Research Chemicals / New Psychoactive Substances explained. ++ Latest update: Behind the curtains: Have a look at labs manufacturing RCs.

Last updated: September 16, 2020

“Bath Salts”, “Plant Food”, or “Research Chemicals” are just marketing terms invented by a grey-area industry of manufacturers and sellers of synthetic designer drugs.


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We are talking about a sometimes scrupulous million dollar business. Still a lot smaller than the “regular” drug business, no Mexican cartels involved so far, but money enough in it to make people take stupid decisions…

These guys were so eager on becoming rich that they searched for and found loopholes in drugs legislation and started creating analogues, derivatives, and pro-drugs of illicit, scheduled substances, as well as of prescription medicine as soon as their patents had run out.

Recently, they also started producing compounds that had never been tested on human beings since already animal studies proved that these substances would rapidly cause cancer and lead to death in warp speed… Ordering BTCP for 80 Euros a gram is pretty much the same as buying a portion of cancer over the counter.

Excursus: Drugs have always been around

There had always been people trying to getting high.

The Ancient Egypt, to give an example, was not only good with building Pyramids, they also managed to cultivate wine already. Keep in mind that was thousand of years before Christians would start to to count years….

Ancient Egypt was known for their excessive parties with liters of wine involved, to losen anxiety, have a fun time, and, in the best case, find a partner.

This is very well documented. If you ever happen to be near a museum holding an exhibition about The Ancient Egypt, you would be surprised how little has changed throughout thousands of years 😉

Success with marketing lies

Back to the RC-Scene

The thing was: These substances had for many years not being covered by drug legislation. In addition to that, being sold as “Legal Highs” should possible consumers make believe that these substances would be less harmful than scheduled drugs, which was a lie, of course.

In fact, drug testing services who would test your Cocaine, MDMA, Ketamine, etc. for purity, would even publish warnings when well-known and often times well-studied substances like these illicit drugs were mixed with cheaper Research Chemicals, since there are hardly any, if not even any studies at all available on NPS, and because they could could mean a serious threat to your health! Okay, I get it – your are still alive. I didn’t say today, and not tomorrow. But someday, you might regret having poisoned yourself with unknown substances. I hope not, but we simply do not know.

Synth residue

In the millennium years, there had been a discussion going on whether the Pxyovalerone MDPV could cause cancer, because it is almost impossible to purify it in a way that the cancer-causing synth residues were to be fully vanished. Guess how the industry reacted: Every lab and vendor startet stating they were only selling substances of at least 98% purity.

To give you an example, how realistic this is, please see the following ad of an Amphetamine dealer who is proud of his products testing for 84% purity. He also mentions 11% synth residue remaining, and therefore recommends an “acetone wash”. Acetone is a solvent that cleans things and then disappears into air. I guess you could buy it at ata DIY market, it is, among others, a good solvent for plastic. If you had a 3D-printing object ready, you would polish it using Acetone. It also works as a nail polish remover. Wikipedia, however would mention that air and Acetone might interact in a way so that they start a fire.

Game soon to be over?

After many deaths related to NPS, especially since Chinese labs started flooding the market with extremely addictive chemicals like Fentanyl derivatives, legislation on drugs finally took a bold step forwards. Not only Europe ans the USA had tightened laws, it were US-presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump who forced China to put a ban on all Fentanyl-related substances, which China agreed upon in April 2019.

A milestone!

Future Outlook? Dutch NPS ban coming soon.

  • An outstanding vendor (Rechemco) who does marketing and customer support for a couple real quality labs in China, is planning to concentrate on medicine in the near future, as they explained to me.
  • The Dutch scene will try to keep making money with Nootropics, Disssos, and by stocking up CBD products. Some might move to another country.
  • Few have already given up, like the Dutch wholesaler and lab recently. (I couldn’t 100% verify this information, since they wouldn’t answer to me, but they deleted the opportunity to register with their shop.). and also are gone for good.
  • Even more more indices that something big might scatter the scene soon: Dutch vendors like The Real RC, RareChems, and Chemical-Collective have recently started shipping to the US and to the UK, where 99% of their products are scheduled as illegal drugs. Seems like they wanted to squeeze out as much money of their customers since their ship seems likely to sink soon.
  • Polish / Dutch vendor NLbestrc announced moving to a different country and that he is already packing and reorganizing his business.
  • Dutch vendor PsychonautLabo announced to quit with NPS and focus on nutrition in the future.
  • After and Rarechems, this week also sent a newsletter implying change will come:

News has come out that in the near future new legislation will ban certain categories of our research chemicals, most notably the stimulants and synthetic opioids. (..) Products affected will be Phenethylamines (including Cathinones), Cannabinoids and Fentanyl analogues, and basically means that all stimulant compounds will be controlled when the law comes into force.
( on March 11, 2020) who were the first ones to bring that issue up, already months ago they shared information about an upcoming ban on all Cathinones, don’t disappoint this time either and provide even further details as well as a link to a first draft of the upcoming Dutch law intended to regulate NPS:

DUTCH BAN UPDATE on March 09, 2020

A draft for the new Dutch/Netherlands NPS blanket ban has now been released:

What does it all mean? Well we ship most of our products from the Netherlands. Not everything will be banned but a large percentage. How soon we don’t know yet.

These new laws will cover many products, but 1 focus is on stimulant analogs. Cathinone products such as 3-MMC, 4-CMC, Hexedrone, Pellets etc will all fall into this NPS Dutch ban. Current NL Cannabinoids and Fentanyl analogues will also get banned.

As it stands blotter products such as 1P-LSD and variants will not be covered by the ban. We already ship C-Liquids from outside of Holland so no foreseeable issues there.

We do not have any precise dates yet for when the ban will come into effect. However we will let all customers know more details ASAP. Check our blog regularly for updates!

We are looking into relocating shipping of some products such as 3-MMC but until then we recommend that said products are purchased ahead of time to avoid disappointment. We may have no choice but to stop restocking some products ahead of the ban & before relocating..

Stay safe!


Source: (03/09/2020)

According to, it takes three months for a new law to become effective:

We still don’t know when this ban might occur but new legislation within the European Union is listed on the Europa website 90 days before it is due to come into force. This means we should get around 90 days notice before we must cease selling and destroy certain goods.

Source: (10/19/2019)

The long-established vendor has already been emptying his stock for months, and is selling the last tiny amounts of substances available (they seem to be the last shop in the world still carrying DOC) for good money. Take a look at their 4F-MPH: 2 grams would have cost 55 Euros, but you can only order 500 mg samples anymore. These cost 22 Euros. That’s how this business works…

2020 marks the year the European Union wanted to put and end on the NPS grey area drug scene, after years of monitoring and risk assessment, they finally agreed on a 5-Steps plan to tackle and solve the problem . Looks like they were on schedule.

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  1. 4f-mph looks like it could be easily turned into a fentalogue or similar like compound. Stims and Seds aren’t far off on chemistry when you look at the synthetic route to them.