encern.com – The Professionals. (Mini Shop Review & Discussion)

Samples tested: Etizolam.

Etizolam tabs
Etizolam pellets by ENCERN in white, blue and orange

Behold, it’s ENCERN.

When I stumbled upon encern.com, they immediately had me. Whoever designs a webshop like this means business. The ENCERN webshop is not a cheap Pastebin, not the US scene’s signature proof of incompetence coupled with greed and megalomania. ENCERN is a bold statement.

A unique design, but not art for art’s sake; form follows function; someone put a lot of thought into it. All relevant questions are answered at a glance—a website built to deliver.

And, of course, closed for registration…

All the more, we are happy to introduce the vendor today. The store display seems to keep what it promises. But see yourself. Our dear friend C. (THANK YOU!) shared this review:

These folks are professionals, and I understand why they limit their registration. I hope they’re able to keep sources after the Chinese ban. My main issue is expense. They are rather pricy but given the rarity of professionally pressed Etizolam, well worth the price. I’d be happy to use this lab again. Note that they will not ship to you if illegal in your US state.

Overall they lived up to their promises with dosing and shipping and are as reliable as a vendor can get; glad to have gotten the chance to try them.


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encern.com Shop Description & Links

3 thoughts on “encern.com – The Professionals. (Mini Shop Review & Discussion)

    1. Our dear friend is, of course, alive and even doing better than ever. I did not even see it at first, but now I have corrected the spelling mistake.

      I think that was a Freudian slip since I am, of course, both happy for our dear friend but also a little sad to probably not to expect such lovely done reviews anymore. Some people might think you would just take a pic with your smartphone, five seconds, and that’s it. Nobody even tried to copy our idea because it takes a lot of love and thought to make trivial things like powder and pills look beautiful. It is not the camera that guarantees good looking pictures; you putting two pellets next to the bags make a perfect composition.

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