Rechemco EU-Retail: Free Samples Pack. (Trusted Shop Review with Video!)

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Rechemco EU-Retail: Free Samples Pack from June, 2020

Back from the sewers

In February 2007, Alexander Klein drove from Germany to Rotterdam to buy drugs. He was not happy with the products, he knew he could do that better and so founded Rechemco. In 2013, Dennis Hansen, a friend of Mr Klein’s, joined the company as second partner.

In 2016, a creative guy from Styria in Austria (this is where Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up) joined the party: IVOLABS became part of the company.

About 2018, an awkward silence drowned the choir. Admit it, you also thought Rechemco would sooner or later leave the scene and instead enjoy Banana Coladas in the sun.

Difficulties with suppliers and labs, strange inhouse decisions like high prices for some disappointing products; And worst of all: Instead of keeping their web shop up to date, they started taking money for product orders which they did not even have in stock and so tricked customers into buying their overpriced 4F-MPH.

After years of establishing a trustworthy brand, Rechemco had suddenly became a question mark.

What are these QR-Codes for?

Rechemo does not mention product names on the baggies, all you find is a QR code.
Your mobile can deciquer this QR code and will send you to a substance information page on the internet.

Let’s call it a comeback

Silence was added bitterness, when one of their shops forgot to send me a product I had ordered and paid for. They refused to do a second shipping for free and although it was their sole mistake they seriously were asking me to pay 40 Euros to cover the shipping costs for the product they had forgotten to pack. They did not offer a refund either, just like scammers. Three years later, I paid these 40 Euros.

Initially, I never ever wanted to talk to Laura from customer service again, but when I did, she was friendly enough to add a sample worth 30 Euros to the second shipping. She told me about the new shop concept, adding generics (meds) and switching to a more seriously looking website.

Dennis started sending out newsletters again, many new products were added and prices were reduced, some even by two thirds. After two years of silence, Rechemco seems back on track. Yesterday, they decided to waive on the 40 Euros they initially planned to additionally charge for orders shipped from China. I think MFPVP needs to be fixed, all the other prices have already been adjusted. Would you happen to know which Asian vendors would usually charge such high shipping fees? Those who charge only 2 USD per gram of a substance…

Or do you remember that shitty tropan and Cocaine-analogue Troparil? It used to be 70 and now is 25 Euros a gram. RTI-111 was also fairly reduced in price. Finally, we have decent prices again.

In June 2020, Dennis announced a Free Sample Pack offered by Rechemco EU-Retail: 7 Euros for 7 samples including shipping seemed a good deal to me. The free sample pack was soon sold out, but there will probably be discounts in Autumn or in Winter again. They usually add free goodies to all orders, especially to those placed around Christmas time.

Meanwhile, IVOLABS, who actually are Rechemco EU-Retail, they just happen to manage two different brands, offer a Free Sample and a Buy-1-Get-1-Free Sample Pack. I strongly recommend visiting both links, IVOLABS are remarkable playful. They are not simple resellers, they design their own products like liquids for e-cigarettes or Synthacaine blends and blotters. Free is free, by the way. With the Free Sample Pack you could test various products that would cost little money or just take the free sample.

What was inside the Free Samples Pack?

The free samples pack contained 2-FDCK, 4F-MPH, BUC, PAF, AP-237, A-PCYP and Flubromazolam blotters.

The 2-FDCK was great, so was the A-PCYP. Rechemco often used to provide outstanding quality and these two products I have not seen in better quality anywhere else. One makes you happy, one makes you feel more motivated – stimulation is there, but no jittery fingers or nervosity, not too strong on the head, A-PCYP is a gentle upper. Good to know: Both chemicals were active at 50 mg already!

Click an image to enlarge it.

4F-MPH has changed, it looks like salt crystals now, but I didn’t get any effects from the free sample. Predator-RC’s cheap 4F-MPH is a more interesting substance than this one here. Sad story, but at least the tiny crystals do not feel as caustic as you might have seen with 4F-MPH powders. The crystals actually feel A LOT milder than the powder versions. The substance was reduced in price, is now 30 Euros a gram. I still find it expensive given the fact that the effects I was hoping for are obviously hiding behind a bush.

Click an image to enlarge it.

BUC and PAF are opioids which in all these years they had been available, never received a single positive review anywhere on the web. Dennis says that would not be true, but at least my internet does not contain any. Fun fact: People in forums already started discussing if you maybe needed to smoke the substances or to dissolve them in something to make them work. These two didn’t change a bit, by the way. I think the substances would work if you were mixing them with any active substance, but that is just a wild guess, I haven’t tried it.

The third opioid, AP-237, however, was good. Only downside: Tolerance is increasing at warp speed.

