Proximo Research vendor USA – The Irresponsible Douchebag. (Mini Shop Review & Discussion)

Samples tested: Benzodiazepines.

Proximo Research USA vendor website
Screenshot of Proximo Research USA vendor, 2021 (montage)

Please note that no matter what I think about this vendor and what he has done – this is an open forum. Feel free to send in product pics, share your experiences, leave comments, discuss this vendor. That’s why we are here for.

In a perfect world, Proximo would agree to start having his substances independently tested.

The dude that might kill you someday.

I still receive questions about PROXIMO research bunk batch sender. Here is the story:

That piece of shit sold bunk substances. Proximo re-sold those and lied about them being quality as usual. These could have been poisonous. He does not give a shit if he scams or kills his customers; he never has his substances tested! If his supplier sold him rat poison, he would re-sell you rat poison. That is insane.

Do you know what he did when he started receiving devastating reviews? Instead of trashing those bunk batches, he started spreading lies about competitors, he spammed the comments section here and forums and left 1-star-reviews and lies on RC SCENE’s Trustpilot account.

He bribed his loyal customers to do so and posted himself as well. He also spammed other vendors with pointless emails to mess with them, to steal their time. What an asshole. And dumb as fuck. So are his loyal customers, by the way. They did not even place test orders with other vendors. They complained about products that did not even exist. To provide you with an example: They had read a partly outdated shop review on RC SCENE and used that outdated info to make up their lies.

Your choice. If you want to change things for the better, better act.

His neighbor Paracelsus coined the term “reverse shilling” for such behavior. Paracelsus, unfortunately, does not care about vendors intoxicating the atmosphere, he sells retail and supplies vendors as well, but those kindergarten minds he does not care about. He sees them as clients, and clients are fine as long as they pay their bills in time. He is a businessman, nothing more, nothing less. So if you want Proximo to behave like a responsible grown-up, talk to him. Let him know you will switch to reliable quality vendors if he does not change. It’s your choice. No one else will or could help you with that.

This might be a good moment to reflect your autoaggressive behavior, your way of intoxicating yourself with drugs.

Proximo might be popular because he dangerously overdoses his solutions so that pathetic junkies would still get an effect out of them. You might be aware that benzos must not be taken for longer than 14 days in a row. A benzo withdrawal is harder on the body than heroin withdrawal.

Proximo is an irresponsible asshole, and if I ever had the chance to meet him, I won’t waste time. No hello, but a straight right into his stupid face. That dude needed to become a criminal; he had no choice. For a real job, he misses the brains.

That he also offers the highly toxic methyl piperazines 2-Metyhl-AP-237 and AP-238, which caused many hospitalizations, fits the picture.

So now you know.


PS: Why would RC SCENE know this and know more about his products that this irresponsible vendor himself? We do not answer 2,000 emails per year for fun. We grew a community, left no doubt about our integrity, and finally established an intelligence network. It won’t happen too often that we know more about a vendor than the vendor himself. But this dude was unmasked, proven to be a liar, and big-time idiot.

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24 thoughts on “Proximo Research vendor USA – The Irresponsible Douchebag. (Mini Shop Review & Discussion)

  1. Proximo was good to me for the first month or 2. Now they are taking my bitcoin and not filling the order. Or sending out a package and doing something to it so it gets stuck “in transit” permanently. Probably an empty package so I can’t complain because there is a tracking number, making it look like USPS’s fault for losing my package. They didn’t do this shit until I started ordering larger amounts and spending $250 instead of $100. It looks like I’m done with them. I’ll give them another week to see if any tracking updates, then I’m taking my business elsewhere. Sucks now I’ll be in WDs because of the greediness of fellow man.


    1. Unless you provide an unboxing video that shows that a parcel arrived empty, such complaints are no proof.

      Stuck mail is not unusual, and tracked mail should be insured. Contact him and tell him to ask USPS to investigate the whereabouts of your order. The receiver cannot ask for an investigation.


  2. A user reports that he went to see the doctor’s because he thought he would be dealing with food poisoning. Well, it turns out, there were fecal bacteria in one of Proximo’s bunk batch solutions.

    I do not know if Proximo had forgotten to wash his hands or if he never washes his hands. I thought that could be interesting information for sensitive people and better share that experience with you than keeping it a secret.

    Take care!

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      1. You don’t get a 95% vol alcohol solution.

