such rumors, I actually think someone would have mentioned something, I will ask.

      I think it is the usual defamation campaign going over at the Reddit hypocrites. Will let you know.

      1. Cnkrttlg Avatar

        As the person who asked if the review was still valid, i can easily say that this review still holds. I have started with a small order to see and until now i made 4 order, all arrived (tracked shipping) and the quality was pretty good. Also the customer care was very easy to reach. kind and responsive.

        1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

          Thank you for the update!

        2. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

          I would even say the quality they provide is unmatched. Rechemco and RealChems seem to be the only ones left who sill care about offering quality products.

          Some products are the same everywhere (like those 3phoria üellets), but RealChems don’t sell you shit only because LL tricks it to become measured 99% pure and claims it would be okay.

          RealChems have exclusive contracts with really professional labs.

          I don’t know about their wholesale option, though. Since many of their products are exclusively manufactured for them, I would not know if they can source kilos of a substance in the outstanding quality they offer for retail orders.

          Those Legit RC shitheads killed the week for me, I have not yet asked, but will do. Again, I strongly doubt those rumors, it’s the daily lies defamation shitshow on Reddit, I am 99,9% sure. Those greedy fucks selling trash like TRC or RTC or whoever work with the same lies and tricks for many years already, it’s always the same pattern.

          No offense, but you could know by now. Reddit has been around for quite a while already.

  4. Mike Avatar

    Wieviel Geld bekommst du von the real Rc ?
    Die verkaufen wohl das schlechteste 2map ap 237 wo es gibt ,besser gesagt ist das ganz was anderes irgend ne gelbe ……. oder braune…….
    2 methyl ap 237 ist immer weiß und kristallines Pulver und keine gelben Brocken wie bei therealrc mit keinerlei Wirkung

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Just to be on the safe side, I opened a second bank account in case the first one should get full…

      The Real RC sells the identical substance as Longflourish.

      It obviously has an effect, hospitalizations in Germany, one of them even to be found translated on, would indicate that I’d say.

      2/2,6-methyl derivatives of AP-237 are toxic as hell. All of them. Pass on that trash substance, maybe get AP-237 instead. Just because you do not experience intoxication effects, does not mean it would not hurt you.

      Technical costs (including the Adobe Suite, not necessarily PlugIns though) should be covered.

      We will see how this works out.

      Ideally, two anonymous shop reviews, nicer presents for everybody who contributed over the year, more mini-reviews (some of those fuckers charge me money for wanting to present them…), 40 USD a month for whoever would like to maintain the US page, and a Tesla Model 3 will be paid by displaying a single banner on a single page (which is what we agreed on) as well.

      A thread on dopalamy forum (PL) costs 437 Euros a month. I assume that TRC spends even more for being listed as the number one shop on dbg forum (US). Dopek (PL) won’t be cheap, either. I for myself was offered a figure so high that I needed to scroll to the right (too many zeros for a single screen) and thought to myself: My neighbors will envy me for that new Tesla.

      So far, I received zero, If you wanna know. It’s agreed less than half of what a thread on this Polish forum would cost. RC SCENE is currently growing by about 20% each month but I am at 150% already, I have tears in the eyes when I wake up in the morning, although I work on a (semi-)professional 27″ display.

      This banner gives me the creeps. There will be a shop review with TRC this month, I will ask for one of these independent lab tests if you think they sold a bunk substance and may hopefully publish it. No idea though, how long they already stock that substance, they started testing only half a year ago. The thing is, whatever I do, in the end, I will receive death threats and 1-star-reviews on Trustpilot…

      The first half of the year, I spent in forums defending myself against all kinds of defamation. I had to prove to Trustpilot that I am not a blackmailer, I sent them emails for proof in which I rejected money from shady vendors. Then, Trustpilot told me three times (both their EU and their US headquarter) that a 1-star-review calling me an “insolent dumb asshole that is a blackmailer and it was obvious who I would be working for” was a valid review, it took me half a year to get that shit deleted. On Reddit, they call me everything from a Chinese scammer (because of my bad English) to cunt (because I advise against doing opioids).

