Warning: Syntahrise.com selling mislabeled / poisenous 3-FPM

The Canadian clearnet vendor Syntharise.com is currently selling a dangerous blend of various Benzodiazepines mixed together labeled as 3-FPM.

3-FPM is a rather mildly stimulating Amphetamin of which you would take doses of maybe 40 mg. Benzodiazepines are not only a completely different substance class, they are also active in small doses of 2 – 5 mg already.

Reports have been surfacing about users blacking out for several days from taking this dangerous mix.

The product sold as 3-FPM was tested on November 29, 2019 by “Get Your Drugs Tested” in Vancouver.

Test results are as follows:

  • 60% Flubromazolam
  • 25% Midazolam
  • 15% Pyrazolam

Greedy assholes that give a fuck about your health

The shop obviously didn’t even test the chemical before selling it. Any cheap 5 Euro testing kit would have indicated that this mix was not an Amphetamine but Benzodiazepines.

Research chemicals are often being produced by shady labs and hardly any vendors would or even could test their substances before selling them.

Just think about it: If you were a talented chemist, would you rather work for a shady drug lab or better decide to make a carrier with a serious company?

These Chinese labs that produce the vast majority of Research Chemicals sometimes don’t share our values. China is an extremely capitalistic country, whoever makes good money is considered a successful person there, it doesn’t matter where the money comes from. Also, Chinese citizens are safe from international law, China would never ever allow prosecuting a citizen of theirs. There had been multiple deaths caused by mislabeled or tainted chemicals, but never ever had a Chinese lab to take responsibility for those deaths.

These labs would often fake NMR test certificates that are intended to prove the purity of a substance, simply, because they have nothing to fear as long as they betray foreigners only.

PS: Of course, there are reliable Chinese labs producing Research Chemicals as well, but the bad sheep among them are endangering the whole scene and just have already cost way too many lives. The American Opiate crisis was not only US prescription drugs, it was also Chinese businessman sending tons of deadly Fent-analogues to the states.

The US finally forced China to ban all Fentanyl and its derivatives and analogues.

Please avoid Syntahrise.com (Canada) at any cost. They are amateurs who don’t give a shit about your health!

Disclaimer: This information was originally posted by chemtrails (Onion link) on Dread forum. Click here for the original post. (Onion link).

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  1. Hi.

    Work on your spelling, since this is a highly technical discussion. For instance, on your page on Syntharise / 3fpm scandal, you spell it “poisenous” which reads as a post by either a non-native engilsh speaker, or a minor. Stop throwing the word “retard” around (see, looking like a child). It’s gross and hateful and not fostering of a collegial atmosphere. Finally, understand that there is no express guarantee on the purity or even identity of any clearnet RC being sold, since they are, hint hint, not for human consumption. If the vendor “couldn’t bother to use a 10 dollar test” on one of their batches, why can’t the person who is taking the risk of consuming it, who’s life is on the line?

    I have no affiliation with Syntharise, btw.

    Thanks for this site though. It really is appreciated.

    1. Hi,

      I believe it is pretty obvious that English is a foreign language to me.

      I believe the term retarded perfectly fits this vendor. Let’s break it down: A horse walks into a bar and orders a cup of coffee. The bar tender pretends to know his stuff, insinuates were a trustworthy professional capable of handling that coffee task. The horse is a guest in a bar. The horse has good reasons to trust the waiter a professional since the bar is a business and charges money for their service. The horse cannot know that this waiter is fucking retarded. This reatarded waiter serves the horse a concerning soup that maybe looks like coffee but is a dangerous blend of three different downers of which each is active already in tiny amounts. Unlike coffee, which you can have a few cups usually.

      The horse is not stupidly drinking from a puddle of mudd. It went to a bar. It has been to bars and restaurants before. It trusted a pretending to be reliable waitor. A consumer is not expected to be a professional. A b2c business transaction is always vulnerable customer and knowledgable vendor with vendor responsibility. You cannot make profit out of selling maybe deadly experiments. I assume Canadian legislation will be similar to European and US legislation: Drug dealers can put a hundred stickers saying “not for human consumption” on their drugs of which they know are sold for only because and will be used for human consumption. If the vendor kills somebody with a mislabeled substance like in this Syntharise case I could not imagine for them not to serve prison time.

