Report Scammers!

please do report scam to police
Online crime must be tackled just as ordinary theft.
If someone steals money from you, collect your evidence and report to the DEA, FTC, etc.

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1. Let’s improve things together!


If you want to report a scammer, please send an email to, thank you.


If you want to recommend a reliable vendor that is missing in the shop lists, please share your experience with with us, thank you. We think that having a look at our positive list is the best way to avoid falling for scammers.

Thank you!

2. Please DO REPORT scammers!

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If no one reports dares reporting cyber crime, things will get worse!

If you have been ripped off, were being being scammed, money was stolen from you – you will of course report this crime to the police!!!

Reporting crime can be done anonymously as well, but unless you tried to order Schedule I, II or III substances, there really is nothing you would have to fear.

Sites to report scammers in Europe:

Europol (Yes! They are in charge of cyber crime for all over Europe!)



Sites to report scammers in Britain (UK):

Sites to report scammers in Canada:

Reporting and tips for the USA:

The Northern California Illicit Digital Economy (NCIDE) Task Force
(An Onion Link. Why? Because like most agencies they would investigate anonymous tips as well!)

Please also do report any a delivery scam to the US Federal Trade Commission. FTC scam alerts:

Wikihow: Hot to report a fraudulent website (external link)


Report Cyber Crime (No More Ransom Project)

Microsoft’s anti-scam-guide:

If your country is not on the list,
please simply report the fraud
to your nearest police station.

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