      That Chris dude, who first discussed TRC’s updated shop description for hours with me, in addition, posted a 3-star-review about my alleged sellout that was yet to come (!) on Trustpilot. Even if I killed everyone working with TRC he would surely find something that would finally prove that I was a liar who claims to be unbiased but of course would only do what the mighty banner told me.

      That asshole that sends toxic opioids to teenagers (Paracelsus) tells people all kinds of lies about me just because I criticize things and warn against toxic substances, while he loves dbg forum who would just ask for money and be “neutral”. In an email, he called me a “popup scam” that would collect millions of donations for a website and then suddenly disappear with the money. Such stupid assholes even believe those things they say. In the spam queue, this retard Twilson1234 who I successfully helped with an order that would never have been shipped since he had sent death threats to the vendor is luckily so aggressive that the spam filter would hold his comments back for moderation. But the lies he keeps repeating (I was a heroin junkie sponsored by Kinochems), I don’t know how to deal with that.

      I did a test order with TRC before I did a draft layout for placing the banner and there was not a single bad product in the parcel. Only the A-PHP rocks turned out to be clumpy powder, which by the way was the second time last month I ordered rocks and powder but would instead receive fine powder and clumpy powder. Their 4-FPD is not quite Rechemco, but there will never ever be any vendor beating Rechemco in terms of quality.

      I really don’t know how to frame the shop review. It would not be fair to question them like they were murderers, I am already thinking of doing a parody instead of seriously writing about the shop. That some people are not familiar with irony, would leave me cold. I am not writing for idiots.

      Back to your question: It will depend on how fast other RC SCENE sites will be ready, and how long I can handle the stress. In the best case, 2 sites with one banner displayed each would allow to save money to archive RC SCENE someday and to keep paying the hosting costs for a couple of years.

      The day I will have sent 3,000 emails for RC SCENE (1,402 to go) I will seriously think of maybe taking some money for the hundreds of hours I spent working on the project and replace my nine-year-old Nokia with the smallest iPhone available by then.

      Already this year, at least I think so, due to the many donations and the constantly rising BTC price, I won’t have a loss of more than maybe 100 CHF, which is beyond expectation already and I am really really thankful for.

      On the other side, I am currently at home to recover from almost having died three times in a single year. I should lie on the sofa and not be working towards a heart-attack.

      Don’t forget to read about the toxic 2/2,6-Methyl derivatives of AP-237. To leave no doubt about that it was valid to assume any of these derivatives to be highly toxic, I explained the patent, that obviously is difficult to understand for English native speakers like Paracelsus, here:

      Have a happy day!

    2. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Why the fuck did you post this under the Realchems review???
      These shops are in no way affiliated.

    3. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      400 Euro und du bekommst auch einen Dankeschön-Banner.

      RC SCENE verkauft allerdings keine Banner, selbst wenn du fünf Hunni hinlegst, könnte es eine Weile dauern, und versprechen tu ich schon gar nichts. Du kannst nur spenden. Nichts kaufen.

      Du könntest für eine Charity oder deinen Weblog einen Banner bekommen, Awareness für ein Thema schaffen wollen, fände ich persönlich besser, ein Witz geht auch durch, solange er nicht von Mario Barth ist 😉

      Bleibt idR für ein Jahr online. Weil wenn die Großspender nicht spenden und sonst auch niemand, weil ja alle glauben, die Banner würden großzügige Gönner abbilden, und sich die groteske Vorstellung durchgesetzt zu haben scheint, auch nur irgendwer hier würde zumindest einen einzigen Cent mit RC SCENE verdienen und, dass ich ja so reich sei, wird überhaupt umgestellt hier.

      Die Kontakt-Seite kommt hinter eine PayWall. Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob ich überhaupt alt genug werde, um die E-Mails wenigstens zu lesen. Von Antworten rede ich gar nicht mehr.

      PS: Eine Zusage von 40 im Monat lasse ich auch gelten um eventuell einen Dankeschön-Banner zu basteln.

