Ehrlich, Marquis, Mecke & Co: Reagent Testing Kits for Compound Identification. Drug Testing. (Preview)

Sellkies Labs (US) and Chemical Collective (EU) plan to offer reagent testing kits for free. A reagent testing kit is a (mostly corrosive, take care) liquid that allows verification of compounds. You take a tiny bit of some powder, pour a drop of the liquid onto it, and wait for its color to change.

There are various liquids available; we will provide an overview of which testing kit was to testing which substances with which result (change in color) to expect.

To give an example: A hippie would use Ehrlich’s reagent testing kit to test if his LSD is real LSD or if he was sold some dangerous NBOME research chemical. You can also test Amphetamine, Methylone, 6-APB, and many other compounds.

In the US, Fentanyl test strips are popular right now. These are prone to errors, unfortunately.

Many novel research compounds may be impossible to test with simple reagent testing kits. These substances are so exotic, there are too many variables to receive valid test results with a simple test kit. In fact, even the DEA and Europol struggle with identifying between 10 and 20 percent of seized research chemicals. And these agencies use professional laboratory analysis such as gas chromatography mass spectrometry or N HMS tests.

So would it even make sense to test research chemicals? And would reagent testing kits leave users in the false belief they were handling a safe compound?

My personal view is that research chemicals are a poison that does not need testing. We test established drugs for their purity. If they are tainted with a research chemical, we would issue a warning and strongly recommend trashing this drug.

Please feel free to send in questions or share your experience with reagent testing kits with us! Thank you.

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