      I would not remember other substance warnings about a similar crazy blend of three benzos. Flubromazolam is one of the most potent NPS downers I am aware of and Midazolam is used in palliative medicine. Pyrazolam is not that potent in terms of eg possible respiratory depression but still a benzo active already in tiny amounts, something like 5 mg. With 3-FPM, which is not a downer but a stimulant, you would do 50 or 100 mg. I would not know in how combining different benzos makes them more dangerous respectively less predictable but I imagine mixing such a stupid idea.

      If the vendor would state on their website that they are a shady business not giving a fuck and that you better test their substances because they obviously don’t know or care about what they sell, then nobody would order with them. People would order with vendors less likely to kill their horse instead.

      I would never sell drugs unless had tested them before. If the manufactuerer (which Syntharise obviously didn’t source from) tells me their test shows 90% purity, I would still try that fucking thing before selling it to others. If I dropped dead I would at least have saved my customers.

      Some NPS vendors are in there for the money and for the money alone. They don’t care about the products or their customers. I call that reckless and retarded. Even worse if they pretended to be a professional business run by knowledgable chemists. Many users believe their lies and – I swear I hear this all the time – even think vendors would manufacture and test substances in their own labs. That is because so many vendors try to pretend this was about science. As if a scientist would ever order from or work with products sourced from any NPS vendors.

      A positive example: Germany is about to legalize weed. German minister of health Karl Lauterbach of course tried a joint before starting the legalization process. That is exactly what I expect from anyone in charge of something. Vendors happen to be in charge of the products they advertise and sell. If you advertise and sell me something you better make sure I survive trying it.

      I of course tried NPS before deciding whether or wether not to blog about NPS vendors. If I was under the impression this was a deadly gamble with everyone’s life at stake we wouldn’t be here. I would be busy screaming fire. I don’t make opioids or synthetic noids a topic. Both are fierce and especially synthetic cannabinoids are sheer poison and highly addictive. I don’t care for either and I knew they could be harmful but wanted to know first-hand before to write or not write about them. I of course reported a drug scam to the police before telling everyone to fucking report scammers.

      Dutch Politie used to send emails to remind users to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Letters coming from questionable vendors are a lot more likely to be seized. A vendor once kept my orders on hold and offered me a full refund because they had noticed I was depressed and ordering bigger amounts of potent substances than I would usually do. Chemical-Colletive once mixed up two substances (a disso and a tryptamine) but were honestly sorry and today have their products independently tested with results even signed by the chemists who issue them. A UK vendor once shared with a magazine that they try each and every substance in irresponsible amounts before selling them. I think that is the human thing to do.

      NPS like 3-FPM are amphetamines and have been around for decades. Same with benzos. Consuming them shouldn’t be a gamble. Long-term use, addiction, and driving under the influence I consider risks.

      Thanks for the hint regarding the typo. I might update it to concerning or dangerous.

      Thank you. I am happy you enjoy my childish style. 😉

      Kind regards,

  2. Syntharise had only one recall. Chemicals are all pure and tested. They are contributors to new molecules for pubchem etc.

    1. Only a single screwed customer survived??? Boy… R.I.P. 😥😥😥 🛫

      – Anyone can contribute to pubchem, the site has something like 3 or 4 million active users. A contribution can be nonsense. A review / quality assurance workflow ensures only non-nonsense makes it to pubmed.gov


      – Apps and even some website calculators can guess and draw new substances / molecules and even assume their effects.



      Click2Drug Directory of computer-aided Drug Design tools: Click2Drug contains a comprehensive list of computer-aided drug design (CADD) software, databases and web services. These tools are classified according to their application field, trying to cover the whole drug design pipeline. If you think that an interesting tool is missing in this list, please contact us.


      SwissTargetPrediction is a web tool, on-line since 2014, that aims to predict the most probable protein targets of small molecules. Predictions are based on the similarity principle, through reverse screening.




      You might also be interested in TCS, SugarBind, Click2Drug etc.


