Substance Warning: BTCP – Like cancer over the counter.

Recently I stumbled accross a posting in a forum: Hepatotoxicity of Benocyclidine/ BTCP / N-[1-(2-benzo(b)thiophenyl)-cyclohexyl]piperidine. The text refers to a thread on that describes a study from 1999 in which BTCP was found to be so toxic, that after two experiments with lab rats, who either or almost died, the experiment was stopped.

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The user on Bluelight quoted from this scientific paper:

Toxic effects of BTCP

During initial studies, we began training a group of six

rats to discriminate 10 mg/kg BTCP from saline; however,

one animal died after approximately 50 training sessions

(approximately 20 BTCP injections spaced according

to the sequences listed in Methods) and a similar premorbid

state (excessive weight loss and abdominal tenderness)

was observed in the five remaining animals.

Necropsies were performed on all of the animals, and the

findings indicated that death and morbidity were associated

with gastrointestinal effects, such as adhesive peritonitis,

ileitis, and encapsulation of the liver. Histological

findings confirmed the existence of severe chronic peritonitis

associated with mesenteric lymphadenopathy. Although

we then began using a lower training dose in

drug-naive rats, it was observed subsequently that these

animals did not live as long after repeated administration

of the lower training dose as did rats used for other discriminations

in our laboratory.

Survival analysis using the number of sessions conducted

with rats trained to discriminate BTCP (5 mg/kg)

or cocaine (10 mg/kg) indicated that BTCP-trained rats

were used for a significantly smaller number of sessions

(C2=15, P<0.001) than cocaine-trained rats (204±42

days vs 403±65 days; BTCP vs cocaine, respectively).

Psychopharmacology (1999) 145:370–377 (Click for source)

The full study can be downloaded via e.g. SpringerLink: Pharmacological characterization of the discriminative stimulus properties of the phencyclidine analog, N-[1-(2-benzo(b)thiophenyl)-cyclohexyl]piperidine

BTCP available as Research Chemical

While the scientists would not further research on such such a toxic substance, the greedy Research Chemical Industry started selling the dangerously hepatoxic BTCP and advertises is at as alternative for Cocaine…

I discovered four shops that would have made it into the Trusted Vendors List that carry this chem and were therefore added to the avoid-list.

How the toxic substance is being advertised

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Cocaine replacement?

BTCP / Benocyclidine is a dopamine re-uptake inhibitor, a DRI. Substances that increase the dopamine level in the brain are usually very moreish, are likely to make you addicted to them (just think of cigarettes) and are not the best decision you could take in terms of your future sanity.

BTCP is an analogue of Phencyclidine (PCP), which is a dissociative. It seems to be an unusual dissociative, less hallucinogenic more stimulating.

The same old story of a useless chem advertised as cocaine analogue seems to still work. Neither the greedy vendors selling such substances nor their ingenuous customers seem to care. So far, all these substances (Troparil, RTI-111, WIN-35428, …) had gotten nothing in common with cocaine. And absurdly enough, they all are more expensive than real cocaine, which, thanks to Hollywood, seems to be the drug everybody wants to try once.

Cocaine is a naturally occurring SNDRI, it not only affects the dopamine level in your head but also the serotonine and noradrenaline levels. It seems pretty unlikely that a DRI and an SNDRI would have much in common.

Cocaine analogues

On Wikipedia you can find a page that lists like 200 cocaine analogues. Do you believe that if any of these would be similar to cocaine, South American drug cartels would still ship tons of the drug to Europe and to the USA instead of simply producing it in local labs? Think of that when you read or hear that anything would compare to cocaine 😉

It seems cold-blooded that vendors would literally sell death to their customers, only to become richer and richer. The German shop is a bunch of retards, Chinese would sell you anything, they are probably the most capitalstic country on this planet and would not always share our ethics. But that a Dutch vendor also decided to sell that shit leaves me back cold and disappointed…

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  1. The Real RC (Netherlands) stopped offering BTCP. 🙂

  2. China is now also offering this poison. Please do avoid these stores!