Click the image to enlarge it.

The Flubromazolam “PACE” blotters guarantee good sleep, no matter how many Red Bull you had had in your finca in Ibiza before. The blotters feel different from the powder. While the powder induces immense euphoria, the blotters will just calm you down. Please note: These blotters will make you sleepy for two whole days. You could not take one on Monday evening and expect yourself to make it to work the next morning. However, what I always liked about these blotters: If I got extremely nervous, I would just take one and soon feel okay again.

Mixed with a PAF-blotter, they would make you feel like you were floating above the ground, but since they leave you so tired the next day, I decided to only take them as medicine when I feel restless and upside down – which not only happens to Chuck Norris from time to time.


So are they good or what?

Some of Rechemco’s prices still seem over the top. Their Benzodiazepines all cost more than 100 Euros per gram, even Etizolam. You can’t argue with “quality has its price” here. I recently bought Etizolam for 10 USD a gram. Who shall believe that Rechemco’s Etizolam was ten times better? I for sure don’t.

For Europeans, ordering with EU-Retail is super convenient, I think they even guarantee delivery success, just like they would re-ship an order from China for free if it didn’t make it to your doorstep. It’s a good thing that so many products are available also in their European warehouse now. You could order smaller samples or a single gram of a substance from EU-Retail and then decide if you maybe wanted to order larger amounts from China or if you were good without it.

Competition no longer means the Dutch industry but now are Russian and Chinese organisations running underground labs, and offering rather unspectacular products at impossible to beat prices which they advertise like there was no tomorrow. I am glad that Rechemco lowered prices. They still do not offer chems for 2 USD per gram, but they do deliver quality and impress with a broad range of interesting products which for sure is worth something. Or like Dennis likes to put it:

“Quality has its price.

Dennis Hansen,

Click the image to enlarge it.

Being A Chem Boutique

Rechemco do their thing. Sometimes, better, sometimes not so good – they sure like experiments 😉

Their selection includes not so many chemicals that average European or Asian shops would offer as well, they rather stock exclusive and brand-new substances.

Some of them were legendary: They used to sell DXE (a dissociative) which was the bomb. I am sure many shops had been trying to source that substance, but could neither arrange that nor manage to copy it. In the end, DXE became a pseudonym for DCK. Or their NEH, these pinkish ice cubes, a super interesting substance. Today, NEH is being used as a pseudonym for Hexen. These folks working for the WHO are faking history if you asked me…

New products in Rechemco’s EU warehouse:

  • O-DSMT
  • 3-fluoro-PCP
  • 4F-Pentedrone
  • 4F-MDMB-2201
  • 5F-EDMB-2201
  • 5-Br-DMT
  • 5-Cl-DMT
  • 4-AcO-EPT
  • 3-F-PCP

Benzodiazepines are offered in amounts from as little as 250 mg and the Dissociatives and Uppers may be sampled in amounts between 1 and 5 grams. The substances are the same as in China.

I hope some of the new products to be fun. There are so many of them, just looking at the new EU-Retail section feels exciting already. 30 Euros for a gram of RTI-111 still makes Rechemco a 30 Euros per gram shop, and anything but a discounter, but then again, enjoying a good product is a completely different experience than experimenting with substances of mediocre quality. If you are a fan of low prices, which I have fullest understanding for, maybe still give Rechemco a try. You will see that ChemCloud and Rechemco may both play Badminton, but not in the same league.

Not everyday, though. I tried both of their 4F-MPH batches, neither the crazily expensive one nor the new moderately priced one felt like a winner. And the previous paragraph about BUC and PAF is no fairy tale either.

Well, at least we now have many new products in Rechemco’s EU-warehouse and their EU-Retail will become an even more interesting option as soon as the Netherlands will have scheduled all Research Chemical Uppers, Phenethylamines, Opioids and Cannabinoids. Rechemco seem prepared. The Banana Coladas can wait.

Click an image to enlarge it.

Just In

Rechemco are currently working on their web shop number four: will be dedicated to generic meds only. This Rechemco shop will be the first one shipping to to the USA.

As you can see, the shop is still under construction but at the same time is already ready to use, just a few graphics need to be updated, I was told.

Interesting for everyone who is concerned about running dry on Etizolam: The generics are being produced in India. India is known for producing (generic) meds rather than for producing research chemicals. Under “Social Anxiety” you find meds that contain Etizolam. Since they are meds and Etizolam will become a schedule IV you could be fine ordering them, depending on the country you leave in. So, Etizolam will not disappear, you will just need to accept taking pills instead of powder.

Bring back the old times, s’il vous plaît.

DXE would also be okay.

PS: Thank you for the free samples and the friendly conversation!

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