      PubChem contains one of the largest corpus of publicly available chemical information. As of September 2015, it has more than 157 million depositor-provided chemical substance descriptions, 60 million unique chemical structures and 1 million biological assay descriptions, covering about 10 thousand unique protein target sequences. PubChem organizes this vast amount of data into three inter-linked databases: Substance, Compound and BioAssay (see Figure ​Figure1).1).

      The Substance database contains chemical information deposited by individual data contributors to PubChem, and the Compound database stores unique chemical structures extracted from the Substance database. Biological activity data of chemical substances tested in assay experiments are contained in the BioAssay database.




      Don’t fall for **** pretending to be knowledgable. Vendors pretending to be scientists is a lame. Pablo Escobar never pretended to even have been to school. He sure was. He didn’t think it would be necessary to mention it all the time. Might have thought that everyone could tell anyway.

      Pretending stupid ain’t easy. Some still got it…

  3. Bradley dickard Avatar

    LOL Opium war 3 China sends drugs too the west 😭💀

    1. The problem are usually idiots like The Real RC and Lizard Labs Scam, or Canada and the US, who want it cheaper and cheaper and cheaper until no lab can seriously manufacture a professional substance but still try (what Lizard Labs, The Real RC, etc. offer is just fucked up tainted shit (come on, gimme a break, let me breath just for one silent second, please)) – BUT THE WORST THING (with the exception of poor Mr Dannie Haupt from Denmark) are those greedy fuck shithead wannabe Escobars who are just too fucking stupid and would literally mix three Benzos and sell that stuff for an upper..

      If I receive something unlabelled I cannot even remember having ordered from Shanghai, I am not afraid of ending up in a hospital.

      The Real RC sent me to the hospital. His fake Kratom – ALEX, IF YOU READ THIS, YOUR STUPID SHIT WEEDS YOU SELL FOR KRATOM CAUSES ISSUES. I am allergic to it, but customs dogs FREAK THE FUCK OUT. That plant is no Kratom but slighlty toxic weeds. Burn it, for fuck’s sake.

      The war on the NPS community is not fought by fine Chinese gentleman. Full metal retards like The Real RC, Lizard Labs, Foche, and Syntharise and all that Canadian amateurs seem like desperately wanting to kill us.

      1. To give you an idea about the insanely high profit margins that European and Canadian vendors steal from us:

        The good products that RCLeon & team offered, e.g. their Etizolam they calculated with 20 Cents (!) per gram. They would always ship the double or triple amount to make you happy.

        So, 1gram Etizolam = 7 Cents.

        In production, he could go as low as 4 Cents per gram. Quality was top!

        Because they were new in the business and spent an awful amount of money on bribing corrupt forums like RCVP Police, the DEA’s DBG Forum, and had hired like a hundredtwenty sales agents, he calculated with 20 Cents per gram.

        Shipping was always free.

        So, a “Western World” vendor like, e.g., Lizard Labs or Proximo would import 10,000 grams. They sell 1 gram for about 100 USD or even more.

        => 10 kilograms of Etizolam mean a profit of ~ 150,000 USD.

        Vendors, no matter in in the NL, in Canada or the US do not need to fear being prosecuted. Maximum sentence in the US is a year on probation.

        Note to self: Fuck the US. Talk to US vendors.

  4. I ordered from Syntharise over the years …..a benzo analog Deschloroetizolam 4 orders over the years, all samples were identical and pure.

    I just received a new order 2021 of Deschloroetizolam and I can see through the clear baggie it is NOT the same as my previous samples, which I still have on hand to compare.

    My new order of Deschloroetizolam is completely different….it is a super sheen, shiny sparkly moist powder that looks identical to 3fpm.

    Very concerning

    1. Somebody who I didn’t want to donate sent 50 USD. How much would a simple lab test cost? I’d chip in.
      The tests I wanted to prove that I was sold mislabeled substances are expensive beyond imagination, unfortunately.
      So I would happily chip in for a basic NMR test that will do the trick according to your description.

      That dude that promised to provide an article about test kits for home (maybe he already submitted the article, I don’t know) could send you a testing kit that would at least be able to tell if it is a benzodiazepine or an upper for free. If it were not a benzodiazepine, respectively, a thieno-diazepine, I would love to have it tested by a lab. A vendor likely to sell mislabeled substances will be remembered.

