(Trusted Shop Review) — Update: Out of business as of 01/2021

Screenshot of SpainCitySales web shop. Click the image to open their website.
Spain City Sales web shop in February 2020
A megaphone and a text: "Listen! This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do NOT contact them. Do NOT google them. Why? Because scammers (copycats) have already created email accounts and shops going by similar names only to steal your money. Do NOT react to such if contacted!
This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do not contact them and do not fall for copycats/impersonators contacting you. They will all scam you.

As of January 2021, Spain City Sales are gone for good.
They say they have been purchased by and recommend ordering with are not from Spain, they operate and ship from the Netherlands. Some say they might be affiliated with, which seems to be some sort of Research Chemical franchise that is running multiple sites operated by different vendors with all of them sharing the same stock. I could not verify this information, though, maybe it’s just trash talk.

No Bitcoins, but a bank account

There actually is a connection to Spain though: spaincitysales do not take Bitcoin payments, instead they provide you with a bank account registered in Spain. Money transfers within the European Union are for free, or, depending on your bank, at least not more expensive than transactions within your own country.

Slow order processing / shipping time

I discovered the shop through a forum and found it somewhat sketchy, so I talked to their support before I decided to make a small purchase. I sent the money instantly after having received the payment instructions, but it took a couple of days before the order status changed to payment accepted. Then I waited, and I waited long. I had already resigned, but felt relieved when after three weeks my order finally arrived.

Permanent 20% discount and decent quality

First thing you notice when entering their web shop is that they offer a permanent discount of 20% on all orders throughout the whole year. You need to apply this coupon code “#New2020” at checkout though, if you don’t, you will be charged the regular price.

Given the discount, prices seem fair and quality is okay. Their A-PHP was okay and their 4F-MPH felt somehow refreshing, which makes it one of the better batches you could find. Their 3-FMC, however, is such a caustic substance, that I only tried a tiny amount and never touched it again. They stock mostly uppers, the only exceptions are Etizolam (a Benzodiazepine) and 1P-LSD (a Lysergamide).

Click the images to enlarge them.


If you are equipped with patience and up for uppers, this shop is worth considering. I quite liked the two samples in the pictures above, only the 3-FMC seemed bad luck. I was curious but would not have expected it to be that caustic. I was told, however, to not close the baggy, then the chem would interact with Oxygen and become milder.

Don’t forget to apply the coupon code
#New2020” at checkout to receive a
20% discount on your order.

Talk to them before you place an order. They talked me into going with tracked shipping, I agreed. When the package arrived, I noticed that the costs for shipping they charged me were identical with what the mail carrier charged them. Always go with tracked shipping with this vendor!

A megaphone and a text: "Listen! This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do NOT contact them. Do NOT google them. Why? Because scammers (copycats) have already created email accounts and shops going by similar names only to steal your money. Do NOT react to such if contacted!
This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do not contact them and do not fall for copycats/impersonators contacting you. They will all scam you.

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11 responses to “ (Trusted Shop Review) — Update: Out of business as of 01/2021”

  1. Jon Larrea Avatar

    Como volver a contactar con spanicitysaled

  2. ontherocks5775 Avatar

    I’ve just learn that SpainCitySales has been purchased by and don’t take any orders, they only will send orders taken before they advertised the sale on their site’s home.

    My first order (1g of N-EthylHexedrone), without tracking took , as usual, a few time to be sent (between the order I had 4 days to open a bank transfert account with their Iban, 2 or 3 days before they receive the paiement,-that’s normal and it’s the longest in the process- and almost one week -4 or 5 days to be procesed a bit slow, but not too much), but came in less than 1 week via regular mail…The effect of research was real.
    The second order was : 10 Flualprazolam 1mg blotters, 1g of 4F-EPH, 1g of 4 Cl-PVP and 1g of NEH again still the previous half remained .
    -25% were offered so I took the Track&Trace option in addition of the larger amount of the order.All items at 10 €, they became avalaible at 7,5€.But the NEH was missing.I didn’t feel really stolen or scammed (Is there any difference anyway?) because of the promotion, I just paid standard price-had 75% with a 25% reduction.But it wasn’t what was written on the bill….

    I send a couple of mails, but no response.
    Now I can send ticket to Skookums, but something tells me that I can run in butter to make cream for not wasting my time.
    I had shared feelings about them because of this gram of NEH missing and not really others solutions to clarify that, but the goods price and quality had lead me to order again, if it was possible.Maybe they could have send a 1g of NEH again or when I would have ordered again, I’ll never know , now that SCS has been sell to Skookums.I’m not the only one (trustpilot reports this sometimes ) and think it was the premice of future sale.They just will send the last orders taken, and advertise to take orders at skookums, but they are here not listed in the good section.
    Maybe skookums ‘ll have for now the behaviour to make it work out fine.I’m not sure to order by them immediatly.

    Sorry if my writen english is bad this is not my birth language, and maybe the conditions of the past are not always written as it should be.

    And thank you for the work you make on this site, it’s usefull to have an idea of what , or who, somebody faces when ordering.It helps me, for example, weigh of benefits risks in prices, quality and scam.

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Thank you for sharing this information!

      While skookums and SpainCitySales are/were both franchise takers of DutchCitySales (it at least looks like it), skookums do not enjoy the best reputation, and I do not know anyone ever having ordered with them. Will contact them, they might be the same team, in the end, and TrustPilot reviews do not necessarily paint a realistic picture.

  3. poopooslanga123 Avatar

    They literally stopped shipping to U.S.A. and didnt say a word. I have a pack from jan 6th hope they even sent it. They havent answered my email

  4. poopooslanga123 Avatar

    I just put a test order in. I hope the php is half decent. Great price for this day n age

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Please keep us updated! The shop had to deal with COVID and was then experiencing technical issues, sharing a short shopping experience would be fantastic, thanks!

      1. poopooslanga123 Avatar

        Definitely will. I’m really hoping they are decent and plan on sticking around. I only did a 1g untracked order just to hope for the best. I wish I just went for a 5g but I’ve lost a decent amount of money this year. This year was the first year I’ve ever had a loss in the rc scene in the past 6 years.

        I hope it makes it from NL. My only losses have been through spain. They went after spanish mail hard this year.

      2. poopooslanga123 Avatar

        Hey so my first order came no issues already posted that.
        I made a tracked test order. It too a bit of time for them to enter the pack into the system . Ordered 12/29- shipped 1/11 landed 1/20. Overall still not horrible. Its seems the @-ph p was different from the first batch. First was white clumpy this one was light tan/off whitish. It was a notch better this time. I hope these bv guys stick around. Trrc is gone soon. If they keep it up they could be the next big thing. Especially with tracking!
        I have a bigger untracked order from 1/6 I hope it comes tomorrow.

      3. poopooslanga123 Avatar

        They stopped usa shipping with no warning not 1 word. I bj tried to make another order last night and usa was gone. I hope my last order shows up. I’m pissed because I really liked them. Also if they did exit scam I’m gunna be pissed cause every time I hype a site up they go away

  5. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

    Even though their website claims they would ship using Spain Mail Service, they indeed ship from the Netherlands. Their support guy is honestly enough to inform you about this before you order, but for some reason they never updated their website.

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