        PG solutions are a mix of at least two liquids. 95% strong alcohol you could get at a pharmacy – for cleansing stuff. If you took a sip of it, you would see that you just poisoned yourself big time 😉

        Drinking such strong alcohol (I think about 98% it already changes its state of aggregation, meaning the liquid becomes air), you would remember for a while. ;-D

        Been there, won’t go back.


        1. Do you think anybody here would care about some idiot like proximo?

          It is NO smear campaign. We had the raw products tested.

          You don’t understand: The lab has its name on the results, like watermarks. That just cannot be shown. No way, I am sorry.

          Although this lowlife proximo is constantly shilling and spreading lies about other vendors, even some of the customers he bribed with free drugs agree that he was selling bunk. I mean, how funny is that?

          Proximo was selling products based on 17% pure powder, absolute worthless shit. He doesn’t have his products tested. He is a threat to all his customers’ health. He is a retard. Such things need to be discussed. What if his supplier sells him rat poison someday?

          Do you think it is fun to waste time on such a piece of shit?


    1. What do you think has he added Fent or any other opiate? Everyone I talked to told me it was no possibility to add more useless bunk batch to create a strong product. Any idea of what that tase would remember you?

      The thing that makes me wonder in particular: Anoym, who those days had a benzo tolerance far from good and evil, would also tell me that batch would kick.

      Now, that is impossible! If you did a gram of Flualprazolam yesterday. Real Clonazolam would not have the slightest effect.

      So bunk batch sender Proximo must have added something. If possible, please have it tested. A fucking Fent-Dealer is the last thing I want here. THANK YOU!


      1. In the sense of harm reduction and sharing my experience:

        from personal experience with nearly a half gram of flualprazolam please don’t suggest 1gram being done or having been done(even if fictional)by anyone. It will kill them more than likely even if they are severely obese. I am lucky to have survived the approximately 400-450mg I insufflated. I should have more than likely died I believe, I know I probably came close. And the detox was not pleasant. The dose I took was around (on the lowest possible end) 3.919329115109647690232060831358 MG/KG In a ‘healthy middle aged male’ Luckily I have some extra pounds on me, otherwise I may have died. I have read anecdotal reports of users taking as low as 4mg presenting to the ER with serious complications resulting from flualprazolam, however I believe this is likely uncommon.

        It seemed to me from personal use: there is a big safety thresh-hold with flualprazolam but if anyone took a gram I am more than willing to bet they will die. I might would go as high as 10mg with a hella tolerance again but never so high again. The circumstances of which I did it outweighed my giving a fuck at the moment. I just know about 20-45 mins in I was severely fucked up but feeling kind of good, about 10-20 minutes later at nearly the hour mark it reached a point of auto pilot…. things got weird, I lost control in various forms like mentally and physically. I was almost like an observer not the actual person. It seemed third person and I wasn’t able to understand people. I could hear what they said but I dont think I was able to piece together the meaning of the words into what made sense. Soon after I lost consciousness and had respiratory issues more than likely. I am sure I needed to be under someone’s constant monitoring in a medical setting, I read journals in which they clearly state it is imperative under severe benzo intoxication and overdose there’s really nothing to do but manage you and let it run its course. There is one hail mary drug for benzo ods but its risks outweigh its abilities. Luckily I gained consciousness about day 3 and really regained my senses about a week after. It had lasting effects for a prolonged period and withdraws didn’t occur until about day 15-16. This was not a fun experience and had it not been a benzo I would have panicked that I was going to die, But benzos dull emotion and worked well to keep my fears at bay and me calm during my overdose, and it was so bad I KNEW I was od’d but wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

        Would not advise anyone do anything stupid like this. Your life is worth more than anything else. No matter the consequences value your life over everything else.

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          1. I knew what it was and not really what I was getting into, but it took me about a month to recover fully. It affected my memory really bad. I couldn’t remember my phone number for weeks!

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    1. The Real RC could also provide you with the lab tests they received from their suppliers. Remember the Realchems shop review? I called them the only professional vendor on this planet. Why? Because they are the only ones who do not trust their suppliers a bit. They have all compounds tested independently before offering them for sale. For six or seven months now, The Real RC does the same. Alex told me, “they had learned from their previous mistakes.” So, while even I could fake a lab test, a lab test from a wholesaler or lab means shit.

      Having substances tested by an independent is the thing to do. Everything else is BS.

      Do you know why Legit RC has his substances tested? Because he does not want to end up in prison for accidentally having killed somebody. Proximo bunk batch sender either does not care or does not understand. If he thinks the police would not find him, maybe let him know he should try thinking harder.