    4. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Das ist nicht blöd von ihm, dass er Rattengift nur stark verdünnt anbietet. Er war auch der Erste, der erkannt hat, dass es Betrug bis fahrlässige Tötung bedeuten könnte, würde man die Purity einer Substanz nennen. Wenn du 40 mitzahlst, probiere ich das aus. Ich glaube ich kann den Staatsanwalt überzeugen, dass das Budget für eine scheinbar silly Idee in Wahrheit nicht schlecht investiert ist, und wenn er das Geld für den GC MS freigibt, und wir die ca. 120 zu je 80 bzw. 40 teilen, du wirst dich kugeln vor lachen, wenn du den Artikel dann liest. Ich habe etwas in der EU Gesetzgebung entdeckt, mit mir redet schon keiner mehr allein weil ich es nur im Ansatz skizziert have, aber ich zieh das durch. Ich brauche nur entweder jemanden von der Uni oder den GC MS. Und ich habe leider wirklich kein Geld.

      Wenn der Artikel aufgeht, dann machen wir RC SCENE DE nächstes Jahr eine NPO, das würde alleine hier ca. 1,500 im Jahr an Lizenzen sparen, und du bekommst deine 40 sofort zurück.

    5. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      50 Euros donation + I find out how to display random elements by using plain CSS = You will be thanked. I will draw a thank you banner, the below will mention sthg. like “Mike supports RC SCENE. Thank you!”.

      You cannot have a banner that mentions any vendor, but maybe you would like to have one linking to Greenpeace, a serious newspaper, a harm reduction site, a music band…..

      We have no graphics expert available, painting such a banner involves quite some work.

      50 Euro. Das kann ein Projekt wie RC SCENE echt mal wert sein. Weil ich ich hab kein Geld mehr. Und ein vergleichbares Projekt wirst du nie wieder finden. 40 gehen auch. Aber nicht BTC, dann nur über PayPal.

  5. xavier Avatar

    Good things written about this shop, but when they say : shipping within 24 hours, it’s not true at all !
    I did wait for a week, and then I had to contact them… They wanted me to trace my own payment altough it had been done using credit card. !!! ..
    Then they implored all kind of excuses but never sent my order.
    Good thing I was able to charge back after that.
    Not really serious shop.

  6. John Doe Avatar
    John Doe

    lsrc uses in house+third party testing as far as I know.

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      You mean sthg. like this?

      A real lab test would show the name of the company that did the test. Also, some figures are missing. I think they synth themselves, they obviously test themselves. Or just steal any lab test from any website. Or draw them in MS Paint.

      LOOK, this is how 4F-MPH really looks like when being tested

      Yes, there is no name on it, either. But their logo! This company tests itself. They produce reference samples for Universities, for the Pharma industry, for Police etc.

    2. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      In case the test results between ls and cayman look so different, because they use different techniques, ls does not mention their method, if you asked me they did not hire a chemist, but a painter for their lab results.

      Anyhow, in case ls really does testing, and this blurry sheet of theirs that is missing all relevant data was real, then still, would be the only shop in Europe and the US who have tested everything.

      I would never ever trust any Chinese company. Seriously. If rat poison was popular, they would sell you rar poison.

      Do you what happens if Chinese customs find a packet witch Research Chemicals in it? They immediately destroy it. I am not joking. They have no problem selling Fent to children as long as the children are not Chinese. But in China, they imprisoned hundreds of vendors and lab workers last year.

      It was already president Obama who started talking to China about not fucking send Fentanyl to the US. Now under Trump, they finally gave in. But not because Trump was so persuasive. Whole fucking world is afraid of China killing us. Don’t think the European Union or even other Asian countries would not have threatened China to give in.They ship worldwide, no matter what. They use shipping agents who bribe the right people to bypass customs. The parcel you receive from China was already “double-cleared” in Asia. I don’t know how this is possible, but I foster professional friendships with some Chinese, some Americans, some Europeans – and some of them are real criminals. I mean not the street dealer or internet vendor, I mean the guy behind the guy behind the guy. They do this everyday, they talk about it like talk about eating a banana.

