Mad in Hollywood: The Best Drug Movie Scenes


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The Wolf of Wall Street (Movie, 2013)

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie

The Wolf of Wall Street – Lunch scene, hmmmmm, Cocaine

John McAfee: How to uninstall that software? (Software Engineer, 2013)

Cast: John, his wife and actors

John McAfee – How to uninstall McAfee Anti-Virus, Bath Salts
John McAfee tells the inside story behind his outrageous viral video

Entourage (TV Series, 2004 – 2011)

Cast: Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Piven

Entourage – Carl’s Cocaine Suicide
Entourage – Vince’s intervention

This video clip collection is not only an original piece of art but shall remind of iconic movies that younger people might not even know. Nobody paid to be mentioned in this list and RC SCENE covers the costs for a video streaming server. There are no ads or affiliate links in this article, it was done for pleasure and out of respect for movie scenes that touched me.

In case you were to think that using your video clips would be a bold approach to argue with by the Fair Use Clause that journalists are granted but rather falsely considered it copyright infringement as described in the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, please explain the reason that would make you think to be sufficient to issue a DMCA takedown request via phone: +420 234 688 360.

6 thoughts on “Mad in Hollywood: The Best Drug Movie Scenes

  1. The article was split into six separate pages to reduce the load times of the video clips. It still feels slow. The video server seems unable to handle more than three clips on a page without a dramatic decrease in performance. Sorry. Next time, we will know. I hope you can still enjoy the videos; some are super fun watching!


  2. A) Sorry for the long loading times. I am not the guy who would point fingers, but it’s’s video server that sucks.

    B) Speaking of Marilyn Manson: America’s most feared shock rocker and self-pronounced Anti-Christ-Superstar is featured on today. His Ex-Girlfriend claims he would have touched her while they used to be a couple. Unbelievable. What a beast. Let’s all include Evan Rachel Wood in our prayers and stand by her while she now stands with the many victims who will no longer be silent.

    Until this morning, I thought it couldn’t get any lamer than wasting time reading an email by KinoChems in which he pretends to be someone else writing on behalf of Kino. That dude is so dumb; the first sentence of this email says “I.” This genial idea of pretending to be someone else obviously enlightened him only after having had finished the first sentence already. I have yet to figure out if the joke was on me because I again wasted time to open one of the emails coming from that nut. In his previous email, he had sent me film stills of some gay nazi movie. That’s the level. When I called Sellkies, he was so high he could hardly speak. US vendors are second to nothing…


    1. Haha, I know something that is so lame; you cannot be more of a douche. US vendor Sellkies recently received an angry call. His mother had received a seizure notice, Sellkies had ordered A-PHP for 500 Euros. Since it was a schedule I, he used his mother’s name and address for billing and his address only for shipping to be on the safe side. Now tell me you have ever heard of anything lamer.

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