      Because of the raids in China, vendors could source from different labs than usual and not receive the usual quality. A European vendor, we still need to verify if we read that lab test correctly, that I always knew to care about and provide quality, might have sent us a mislabeled substance that I strongly recommend to avoid since CMC is a CA analogue and CA is a poison that selectively destroys you CNS, your brain synapses. It was never researched, but an analogue is likely to share the original substance’s properties.

      That’s all too much for me; I will risk adding editors, I think.

      I will send you an email with Paul in CC.

      Please let me know what Canadian labs charge for an NMR test. Thank you.

  5. i might not have been his fault the ascsynthetics Canada guy said his 3fpm was doing the same thing causing black outs he thought it was heavy metals im willing to test it out because if it is a benzo mix i got a friend who would be real happy with it and if not i will do it

    1. It sure is any vendor’s fault when selling mislabelled substances!

      These greedy dudes make a fortune but refuse to pay as little as a 100 USD for a lab test, to make sure the substance is safe???

      They simply do not care about you pathetic junkies.

      They don’t care about chemistry at all. All they want is your money.

      Be it Syntahrise or Ascsynthetics from Canada, or chemical collective joke from the Netherlands, or whoever – they don’t care, they don’t know. All they want is your money.

      They don’t give a shit about you dying because of a mislabelled substance…

      In Canada, instead of 3-FPM, a blend of Benzos was being sold. It is not about them being Benzo blends, the problem was: I HAD ORDERED 3-FPM, of which a dose could be 100 mg or so, I don’t know. But these 100 mgs turned out to be a Benzo blend. Benzos are being dosed in single mgs, or even less. So this means hospital or worse.

      Imagine yourself taking 100mg of 3-FPM.. And then dying because it was a mislabelled substance.

      These greedy vendors hide behind a bush counting their coins while you die at the hospital.

      That’s reality,

      Same witch chemical collective Joke. This dude is a dull amatour who prays for quick bucks… He does not give a shit about your life either.

      • We currently feature Realchems on the welcome page. And this for good reasons. I desperately wanted them!

      Realchems have all their substances being tested before offering them for sale by a third party, an independent lab. They – as well as I do – believe them to be the only vendor on this planet providing safe chemicals.

      The thing is, you cannot simply trust these Chinese labs!

      Remember Dannie Haupt, He was a vendor from Denmark. I remember him a super friendly guy.

      He died at the age of 21, I think.
      Because a Chinese lab had sent him mislabelled substances. He would have weighed the dose correctly, but since the bag was mislabelled and contained another, extremely strong compound, he just died. He had trusted a lab, they had made a mistake, now he is dead.

      If you receive a mislabelled compound, your life is at stake. If he had had tested the compound by a third party before, he would today be 30 or so years old…

      This is why I recommend to never ever order with syntharise and chemical collective Joke again.

      We usually would not know about how vendors work.

      With syntharise and Chemical joke, however, we do. They are idiotic amateurs. It has been proven. There is nothing left to discuss: AVOID THOSE !

      Every vendor should always have tested his substances by an independent lab. Unfortunately, no other vendor than Realchems.com does that. I asked around, no one else may guarantee that you will receive what you have ordered.


      Realchems send you their independent lab test results, if you ask them to.

      All the other vendors do not seem to care at all. Greed is an ugly thing…

  6. Is there any proof it came from syntharise? I haven’t ever heard any bad about them.

    1. Was a huge topic on Reddit. The test result just says “Clearnet vendor” so I cannot not prove that it was Syntharise, but why would twenty people on Reddit say it came from there?

      I must admit, I rely here on forum posts only. I would not even had it mentioned if I had not found the test result (the sellow graphic above). Two days ago, in a closed Canadian forum, they mentioned that incident again.

      I also hear they are said to be reliable and good, but 3-FPM and Benzos even have a different smell, they will stay in the Avoid zone forever – unless you know more than me and the info was incorrect. I don’t want to spread false rumors, of course. However, the topic was seriously discussed, did not seem like a campaign to me.

      1. the only reason I asked is syntharise was always good 2 me and people I knew.