      You might know me from many forums, maybe we meet each day. My keyboard does not have the keys to write KOMPROMAT the right way, KOMPROMAT are a french electro project actually ans is a Russian word. KØMPRØMÆT, however, is being asked by huge vendors to give them an overview about their competitors and prices. Everyone I talk to already knows the RC SCENE logo. China, France, Spain, Poland, Canada, USA, Greek…

      Only few know that I built this alone. We have authors, but I work from 5 am to 3 am without going for lunch on some days. These motherfuckers who made me list some scamming shit holes like this MrMBU do not even believe me. I told them who I am and what I will do. They cannot imagine. They are all on Benzos, they are so lame in their heads, I almost have fun working 24 hours. I take days off in between, don’t worry.

      Back to topic: If I see a blurry lab test, I do not think, yeah that is for sure for real and stolen from somewhere else… In Europe no one does testing except for Realchems. In the US, Kino, to give an example sometimes washes / cleans his products if they are obviously tainted.

      I always hear of people telling me they have their RCs tested. In Spain. With testing kits. Whatever, it does not matter. I know for sure that not even police can identify many substances that are on the market.

      This is the reason, why DCK and DXE are said to be the same substance. This is not true! The WHO works like amateurs, or it really is impossible to verify such exotic substances. The latter might be true. NEH and Hexen are not even close. The Etizolam I recently received is a blend of at least 3 chems. I like it, it works fantastic, but the vendor emailed me a lab test that shows 99,99% purity. 😀

      PS: We fucking rock, just like this French band 😉

    3. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      This is Vitalic with Rebecca Warrior. It’s an art project that was initially released online only. A British record label licensed it, now you can buy it. But there is no sense in buying it from the Brits. You need to listen to the 24 bit version available at Qobuz (a French Spotify alternative). They sing both in German and in French, I have no clue what their album is about, I don’t get the meaning behind. But except for Eminem and A Tribe Called Quest, I have never in my life heard music that was produced in such a godlike way.

      This is the video clip, they published before the album. They won in category “Best Song” at a music film festival with that clip ;-D

      1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

        This is like entering a writing contest and winning in the category for best book cover, it’s a joke brought into reality. I love them for that!

  7. Trusted RC Shops Avatar are the only Research-Chemical-Shop on this planet who have all their products tested for 100% purity by an independent lab. NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT!

    This is by far the most professional and most responsibly acting RC vendor you will ever find. They do neither ship to the US nor to the UK, only CBD products are available to these countries.

    1. Tim Avatar

      No it’s 97% actually(if you believe that, cause I’ve tried their products & I do not) not 100% where did you get your info! It clearly states 97%! My dealings with them have been anything but professional, seriously if you’ve actually really dealt with them you would quickly see that there is something wrong with their heads! So frustrating, it’s unbelievable!!! & yes they ripped me off, fake tracking numbers & all….just look at the bad reviews, everyone says the same thing so are they all lieing? Seriously you are a lier & are talking shit my friend!

      1. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar

        Doesn’t it say “>97%”? That would be as pure as tap water or OC cables (“oxygen-free” copper), I think, and, indeed, won’t be the case with certain substances active already in µ-mg dimensions.

        Also, with Jacob starting to have their products independently tested and even signed-for by a Dutch chemist, I learned that substance testing is a matter of experience and estimations and that it is not easy at all to identify maybe unknown substances.

        Still, according to local government-funded substance testing unit (, NPS available would usually test either as expected or as inactive.

        I guess that has to do with refernce samples making the testing process more efficient and affordable, but that a technical detail.

        My point is that some vendors bluntly slip you mislabeled or inactive substances out of sheer greed and ineptitude and because they are sociopath assholes with many things wrong in their heads while more professional vendors do the human thing to do and have their substances tested.

        1. w Avatar

          Dont trust this or

          1. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar

            never trust a drug dealer 😉

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