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      1. Independent non biased research on compounds==pro

        Also a vendor should educate themselves deeply in the product they offer
        They should know a multitude of things about what they sell. But none take the time to understand all aspects of what they have, are doing, are doing to people, and the legal consequences.

        And in the usa vending in general no matter what molecule you have, chances are you can and probably will go to jail if caught. It don’t matter if what you have isn’t scheduled or controlled. The analog act, and many others can fuck you no matter the molecule pretty much. I think there is some wording in there about %unknowns being illegal IF they could or do possibly act on specific receptors in the brain and body. It doesn’t get more blanket ban than that in wording. Even if its “legal” it can very well easily be prosecuted against. It does not take a shit load of evidence to make a case and charge someone. you can be arrested while they make their case. and if you are vending there’s intent to distribute a narcotic alongside trafficking, probably inter-state and then RICO comes into play.

        Anyways vendors should educate themselves as much as possible about all aspects of what they do, and how that affects the chain from maker-to end user. Vendors should listen to and adapt due to the feedback and suggestions from their customers. and also ideally ask for proof of legitimate use: like mass spec testing or proof of experiment or whatever from their customers.
        A vendor becomes more professional once they require actual research to be done and proof to be provided back to them. This means they’re likely not a drug dealer. They may care, and they may even deny service to (obvious)drug seekers via policies like proof of legitimate use. As far as drug seekers or at least the dumb ones, and ones who would probably have died using their products, they can be denied service. An honest company would do things like this, at least ones who “may” pay taxes and be on the legal-ish side of drug dealing. But that is just an ideal world.

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  3. Did you get the benzos tested? I would love to see results posted so we can know?. I personally deal with this vendor for Clonazolam and never experienced a negative reaction.


    1. Of course. An independent lab tested the substances. Not by me, though. The US market is not my responsibility; I still maintain it cos the colleague is in hospital. Like everybody seems to be these days.

      I don’t know if we can publish the results due to OPSEC reasons, but the lists are purely descriptive, and why would I make something like that up? I couldn’t care less which US vendor is on the list and in which category. He used to be in the “okay category” for months. He had tricked us.

      I became suspicious when dozens of shilling / positive feedback arrived in the mailbox. The batches were so worthless that Proximo didn’t need to test them to know.

      When criticism got louder, he acted like a little dumb child.

      For the record: This did not happen yesterday, but a few months ago. Proximos’s current Clonazolam is said to be dangerously overdosed but okay. Etizolam might not have been affected. I am too lazy to look the latter up, sorry.


      That he still tries to mess with RC SCENE, I can handle myself.

      #ACT. It’s your health. It’s your money. Demand quality or switch to a responsible vendor.


      1. I can confirm dec and jan batches of clonazolam are very strong.
        I blacked out multiple times using it *approximately 10-20 times in a month to two.
        I have been over a month clean from benzos but his clonazolam was very potent indeed.
        My contact at redwood toxicology labs confirmed the substances I got to be as labeled. ( ) Normally they do drug testing for employers, but I know someone on the inside so I had my drugs tested.
        However the flubromazolam was seemingly weak or maybe my tolerance had gotten so jacked I couldn’t tell. Maybe under dosed or my expectations of it were too high. I never got to try real flubromazolam which I had ordered from shanghai last year so I could not compare the two. But I would not order it again.
        The diclaz was the same as the last orders so it was constant and steady in dosing and quality. It’s about the best thing he offers to be honest. Due to it’s weaker potency.
        Benzos can be dangerous so everyone reading this should take care.
        Proximo has never done me wrong. But that is only my experience.
        The worst I got was like 20 day shipping. But again thats my anecdotal tale of this company.

        For now I am staying away from metabolite marker detectable molecules and compounds. And have switched to noids. Because:job. Not what I want but helps me sleep and relax. I know noids are quite dangerous since the 2nd gen ban over a decade ago, but I went there anyway due to the nature of detectability. During screening at most labs some newer noids are undetected and they are virtually undetectable by dip strip tests for urine, usually no more than 12 panel is used and only by really important places. The standard 8 panel also fails to detect any type of noid. So for my job I switched to noids for now. Once comfortable at my job I may go back to the occasional benzo. As they are by far my favorite for sleep, and make me care less about my constant pain I suffer from for a life time now.

        Perhaps I may dip my toes into vending again one day and be a reliable supplier for domestic usa only. But until then have a blessed day and stay safe.


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